Monday, April 23, 2012

This is your brain.This is your brain on teh Pr0n. Any Questions?

I have a very good memory despite years of constantly bombarding my brain with mind and mood altering substances. I've always thought I had a good memory, but now I know for certain that my memory is better than most people.

I'm now approaching an age for which many of the folks in my circle of family and friends don't remember a lot of shared experiences. I usually remind them, and only after supplying a lot of little details of the memory do they remember the event or thing I'm talking about.

Because I have such a vivid, detail-oriented memory, I still "feel" like I'm a young man, because I remember my youth so well.

Perhaps I'm simply experiencing the calm before the storm of the "mid-life crisis" all humans supposedly experience in their 40's. Perhaps not. But I recently came across a website that made me realize I was mistaken in thinking I perfectly understand the experiences of life in our bravenewworldorder by Gen Y/Millenials

Sometimes, I discover a website/blog/forum, and the content gives me a personal paradigm shift in attitudes and beliefs. A game changer.

For instance, I remember the first time I read Roissy in D.C. Back in those days, the archives were not that extensive. I read the entire blog in under two hours. This was about 6 months before his comment threads turned into the breeding grounds for what we now know of today as the manosphere.

On the other hand, when I first discovered the Weston A. Price Foundation's website, that took me over a week to make it through every single article on their voluminous little library of traditional diet and nutrition research. That was back in 2006. It would take even longer now.

It's been awhile since I've found a site for which I was compelled to devour the websites archives in a single session of furious speed reading...similar to reading an entire book in a single sitting.

Today, I came across such a site:

Holy shit. I had no idea how big and bad this beast has grown.

I remember when the entire "pornography experience" was girly mags some friend stole from some relative, and we young boys eagerly thumbed through it, thrilled that we were doing something we were not supposed to...looking at the pictures of naked women and feeling the rush of dopamine and testosterone the simple sight of nude females effects on the pre-adolescent male brain.

Then, in my early teens, I became friends with a guy whose parents owned a few hardcore porn VHS tapes. When they were at work, he would sneak a tape from his parents room and play it on the living room tv.

We could only watch it when we did, it was even more exhilarating. It's effects on my teen age brain were dramatic. I still remember the cheesy plots and specific dialog that were in all Pr0n before the interwebz metastasized into the pervasive, society wide mind-fuck that it is today.

I remember real vividly, the early days of the interwebz, when teh Pr0n industry was first raking in credit card subscription fees (I used to have one) and when most of the "actresses" sported "glorious natural pelts" and did not have tattoos or belly piercings. Even back in those days, when I became a frequent consumer , I was keenly aware of it's effects on me...I recognized it was similar to a drug.

In the first few years of being married, I regularly looked at teh Pr0n several times a week. I hid my credit card statements that showed the billing company info. I consumed it in secret. It was a forbidden thrill.

Than one day, I was ruminating while lying in bed, in a post-coital haze after consummating marital relations with her, and I realized something: Teh pr0n was ruining my enjoyment of the real thing. It was corrupting my marriage. I had begun feeling like no matter what sex act or novelty we tried, it wasn't enough...more...More....MORE.

Now when I used to look at girly mags or watch videotapes, I never had any problems or sense of dissatisfaction with my real life carnal experiences at all. I had a flash of insight.

Teh Pr0n was insidious. Fuckin' evil.

Soon thereafter I quit cold turkey. I cancelled my subscription and stopped visiting the then just emerging free sites. Within a week or so, my attitude and satisfaction with marital relations improved dramatically.

It's been years since I deliberately consumed teh pr0n on teh interwebz. Yet when I discovered, I was utterly fascinated. It brought back vivid memories of my feelings, emotions and attitudes about sex and how the early days of teh pr0n had begun to affect me mentally.

But reading the archives of that site and some of the forum entries also made me feel like an old man.

I never truly considered the idea that my Gen X experience with the advent of Pr0n on teh Interwebz was only the beginning stages of some very real dysfunctions it can apparently inflict. I vastly underestimated the depths of the problems it could cause for all those who've grown up with it as a way of life. Apparently I quit using just as it exploded into the mainstream.

Now I understand why Mr. Bardamu had felt the need to publicly swear off masturbation and eventually write an e-book about the topic.

Apparently teh Pr0n turns masturbation from an occasionally necessary release for all men youngdumbandfullofcum that involves an exercise of the the compulsive and nearly uncontrollable habit of fapping  in front of a computer monitor multiple times per day.

Apparently old school smut and it's medium of glossy photo mags and clunky VHS tapes that interspersed five or six sex scenes with fictional plots and cheesy dialog doesn't literally change your brain the way the instant access to an endless variety of sex acts and a near infinite variation of participants are on teh interwebz, does.

It seems the old porno mags and VHS tapes where the equivalent to doing a line of coke or smoking a joint...whereas today's norm of opening up multiple windows of 30 second clips and viewing them in rapid succession while furiously fapping is the equivalent to smoking crack laced with PCP.

There's a kicker though. The capacity of our teen to wire up new sexual associations mushrooms around 11 or 12 when billions of new neural connections (synapses) create endless possibilities. However, by adulthood his brain must prune his neural circuitry to leave him with a manageable assortment of choices. By his twenties, he may not exactly be stuck with the sexual proclivities he falls into during adolescence, but they can be like deep ruts in his brain—not easy to ignore or reconfigure.
Sexual-cue exposure matters more during adolescence than at any other time in life. Now, add to this incendiary reality the lighter fluid of today's off-the-wall erotica available at the tap of a finger. Is it any surprise that some teens wire semi-permanently to constant cyber novelty instead of potential mates? Or wire their sexual responsiveness to things that are unrelated to their sexual orientation? Or manage to desensitize their brains—and spiral into porn addiction?

Incidentally, are you a guy remembering your own adolescence—and how you could never climax enough during those years? Perhaps you're supposing that Internet porn would have been a splendid innovation. If so, read these two articles: Porn, Novelty and the Coolidge Effect‏ and Porn Then and Now: Welcome to Brain Training. Porn, its content, the way it's delivered, and its potential effects on the brain have changed radically. For today's users, more orgasm can lead to less satisfaction

 I think I now understand David Alexander a little bit better.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is coming up as malware now for some reason

Anonymous said...

yea, comes up as malware for me too..

Anonymous said...

You come off as a very arrogant man. You know everything and look down upon people.

Onanymous said...

Good article. YBOP is a revelation.

I feel sorry for the young guys who never knew anything but Internet porn. So many are experiencing ED that surely it's an epidemic.

Onanymous said...

If a foreign country (such as China) wanted to poison Western culture, reducing our productivity, happiness and reproduction (especially productive-class reproduction), they could hardly design a better weapon than Internet porn.

Our young men are voluntarily (if not knowingly) turning themselves into half-men with porn addiction. They lack motivation to create and produce. They are less interested in women, and are crippled by social anxiety and ED when they do try to find a mate.

If we weren't doing this to ourselves, we would call it brainwashing.

Still, I'm unaware of any evidence of a conspiracy to purposefully create this negative result. Porn producers and distributors are all merely following the capitalistic impulse: People want more and harder, so the market supplies more and harder.

. said...

I find the whole subject kind of interesting. I've always been kind of interested in sex/sexuality since, well, forever (and no not from a purely kinky point of view).

One thing that happens to people sexually, is that their appetites "grow" for it. Remember the first girl you felt up? That was pretty hot... after a while, you wanted to hump her... a while after that you wanted do it bareback... then you ached for a blowjob... and so on and so on.

Our sexual fetishes and fantasies "grow" as we grow sexually. This is why people get into bdsm and the like. And usually, once you've satisfied that particular "fetish" it's kinda like "Meh, been there, done that. Now I've gotta increase it to get that same rush."

Heh, I could write a fifty page essay on this subject... but I'll save you the aggravation.

Remember in the 1970's, the APA was declaring that certain segments of homosexuality were purposeful deviancy - they were not actually homosexual, but were actually BDSM freaks taking it to the extreme. (The gay community then sent death threats, smashed windows and the like - the APA retracted all what they said).

But, it's kinda true. Look at the rise of the cuckolding fetish. I mean, there has always been guys getting off on "slut wives" and swinger parties... but this is different. This is now becoming more and more homosexual. It's now getting into wives forcing their husbands to orally service their "outside lovers" and get dominated by "the bull."

Lol! Yeah, yeah, wild kink. It's kinda hard to explain to see how fast it's developing. But I can kind of see what the APA was after - the ultimate submissive male services a dominant male, not a dominant female. (The domination by a male is one step higher than domination by a female - think about it).

The more that people fulfill their "fetish," the more they need to escalate their next fetish in order to get the same kind of sexual high.

The internet has SO MUCH porn on it, that in many ways, people are able to explore many fetishes in FULL until they bore with it, then they move onto a kinkier fetish until that is satisfied, and so on and so on, until they are WAAAYYYYYY out in screwed in the head land.

keoni galt said...

Too true Rob...the thing that surprised me was how bad some of the withdrawals and other things teh Pr0N addicts are experiencing as chronicled on

Erectile dysfunction, severe depression, insominia, inability to have normal's like hardcore porn usage can literally break a male's reproductive ability.


BTW, could you email me some time, please? keonigalt "at"

I've looked all over NO MA'AM and all your other blogs, and can't find an email address....

Anonymous said...

as an anti-feminist it brings my heart such joy to see so many MRA's and anti-fems want to do away with the most viable weapon we have against the pussy cartel

even more joy that they are unable to make the obvious connection between pussy cartel price gouging and the power and priviledge it buys women at the expense of men and boys

. said...

For people interested in sexuality, and exploring the differences between male vs. female attitudes about sex... one of the best sites to go to is Literotica. It is only written stories, no pics. All amateur written.

You can definitely see how a lot of female fantasy is about using their sexuality to hurt men or degrade them or get revenge on men. (I won't link specific examples here)

Men's sexuality is often about female worship, and some men are becoming truly pathetic in their worship.

Also, I see some men writing out their "fantasy stories" but ending it in anti-feminist themes - for example, one guy wrote a pretty erotic story about his wife asking him to impregnate his sister (sister's husband was sterile). The guy ended the story that the sister & husband divorced a year later, and HE got dragged into court and forced to pay child-support for doing this "favour."

It's sometimes an interesting way to guage what sexuality is meant for between men and women. Women still want dominant men, but a lot of women seem to write stories about using their sexuality to specifically HARM non-dominant men.

Lots of women write about their rape fantasies in there too.

Anonymous said...

I discovered through trial and error that while porn is arousing it's a wholly different type of arousal (visual /mental dominant) similar to the effects of a stimulant.

Instead of the more satisfying holistic, whole spirit arousal caused by the presence of a real women or a memory of one, which is much more nourishing like food.

Anonymous said...

What you write about women having fantasies about using their sexuality to harm men, specifically non dominant men is extremely interesting No Ma`am. You should elaborate on it on your blog.

. said...

@ anon 9:40,

Yeah, it's kinda of an interesting subject, but people's fantasies get way out there sometimes. Although 100% heterosexual myself and never have done anything but, I am fairly liberal minded, and I've been interested in people's "fantasies" ever since I read "My Secret Garden" over twenty years ago.

But, if you look at bisexuality, for example. The MFF scene is totally different than the FMM threesome scenes. Guys get turned on by girls willingness to explore eachother - BOTH of them are highly sexual to him.

When it comes to FMM bisexual scenes, it is still that the female is turned oh, but the turn on is by having one male DOMINATE the other (usually her husband/boyfriend). Lots of girls get off on the idea of watching a guy blow another guy. She gets less turned on by the submissive male but HIGHLY turned on by the dominant one. Big difference from men wanting to watch their wife go down on another chick. It's hypergamy in the form of bisexuality.

Swinger parties/group sex too, usually starts of with both husband and wife swapping, but ends with husbands just watching their wives be sluts while jerking off, or denying himself sexually altogether.

"The more famous I get, the more power I have to hurt men." -- Sharon Stone

It's the same thing as all of these chicks that LOVE to go skinny-dipping or nude hot-tubbing in mixed company, and then claim "there is nothing sexual about it."

That's BS. Sure, the girls might not be having sex, but they love seeing a few guys standing there looking at them with hardons. No sex needed - actually, no sex even wanted. It is ego gratification, and even more gratifying to deny the person sex. Then they also pretend it was completely non-sexual.

Lol, I don't know how well it would go down for me write about it on my blog.

Rone said...

It's a very real, energy sucking condition that a lot of young men will have to deal with in the future. We typically don't know that stuff is hurting us until it's already hurt us.

I try to limit my intake, personally. Good to see studies are being done on it.

Anonymous said...

Porn is completely worthless.

In the unlikely event I would ever get to touch a real boob (there's no way I could ever set that up) I think I would explode.

Anonymous said...

Weston A. Price is more damaging than porn.