Wednesday, August 1, 2007

MRA in Your Personal Life

I am of the opinion that being an MRA carries a responsibility to it that requires far more than logging on to the internet and raging on your blog about the unfairness, inequality and stupidity of feminists and their useful idiot manginas. Don't get me wrong, the proliferation of MRA blogs is vital in raising awareness, because it seems to be the only venue at this time in which MRA ideas can be discussed and disseminated to a wide audience, as almost all other mediums of communication have been corrupted by feminist groupthink and PC conventions. I myself lived a life of ignorance and just kind of went along with the general theme of feminism's ubiquity in the mainstream Western consciousness until I discovered MRA blogs.

What I'm trying to say is that Blogging about MRA, and reading other blogs daily (as I do,) is important, but it is ONLY the first step.

The next, more important one is this: each one of us that have attained awareness to just how corrupted society has become with the advent of feminist ideoloogy and it's pernicious influence on the relationship between the sexes, the justice system, the family courts and society's general attitudes and acceptance of misandry have a responsibility: we all have a personal duty to be ambassadors of men's rights in our real world lives.

This responsibility is one that really does not require much...but if we are ever going to take MRA beyond existing as a minority movement occupying a small niche in the blogosphere, it's gonna take what every grass roots movement needs to succeed: the successful transmission by word of mouth.

Because feminism has infested and corrupted just about every level of Western society, it is indeed a monumental task for us to take on...but as the old saying goes, every long journey begins with the first few steps.

But the most important thing to remember is this: no matter how hopeless it seems, we MRA have the ultimate weapon on our sides in combating the rising tide of feminist thought...the truth.

Truth is our ultimate weapon, and we need to wield it wherever and whenever it is prudent to do so. This means we need to speak up when we can to help raise awareness of the ignorant and to counter feminist myths that are repeated as facts, and to identify and counter the folly of misandry whenever we encounter it in the real world. This, I believe, is far more important than blogging.

We MRA need to be especially mindful when misandry and feminist thought surfaces in the words and actions of people closest to you; because these are the people that you will influence the most, ESPECIALLY if you are not overt, aggressive or confrontational about it. In fact, I believe you will be far more effective by applying humor and teasing when dealing with the subtle misandry of people you are close to.

With that in mind, it is the following scenarios for which we MRA need to be on the look out for as opportunities to strike a blow against feminist ideology wherever and whenever possible.

* Whenever you hear women in your life reflecting the general misandry of our culture -- you should speak up and correct those erroneous assumptions.
I was at a party a few weeks ago, and a few of the women in my peer group had gathered in a corner of the room to talk, and I overheard one of the ladies, who was my good friend's live-in girlfriend and mother to their daughter say "Oh David can babysit Lisa (there daughter) so we can go shopping." (Not their real names, of course).

I interjected politely that since he was Lisa's Dad, he wouldn't be babysitting, he would simply be raising his own daughter. All of the women gave me curious looks and a little uncomfortable giggles, but she did acknowledge that I was right. The point is I planted the seed of doubt in the common feminist attitude in all of these ladies minds...the next time they hear another woman refer to her children's father as a "babysitter" perhaps my point will stick in their mind.

* Whenever you are watching TV with family and/or friend's, and the typical misandrist theme manifests itself, say something, no matter how subtle or small.

This one especially applies to the common Hollywood fantasy of a single women defeating a larger, stronger man (or worse, yet a group of men) in hand to hand combat. I'll always say something like "Oh yeah...that was REALISTIC" while rolling my eyes.

If the typical "Dad is a buffoon, mom is superwomen to the rescue" theme appears, I found the best counter is "Good thing MY/Your Dad is not that dumb or incompetent, he would have handled that with no problem!"

Such subtle messages can be an effective counter that can possibly cause at least a little cognitive dissonance in the minds of women who generally think in the misandrist terms society has indoctrinated them too.

* Be aware of how women manipulate men, than DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO IT UNCHALLENGED. Especially when it is sisters, friend's, girlfriends or spouses. who use this tactic.

I know plenty of women that will often make off-hand remarks of how they are strong, independent and don't need men to do things...until a spider or centipede appears; and than they are screaming and running and asking the nearest male to take care of the nasty critter. That's the best time to playfully remind them as you are killing the bug "I thought you don't need a man to take care of you?"

Same goes for women who act helpless to get men to do some particularly dirty or heavy task. If a female family member or a female friend who I do like tries this tact to convince me to do such things, I'll often do them (if I genuinely like/love her) - but I will call them on their tactics first. I'll say something like "No need to act like a damsel in distress, just ask me straight!"

Unpleasant tasks that females don't want to do also represent the perfect opportunity to remind them of any of their misandrist statements they've made in the past. For instance, one of the most over-used phrases I hear from women in my life is some variation of the "There's too much testosterone in this room," comment. So when the opportunity arises, use their own comments against them.... "Yeah, alright, I guess there wasn't not enough testosterone in the room to take care of this until I got here."

* Whenever you do a favor or give a gift for a woman in your life, and she acts like she was entitled to it, immediately call her on it.

An exaggerated "YOUR WELCOME YOUR HIGHNESS" while bowing deeply to them gets that point across fairly well.

* Whenever you have women in your life complain, demean or degrade the men in their life, turn the tables on them.

It seems like getting together and grumbling about the men in their lives is one of American Women's favorite past times, and even the nicest, smartest, happiest and non-naggy/bitchy women I know of will indulge in it if they are amongst a group of women who are also doing it.

If I hear a relative or friend say something like "He's such a dummy" I'll instantly pipe up "Well who's the dummy that married/moved in with/had kids with him?"

In summary, feminism and misandry have infested and corrupted society on just about every level, and even women in our lives that we love will in fact reflect this frequently with little comments or actions on occasion. By not letting any opportunity go unchallenged, while not being off-putting and aggressive to the women that otherwise do respect and value your opinions, you can at the very least raise awareness in women who otherwise wouldn't give their thoughtless misandry and feminist-influenced attitudes a second thought.


Anonymous said...

One of the best pieces I've read in ages.
I've posted a link to it on the community board at MENZ.

Rob Case

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks Rob! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot.

Please can you writer more examples?

Thank you.

julie said...

Hi HL,

Great post. And practical suggestions. I could see it making a change in attitudes.

Another example for edgar.

My friend collects pieces that go on key rings. She has lots of those sayings. Most that she has says things like, "Not all men are bad, only the live ones" and others that I can't remember off hand.

I told her they were terrible and nasty. She replied that the males think they're funnny.

So I changed them to "Not all women are bad, only the live ones." There were worse ones but she got the message. And besides she didn't think that men don't speak up for a reason but inside it must hurt being put down all the time.

Keoni Galt said...

Hey Julie...great to know you're still around even though you closed your blog!

Since Edgar asked, I'll try and think up some more examples in real life....some of them that come to mind right away are instances with my wife, but I'm a little hesitant to get really personal.

I'll think about it.

KellyMac said...

Hey, HL. I like your blog! This entry was posted and linked at my forum (shameless plug - http://kellymac/ I would like to link you on my blog. The more practical advice we can get, the better. Besides, it's just good to support one another.

I already do a lot of things you mentioned here. Except for killing spiders. I don't do creey-crawlies!

Cheers :)

Keoni Galt said...

Sure thing Kellymac! I'll link to yours as well...

Anti Misandry said...

One of the 'subtle' techniques that I employ is when I am in the company of a like minded person who understands my opinions.

Take for example, my nephew. He is not heavily into mens rights, but understands why I am having witnessed a few scenes my 'soon to be' ex-wife engaged in proudly, as well as having had a violent g/f who thought it 'cool' to smack him - even in front of his mother.

So, there we were, walking up the high street of town babbling on about anything. Something came up and it got me on the subject of The Vote. Rather than simply discuss this with him, I literally tagged (mentally) one guy who was walking in front of us and increased my pace to match his, walking just a couple or so feet behind him. I then increased my volume a little and proceeded to explain to my nephew, loud enough for this one man (and anyone crossing our paths) to hear clearly, how feminism used exaggeration and partial facts to lie to the masses about The Vote. I discussed very briefly how they employed misinformation & people's unwillingness to seek out facts for themselves to their (feminists) advantage, and then finished by explaining that the majority of people still ignorantly assume that women didn't get the vote for 'eons', whereas the truth is - it was ten years. Additionally, I include the fact that it cost men thousands upon thousands of lives - as they were 'rewarded' for their efforts in the war, whereas women simply nagged for it, costing one accidental death. Finally, I asked him - "So, given the choice between going to war, possibly losing a limb, your mind or maybe your life... vs complaining and nagging, what would you prefer as a means to getting the right to vote?"
For all I know, the man in front of me may have walked on thinking "God damn, shut the hell up." or maybe "Damn... I didn't know that!!!"
I don't know - I doubt I ever will know. But if I've passed the truth onto one single guy in the process of my babbling to my nephew - then my job is done. What that man chooses to do with the information is beyond my control, but I taught him something.

Anonymous said...

Good post, it's good to highlight this.

I'm already active in this front I must say LOL

So are all my male mates. Even my girlfriend knows all about it. It's true that the best way to break people in to the reality of it all is with subtle comments in regards to current events.

A good one is the NSPCC. They always use men as the abusers in their campaigns, everyone knows this, they also assume that's because it's true.

I then tell them that it isn't, and the NSPCC's own studies show it.

Then they ask 'well why are they showing men all the time for?'

Bingo, now I've opened their mind.