Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The Owners"

One of George Carlin's last comedy routines...

I remember seeing this before.

I laughed along with the audience all along, the first time I saw it.

I just watched it again today...with a new understanding. Now I know EXACTLY what he's talking about.

I'm no longer laughing.

It's really not funny.


Anonymous said...

What the "Owners" are truly sacred of are enough of us serfs putting two and two together, then going to their front doors at three in the morning with pitchforks and torches. That is why they're trying very hard to make everyone ignorant and stupid, because knowledge is real power and power also comes from the muzzles of guns. They know full well what people could do if they're smart enough to realize how the owners have been cheating it of their wealth, lives and futures. George Carlin is 100 percent correct and blunt as always, which no doubt has made him the blood enemy of many a rich, fascist, tyrant running the nation from the shadows.

Anonymous said...

maybe the reason why he's dead! food for thought


MarkyMark said...


That was NOT funny; it was dead on target...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it wasn't meant to be funny. I've seen this before myself. And he WAS right on target. He was also the only one who could have said it like that. So that anyone could understand it. I miss George.