Friday, March 27, 2009

Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic - A Social Engineering Tool

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Inspiration for Marx & Engels in Developing Communist Ideology

As discussed on this blog and other sites that have traced the roots of feminism to the New World Order, the power elite's favorite tool for social engineering and building up the legislation to accomplish the usurping of the U.S. Constitution to move us ever closer to one world Governance is the Hegelian Dialectic.

It took me a little while, after much intensive reading on the topic, to come to a full understanding of what German Humanist philosopher and social engineer Hegel termed the Dialectic.

The basic equation of thesis + anti-thesis = synthesis was a bit puzzling for me to understand at first.

But I once read a lady (I forget now where I found her article, but her explanation was memorable) who explained it in layman's terms: she once combined her husband's white laundry load with her daughters red shirt in the washing machine. The result was pink socks and underwear and a bleached out red shirt. Her husband and daughter were so angry they demanded she never wash their laundry again.

Now if the stated goal were true - that mom was to do the families laundry correctly - she failed miserably. But, if her REAL goal was to combine the two so that her family would be so angry, they would do their own laundry from then on, than her real goal was be free from that particular chore!

white clothes (thesis) + red shirt (anti-thesis) = Mom doesn't do laundry anymore (synthesis)

The key to the Hegelian Dialectic's success is that one, two or all three parts of the equation must have a little bit of truth mixed in with deliberate falsehood to accomplish the hidden agenda.

In this example, the deliberate deception is in the synthesis - that Mom was trying to do the laundry to clean her families clothes.

Now apply the same equation to any number of the Feminist-wrought changes to laws and society, and you can see just how effective the Dialectic is at changing society over time.

Abusive Husbands and Fathers (thesis) + No-Fault Divorce Laws (Anti-thesis) = Rise in Divorce (Synthesis)

The deception, of course is that the thesis is false: SOME men are abusive...but the anti-thesis is applied to ALL men to create the we all know, more than 3/4ths of all divorces are initiated by women, with the majority of them not involving any kind of substantive abuse!

While the stated goal was to save women from abusive spouses, the real goal...the dissolution of marriage as the building block of society, and the effort to create more dependent wards of the State, was certainly accomplished.

While the synthesis is presented as the solution to the original problem, it more often than not results in a whole slew of new problems to which the dialectic can be applied over and over again.

So, with the rise of broken homes due to no-fault divorce, we apply the dialectic again. It is statistically undeniable that single mother households are far more likely to produce the next generation of criminals.

Proliferation of Criminals (thesis) + Police State (anti-thesis) = World's Highest Incarceration Rate (synthesis)

Of course, this particular example gives us that dubious distinction of the country that incarcerates the highest percentage of it's own population, if one is aware of how the Dialectic is used, it's quite obvious that if one were to truly try and address the problem of the proliferation of criminals, instead of empowering the justice system to the point of becoming an Orwellian police state, one could address the thesis by reducing the number of single mother households - the single biggest common denominator amongst the criminal class!

But than the power elites wouldn't have their excuse to build up the Orwellian Police State and vastly profitable Industrial Prison Complex, now would it?

Keeping all that in mind, I now offer the latest iteration of the Dialectic to advance another goal of the New World Order: Disarmament of the Population.

Who Is Arming the Mexican Drug Cartels?

The state, Mexican authorities and their US propaganda arm, known in most circles as the Mainstream Media, have recently embarked on a huge disinformation campaign to demonize the American gun owner as the supplier of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. Everyone in the media, with the possible exception of Lou Dobbs, has joined in the campaign of lies.

The Hegelian Dialectic REQUIRES lies to be promulgated profusely, and accepted by the majority to realize it's intended social engineering.

This week, Secretary of Homeland Defense, Janet Napolitano, announced a new plan to curb the alleged flow of weapons from the US into Mexico. This program, which will cost the overwhelmed US Taxpayer another 700 million dollars plus, includes machines that employ what is referred to as "virtual strip search." This plan will supposedly slow down the number of guns traveling south from the US to the drug cartels in Mexico.

Gun Battle Chaos in Mexico from US guns (thesis) + Intrusive Strip search machines (anti-thesis) = Lucrative Contract for machine manufacturer and a new tool in implementing the NWO Orwellian Police State (synthesis)

Of course, the dialectical deception here is implying that the Mexican drug cartels are buying their guns from the average US gun owner.

If this program has the same success rate as the government’s efforts at stopping the flow of contraband north into the US, the Mexican drug cartels will have nuclear weapons by the end of April!

The author points out the absurdity here to make the point: of COURSE the real goal is not to "stop the flow of guns to mexico from the US." That's the dialectical deception to achieve the real goal!

However the real goal is not just to fund the installment of intrusive machinery on American's crossing the border...but the ultimate disarmament of the average citizen.

Using the Hegelian Dialectic to overturn the 2nd Amendment!

Napolitano stated, "70% of the weapons in the hands of the drug cartels are coming from the US." The implication is obvious she is referring to private gun owners. The MSM sucks up this propaganda like a large-mouth bass takes a worm, and regurgitates it to Boobus without ever questioning the truthfulness behind the claim. Neither Mexican, nor US officials, has ever produced an ounce of proof to back up these wild accusations.

Shown here, on a CBS special, is video proof of the lies and disinformation by CBS, US and Mexican authorities. Anderson Cooper and Janet Napolitano are either ignorant or complicit in the myth that M-203s, RPGs and hand grenades are readily available to the American gun consumer. Most intelligent folks, and those without a state sponsored agenda, realize these weapons are usually only available to the military.

Of course, it's quite obvious that the mainstream media is the number one apparatus for promoting dialectical deceptions.

Wednesday, on MSNBC, in an interview by Andrea Mitchell, New York Congressional Representative, Nita Lowey stated 97% of the guns in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels originated in the US. Representative Lowey, in her support for a new Assault Weapons Ban, alleges these firearms are coming from the American gun owner. She is correct in her assertion many of the firearms being used by the cartels are coming from Americans. They are, but, from the American taxpayer, not the American gun owner!

The fact is: the Mexican authorities have refused to release the serial numbers of weapons confiscated from drug cartel members. Releasing the serial numbers would implicate the corrupt governments of the US and Mexico and their involvement in arming the drug cartels.

Considering the above, it is my belief the Mexican drug cartels are procuring a large percentage of weapons from the world’s largest supplier of these weapons: the United States government!

The United States Government is corrupt?!? You don't say?

The type of weapons confiscated and the unwillingness of those involved to supply weapon serial numbers is a clear indicator.

Because of the "narco-wars," the US government supplies the Mexican military with arms and training. The Mexican military has trained at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, and the arms budget from the US to Mexico is in the billions.

Drug profits realized from the sale of drugs in the US by Mexico’s violent drug cartels are estimated to be as high as 40 billion dollars per year. With that amount of money, is there any question as to the ability of the cartels to purchase military weapons provided by the United States government from corrupt Mexican government officials and members of their military?

Our government is certainly aware of the rampant corruption within the Mexican government and military, yet we continue to provide them with money, military weapons and training, including all of the military weapons mentioned earlier in this article and shown in film clips by the mainstream media as proof positive we need a new Assault Weapons Ban. (AWB)

Isn't it all so obvious now?

Mexican Gun Violence comes from Us Guns (thesis) + Assault Weapons Ban Legislation (Anti-thesis) = Disarmed US Populace - 2nd Amendment nullified, the NWO desired synthesis!

Or as the author put's it:

Our corrupt government, cooperating with Mexico’s equally corrupt government, has embarked on a campaign to deprive American citizens of the means to defend ourselves from tyranny, screening their own involvement in arming violent criminal drug cartels. We can weakly submit, or stand for truth and liberty; the choice is ours.


Anonymous said...

Get ready to tie your shoelaces in swastika and goose step in the streets. My paternal relatives sent many a Nazi to their maker, bullets first during WW-II. That is, those who stayed and fought as opposed to others who got out of Dodge while they still could. I never thought I would be in a position where I may be forced to do one or the other. It seems our "leaders," who were in bed with the Nazis and Soviets too have not learned from WW-II.

Anonymous said...

The American population may be deprived of guns, which are merciful weapons. But men in extreme situations tend to improvise weapons -- often they improvise weapons that are more horrible than guns. Consider the electric cord garrote, the can of butane and a lighter, the humble steak knife.

In the case of America, there are probably enough weapons floating around so that ammunition smugglers will do a thriving business, even if every gun shop closes and every gunsmith is hanged.

Anonymous said...

I am just writing to bring this into your attention:

A legislation proposed on April 1 is no joke. The proposed bill would grant President Obama the authority to shut down public and private networks -- including the restriction of internet traffic -- as part of a cybersecurity emergency plan.

The bill was introduced by West Virginia Democratic Sen. John Rockefeller and Sen. Olympia Snowe, a Republican from Maine. The aim of the bill is to unite both public and private network operators to develop regulations for what to do in case of a cyber attack.

For obvious reasons, many are concerned about what such power could mean if the wrong actions were taken. Leslie Harris, president and CEO at the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), said in a NetworkWorld story, “This is pretty sweeping legislation. Seems the President could turn off the Internet completely or tell someone like Verizon to limit or block certain traffic. There is a lot to worry about in this bill.”

While the public sector may be used to more government regulation and involvement, such control will undoubtedly bother corporations. CDT’s Harris added that regulatory rules could force companies to all conform to a similar system, which could hamper security and innovation. For example, if a critical security flaw was found in a mandated system, then the entire network could be susceptible to such a flaw.

Corporations, particularly internet-centric companies, are keeping close watch on how this will pan out.

“We are currently studying this legislation,” said Dan Martin, a spokesman for Google. “Security has been a priority at Google from the beginning of the company – we recognize that secure products are instrumental in maintaining the trust our users place in us.”

The politicians behind the bill do clarify that this is just the first proposal and that there is still room for much revision and evolution.

“This legislation is the beginning of the process - the objective of this cybersecurity bill is to start the debate and chairman Rockefeller welcomes comments from all parties, he is sitting down with stakeholders already and he welcomes input from all those supportive of the legislation and those with concerns,” said Jena Longo, deputy communications director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation.

Check out the bill here(

Anonymous said...

Whether or not the American public is stripped of guns, the fact is the government will sooner of later be merciless upon it either way. They plan to slaughter anyone they deem a threat. That will in turn lead to the appearance of guerrillas and resistance movements who will be just as merciless, with the rest of us caught in the middle. Unlike the last Civil War, this will spell the demise of the United States because the majority of the population will be blood enemies of both Washington and each other. Natually China, Russia and Mexico would move to take advantage of the situation, which could spin this into WW-III. As for the government shutting down the Internet, it has been eyeing the Internet as a threat from hackers and organizations who would use it for covert commmunications. Not to mention the government efforts to totally control the media and target dissenters for imprisonment, torture and execution. Welcome to the Alien and Sedition Act all over again.

Anonymous said...

The analysis isn't bad, but I think you missed a central part of Hegel's idea. The dialect is indeed a wonderful way to view the world and see where it is heading, or even exert some influence on where it is heading; this much is true. In Hegel's work though, he was attempting to show that it is a characteristic of all ideas. ANY thesis will be imperfect, and thus have an antithesis. This is true whether or not it was deliberate. The addition of a synthesis makes this idea much more profound and subtle than simply the statement that perfection doesn't exist. What it claims, is that while we will never achieve perfection, we can move closer to our goal with each successive synthesis. The dialectic process is almost like an asymptote in mathematics, getting ever closer to a point, but never quite there.

Rebecca Eller said...

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