Friday, July 27, 2007


This is a tribute to Fred X, The Eternal Bachelor & Captain Zarmband.

The Last Q&A w/ Fred X

I've had a lot of questions of late, and I thought I'd highlight this one, just to make it crystal clear what I stand for.


Fred, is the misogynist mens movement an extremist movement for elderly, right-wing, conservative anti-choicers? Just curious.

No we're not.

And speaking for myself, on this blog, the only thing extreme here is my language and the fact I call a femcunt by its rightful term.

I don't promote terrorism. I never have and I never will.

I want equality under the law and an end to misandry.

Also- I will always promote, and encourage, outspokenness, freedom of speech and frankness when talking about any subject.

I might not agree with everything people post- but it will never go censored.


Also- I don't call for violence, but I do call for protests and marches, and, where possible, media exposure.

There is nothing extreme about me, or about any blogger I link to.

The Men's Movement is a movement based on fairness and is just in its cause.

If people think I'm extreme, then they're confusing extreme language with extreme message.

My message is clear: men's rights are a cause every man must fight for.

To hell with any accusations that me, or the Men's Movement as a whole, are a bunch of 'old misogynists'.

Fuck that shit.

All men are effected: fathers, victims of DV, young guys who have been brought up with misandry etc etc.

Forget stereotypes of 'angry old conservatives'.

The Men's Movement is much more diverse than that.

In any case- I won't be explaining myself again after this- except to direct any critics to this article.

Or my arsehole, so I can fart in their faces.


Femcunts are pointless. posted by Fred X @ 11:18 PM

Before Anyone ever forgets...let us always remember the day Fred X had strived for us to always remember:

To whoever was responsible for censoring the Eternal Bachelor, Captain Zarmband and Fred X...


Anonymous said...

Hey man, respect for giving props to Fred like that. I was a loyal reader of his for over a year and was (still am) upset he's gone. But he isn't forgotten, and neither are Duncan and Captain Zarmband. Those 3 were big players in the MRM, and if anyone disagrees with that then they're lying. Just look at the figures they gained through their Hits, and the fact they had like 20-50 comments per post, every post. I respect you HL, and I think you're one of the few true mras out there.

I don't respect John Dias, because he was spreading shit about Fred on antimisandry, and saying he was jailed. Fred explained on his blog that he left for personal reasons and that it was time for him to move on. I hope he and Duncan return because I fucking miss them. Dickheads like John are backstabbers, and if you ever left I dread to think what lies he'd spread about you.

Keep up your good work HL and thanks again for giving respect to the guys who earned it. The guys who kick-started the MRM blogosphere and gave us hours of therapy.

Unknown said...

Good to see Fred's finger again. I was a regular reader of Fred's and thought a lot of him - his spirit was infectious. I wish him the best for whatever he's moved on to.

I saw the comment raised on antimisandry about Fred maybe being in jail. I neither believed it, nor did I think the commenter who said it meant to say it as fact. I took it as someone being over-fearful of a repressive state trying to silence him, and being mindful of that possibility. (Fred has since replied and settled that).

Male Samizdat said...

Ahhh....nothing like a dose of Fred X on a Saturday!

Fred said he might be back after he deals with whatever personal issues came up. I hope that is sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the Fred X fix!

Anti Misandry said...

It's a genuine pity to say goodbye to all the aforementioned bloggers.. they've been inspirational to many guys.