Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How to Meet & Marry a Millionaire

Now why is Money Magazine posting this Cosmo type tripe?

How to meet and marry a billionaire Money magazine's field guide to the mating habits of the ultra rich

Basically, this article is all about how a woman can use strategies to try and meet and hook a billionaire or millionaire...with of course the strategic end game reserved for the every last two paragraphs of the article...

Despite all the luxuries that marriage ultimately heaps upon you, don't expect the proverbial bed of roses, counsels David Patrick Columbia, editor of NewYorkSocialDiary.com, a Web site devoted to the doings of the fabulously classy.

Having observed many who married for money over the years, he says, "The rich person can be a pain in the ass," adding that he or she often demands to be waited on hand and foot, arm and toe.

But no matter how difficult things get, hang in there. The longer you stay, the more the court will award you if the marriage fails. There's no reason, after all, that your divorce shouldn't be every bit as lucrative as your marriage.

This article should be renamed "How to be a Shameless, Gold-digging Whore!"


. said...

Yeah, that's the problem with marriage nowadays - assholes like this promoting shit like this.

What ever happened to the days when a woman looked at a man FOR HIS POTENTIAL, rather than his already accomplished deeds?

Think about that for a minute and reflect on the massive effect such a change in attitude would have on the institution of marriage altogether.

Anonymous said...

This article should be renamed "How to be a Shameless, Gold-digging Whore!"

LMAO! damn right!

MikeeUSA said...

Well this is the reason why girls shouldn't beable to choose who they marry; it should be their father's choice... or... Duteronomy 22 :).