Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Conversation On Child Support Enforcement

I was recently at a party and was in close proximity to a group of women discussing child support issues. It was a pretty serious conversation, as it involved the personal experiences of two of the women in the group.

One was a single mother who broke up with her abusive boyfriend after they had a child, the other, the second-wife whose husband has primary custody of his children from a previous marriage.

The second-wife was relating the struggles they've been enduring in trying to get her husband's ex-wife to pay child support. They've had to file paperwork in triplicate, attend court hearings, badger their case worker and generally constantly fight with the system to try and get the court ordered child support garnished from his ex-wife's paycheck. They've been trying to do this for well over a year, and have yet to see a single dime of child support from the ex-wife.

The single mother was completely bewildered. She couldn't believe how much trouble the second-wife and her husband was going through...she filed her paperwork and the child support agency for Hawaii immediately began to garnish her ex-boyfriend's paychecks and cutting her a monthly check for child support.

Second-wife was asking single-mother how she did it, and all of the women in the group conversation were voicing their bewilderment and puzzlement as to why one found it so easy to get her court-ordered child support checks while the other was having such a hard time getting it.

This is the point where I usually would interject and begin steering the conversation towards the realities of the family court system in today's BraveNewWorldOrder...but this time, I simply smirked and resumed drinking my whiskey, contemplating the topic in quiet consternation.

The answer is plain-as-day as far as I was concerned...there could not be a more obvious case of gender bias.

Yet none of them could figure it out. Eventually the topic of conversation changed, the mystery for them was simply unresolved and relegated to afterthought.

This, I'm afraid, is typical of today's modern women - so plugged into the matrix, they are incapable of seeing realities that manifest right before their own eyes.


Ben said...

1) When do you decide to discuss the matrix with someone? I mostly don't do anything, but I try to make observations from time to time that will spur people's interest.

2) I also notice that people always assume that men are the transgressors or bad people in any situation. If there is every a hypothetic "bad thing" it is always something done by a man to a woman.

Anonymous said...

I think you failed here. That was the perfect chance to open someone's eyes to the realities of the world we live in. They may not have believed you right then but no doubt the explanation you offered would have stuck in their heads. In time it may finally sink in.

If we don't attempt to educate, how are we going to change people's minds?

Keoni Galt said...

I think you failed here.

Heh...perhaps I failed on the opportunity to proselytize, but than there were several mitigating factors...like the fact that it was a family birthday party, and I was rather enjoying myself up to that point, and was not in the mood for a serious debate.

One cannot become the antisocial crank ready to preach fire and brimstone every time friends and family have a get together. That's how you stop getting invited after awhile... :-)

Anonymous said...

What is the exact situation with the ex-wife who owes child support? How is it that she doesn't have custody and is required to pay her husband money? Isn't that a remarkably unusual situation in itself?

Keoni Galt said...

What is the exact situation with the ex-wife who owes child support? How is it that she doesn't have custody and is required to pay her husband money? Isn't that a remarkably unusual situation in itself?

Yep. The ex-wife abandoned the family. The divorce was finalized and she was ordered to pay child support. I think it's been over 2 years, and she hasn't paid a single cent...and the CSA hasn't done a damn thing about it.

Anonymous said...

I know someone whose mom abandoned the family. The father raised the son on his own. Needless to say, the state doesn't bother pursuing "deadbeat moms" - why, for some reason people hardly even know this problem exists!

globalman100 said...

Yep. Wimminz be stupid. "None of them could figure it out." When was the last time you saw a woman figure out ANYTHING new? Never. That's when. They have to be told. And that is what a man if for in a womans life.

Unknown said...

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child support enforcement said...

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macman2k said...

The entire concept of child support is corrupt and based upon the premis that children are a net burden on the custodial parent. The reality is that when people choose to have kids or ask for custody they do so because they value custody more than the costs. If they only want custody 'for the money' then clearly something is wrong.

I have addressed the case against child support in great detail on my blog. And completely debunk the who 'best interest' argument as well as other fallacies.

Given the right perspective, both of these couples should be grateful for the custody they have.