Friday, October 16, 2009

The Temper Tantrums of 21st Century Sheeple

The feedback to my response to the feminist brouhaha at the Spearhead a couple of days ago have given many a brainwashed, 21'st century sheeple a chance to vent their emotions and reveal the depths of their indoctrination by today's matriarchal dystopia of a society.

One in particular dedicated a pretty long rant on her own blog to me. I responded to her on her blog...and I'm giving her the benefit of my the doubt when it comes to my expectations that she will allow my commentary to stand on her blog unedited or un-deleted. We all know how 21'st century sheeple spewing feminist indoctrination love censorship.

So I've copied and pasted my response to her here:

I'm sorry if you've lost the custody of your kids in a divorce or got the short-end of the stick in a sexual harassment claim at work. I'm sorry that there are too many American sitcoms that show men in positions of buffoonery and incompetence. I'm sorry that you somehow feel that feminist progression is bringing you down.

You refer to unjust child custody cases, false sexual harassment claims, and the subversive and demeaning portrayal of men in the mass media...and you relate this to "feminist progression."

Yet you have the temerity to pass judgement on me and call me stupid? You don't even see the contradiction in your hissy-fit of outrage.

Notice how the implications of this paragraph prove EXACTLY the point I was making, and your too stupid to even realize it.

In the name of female oppression, you've been brainwashed by school, TV, radio and the news to accept the idea that men need to be oppressed for females to progress.

You're a misandrist, in addition to being stupid.

NONE-THE-FUCKING-LESS: the female version of Starbuck, the omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness, and the people who slash Kirk and Spock ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SHITTY EXPERIENCES.

My, you sure curse and yell alot. How ladylike. I'm sure you have a whole array of quality Gentlemen who can't wait to spend quality time with your sparkling, pleasant personality!

But that's besides the point, my dear. What you fail to recognize is that these examples that you've cited, represent something real. They perfectly represent the exact phenomenon I was pointing out in my article. They represent this ubiquitous cultural message that permeates every facet of our ethos that demeans masculinity while worshiping femininity. It is this relentless and ubiquitous message that has deluded millions of silly, overly-emotional drama queens like yourself to fly into an emotional rage at merely reading the thoughts of somebody that doesn't agree with your politically correct indoctrination.

More gay and female (and everything in between) characters in sci-fi television and film are a step forward, not a step back. They had another brick to the foundation of sci-fi, they don't destroy it.

It's spelled SCY-FY. Epic Fail. SRSLY.

For you and PMAFT to act as if this destroys everything you know and love about sci-fi doesn't show that you're a misogynist, it just shows you're ignorant.

As you've already demonstrated a severe lack of reading comprehension, it would perhaps be a waste of my time to try and point out to you that MY article had nothing to do trying to prove PMAFT's article was right or wrong.

I don't agree with his point 100%...but my post was not to back up his argument more than it was to point out the groupthink mentality of all the brainwashed sheeple like yourselves that came to the site to spew misandrist, pathetic shaming language.

The entire thrust of my article was to point out that the attempts to shut down the debate by branding us 'misogynists' are hypocritical and lack any intellectual merit or logical consistency.

I'm surprised, in fact, that you feel this way, considering there's still a lot of concerning debate about how women are portrayed in sci-fi tv and film (see the debates surrounding Lt. Uhura in the new Star Trek movie). What's also interesting about you feeling as if you're under some kind of attack is the fact that you seem to forget the main block busters of summer in this year were all catering to traditional male demographics - Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen all had leading male heroes saving the world, one way or the other in a mostly, traditional male-hero way.

You're conflating my observations of the fem-tard invasion of the Spearhead with PMAFT's argument. Personally, I no longer immerse myself in pop culture bullshit on the television and in the movie theaters. I no longer care to consume feminist indoctrination and emasculating cultural cues as "entertainment." All designed to give women like you a false sense of 'strength.'

Oh, and I don't "FEEL" I'm under attack.

I KNOW for a fact that in the name of "feminist progression," the legal system and mainstream society have been turned into a system designed to enslave, demoralize and emasculate men. But instead of laying down and taking it, a few of us have awoken up to this reality and are choosing to stand and fight back.

There were definitely a lot of supporting female roles in these movies who were sexy, kick-ass and contributed to the storyline... but they were still just supporting. Somehow, I think even supporting female roles are too much for you and PMAFT to handle.


The most tiring argument you brainwashed femtards use is this utter rubbish that when men resist these idiotic, fantasy-laden portrayals of strong women and emasculated men in popular culture, is that we can't "handle" even seeing a fictional representation of a "strong woman."

Believe me dear, I can "handle" strong women quite easily.

The real deal is WHY WOULD I WANT TO?

Why would I want to interact with a person that thinks they are superior to men simply because she has a vagina?

One that sees no problem with a society that promotes destroying families by taking Men's children away from them?

One that sees no problem with false sexual harassment claims that cause men to unjustly lose their jobs, get stigmatized by society and have their reputations ruined and even imprisoned?

And you think it's "feminine progress" and that supporting such injustices is indicative of being a STRONG woman? No thanks. Like most Womyn's Studies useful idiots, you mistake being a bitchy, stubborn and narcissistic as characteristics of "strength."

We've come a long way as far as female empowerment goes, but we've got a long way to go still.

You've come a long way baby!

I guess what I'm trying to say both to you and PMAFT is this:

The vaginas are not here to ruin your fandom, they're here to make it better. Trust me on this.

Better for who? Thanks for demonstrating your female superiority complex. Gyno-centric narcissism is the first red flag in identifying the indoctrinated thoughts of a 21st century sheeple.

If you can't accept that, well...

...I just feel sorry for you.

Somehow, I think I'll manage to live with myself.

Oh, btw, perhaps you can surprise me and actually have the guts to allow this comment to be posted on your blog.

Better yet, feel free to try and make a substantial, intellectual and logical argument instead of venting about how you FEEL about anything I've written.


Talleyrand said...

You forget that in feminist group think, saying how you feel is the new "logical" argument.

I kid you not, I have heard women say that they are being "logical in a different way" when they are talking about their emotions.

The good thing about all this though is that with the destruction of all forms of media by women will simply makes the classics stand out even more and people will turn to them for entertainment.

Too bad for them most (not all) was written by straight white men.

You are absolutely correct that somehow being a total self absorbed retard has become the standard of a "strong woman"

djc said...

I just watched one of her videos. I could only stand about 30 seconds of this idiot. It's amazing how completely clueless and arrogant young Western women are.