Thursday, October 14, 2010

Frivolous Divorce

One thing about the ever increasing number of blogs that I discover are worthy of reading and contain substantial content, is that I often find entries that are older, and have had excellent commentary participation, but I'm too late to join in on. But I can still blog about it myself...

I found one such interest after reading Dalrock's post, Her husband was her best friend.

He had discovered a blog entitled Frivolous Divorce, ostensibly written by an older woman who had divorced her husband 7 years prior and is now living a very lonely life of reflection and regret. This website would be a great, great resource to point to if you ever have an older friend or family member that is contemplating divorcing for frivolous reasons. At the very least, it could cause someone to have second thoughts. It's concise prose offers quite the contrast to the kind of pro-divorce propaganda and influences that permeates our society.

It's actually not a very extensive blog and all of it's entries can be read in a single sitting. If it's message actually reaches even one person considering a frivolous divorce, this ladies self-inflicted loneliness and misery can serve as a useful, cautionary tale.

Some choice excerpts:

You are about to commit something like a murder.  Not a murder, but something like a murder.  It will include death (the death of your family), grieving victims (your spouse and children, and eventually you), shame (hopefully you will be very ashamed one day), humiliation (your children will be embarrassed by your behavior and your spouse will be humiliated by the rejection), financial devastation (for everyone), and the intrusion of the State into the personal details of your life.

This site is not intended for victims of adultery, abuse, or other serious issues that may cause people to divorce.  Rather, it is intended for those whose spouses have done nothing wrong and do not deserve to have their lives destroyed.  It is intended for the frivolous.

Since we know that 70+% of all divorces are filed by women, and most are admittedly not due to infidelity and/or abuse, I don't think it's a stretch to say that most divorces are in fact frivolous.

She reveals just how frivolous her own reasons were for instigating her divorce, in My husband was the best friend I ever had:

My husband was an easy-going, simple man.  He never complained about anything, helped with anything when asked, worked hard and made an above average living, didn’t cheat on me, didn’t drink, never hit me, and was a loving father.

His faults were many: sleeping too much, clowning around too much, being too interested in sports, not knowing how to cook, not remembering the names of his childrens’ teachers, not getting home before 6 pm because of his 2-hour commute, not liking poetry and art, and other heinous offenses.  All deserving of divorce, right?

The truth is that he endured years and years of my contempt, grinding criticism, big mouth, and deep character defects and he loved me in spite of it.

You see, he didn’t demand perfection like I did.  He was just there for me through the good and the bad, doing what a real husband does.  Too bad he didn’t have a real wife.

 Damn. The inferences to be drawn from this to those of us who have taken the red pill are quite clear:

He was a good man...but he was boring. She grew to despise him for his utter predictability. She in turn, became a nagging, grumpy bitch...and he took it. In short, he became an AMC.

Now, it looks as if this man is in a good place -- happily re-married and successful -- while his ex-wife is suffering from loneliness, unemployment and poverty, 7 years after their divorce.

Nevertheless, the man literally ALLOWED her to convince herself that destroying their family was justified, because he put up with her ungrateful and caustic nagging and bitchiness. Maybe he no longer cared after awhile. But married men should take note: allowing your wife to act like this unopposed, will only foster more of the same. Nip that bad behavior in the bud. As Athol puts it, follow the second date rule.

Assuming your wife displays some sort of highly negative behavior (read as "craz-ee biatch") , a good rule of thumb is The Second Date Rule...

If what she just did happened on the second date, would there have been a third date?

If the answer is "no", it's probably best to say something about it and not just suck it up for the rest of your marriage. The behavior will likely continue without it being addressed.

Women do respond positively to men willing to not put up with them being venomous screechtards. Both in general relationship terms and sexual. Just not at first.

His failure to stand up to her increasing nagging, combined with all of the influences of a culture immersed in misandry and entitlement that brainwashes women into being dissatisfied with their lives of Patriarchal oppression, and that divorce from the boring beta husband would leads to life of exhilarating freedom, she found out too late that real life is not like the glamorous Follywood portrayals of middle aged divorcees running off to fly around the world to be seduced by tall, dark foreigners with sexy accents.

You think your life is going to get better after your divorce, not worse.  Fun times with new friends or your new love.  But you aren’t thinking about failure — failure to make new friends, failure to find love, failure of old relationships as people discard you.  Yes, people will discard you for various reasons.  You don’t believe it, but you will when it happens to you.  And you will deserve it;  after all, you discarded your spouse.

Wonder if Elizabeth Gilbert will ever have to face this harsh lesson? Supposedly she was forced to get married to her Brazilian lover so he could legally emigrate to the US. How long will it be before her rapidly fading looks and once her new husband's permanent residency status is affirmed, will she find out what it's like to be discarded herself? Just as Roissy accurately predicted that eventually it would come out that Ashton Kutcher would eventually be discovered unfaithful to Demi Moore with younger, hotter women, so too do I believe Gilbert's Brazilian "sweetheart" will eventually leave her...I just hope it gets as much publicity as her god awful book and movie did.

The Frivolous Divorce blogger realized the ugly truth, much to late...

Ladies, if you are over 40, no matter how well you take care of yourself, you are not very attractive to men.  Men of shallow character want young women and no amount of time in the gym or under the plastic surgeon’s knife is going to fool anyone.  Men of high character will run from a frivolous woman who destroyed her family.

Dalrock questions if this is actually written by a real woman. Another commenter logged on to her blog and stated outright that he did not believe that it was written by a woman...that such woman are incapable of self-assessment, introspection and avoiding the mesmerizing trance of the rationalization hamster that is an integral part of all women's psyche. I believe though that it is (and not just because the genderanalyzer gave it an 84% chance it was written by a woman...) because the next sentence she wrote after that last quote:

Men, you have an advantage when it comes to looking good as you age, but you shouldn’t overestimate that advantage.  It doesn’t amount to much; you don’t look good, either, after 40.
She still hasn't figured out that looks is only a part of the attraction equation for men, whereas it is the most substantial part of attraction for women.

Many people in Men's Rights/Gender Realist sector of the internet develop a caricature view of the female gender...because there are now so many bad examples from which to observe in today's Brave New World Order. But I know of more than a few women in my own sphere of family and friends who have done things they have come to regret, and have arrived at quite logical and rational conclusions regarding their mistakes and have faced them fully and honestly, and have not tried to justify or rationalize their guilt away.

It's not impossible guys...just improbable. At least in this respect, NAWALT.

*Wait - did I really just write that? I think I need a drink...*


Anonymous said...

Ok, there's something wrong with that Gender analyzer.

It said Roissy's blog was most likely written by a woman.

There's just no way to know. But I have a hunch it's a legit blog myself.

The Social Pathologist said...

I reckon it was written by a woman, a very remorseful one at that.

She was stupid for leaving her husband, funny how she values him now that she doesn't have him. I feel sorry for her. It's a shame that sometimes we can't undo the things we've done. But that's the real world. Actions sometimes have irreversible consequences. There are somethings you simply don't do.

I think this is why men have to "alpha-up", it's not only for their happiness, but their wife's happiness as well.

Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

I'm unsure if it was written by a man or a woman. It's "too perfect" as a manosphere tool as my main concern.

That being said, even if it is fake, it does a very good job of creating a fictionalized expression of a post-divorce viewpoint that expounds on how a large number of women feel about their divorce.

Thanks for the link love too. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, and great post.

That really is an amazing site. Like I said on my own post on it, I hope it isn't real, but it fits with the data from the AARP survey. So even if it isn't real, it describes what a large number of women experience.

It turns out they don't all spend the rest of their days doing the shopping bag strut and being hit on by younger men. A surprisingly large number of them reported they didn't even receive hugs from the opposite sex.

I was chastised on my site for having the bad taste to burst said bubble.

Thomas George said...

Be careful there, KG. You might start asking questions about the MRM and realize it's nothing more than a gaggle of woman hating losers who need to man up and a front for the depopulationists.

Anonymous said...

The ex-husband could have been me...In addition to the "contempt, grinding criticism, big mouth, and deep character defects", I also dealt with both verbal and physical abuse for years, and, like the ex, never drew the line and stood up to it. For close to 20years. Finally said enough, did what I wanted, and we divorced. Learned some game, and now remarried and happy. And still applying game...It never stops, but after a short while it becomes grafted into the personality. My ex is still alone.


curiepoint said...

When Thomas George becomes a man, then I'll take his advice to "man up"

Anonymous said...

"When Thomas George becomes a man, then I'll take his advice to "man up""

I stopped listening after "he" said "woman hating losers". Shaming language. Next please.

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