Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Breaking the chains, beating the games, and saving Western Civilization.

Awhile back, Vox Day proposed a new taxonomy for classifying men's designations in the present day sexual marketplace. He's now expanded on his taxonomy by devoting an entire blog to discussing Game theory and has invited a few of his regular commenters (commonly referred to at Vox Popoli as "the ilk") to contribute posts from the various perspectives of the different classifications he proposed.

The blog is titled Alpha Game, and it's off to a good start with some excellent articles and contributions. If you haven't already, drop by and check it out.

While I find his tag line for the new blog clever (which I stole for the title to this post), I'm not nearly as optimistic as Vox is with regards to the possibility of saving Western Civilization.

I believe we as a society, have entered the beginning stages of a economic and cultural death spiral. We're well on our way to third world status and matriarchal dystopia.

To echo Captain Capitalism's frequent sign off on his posts regarding the economy and current state of our declining Western civilization, I say pour yourself a dram of whiskey, fire up a fine cigar, and ENJOY THE DECLINE.


Apparently Solomon II followed through with his threat of blogicide. Simon Grey saved one of his best posts, Drive Through Girlfriends, and posted it as a tribute.

I only copied chunks of one of his other best postings as blogfodder here.

I'll tip an extra dram of Whiskey this eve in honor of the brief lifespan of a very insightful and compelling blog in this neighborhood of the interwebz.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I like about Vox's hierarchy is how he distinguishes between pedestalizing betas (gammas) and "average Joe" betas (deltas).

Of course, his "betas" would probably be Roissy's "lesser alphas".