Sunday, June 26, 2016

Females and the Programmed Fear of Firearms

Visual proof that Universal Suffrage + Democracy is an unmitigated disaster.

On teh Interwebz, out here on the fringes of the fever swamps of the Alt-Right, many women are self proclaimed gun fanatics and Second Amendment advocates. Unfortunately, in the real life, amongst my peer group and sphere of familial relations and close friends here in the predominantly blue (pill) State of Hawaii, most of the women I know are wholly beholden to the Brave New World Order propaganda regarding guns. An irrational, deliberately programmed fear that overrides all logic and reason. A play on their susceptibility to fear-driven hysteria.

I've had many a social occasion spent in earnest debate with these ladies - including my own Mother, Sisters, In-laws, Cousins, Aunts, and my friend's wives and girl friends...and no amount of logic can overcome the regularly scheduled programming of fear mongering for firearms most of the women in my life are blinded with.

Now, as I am one who has taken notes and learned about the difference between rhetoric and dialectic from an Award Winning Cruelty Artist, I do realize the futility in engaging with dialectic with women who are completely consumed with the fear of firearms and believe the only solution is MOAR GUN CONTROL.

Propganda designed to manipulate Maternal Fears to Disarm We the Sheeple 

Nevertheless, I still take the pains to engage with these ladies and attempt to walk them through a logical progression and/or Socratic questioning to elucidate why I am a staunch advocate of possessing firearms and upholding the spirit and letter of the law with regards to the Second Amendment. Believe me, I have zero intentions of actually attempting to change their minds. While it would be pleasantly surprising to actually get them to change their minds, I long ago reached the conclusion that it is nearly impossible.

No, my entreaties and debate points are aimed at a different target...the men in their lives who are usually in on the discussion as well.

The real problem, of course, is that most of the men who are married and/or living with these women let their irrational fear instilled by societal propaganda, keep them from arming themselves. Nor are all of these men I am referring to your typical AMC, totally pussy whipped, living in fear and utterly beholden to the tyranny of their women's hamsters. Some are, but not all. But even those men who are the nominal heads of their household and usually lead, don't really push the issue in the face of their woman's vehement opposition to having firearms in the house.

Most of the people I know and socialize with, recognize the increasingly unstable and turbulent times we live in. That the economy is in trouble, the institution of marriage and the family is under attack, and civilized society is on a steep decline into corruption and moral decay.

Most of the people I know, have some sense that "prepping" for potential natural disaster, societal collapse or widespread civil unrest is becoming increasingly necessary and prudent. The things I blogged about years ago, were some of the things I was also usually talking about casually in social situations (then and now), and these topics used to mark me as the sole tin foil hat wearing, conspiritard doomsayer amongst my family and friends. This is no longer so...not so much anyways. I'm sure I'm seen as still a bit paranoid...but more and more folks in my sphere of influence are coming around to my dystopian point of view. Of course, I don't find this satisfying at all. I would have rather been wrong about all this, but there's no going back once you earnestly seek the truth and you happen to find it.

Many of the things I used to advocate for that got sideways glances and eye rolls of dismissive contempt during previous conversations, are now taken seriously and discussed with grim enthusiasm by some of these same folks that wouldn't take any of these various topics I was interested in seriously a mere four years ago. I think eight years of Obammunism has taken it's toll on society and more and more people are slowly waking up to the grim reality of our current age.

Many of these men in my life have come around to my way of thinking regarding firearms....but their women are all vehement and absolutist in their fear of GUNS, and they let their unreasonable and emotional fears rule the roost. So I often instigate the debate in the appropriate social settings and engage with these women when their men are present.

While my dialectic falls on deaf ears with these women consumed with the programmed fear of firearms, it is their Men I am actually targeting with my words. I'm hoping to convince my Father, my brothers, my cousins, my uncles, my friends, acquaintances and colleagues to gird up their loins and take a stand and override their women's fear-driven edicts of WE WILL NOT HAVE GUNS IN THE HOUSE!

For in most of these cases, I love these women and their children. If I didn't, I wouldn't bother. I care for them and their families, and I dread the day that is not far off in which their husbands are the only thing between them and the ravening hordes of starving and desperate masses unprepared for the coming tribulations of a collapsed State.

"Why would you want your husband/boyfriend to have to try and protect you and your children with a baseball bat or a kitchen knife, when those who would most likely be threatening you and your family will have guns? There's only one way THAT scenario ends...."

Women never have a good, logical answer for this point. What I usually get is the maternal fear-based, culturally programmed, emotional response of feminine firearms hysteria.

"We have toddlers in the house, firearms are too dangerous with toddlers in the house. Even if we did have a gun for the unlikely event of civil unrest or a criminal invasion, what good would the gun be if it was locked away and unloaded? Because we will NOT have a loaded gun - or ANY gun - not locked away in a safe in the house as long as we have toddlers!!!! You mean to tell me YOU have a loaded gun not locked away around YOUR toddlers?"

This is usually followed by a look of fear and exasperation aimed at my wife (if she's present). She usually just shrugs and says nothing. She doesn't like that I have loaded guns in the house, but I didn't ask her. When the time comes that our home is under threat, it's not her job to get in the way and protect the family...that would be mine. I think most married women with children would be forced to agree with that. And since that's my job, I'm not letting her emotions and fear stop me from having the proper and necessary tools to get the job done as best as I can possibly do it. 

This is what I am trying to get through to the Men of these women in my life who are all blue-pilled and controlled by fear from the manufactured consensus of the media. You may fear your wife or girlfriend being upset that you have loaded firearms in the house...but what all family men should really fear, is what happens when someone with a gun invades your home and disposes of you quickly as you try to use a bat or a knife to protect your hearth and home. Since you brought a baseball bat to a gunfight, your women and your children are now at the mercy of an invader as you lay bleeding and dying on the floor.

At the age of three, as soon as they can steadily walk, I take my kids into the mountains with an assortment of firearms and set up targets and practice my marksmanship for about an hour or so. I make the child stand right next to me (with appropriate ear and eye protection, of course) to feel and observe the power and deadly capabilities of individual man's most important tools for defending his rights, his freedom and his family.

Even with ear protection, the experience of feeling the explosive vibration of gunfire sticks. I have zero fear of my offspring attempting to get a hold of my loaded guns and accidentally discharging it. They know exactly what guns are and how dangerous and destructive they can be. Most kids first exposure to firearms nowadays, are from watching tell-a-vision and the movies. The portrayal of firearms as tools of fictional heroes getting the bad guys has a much different effect on a child's views of firearms, than if their first impressions are formed from actually experiencing the reality of firearms and their sheer force and destructive capacity up close and personal.

My children have been taught from the moment they can walk, what exactly guns are and what they can do. Because of this, they won't even touch them...even when I try to get them to handle them when they are unloaded, as I try to teach them their first lessons on how to hold and aim them properly.

That is my own regularly scheduled programming for the children of my household with regards to firearms.

When they are old enough, they will learn the way of the gun.

When the time comes, anyone trying to invade my home will be faced with not just one armed man, but an armed and trained man with his armed and trained children as well.

We live in interesting times...and current trends seem to indicate even more interesting times are coming. Don't let your woman's hamster unduly influenced by mass media programming, emasculate you into a state of disarmed helplessness when you may only have seconds to act.


'Reality' Doug said...

Big KG, the home defense against regular U.S. (Ubiquitous Slaves) is important, but that is hardly the point of the 2nd Amendment or the consolidation of a master database by T.H.E.Y. on U.S.

One day the agent will come for any known guns, or maybe any discoverable guns. What will the wives and gfs do then? If you are particularly problematic, being at home, armed or not, will be suicide if resistance is given, certainly more than if submission is made obsequiously. In other words, I don't think ppl should read this post and think, they got their bases covered by having a gun at home ready to go and being trained to use it. Pure defense never wins anything, but only a fool would openly act as if he had actual sovereignty.

I don't think there is a good answer in our time, but thankfully enough no decline can't last forever. Let's just say the pure hearts that made a last stand in Oregon were idealistic suckers with no seduction game theory or perspective. Now is the time for Yang (covert psychological aggression as practised by females and yuknouwho) techniques not Yin techniques, for now. I think it is critical to understand and be able to apply both types of 'influence'. You see what T.H.E.Y. do. T.H.E.Y. are not wrong because of their methods but because of their philosophy to be elite parasites. Essentially,today's Westerners are the wrong posterity, one of useful idiots that are useless eaters on borrowed time. I recommend the philosophical opposite, and I'm pretty sure that is simply the natural requirement of civilization. Oh well.

Unknown said...

Women shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Anonymous said...

A child worries about the color of his bedroom, not about the structure of the mortgage. The world is small, the feelz is paramount, and something must be done!

Most women don't like guns but they like to enjoy the fruits of an entire system that is ultimately enforced by guns, a standard of living that is protected (and projected) by guns, and the comforts and rights established by 240 years of violence and sacrifice performed almost entirely by gun-toting men.

I think a lot of what fuels this is the appeal to authority of the prog-minded, the soft-headedness brought on by prolonged decadence, and the feminization at-large as a result. One outcome is that women don't see most men as worthy of such authority and power, thus he should not have a gun. She doesn't want a gun. She sees no need for a gun. Therefore there will be no guns in this house.

It is just one more extension of deconstruction the family unit, its natural headship, and then granting those powers to the State in exchange for the illusion of safety and security, all while retaining the option to extract financial and other provisioning from the male, should he fail to meet expectations - which just happen to be enforced at gunpoint by the State, but never mind that.

Indeed the dialectic falls into the abyss because the opposition possesses no rational argument; there is no gun problem to be resolved. There is simply the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the self-selected groups of people who freely choose to employ this right, or not, constantly muddled by feelz-fueled appeals like "think of the children."

Few gun opponents actually choose to take on this sacred vested right head-on because they know it is a losing proposition. The premise is sound; there is no precedent from which this right can be unwound, nor is there the will of the people to do so.

There is, however, a deep well of emotional capital that can be recruited to swarm and undermine the will of the people while simultaneously arming the authorities with the mechanisms to impair and impede this right.

The result is the incremental totalitarianism that is the natural outcome of allowing the whimsy of emotion to dictate rights and powers. If you've ever seen a family that defers to their 5-year old for decisions - even the most seemingly superficial, you have seen a budding microcosm of our future.

The First Amendment is under similar duress, see: Hate Speech.

The actual [gun] problems are rooted in all varieties of harsh truths - often with rather simple solutions. But these are too complicated and uncomfortable to acknowledge, let alone address, as 'progress' has successfully cloaked them within layers of lies and emotional investment in dogma.

They chatter about 'common sense' gun regulation, knowing nothing of common sense nor of the actual underlying afflictions. When it serves the anarcho-tyranny, 'common sense' solutions are glaringly obvious, yet when it comes to islam, immigration, globalism, free-trade, central banking, states rights, and so on, common sense evaporates into the ether.

We are living in the epoch of the Grand Inversion of Truth. In many ways, we are once again living in a (virtual) frontier that will either be tamed or kill us. As men, we will need great personal strength, fortitude, and skill to protect and preserve some slice of life worth living.

As it has always been, it will be up to men. Which is why I have a growing disdain for men who fail to seek out or live these truths. Women will not abandon the delusions of their emotional security blankets until men stop playing in the sandbox with them and rise above through direct action.


Anonymous said...

while i agree that deployment of dialectic to sway the menfolk is useful ...

i don't think that what you're doing is serving any purpose.

IF you were talking to a group of men and discussing the pros / cons of gun ownership
THEN pure dialectic might be useful.

but what you are primarily playacting for the men who are observing you using ( and FAILING ) dialectic against women
is the fact that *when they* attempt to bring a gun into their own home, and when they face *their* pissed off woman ( "How DARE you bring that thing into MY house", she shrieked ), they aren't going to have any better way to reply to the psycho-bitch other
attempting the use the dialectic that they've ALREADY SEEN YOU FAIL WITH.

you can see how this isn't going to be very useful and how most of the men are just going to say "fuck it, it's not worth the hassle".

what you need to do is to find an effective rhetorical trump to play back in when the women try to shit the bed.

my suggestion is this:
you know all those women who murder their own children?

you know how many women are on mood modifying drugs?

you know how most child molesting teachers are female ( predators go where the prey is )?

throw some of those stats out there ... then ask the woman why SHE is allowed to be alone in the house with a defenseless child? after all, she might go on her period and lose her mind at any moment.

and remember, presentation is also key. ask these questions in a sardonic and smirking manner.

when a woman starts acting like a psycho, point out that she's acting like a psycho.

Jace said...

American gun control is a joke. there is no defense for it. Maybe when its your kids or family members who get killed in a mass shooting, you might rethink what is available to buy and who is allowed to buy it. Its not a gender issue, its blatant stupidity.

Anonymous said...

How about when your children or family members get killed by an illegal immigrant driving drunk? Then will you rethink who is allowed to drive in this country?

Lucas Temple (a.k.a. Armenia4ever) said...

At this point, we are better off doing what criminals do and should purchase unregistered guns. WE always knew registration was all about creating a database and what the Feds can do with that database has no limits.

Registration equals oversight. It always does.

Bah said...

We have toddlers in the house, firearms are too dangerous with toddlers in the house.

My response to this is always: "You have dozens of types of deadly poison in your house (i.e., cosmetics, over-the-counter medications, cleaning products, lithium batteries). Poisoning kills many more children every year than firearms. Do you think poisons are too dangerous to have in the house? No. What you do is first, keep them secure, and second, educate the kids not to touch them. It works the same way with guns. A kid who can be taught not to drink toilet bowl cleanser can be taught not to play with a gun. Of course, if your child is particularly stupid, you must do what you have to do..."