Friday, June 29, 2007

Marriage in the UK at an All-Time Low

The work of the feminist/socialist revolution of the West is reaching a new level of success in the UK...

Marriage rate falls to its lowest level since records began

Marriage has slumped to its lowest level since records were first kept more than 150 years ago, official figures have revealed.

The proportion of couples tying the knot has fallen back into line with its declining long-term trend following a clampdown on sham weddings.

The popularity of marriage has been waning since 1973, but in recent years it has been artificially boosted by such bogus unions. In London alone, new rules which make it harder to use marriage to win the right to stay in Britain cut the number of ceremonies by more than a third.

But the report from the Office for National Statistics said the crackdown was responsible for only some of the steep decline.

It said the long-term fall in the popularity of marriage was continuing, with millions of couples choosing instead to live together and delay having a family. The figures, which cover 2005, the same year the new rules were brought in, show the number of weddings in England and Wales dropped by more than 28,000, from 273,070 to 244,710.

The fall brought the marriage rate, the number of people marrying compared to the population as a whole, to its lowest level since records were first kept.

The figures show that 12 people married in 2005 for every 1,000 unmarried individuals. That compares with a figure of 27 in 1851.

The proportion of married people among the adult population is now only a fraction over a half, at 50.3 per cent.

This figure compares with 54 per cent in 1997 and more than two thirds in the 1970s.

The report said: "There is evidence that London, a location with a greater than average proportion of non-European nationals, may have seen an effect from the legislation, either in removing sham marriages, or in delaying and deterring marriages."

The findings show that the law putting limitations on the marriage rights of those from outside Europe had an immediate impact after it came into effect in February 2005.

Under the rules, anyone without the right to live in Britain must get a certificate of approval from the Home Office before marrying, and must give notice of the marriage in one of 76 designated register offices.

However, the ONS said the action against fake marriages was 'certainly not enough' to explain such a large drop in marriages.

The analysts said marriage rates had picked up in 2002 and 2003 in advance of the 2005 slump. They said couples were influenced by a number of factors that compounded the effect of sham marriages.

Of course, as is typical of the pro-feminist/socialist/progressive press, no mention of the underlying factors that could possibly explain the decline in marriages - factors that are directly related to the feminist platform that have been enacted into the legal system to change the very fabric of Western society.

In 2003 and 2004 widespread publicity about the state of marriage, the legal rights that go with it, and discussion over the intromarriageduction of gay civil partnership may have encouraged more couples to marry, the report said.

It added that other influences on the figures could be migration, because incoming migrant groups include those with more commitment to marriage than the existing population, and the growing fashion for people to marry abroad.

Yes, incoming migrant groups from traditional Patriarchal societies vs. the homegrown mass of entitlement princesses who's precious legal rights to be sluts without incurring consequences for their irresponsible behavior and encouragment to enslave men into becoming wage slaves without reciprocating anything in return

Critics of marriage insist that the institution reached heights of popularity in the 1950s and that in past centuries people married in similar numbers to now.

Marriage is the foundation of Patriarchal society...the society that has been branded as "oppressive." The very same society of "oppression" that raised children in intact, nuclear families that were much more likely to become productive, law abiding and positive contributors to overall society.

Instead, we in the West are afflicted with the exponential growth of Matriarchal-empowered relationships that result in the pandemic of broken homes, millions of children sacrificed on the altar of "choice," and millions of couples failing to reproduce adequate numbers of the next generation to support the socialist redistribution schemes of the government. Bankruptcy for the UK is not too far off in the the retiring generation seeks to attain their share of redistributed earnings from the younger generation - a generation much smaller than their own due to the feminist agenda's implementation.

The story is the same for the's only that the UK has moved further along on the path of "progressive" feminist's re-making of society, so you in Great Britain are much closer to the endgame than we in the US are. Nevertheless, all of us cultures in the West are due at some point or another to reap what we have sown.

In recent years the decline of has come alongside the abolition by Labour of the Married Couples Allowance tax break, the removal of references to marriage from official documents and register office signs, and the growth of the tax credit benefit system which discourages people from living as a couple.

The drop in marriage has also meant that the teenage wedding - a phenomenon that caused great concern in the 1960s and 1970s has virtually died out.

Last year the number of teenagers marrying dropped to fewer than one for every 1,000 single people.

As more and more teens grow up in broken homes, they are unable to even comprehend what it means to grow up with a stable family between two normal people that work together and complement each other in life to nurture a healthy family. This is a generation raised in homes where positive examples of marriage simply do not exist...not in their own homes, not in their peers homes, and certainly not anywhere in popular culture as reflected by today's television programming of sitcom's, reality shows and dramas of insidious propaganda masquerading as entertainment. So of course the next generation of teens have no desire to do something for which all of their experience or all they've been told about the system of Patriarchal Families has been the tragedy of modern matrimony promulgated by the feminist fascists.

This article is merely a report on what is essentially a marker on the road to civilized society's ruin.

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MikeeUSA said...

The end game is genocide: that is always the endgame against a hated people that do not rebel.

Men do not rebel, and we are hated.
Some of us will be allowed to live if we can keep the machines running for the woman's society.

Also the whole world is going pro-women's rights and anti-man, so there's no where to run anymore.