Saturday, April 21, 2012

Escape the Zoo

I have never tried to define this blog as a certain type, or as a member of any particular genre. I thought doing so would simply put self-imposed limitations on what I felt inspired to write about at any given moment. That doesn't mean I look down on blog genres or 'spheres' like the manosphere or the paleo blogosphere, the conspiracy theory sphere etc., it's just that I never wanted to typecast myself. I've always been on a personal quest for finding freedom through seeking truth. That is my only "Theme" if you will.

To follow the rabbit hole wherever it may go.

I first titled this blog "Hawaiian Libertarian" when I stopped drinking the Republican flavored kool-aid of the American two-party political Democracy sham. I used to think supporting the Libertarian party and Libertarian candidates at the local level of elections was the answer to much of what ails our society, while voting for the "lesser of two evils" at the national level.

As I continued to learn more and more truths and see through more and more of the deceptions, delusions and lies of our mass media/public education indoctrinated society, I soon realized there really is no true solution working within the system.

The system is NOT BROKEN.

There's nothing to fix.

There is no "solution" because the system is doing precisely what is was designed to do.

We can't "fight" for recognition to reverse the injustices of the family court regime that feeds like a vampire on the lifeblood of society, destroying the nuclear family one divorce at a time.

Feminism was nothing more than a social engineering program to effect population control.

On that front, mission accomplished.

Many folks in the manosphere are proclaiming the end of feminism's influence is near. I think so too...I just don't believe the end of feminism will mean a restoration of men's equality under the law, Father's rights or any of that.

No, once the useful idiots have outlived their usefulness, they will be cast aside when the new paradigm is put into place.

There is no "media campaign" or political candidate you can vote for to change the system. Even if a politician were to run on such a campaign and gain enough support to win an election, he'd be marginalized, compromised or straight up assassinated.

Voting is a fools game of mass self-deception. Participatory Democracy is assenting to your own enslavement.

After coming to all these realizations, I changed this blog title to "Hawaiian libertarian" - "small l" libertarian, and I removed my linkage to the Libertarian Party's website. I no longer wish to participate in exercising my "freedom to vote for my rulers."

It's taken years to reach this point. It's a developed philosophy that encompasses all aspects of my life, point of view, attitude and behavior. Being a participant in the Manosphere and blogging about the "paleo" diet, conspiracy "theory" topics and other interests are simply part of the bigger picture - seeking personal solutions to systemic problems.

I've oft tried to write a post like this, putting all of these ideas into one coherent, yet concise point...a manifesto. But always found such attempts would end up being all over the place.

But this morning, I read the latest post over at Richard Nikoley's "Free the Animal" and one particular commenter going by the name of "Brent" put everything I've come to believe into some brilliant, concise comments. The first was his response to some brainwashed Statist whore using the same old, lame ass argument that someone who doesn't love the US Government and political system should leave the country. Brent dissects this old trope -

First, you’re making the first logical misdirection that politicians love: a country is its government and political system. That leads to the ridiculous argument that if you don’t like your government or political system, then you don’t like your country.

Nations are human abstracts that do not exist in reality. If you don’t believe me, take an international flight and look for the lines you see on a map. This is my home, regardless of who has been placed in charge of the civilization that sits on top of it. It’s a bit like the Europeans invading the land the Native Americans were living on, declaring it part of (England, France, Spain, U.S., or whoever has the most guns at the time) and saying, “If you don’t like it, leave.”

The difference in this case is that the invasion into every aspect of our lives wasn’t carried out blatantly, because the citizens outnumber the zookeepers. Instead, the keepers worked over time to convince the masses to vote for an invasion, one issue or politician at a time. Now I’m being told on one hand that if I don’t like the civilization the invaders have set up, I should leave; on the other hand, I’m being told that if I don’t help elect new zookeepers, I’m part of the problem, and can’t complain about them. I love my country (my home) and I hate what the government (propped up through elections) is doing to it. Therefore, I’m the problem and should leave.

The question at that point is: go where? To stay in the geographical region that is my home, I would have to go out into the wilderness to escape the civilization that the zoo animals have voted for. Ted Kaczynski tried that and he ended up blowing people up out of frustration because civilization kept invading him anyway. I don’t condone the methods but I can understand the sentiment. {Me Too!}

I could move to another developed country. If you can point one out that is working at becoming less socialistic, I may look into it, but I am not aware of any. Also, there are usually immigration restrictions for which I may not qualify – the good places like to keep the populations down. A less developed country? As you point out, the problem is the people, not the location. Trading in mobsters posing as “public servants” for warlords is not an upgrade.

So, you say, that is the point. Our government may be shit, but it’s the best shit out there. You may enjoy indulging in shit, but I don’t – even if it’s the most aromatic around. Sure we’re living in a zoo, and sure it’s getting more and more restrictive every day, but it’s still a really nice zoo (for now). More importantly, it’s better than the others. That’s your argument?

Let’s say I become a political prisoner someday – for instance, for posting on the internet that I can understand Kaczynski’s sentiment without condoning his actions – and let’s say I’m lucky enough to be placed in one of those “swank” federal prisons reserved for white collar criminals. Should I not complain about the prison or even about being in prison because it’s better than those that muggers and rapists go to?

Should I focus on how much better off I am than political prisoners in other countries?

This is my home. I don’t plan on leaving. I’m not like Alec Baldwin and will not stupidly say I’ll leave based on the result of an election – and if I did, I’d follow through. The political process in this country (especially at the federal level) is a joke. I am not living my life based on what happens within it. In fact, I try my best to ignore it. The best I can do is live my life and pursue happiness to the best of my ability, within the parameters my keepers allow me, because real prison is worse (another reason not to complain – at least I’m not in prison!). Part of that pursuit of happiness includes ignoring, and abstaining from, the election of the next mob boss.

I've come to a similar conclusion - except I used the feedlot as my metaphor as opposed to Brent's reference to a human zoo.

Later on in the comments, some other commenter wonders if there's a way to make "paleo" meals convenient and easy to sell as a pre-packaged product. Brent hits another out of the park:

I am reminded of some investment advice I got a while back, which is basically: when the mainstream jumps on an investment idea, sell. Now, a paleo lifestyle is not something I’m going to leave, but – like others – I may have to leave the label behind as it starts to become a marketing term instead of a lifestyle concept.

I saw the same thing happen with low carb when it became a “fad.” One thing I will always be grateful for, from my low carb days, is heightening my awareness of what I was eating, as opposed to just how much of it. In addition to cutting down on carbs, Atkins admonished his readers to also cut out hydrogenated oils and some artificial sweeteners, like aspartame. Suddenly I was checking food labels for ingredient lists instead of just macronutrient content. It made me laugh at ludicrous products like Better’n Peanut Butter, with its inch-long ingredient list of processed additives that made it “healthier” than a product that was made of “roasted peanuts and salt.” That kind of thinking led me to paleo/primal living.

Paleo is (was?) a concept, not a brand, not an ingredient list, and not shorthand for gluten and/or dairy free. The latter is what the food industry wants it to be, because they can make their crap without gluten, and simply use a whole bunch of other potentially toxic crap to make the same foods palatable. They did the same thing with maltitol, which made products sugar free and “low carb,” but also caused diarrhea.

You may or may not have seen the report on the gorillas in the zoo whose health improved when they were taken off their diet of standard-issue gorilla food pellets. The which were high in sugar and other processed crap, but met all the “nutritional requirements” for gorillas, but was giving them heart disease and making them lethargic. Their health and energy improved when they were given whole foods more like what they would eat in the wild: fresh leafy vegetables and fruit. Sound familiar?

A “healthy Paleo frozen dinner by Lean Cuisine” is contradictory. Frozen dinners are the equivalent to food pellets for zoo humans. I’m looking at my copy of Paleo Magazine and I see an ad for “Paleo Coffee Creamer” – which is an oxymoron. Paleo creamer is called “cream” – preferably raw from 100% grass-fed cows. The act of sourcing fresh, quality ingredients, “wasting time” by preparing them properly, and enjoying them with good company is what makes the meal Paleo, not just its gluten/dairy content. Paleo is about changing our attitudes about our food – its quality and preparation – and our lifestyles. I think Richard’s point is that it is also about changing our mindsets towards life in general. That is, breaking away from the mindset of civilization – aka, the zoo. In other words, free the animal.

Richard gave Brent an A++ for that post. I agree. "Civilization" is really the domestication of humanity. Once you understand this, you are then free to make a choice: are you going to live life like a lap dog...or more like a free range wolf? I know which end of that spectrum I prefer.

To conclude, I'll end with one of the more profound quotes from one of Bob Marley's timeless classics:



Anonymous said...

Bingo - you're the first that I've seen say this:

"Feminism was nothing more than a social engineering program to effect population control".

The east has their program and the west has their's.

. said...

MGTOW my friend. I know you've agreed with it, but never identified with it because you are married. (A major contributor to the manifesto is married, btw).

Men have gone their own way before.

You know, I've also often wondered about monks/priests, and the old-time knights. --Rob

Migu linked this to me.

Excerpt of Migu's comment regarding the video series:

This answered all the questions I had in that area. I linked episode one to you, but I believe it's episode four or five that talks about the monks. I think it was the Dominicans that articulated much of what we call MGTOW now during the so called "dark ages"

It was sometime after Diocletian's reign that many men checked out. First they jumped the border and went to live with the Germans, and later went to the hills when they couldn't reconcile what they now knew with how to live.(Kind of the problem we are trying to tackle)

The monks of those days faced the same problems we do now. Disinformation trolls and marginalization. Nobody knows about St. Augustine, and yet he echoes the Buddha, throw away desire, eliminate the ego, serve God, or as Buddha says follow the ninefold path.

Understand Woods focus is as an apologist. So if you do view the series he will be defending the catholic church from its detractors throughout. All that aside, his history is accurate, and his arguments are razor sharp.

katana said...


To take your understanding to higher level I recommend you start investigating the role that organized jewery plays in our downfall.

You will then be able to connect many more dots.

Rhino Tingley said...

My friend,

The system AKA Google wants me to believe that your site is not safe to visit, because you have a link to "The Spearhead".

Just thought you might want to know that.

Great post.


Atlas said...

Reading this makes me think that MGTOW and those that separate from the system (leave the UNITED STATES and stay in America) have the right idea. It is too simple to say that we need to move GEOGRAPHICALLY. that looks like a cop-out and an excuse to me. Most of us cannot do that as we do not have the resources as of yet. I think moving off of the govt. plantation is a very valid option. So go Paleo, go MGTOW, refuse to consent to the corrupt system that is in place here, do not get a marriage license, do not get a birth certificate, do not "vote" for their choices, worship God as you please, avoid all their contracts and traps.

In essence, become free.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...