Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Age of Dystopian Transition

Will future generations look back on the present times and recognize that this current era was a key transitory phase in the History of so-called "civilized society?"

Probably not.

Whatever the future generations think about our current experience, it's going to be whatever the ruling technocratic authoritarian elite want them to think.

I've come to the conclusion that we are currently living through a transitory stage.

It will have an official sounding title in the annals of politically correct history, like THE FALL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'S EMPIRE.

I'm sure most future proles will believe whatever the Ministry of Truth tells them happened in this anachronistic age of "Democracy."

The WAR ON TERROR will have been "won."

They will no longer hate us for our freedom, because we will not be free.

If there is one thing the future citizenry of the Brave New World Order will know, it's that the inherent instability of this age required the TOTAL SURVEILLANCE STATE and COMPLETE POPULATION CONTROL. You know, the one that is currently under construction...

...and nearing completion.

My conclusion is that we are at the end phase of the dystopia Huxley described in Brave New World and transitioning to the world Orwell described in 1984.

Orwell's foretelling of the age of Big Brother's totalitarian boot stamping on the face of humanity forever was only off by about 30 years, give or take a decade.

Make no mistake....some event or event is coming soon to give the President (whoever he or she is) the excuse to declare Martial Law. Whether it's a manufactured "false flag" like 9112k1 or a naturally occurring catastrophe, those who are preparing for the coming new age will surely follow the "rules for radicals" and let no good crisis go to waste.

When they are ready, all the Executive Orders that have been signed into extra-Constitutional law by Presidential pawns and puppets for the past several decades will kick in. Our current epoch of idiocracy, defined by the ubiquity of soma-addled indulgences in an endless variations of technologically advanced bread and circus distractions, will be over, just like that.

The comfortable part of our hidden-in-plain-sight enslavement will come to an end.

Illegal Immigration will no longer be a problem.

Big Brother will be more concerned with illegal emigration

Blogs like this will get disappeared.

If you think I write that because I've got some inflated sense of self-importance, pardon me, but you misread my sentiment.

I'm merely extrapolating from Orwell's description of our pending future: In the coming age of total surveillance, any expressed idea, observation or opinion that doesn't adhere to the party line, will be censored and/or punished.

They might even send those of us who attempt to write subversive truths anonymously on teh interwebz for an all-expense-paid camping trip, courtesy of the nearest regional Federal Emergency Management Agency resort.

The only thing we can really be sure of, is that change is coming, and it is coming soon.

You may not believe it, but the Federal Government sure does:

While the majority of Americans are oblivious to the warning signs around them, recent actions taken by our government and the governments of other industrialized nations suggest The Powers That Be know very well where we’re headed. They are and have been taking steps for quite some time to prepare for what is coming next.

Why, this stuff sounds positively crazy, no?

As I've written both here and elsewhere in the past, I've seen with my own two eyes, a training area built to resemble a typical American suburban neighborhood, in the middle of the mountainous rainforests of a military training area here in Hawaii that I used to regularly go hunting at, until the security got beefed up on all the access roads. It's been about 2 years since I've seen the training area. I know what I saw.

I've talked to National Guardsmen and Police Officers who have undergone training at similar training grounds.

I've heard them express doubts and reservations about the kind of training they've been taking part in for the past 5 years or so.

One high-ranking police officer I know well, has attended a regional law enforcement conference a couple of years ago, for which the entire topic was civil unrest and the implementation of martial law, and the role Honolulu Police Department will play in cooperation with Federal Agencies like FEMA, DHS, etc. in suppressing Hawaii's populace; not if, but when it becomes necessary.

That was precisely the point that bothered him so much.

What bothered him the most was that the entire conference treated the topic as if it were a done deal. They did not even bother to present a half-assed cover story of "preparing for a worst case scenario" and "in the unlikely event" disclaimers as they conducted the seminars and discussion panels.

Sounds to me like the organizations that deal with the local law enforcement agencies by region, are using the Delphi Technique to condition the officers to internalize the idea of the inevitability of the collapse of civil society, and that suppression and oppression of the masses will not only be their job, but their patriotic duty.

As blogger Bill Powell states in the byline for his new joint: The Apocalypse Cometh:

You Are Not Going to Like the Future

No, I don't believe we will.

If I must live in a dystopia socially engineered and constructed to mislead the masses into living artificial and unnatural lives, I'd prefer the comforts of the Soma and Circuses of Huxley's version versus the paranoid, inhuman and inhumane Surveillance State of Orwell.

It's not like we're getting a real say in the matter.

Enjoy the home or poolside.

There may come a time soon for which even the simple pleasures of life are no longer allowed or logistically possible (your regions FEMA camp(s) may or may not have a pool).


Johnycomelately said...

This might seem like it comes from bizarro world but two astrological events seem to be on the horizon.

One is the 'space fluff' (not my expression, thank NASA for that) phenomenon that the solar system is going through and might cause a compression of the heliosphere and directly impact the sun causing mass corona ejections.

The other is the 'galactic superwave' proposed by Paul Laviolette (which he proved by ice core samples is a periodic event, happening every five and ten thousand years).

These phenomenons may be hogwash (ala 2012 propaganda) but the fact Russia, Great Britain and the US are gaming closing down the power grid and practicing operating nuclear power under auxiliary power indicates things maybe not as they seem.

Perfect event for enhancing 'national security' laws.

Twenty said...

"...Russia, Great Britain and the US are gaming closing down the power grid..."

This sounds more like EMP wargaming to me.

Iran + nuke + ICBM = EMP deterrent

Anonymous said...

Chris Hedges, a leftist writer for the Nation magazine, has also written that we are transitioning from the hedonistic dystopia of Brave New World to the Orwellian nightmare of 1984.

eric said...

Bev Eakman created a set of rules for the Delphi technique that she invented, it appears nowhere in the actual monographs from RAND.

Go back and fact check the sources, you'll see.

Anonymous said...

I got the following hateful email from a woman named Kathy Grandt, from Port Richey, Florida, after she had received a link to my Boycott American Women blog. Here it is:

From: Kathy Grandt
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Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 5:48 PM
Subject: Re: Boycott American Women


WOW. So if a man decides to NOT marry an American woman, he should be shot and murdered?

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I suggest you write to her daughter and ask her why her mother has such deep hatred for men that she thinks it is okay to murder men.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the human race. I shit on all you. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

There will always be terrorists, Dave.

1984 always had the enemy to keep the people in line, along with the constant war.

Bill Powell said...

Keoni, thanks kindly for the linkage. That byline is kind of going viral by no measure of my efforts but it seems to be hitting a nerve amongst like minded individuals like us. Keep up the good work my brother hopefully we won't be disappeared an time soon.

R7 Rocket said...

There is only one problem with your scenario. The technocratic authoritarian elites will still have to pay the military. Methinks they will be having major fiscal issues in the future.

No government that has a collapsed treasury with no outside aid has ever defeated an armed insurgency. Western half of Ancient Rome experienced that truth in the Fifth Century AD.

Default User said...

450 million rounds of ammunition

Given that the US population is just over 300 million, I guess that means they intend to shoot some of us twice. :/

Anonymous said...

It is the technology that will make it possible, and folks are helping it along by buying all these smart phones.
Worse yet,most folks get their ideas hand-fed to them through the TV and accept that as absolute truth,and will not hear dissenting opinions from those better informed.

It is this intolerance for truth that will damn us.
(Same as the German citizenry circa 1943)

What is the network of satellites that control the drones called?

Funny how movies often predict the future as well as book authors.

Why has logging increased so far past the planting/regrowth rate in upper US?

Roundup and roundup resistant crops will decimate genuine original seed,it is a subset of agent orange.
Those components will work their way into the food chain,but of course the elites have food free of those,as already the EU Parliament does not allow such food for themselves.

Anonymous said...

So in essence you are saying resistance is futile.

No I must disagree. Currently when the NWO have just decloaked themselves they are most vulnerable. The time is now to Wake people up and take action to resist their agenda.

Rhino Tingley said...

"Orwell's foretelling of the age of Big Brother's totalitarian boot stamping on the face of humanity forever was only off by about 30 years, give or take a decade."

He was actually slightly further off than that (I won't hold it against him though !)

He had originally intended to call it "1948", but his editor (if I remember correctly) objected that the date was too close to the publishing of the book. So he simply inverted the last two figures.

Anonymous said...

@ R7 Rocket

Big Daddy G wont have to pay the military/police much. Just make their life a tiny bit easier then the proles. Give them access to a slightly better life (better food, alchohol, lodging, hookers, etc) Also implied is a threat that if an individual leaves the 'security forces', he will be disappeared. The overall cost of the military/police will be less then today - but still better then the lot of the prole.
The governments financial problems will be gone. Today it is forced to pay for all the bullshit social programs and legacy programs (social security, medicare) those will disappear. Whatever social contracts the government was liable for will be ignored.
Oh, so slowly...
Killing us softly.


Carnivore said...

They know what's coming and are getting ready.

Wp said...

That training facility in HI - what hunting trail was that near? At first I read it as Bellows but, no real hunting there.

Wondering if can catch a glimpse of it from satellite photos...doubt it though!

Anthony Migchels said...

Yes, things will get worse.

But if you think taxation is the main slavemaster, I've got bad news.

Anonymous said...

Now that the cat is out of the bag as to where all the money is going in this country and one wonders how much and how long, the American people are going to be left with the dirt they started with. When will the majority of sheeple in this country wake up?? I do not think this will happen.

Anonymous said...

This is an email, not a comment.

Have you seen my website
Moving-Earth Deception

Kind Regards,
Bernie Brauer

*** ******** said...

the NDAA and when I realized war had become perpetual after 6 years of war in iraq AND afghanistan....
I honestly gave up hope for America. mentally preparing for hiding in the woods from militias or religious zealout cannibal weirdos and rapists, debating if I'll be able to kill myself rather than get taken alive......

but the future is bleak. damn is it bleak. and i'll look back when i'm standing in that field and realize Keoni Galt was right.

ShootyMcBang said...

I agree with R7 in that a broke government will have difficulty in maintaining a stranglehold on a populous that is amply preparing itself for the oncoming changing of the guard. While many are asleep, there are enough that are awake to disallow themselves to be dominated by old money and hollow souls. There are no gains without sacrifice. Aware observers know this and are not swayed by the costs that freedom demands.