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Equality in Federal Contract Bidding

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October 17, 2010

Reading today's Pacific Business News - a Hawaii-based business paper, I saw the most recent issues latest front page, above-the-fold headline:

Apparently, some feminists and their mangina politicians passed some law 10 years ago that gave preference to women owned businesses in certain industries when bidding for Federal Contracts. This law has basically not been used or enforced since it was passed...but now that we are in the midst of the Great Depression 2.0, and more men than women have been getting laid off, NOW the Federal Government decides is the perfect time to resurrect this affirmative action legislation.

The rule, which was first proposed by Congress in 2000 but only published in the Federal Register last week, aims to increase the amount of federal contracting dollars that go to businesses that are at least 51 percent owned by women in 83 industries in which women were found to be underrepresented — everything from construction to accounting to public relations. The agency has 120 days from the date of publication to implement the new rule

Oh, but it gets worse than a simple case of affirmative action...

The new rule puts some teeth in the regulations, putting women-owned businesses on similar footing as service-disabled veteran-owned businesses and businesses that participate in the SBA’s 8(a) business-development program, which enjoy the benefits of bidding for contracts that are set aside for their specific programs.

Let's get this straight....

...if you're a male who went to fight for this country in one of the various wars for the US Military, and got a limb blown off or lost your sight or some other horrific war injury...and you come home and start a business, you will be able to receive equal preference under this program...equal to other American business owners who are designated for this legislation simply because they were born with a vagina and whom also own a business?!?!


“This new ruling is going to be substantial in that it will mean something,” Downs said.

Oh it will mean something means the only way a man can have an equal opportunity to receive preference under this new regulation like a woman, will be to get disabled while fighting for our Cuntry.

Words fail me at the moment.

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MenZo October 17, 2010 at 06:40:

wow….. just… wow

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Anonymous age 68 October 17, 2010 at 07:21:

The attack on men will never stop until one of two things happens. First, the men of this nation grow a pair and stand up for their civil; legal; human; and constitutional rights. This will never happen.

Or, the Huns come in and do a hard reset.

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Uncle Elmer October 17, 2010 at 07:29:

It’s standard practice for men to name their wives as president/owner of their small business to take advantage of this. If you’re fishing in federal contract waters it’s just another loophole to check, just like taxes.

We often hear about the great tide of “women-owned businesses” and “entrepreneurs” but I think much of it is based on this lie.

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Joe October 17, 2010 at 08:35:

I was working at a public university about 12-15 years ago when I first found out about this. One of the project managers told me that minority and women owned businesses got preferences over white male owned businesses so a lot of guys would put their business in the wife’s name to get the advantage. It’s high time us plain ol’ white guys abandoned white guilt and start behaving like a tribe when the primitive cultures around us make it necessary.

As far as men not standing up for themselves, I’m sure many won’t but others will. I think one of the first steps is the abandonment of multiculturalism. This is happening somewhat in Europe where white europeans are getting fed up with muslims. I think that most of the time catholic and protestant cultures really don’t belong together. There is a fundamental difference between the type of people who embrace the church of rome and those who don’t. To me, it’s the same basic difference that exists between a subject and a citizen.

At some point some people are gonna grow up and abandon the retarded idea that all types of people can and should live together. This is plain as day where I work. In my industry/location a very disproportionate part of management is from a particular ethnic group. There appear to be a few reasons. Firstly, they’re shamelessly tribal and show preferences to each other more than other groups and if anyone says anything they play the victim, it’s disgusting. Secondly, they’re very aggressive when it comes to pursuing positions of authority. This is clearly cultural. The problem is that they aren’t the least bit interested in doing the mundane management tasks that come with these positions. They also don’t value competence, they just want to be the boss of as many people as possible. They mess things up bad most of the time.

One thing that is obvious to me is that groups of people that have widely varying levels of aggression and tribalism don’t do well together. You don’t have to be smart to recognize this, you just need the balls to point out the obvious. The more aggressive/tribal group will end up very overrepresented in power positions. This happens despite their frequent inability or lack of interest in bearing the responsibility that comes with the position. The less aggressive group may be the more capable of running a successful organization but they end up doing all the grunt work and existing in very unmotivating dead-end situations.

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Snark October 17, 2010 at 08:52:

They are using crisis to bolster their position. Lenin suggested this policy regarding the First World War.

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Keyster October 17, 2010 at 08:55:

Not to distract from the main point, but yes its true; a “female owned business” that might exploit this is highly likely to be a business owned and operated by men, that use a “trusted” female as a proxy. Typically a wife who has little if anything to do with day to day operations. This is well known and a bit of a joke in business circles that deal with the federal and many state governments.

Not to say there aren’t true female owned and operated businesses, but its highly unlikely that the federal government would need to hire a PR or accounting firm. There simply aren’t that many truely female owned and operated businesses to choose from, that the federal government would or could do business with. That’s the reality these “equality” bureaucrats fail to comprehend. Yet they’ll wrap themselves around the axle trying to find several as “TOKENS”, just to demonstrate that the program is working.

Our tax dollars at work, just to make people feel less guilty and more righteous about themselves. It has little to do with competence or actual ability to perform as required. It’s about feelings.

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Herbal Essence October 17, 2010 at 09:50:


The reality is, a small minority of super-powerful (mostly) white males is using Feminism and other PC bullshit to undercut their only real competition – other males. As many smart men have pointed out, women are the knives the ruling class uses to stab men in the back.

The real enemy is not minorities, gays, or even most women. They’re just tools acting out an agenda.

I have no problem with notions of tribalism. It can be healthy. But that doesn’t mean that every white male is on our side, or every woman/non-white is against us. It’s much more complicated than that. Especially when taking into account that white males make up the vast majority of feminism-enabling white knights.

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barbarossaa October 17, 2010 at 09:52:

yes and it will continue on like this.

i say this in the most serious way possible.

MEN they will not rest until they completely dominate you. if you do not allow yourselves to be dominated, they will seek to destroy you. Its that simple

until men start coming to this conclusion in large numbers they will be unable to defend against misandry, and thus incapable of defending themselves.

the more you try to serve the machine, by for example fighting in wars to defend it, the more they will hate you for being stupid enough to willingly serve in the demise of your own genders self worth and respect.

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@ Uncle Elmer: “It’s standard practice for men to name their wives as president/owner of their small business to take advantage of this.”

I knew a man, a business contact, who lost his business in divorce as a result of doing this. Shortly after the divorce settlement, his wife just shut the business down. He was left with none of it.

This might, in some cases, be a good game to play, but I’d want to be damn sure of the legalities beforehand.

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Anti Idiocy October 17, 2010 at 10:33:

@ Uncle Elmer: “It’s standard practice for men to name their wives as president/owner of their small business to take advantage of this.”

I knew a man, a business contact, who lost his business in divorce as a result of doing this. Shortly after the divorce settlement, his wife just shut the business down. He was left with none of it.

This might, in some cases, be a good game to play, but I’d want to be damn sure of the legalities beforehand.

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njartist49 October 17, 2010 at 10:43

Anon 68: “Or, the Huns come in and do a hard reset.”

Most likely to happen.

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misterb October 17, 2010 at 12:54:

It’s a dangerous game that feminists and the le femmes are playing dangerous game. With economics and the lives. In truth they don’t care, or practically don’t even know what the hell they’re doing.

Passing the feel good laws.

From the looks of it, they’re going to enforced that stupid law. Actually they are enforcing it.

Speaking as an aboriginal man in Canadian north, I noted that he (the white man) needed to ground himself. Time after time, his traditions were trashed by his own brethren of the same colour. In truth, he’ll have to rebuild his traditions and restore his honour.

As man of different background, I noted that people of other colours have problems with white people. In loose translation, other people have this supremacist attitude toward others.

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misterb October 17, 2010 at 14:11:

There’s no such thing as equality.

The unions were originally meant to provide the workers loose protection. Basic protection from their employers, so they don’t whack their employees. In pre-60 eras, during and after the great depression. Sweat shops were not that uncommon. In fact they exploited immigrants coming to the US and Canada.

From the 1990s to 2000, the unions have become the worthless behemoth shadow of its former self.

Now skip to the present. After the idiots and crybabies had gotten their way. In Canada, we have heterosexual men discriminatory bills. catering to the hateful gay people, idiots, murders, douche bags and so forth.

An honest man is taxed to death by the government. And whatever little dignity people have left on Indian reserves is taken away.

I hate to break this to you. Gay people are themselves the feminists, who join the other she demons, in the grass they graze. aka we men are the grass that the females and gays graze upon.

misterb aka misterbastard

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codebuster October 17, 2010 at 19:25:

I’m sure most of us get it how insane this is. For those who don’t…

Women have the escape-hatch of stay-at-home mom. The role of stay-at-home mom defines purpose, dignity and direction (for those women who accept their responsibilities). So where many provided-for women are in a position to regard work as something akin to a hobby – something to do if they like, something to do if their fancy takes them, someplace to while away the hours, someplace to gossip with friends, they still get first priority over men, for whom work defines purpose, dignity and direction, and for whom not working is not an option.

God help us. This is truly primitive. Not even Russian communism could beat this insanity – their efforts to bring women into the workforce had less to do with the women-are-oppressed fairy-tale than it did with making use of able-bodied human resources in supporting the economy. There is no voodoo-practicing tribe of headhunters, no tribe of hunter-gatherers or Cro-Magnons, no village of third-world peasants that would buy into this garbage. They would recognize it for what it is – tyranny, and they would kill, pillage and rape until there was nothing left.

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Indomitable Thoughts October 17, 2010 at 20:35:

Women are always trying to paint themselves as victims. That picture shows it in graphic detail that’s not so obvious at first– affirmative action is making it so their “plight” has the same priority as someone who got his legs blown off in Iraq. Hell, I bet the whole combat veterans thing was just thrown in, with the priority being the “at least 51% women owned” businesses thing. It shows how pampered and privileged women are in today’s society.

Cue back to the whole Alte/Rob argument a few stories back. It seems like almost every woman has some kind of abuse story that she willingly dishes out to try and garner sympathy and bootlicking from men. Disgusting. Disgusting how women try to shame and manipulate men like this.

We’ve been thoroughly emasculated, folks. Thoroughly emasculated.

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Indomitable Thoughts October 17, 2010 at 20:40:

If a man complains about his (often legitimately shitty) lot in life, he’s told to “man up” and “take it like a man” from both bootlickers and women.

On the other hand, if a woman complains about her lot in life, she’s given support from women, manginas, and the government.

This is a double standard that feminism aims to amplify, and amplify, and amplify…they simply don’t give a fuck about anything but giving women the upper hand at the expense of basically everyone else. And manginas back them up, either walking straight into the oven, or fucking over other men so they can have sex with them.

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Nemo October 18, 2010 at 12:10:

This sort of law actually *increases* racism, sexism, nationalism, or whatever else the government claims that it is trying to cure.

It’s one thing to make it illegal to discriminate. It’s entirely different to ORDER the government to discriminate against whatever groups it happens to dislike at the moment.

In the US, there are “protected classes” listed in human resources guidelines. Women, gays, and non-whites are protected. Most East Asians and Jews are also tossed in with “whites” – they have been able to achieve economic success without the aid of government, so they are now “unprotected”.

These classes are the first to be hired and the last to be fired, according to HR guidelines. A “protected” person who is laid off can sue their employer and probably win some money. An “unprotected” employee can not. Therefore, from a legal point of view, the unprotected employees are the first to go and the protected employees are the last to go.

About 80% of all job losses in the US during the recession have been men, and this is a major factor in creating that 4:1 sex ratio among the newly unemployed.

People who previously thought of themselves as full citizens of the United States are now realizing that if they are white, East Asian, or Jewish they are demoted to second class citizens. If they are straight, they are demoted to third class citizens. If they are men, they are demoted to fourth class citizens.

All in the name of “equality”.

We are resurrecting the medieval idea of “High Justice” for the nobles and “Low Justice” for the serfs, and “white” heterosexual men are the new serfs.

The net effect of all of this is to cause the groups that are now being “deselected” by the government to self-identify themselves not as full citizens, but as members of a minority group that is oppressed by the government.

Congratulations, Washington, you’ve just made everyone think of themselves as a member of an oppressed minority group instead of a citizen of the USA.

To repeat, this sort of law actually *increases* racism, sexism, nationalism, or whatever else the government claims that it is trying to cure.

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Will S. said...

Thus we see who are valued more in society.

Disgusting, isn't it?

Slartibartfast said...

If you are a man starting a business stick to those that don't contract with the Fed Gov. Let ALL the government contractors be women-owned businesses. Let's see how that works out for them.

*** ******** said...

they'll just tax the remaining man-run business to death to pay for the ineffective and costly women businesses. sorta like how we tax welathy families to pay for all the unwed mothers b/c dad's in prison and mom's got 3 kids by 2 diff guys.

IndoMRA said...

Dave, it's IndianMRA from Roissy's blog. He's blocked my comments and I don't know why. Perhaps he's pro-Monsanto? Pro American Globalization?

Anyway, thanks for your info on tofu. That study that was done in Hawaii, I'd be interested to know what type of tofu those Japanese were eating.

At any rate, soy has never been a part of the Indian or wider South Asian diet.

However, we did begin to substitute tofu for paneer when we came to the West - having drunk the koolaid that tofu was a "healthfood" and our indigenous paneer recipe was "bad" for our health.

Google Vandana Shiva. She's doing great work fighting Monsanto and other American MNCs in India.

Keoni Galt said...

Cool Indo....are you blocked, or is your comment simply awaiting moderation? He's got his settings to trigger moderation based on keywords, so a word you may have used in your post could have sent it into moderation. Most of my posts I wrote today and yesterday had to go through moderation as well.

And I highly doubt Roissy is "pro-monsanto" as he approved all of my posts pointing out their malevolent influence in the Government.