Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Misogyny in the Age of Misandry

We live in the Age of Misandry...and one of the primary features of this epoch is the present reality that most of the denizens are utterly convinced that we actually live in an Age of Misogyny.

Kinda like a President of a country that is engaged in two different wars of foreign occupation winning the Nobel "Peace" prize...but I digress.

Take the latest invasion of commenters over at the Spearhead.

The original article was based on making the observation that the science fiction genre has undergone a feminization process. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech (hereafter referred to as PMAFT) actually presented several concrete examples of just exactly what he meant by making that claim.

The bevvy of responses have been quite the revelation.

The term misogyny and misogynist are used so readily and easily, it almost makes one wonder if in fact it is really nothing more than a Pavlovian conditioned response. As soon as any observation, fact, or notation is made of a gender dynamic that questions the culturally indoctrinated feminist orthodoxy, the terms "MISOGYNY" and "MISOGYNIST" comes flying out like dog spittle at the sound of a bell.

And the women commenters? Just about all of them took personal offense, and proceeded to resort to the entire catalog of shaming tactics as well as bear their personal testimonials about how they were Science Fiction fans their whole lives...and that women have always been involved in writing science fiction!

You don't say, ladies?

Here's a sampling of these comments:

News to me that science fiction is a “male form of fiction”. Specially as I’m female and have been a fan of science fiction almost as soon as I could read.

Notice the immediate assumptions here. Calling Science Fiction "a male form" is cause for immediate offense!

Never mind that women and girls can be fans of NFL Football almost as soon as they could watch TV, I guess it would be offensive to point out that the NFL is a "male form" of competitive sport.

We women have always been there and fans of science fiction. Even my mom was a fan.

Would someone kindly show me where PMAFT wrote anywhere in his article that women couldn't, shouldn't or have never had anything to do with reading or writing science fiction?

But thanks for letting me, a woman, know that I’m not welcome in the world of sci-fi.

Ahh...so pointing out the change in themes and gender focus in a genre, from a more masculine-centric to a female-centric one is the same as letting women know that they are "not welcome?" I guess pointing out the typical portrayal of incompetent fathers being berated and emasculated by empowered super mom characters that are ubiquitous in today's mainstream TV shows means women are no longer welcome to watch sitcom TV anymore?

You ladies are certainly showing exactly where the stereotype of women letting their emotions override their logic comes from...

Awww, poor baby. Sorry to hear about your dick falling off because women are reading (and writing!) good science fiction. But that’s okay — there’s plenty of Perry Rhodan left out there for you.

Oooh, shaming language! PMAFT will just have to live with the humiliation. Somehow, I think he'll manage...

Thursday weighed in with a good observation:

I agree with the general point of this post that any area of culture that doesn’t go out of its way to be female friendly is automatically deemed to be defective.
Not just defective, I would add "offensive."

Indeed, that is exactly the impetus behind the large number of like-minded responses PMAFT's original article elicited!

The best way to promote real misandry in society is to make everyone think the existence of mythical forms of misogyny is the problem.

UPDATE: I just submitted an article to the Spearhead that was meant to directly address all of the visiting commenters, entitled We Are All Misogynists Now.

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech’s article about the feminization of Science Fiction television brought to The Spearhead a horde of blue pill-taking, politically correct, indoctrinated and brainwashed commenters only too eager to spit out their Pavlovian-conditioned, pre-programmed responses to any conveyed idea that runs counter to the mainstream, Gyno-centric cultural values of our BraveNewWorldOrder.

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Talleyrand said...

Science Fiction is dead. Most of fiction is dead, just like the newspapers and the television because they only appeal to one audience now and that's women, and specifically single women.

Let the internet and self publishing eat them alive.

Grim said...

For the love of god I would like some scifi that's not all about the young girl doing X, or the young girl becoming all powerful and doing Y. WTF happened to guys doing things in scifi? It's like a rule that every writer had to make their main character a chick.

Grim said...

Man John Scalzi is a total asshole. He spends 3 pages ripping on the article and then refuses to link it or have it linked in the comments. I will not purchase another of his books.


Matthew said...

Grim is right. I thought Scalzi would be a good Haldeman-antidote when I read Old Man's War. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

Man, that fucking place is CRAWLING with feminists now. It's like they launched a fucking 4 chan raid on them or something.

I knew they'd have problems, they kept trying to rein in the radicals over there and be civil or whatever.

Big mistake.

The way I see it is: Either we do the angry shouting or they will.

THEY attacked us FIRST.

We need to hammer these man-hating troglodyte cunts back to their caves, because if we don't do it to them first, they'll do it to us in a heartbeat and Johnny Mangina will be only too happy to help.

Hestia said...

The reaction to PMAFT's post almost made me wonder if those with the nutty oozing with shame language reactions weren't reading the same piece of writing as everybody else. Emotions may not be overriding logic so much as insanity of some sort. ;o) The nasty comment you highlighted is nothing compared to several of the rants linking to PMAFT's post.

Anonymous said...

"Emotions may not be overriding logic so much as insanity of some sort."


Dude writes an article about how Sci Fi was about guys battling replicants or building time machines and then 50 gazillion feminist nutcases and mangina bootlickers link to him and proceed to try to tear him a new asshole over it.

This is the crap that men put up with. You can't even say the obvious without it being a capital offense to these people.

Niko said...

Mr Galt, you certainly have a knack of piercing the political veil. Being so accustomed to misandry sometimes its hard to actually spot it.

djc said...

Yeah, I read all that yesterday. Pavlovian conditioned response indeed. You don't mind if I steal that one do you? :}

djc said...

And those comments by "the ladies" make me glad I have nothing to do with any of them anymore. I don't need that kind of mental illness and hate in my life.

*** ******** said...

Talleyrand is spot on with most fiction appealing to women. I can't remember the last novel that was as successful as Twilight or anything by Nicholas Sparks....and which has spawned so many knock-offs as to be nauseating. I've noticed this general trend in fiction over the past few years b/c of how much I frequent bookstores in my spare time.

Carl said...

Why is that so many women take general observations and broad brush arguments personally? Is it narcissism? Do they really think that every argument is about them?

I love arguments and discussions and feel no need to get offended at everyone who disagrees with me. It seems that most women are incapable of dispassionate, reasoned discourse.

The women at that thread were appalling in their complete inability to separate out the idea that most women don't like traditional science fiction from the fact they they personally do like it. Ladies, it's not all about you. You are not the personal measure of all that goes on in the world. Get over yourself.

As an aside, I think it would be really funny for some chick to reply saying that they personally weren't anything like the generalization I sketched above. How ironic would that be?

dienw said...

Stopped reading SciFi years ago. I grew up on Asimov, Clark, and Heinlein and the craft went down in the late 1980s; and the fantasy crap and the bad writing became overwhelming.

Grim said...

If you haven't already read it, give Hyperion a go, it's pretty good sci-fi.

The later books were rather stupid but I found the first 2 very enjoyable. The shrike was a bad guy on the order of darth vader.