Friday, October 22, 2010


In a desperate bid to get some traffic, Default User has declared war on several denizens of the "manosphere." For myself, he dropped the following gauntlet:

Dave, the Hawaiian librarian, you are a conspiracy nut that should get out of your hypergamous wife’s basement (if she will allow you).

Default User called me a conspiracy nut once...


I've no choice but to declare FARGIN WAR....

If  you've never seen that old 80's slapstick classic, Johnny Dangerously, this post will not make any sense. Than again, it's done for no other purpose than to try and drive some traffic to default user's website. 


Default User said...

Ha Ha.

Thanks for the link. Have a great weekend.

. . .in your basement hiding from the black helicopters

Omnipitron said...

Go get him Keoni, Johnny Dangerously was an amazing movie!!!

maurice said...

one of the best movies ever!