Thursday, April 8, 2010

Branding the Sheeple

As I discussed in the previous post, Your Papers, Comrade, I believe the elite who rule our society, have been actively working to implement a national ID system for which every citizen would be required to carry a national ID.

Over the last few decades, there have been a number of measures undertaken on a wide variety of fronts to continually move the populace towards accepting what now appears to be a virtual certainty in our near future.

One of the means of accomplishing this is inexorably tied to Social Security, Illegal Immigration, and job employment.

Remember the Dialectical Process of Social Engineering...

Thesis + Anti-thesis = Synthesis

In this case - Illegal Immigration + Employers Hiring Illegals = Justification for Implementing a required, biometric National ID card for any citizen wishing to obtain a job.

Here's a Washington Post article from last month, written by elephant-hack Lindsay Graham and donkey-hack Charles Schumer proposing a "bi-partisan" solution to "mend immigration." The following is an article written in Brave New World Order newspeak, and my translation of excerpts into realspeak...

The right way to mend immigration

The Right Way to Finally Get You Idiot Proles to Accept National Identification.

By Charles E. Schumer and Lindsey O. Graham
Friday, March 19, 2010; A23

Our immigration system is badly broken.

Our immigration system has been deliberately "broken" to accomplish a wide variety of goals to suit our purposes. It's worked beautifully so far in getting you morons to slowly but surely accept the implementation of our overall agenda.

Although our borders have become far more secure in recent years, too many people seeking illegal entry get through. We have no way to track whether the millions who enter the United States on valid visas each year leave when they are supposed to. And employers are burdened by a complicated system for verifying workers' immigration status.

This is a problem that we created so that we could than propose a new solution...see how this works?

Last week we met with President Obama to discuss our draft framework for action on immigration. We expressed our belief that America's security and economic well-being depend on enacting sensible immigration policies.

Notice we make no mention of the supposed founding ideal of America - FREEDOM.

Never mind that Ben Franklin dude and his blathering on about "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." We will give you safety whether you deserve it or not...

The answer is simple: Americans overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigration and support legal immigration. Throughout our history, immigrants have contributed to making this country more vibrant and economically dynamic. Once it is clear that in 20 years our nation will not again confront the specter of another 11 million people coming here illegally, Americans will embrace more welcoming immigration policies.

Once it is clear that in 20 years, our nation broken by our fiat currency, fractional reserve, FED-manipulated, debt-driven economy and the mass civil unrest to surely follow, Americans won't care about immigration policies, you'll be too busy trying to get out...but don't worry, we've planned for that too.

Our plan has four pillars: requiring biometric Social Security cards to ensure that illegal workers cannot get jobs;

Requiring biometric Social Security cards to ensure that ALL Americans who wish to earn a living MUST obtain a Biometric National ID card,

...fulfilling and strengthening our commitments on border security and interior enforcement;

...further advancement of transforming this once great nation founded on freedom into an Authoritarian Police State,

creating a process for admitting temporary workers;

...and ensure that our multi-national, corporate sponsors, will still be able to import third world slave-wage laborers to exploit for profit,

...and implementing a tough but fair path to legalization for those already here.

...and implementing the final plank in the effort to permanently alter American society through the steady infusion of multi-cultural diversity. The long awaited AMNESTY program.

Besides border security, ending illegal immigration will also require an effective employment verification system that holds employers accountable for hiring illegal workers. A tamper-proof ID system would dramatically decrease illegal immigration, experts have said, and would reduce the government revenue lost when employers and workers here illegally fail to pay taxes.

A tamper-proof ID system would finally achieve the vision predicted by Orwell decades ago...Big Brother will finally have the means to track you Proles for your own good!

We would require all U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who want jobs to obtain a high-tech, fraud-proof Social Security card.

Of course, we'll start off with only those who want jobs...but we will certainly find new justifications to expand these requirements until everyone must have these cards.

Each card's unique biometric identifier would be stored only on the card; no government database would house everyone's information.

There would be no need...we'll already have that database once Obamacare is fully implemented, and it would be a simple matter to cross-reference your social security card with your medical record file.

The cards would not contain any private information,

Of course your bio-metrics are not technically private...

...medical information or tracking devices.

As noted previously, these cards won't need these things...just your social security card easily cross referenced with our nationalized healthcare medical record database.

The card would be a high-tech version of the Social Security card that citizens already have.

See, you've already been given a limited National ID card, we are simply expanding on it. Whereas the old ID was easily forged, this new card will make forgery much, much harder to get away with.

Prospective employers would be responsible for swiping the cards through a machine to confirm a person's identity and immigration status. Employers who refused to swipe the card or who otherwise knowingly hired unauthorized workers would face stiff fines and, for repeat offenses, prison sentences.

Prospective employers will serve as our eyes and ears to monitor the populace. Any employer that refuses to cooperate with Big Brother will be punished.

We propose a zero-tolerance policy for gang members, smugglers, terrorists and those who commit other felonies after coming here illegally. We would bolster recent efforts to secure our borders by increasing the Border Patrol's staffing and funding for infrastructure and technology. More personnel would be deployed to the border immediately to fill gaps in apprehension capabilities.

Once you all have your National ID cards, we will beef up the border security to ensure that you proles cannot leave when the economy gets worse, hyper-inflation kicks in, and we start shipping thousands of you off to your region's FEMA camp.

Other steps include expanding domestic enforcement to better apprehend and deport those who commit crimes and completing an entry-exit system that tracks people who enter the United States on legal visas and reports those who overstay their visas to law enforcement databases.

You see, we won't need a central database like we said. We merely have to cross reference your number with the other databases already in existence. We have our ways.

Ending illegal immigration, however, cannot be the sole objective of reform. Developing a rational legal immigration system is essential to ensuring America's future economic prosperity.

After all, thanks to our welfare dependency programs designed to destroy the nuclear family and make as many of you proles as dependent upon us as possible, we still need to import third world slave labor to do the jobs Americans dependent on welfare don't need to do.

Ensuring economic prosperity requires attracting the world's best and brightest. Our legislation would award green cards to immigrants who receive a PhD or master's degree in science, technology, engineering or math from a U.S. university. It makes no sense to educate the world's future inventors and entrepreneurs and then force them to leave when they are able to contribute to our economy.

It makes no sense to educate the upper classes and force them to leave when they are able to contribute to our entitlement program funding schemes that have arleady bankrupted our economy.

Our blueprint also creates a rational system for admitting lower-skilled workers. Our current system prohibits lower-skilled immigrants from coming here to earn money and then returning home. Our framework would facilitate this desired circular migration by allowing employers to hire immigrants if they can show they were unsuccessful in recruiting an American to fill an open position;

Our corporate sponsors need merely make a dog-and-pony show effort to put forth the appearance of hiring American workers who don't need the jobs because of our entitlement programs, before carrying on with business as usual in hiring third-world slave labor;

allowing more lower-skilled immigrants to come here when our economy is creating jobs and fewer in a recession; and permitting workers who have succeeded in the workplace, and contributed to their communities over many years, the chance to earn a green card.

...and give these wage-slave laborers just enough of an incentive to continue to flood across the border and supply our corporate masters the cheap labor they require.

For the 11 million immigrants already in this country illegally, we would provide a tough but fair path forward. They would be required to admit they broke the law and to pay their debt to society by performing community service and paying fines and back taxes. These people would be required to pass background checks and be proficient in English before going to the back of the line of prospective immigrants to earn the opportunity to work toward lawful permanent residence.

For the 11 million immigrants already here illegally, they've served their mulit-faceted purposes for our designs quite admirably. If they want to stay here, they too will need to accept their branding, tracking and monitoring by big brother, just like the rest of you sheeple.

The American people deserve more than empty rhetoric and impractical calls for mass deportation.

You deserve national IDs, permanent monitoring and tracking, and mass detainment should you resist these measures that are necessary for Homeland Security.

We urge the public and our colleagues to join our bipartisan efforts in enacting these reforms.

Republicrats or Democans, it makes no difference. We all want you to have your National Biometric encoded ID's. It's for your own good.


Anonymous said...

They already have a de facto form of national identification in a driver's license and social security card. Honest citizens can't do without them. So what does a national ID card get them that a driver's license and SSN doesn't already get them?

I'm not sure I even understand it from the perspective of "reforming immigration". If they enforced the existing laws they could solve the illegal immigration problem without any national ID card crap.

Perhaps the national ID card is the way they make immigration amnesty palatable to the Right - "see, we're finally really and truly going to control the borders with this ID card thing, so please swallow the amnesty without screaming too much."

Amateur Strategist said...

Wow, I hadn't heard of this yet. Yep, sometimes placating to the correct "objectives" can get republicans hook, line and sinker.

I do want to know, Mr. Galt; I believe immigration is a problem, and you've proven that THIS isn't the solution, but what IS the solution? I don't want to argue against this and be asked "well, what IS the solution?" and when I say "Mass deportation" it somehow backfire.

Just wondering.

John Smith said...

national ID or's already basically that. state ID cards, needing two forms of ID to do anything like drive etc.....

djc said...

"I do want to know, Mr. Galt; I believe immigration is a problem, and you've proven that THIS isn't the solution, but what IS the solution?"

The solution is "close the damn borders". The real problem is not that we cannot do this. It's that the Federal Gov't has refused to do it. On purpose. Or problem is our own damn Gov't is ignoring the what 80% of the people want. My father once told me during the cold war, that our real enemy was not in Russia, it was in Washington. He was absolutely right.

Keoni Galt said...

The solution?

Get rid of the existing incentives that motivate the immigrants to come here in the first place...

...but understand that those incentives were put into place of a long period of time. Like the layers of an onion, they've been incrementally implemented over decades.

Just like the feminists implemented a long list of objectives over the years to ultimately destroy the institution of marriage - suffrage to no fault divorce to abortion....each step was put into place gradually to eventually get to where we are today.

Realistically, I don't believe there is a solution that is feasible to reverse the current situation...the powers that be all have a vested interest in the status quo.

Only a real revolution would make it possible....

Edward Thwaite said...

"... the elite who rule our society .. give these wage-slave laborers just enough of an incentive to keep flooding across the border and supply our corporate masters with the cheap labor they require." One party expands through socialism, government jobs, and immigration. The other party gets paid by corporate interests supporting cheap labor, foreign business interests, and the military establishment. Is the typical US citizen caught in a vice between two sets of vested interests? Does all of this end when the vested interests destroy the dollar in a pyramid of debt?

globalman100 said...

Yes. They make it impossible to live in the 'modern world' without all their paperwork. I did a strawman recapture which means I have access to their paperwork with a hold harmless agreement between me and my strawman. I am not subject to legislation, my strawman is. In essense, I took the slaves cloths off.

Anonymous said...

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