Friday, May 1, 2015

Holier Than Thou

In the past, I've made a multitude of references to my youth, growing up in a standard American institution of Churchianity, the First Church of Her Holy Imperative. It is one of the reasons why I left, and have not attended any organized denomination since, despite having come to the conclusion that I in fact do believe in God, and do believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and his message is Truth.

Gospel Truth

But disgust at the idolatry of the Feminine Imperative was not the main reason I stopped church attendance. Hell, at the age I last went, I did not even think about such things at all. White Knightery and self-revulsion for being male where just a part of the culture of my religious community. I was like a fish not realizing there is more to the world than the waters of misandry and idolatrous vagina-worship that I was swimming in my entire life.

I just accepted it as ironclad doctrine that the wages of testosterone are sin.

No, my greatest distaste for organized churchianity was the holier than thou mindset and the delusions of the faithful congregants wielding scriptural verses and saintly doctrine in the struggle for gaining the World Championship of Spiritual and Moral Superiority!


I have a great distaste for the scripture wielding, bible-verse quoting preening and one-upmanship that is all too common in our Brave New World Order's Christian culture....and quite frankly, while I owe a lot to the evolution of my thinking and re-discovered faith in the teachings of Jesus to the "Christian" red pill sector of these fringes of teh Interwebz, I am troubled by that ages old problem that was one of the primary factors in why I left church and forsook the faith in the first place, for I see it rearing it's ugly head pretty frequently in the comment sections of the believers and faithful red pill converts.

The furious recitation of biblical verses, the arguments for how YOU are doing it wrong, this is how or what YOU should be doing to avoid Hellfire, damnation and all that cool stuff. As a young teen, I often rolled my eyes and turned away from the typical congregationist getting up on their high horse of morality and attempting to rebuke others for their failure to live up to standards they themselves claimed to be upholding.

In the name of the Lord, many a fool has convinced him or herself that they are preaching the doctrine of HE IS GREATER THAN I, but are really just puffing themselves up in pride and conveying a much different message to any one unfortunate enough to be the target of their sanctimony.

The Typical Manifestation of Your Evangelical Zeal

In my adolescent mind, I came to the erroneous conclusion that well, I was already fallen as a sinful, lust-filled male, so why not check out the left hand path since I was going to hell anyways? Many years of debauchery and "self-discovery" followed. I suspect many a folk have encountered the same sort of Christian and turned away from the message.

Unlike the standard declaration of the modern hedonist, "I regret NOTHING!" I now know and accept that there is much I regret during that time in my life, and would take many of my actions back if I could. But this realization and regrets over past misdeeds have also prepared the way for my eventual acceptance of the message of Jesus when I re-read the Testament of his life and ministry, and sought to try and understand his core message and how it relates to living a good life.  

So look...I realize that while I'm denouncing the behavior in this post that I find off-putting and detrimental to the preaching of the Truth of His Gospel, I shall also have to confess that I too am guilty of the very thing I seek to rebuke here. But it can't be helped, somebody has to say it. Oh wait, he already did:

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye."

Some dude also once said something along the lines of "You shall know them by their fruits." Well, it would be best if we all focused on growing the best fruit we can grow, and not worry about telling others how they should be growing theirs or how they are doing it all wrong. While you are busy minding other people's gardens, your own is being neglected.

Now if their is one thing I find more off putting than Christians moralizing at each other in self-righteousness, I find evangelical atheism and straw-man crucifixion of Christianity even more intolerable and suffused with insufferable pride and arrogance. rmaxactivepua, took exception to my last two posts regarding my thoughts on marriage, and left some comments that I responded in part to, but I decided to save the majority of my responses for a fisking in this here blog posting.

rmax wrote:

"Just another post by a mind addled by christianity ..."

On the contrary, I've never seen things with as much moral clarity as before. It may seem addled to you, but I would say your mind is addled by our Brave New World Order's cultural standard of inversions.

"The concepts of christianity are dead & deserve to stay dead, precisely because theyre a creation of Rome & jews, specifically designed to create an ancient form of communism."

The concepts of Christianity have survived millenia, and continue to thrive, despite persecutions, genocides and holocausts by those who hate Christ and seek to stamp out his Gospel, for the power and glory they seek are the very wages of sins He rebuked and warned us all to avoid.

"Monogamous marriage is a prime example of the folly of christians."

The problems with monogamous marriage is the deliberate secular and atheist subversion and decimation of the institution so as to socially engineer society so that THEY can pursue their ultimate goal of power and control over we the sheeple. Monogamous marriage is the program for building orderly, civilized society. The true folly lies in the present day chaos of broken homes, single mother households and dysfunctions of the youth that come from the normalization of this war on monogamy.

"Monogamous marriage is incompatible with both men & womens biology & methods of reproduction

Monogamous marriage is the ONLY thing compatible with civilization. Men and women's biology is instinctual and animalistic. We all know that Men want to fuck every pretty young thing that comes into our view, and Women want to fuck the highest status man she can attract. It's how we are wired.

What you fail to understand is that when the animalistic nature of the human sex drive is unleashed and not restrained by any morals or societal standards, you get the societal chaos and dysfunction that we have today. Only through monogamous marriage, where men and women strive to contain, control and hold their animalistic tendencies at bay to build a stable home to raise the next generation, can true civilization that lasts is even be possible.

"All it does is create a horde of pussified, mangina's optimised for slave labour"

I suppose you fail to miss the current horde of pussified mangina's enslaved to the banksters in today's Brave New World Order, when monogamy in the USA Inc., is at an all time low, and divorce and broken homes are at an all time high?

It is the broken home and the children raised without stable parents committed to each other and to the well being of their households that are more likely to grow up enslaved to consumerism, materialism and meaningless, self-destructive hedonism, then the children raised in stable, God-fearing homes.

Look rmax, one of the tenets of Christianity, is that all of mankind are fallen sinners. None of us are perfect. To denounce Chrisitianity because some men have subverted or co-opted the institution of the Church for their own worldly goals or wicked desires is to miss the point of what Jesus taught completely.

Sure there have been Catholic priests that have diddled altar boys, Televangelists who preach false wealth doctrine to amass riches, and feminist Pastorix who minister to millions of hamsters to use sex as a weapon and blow up their families over their husbands looking at teh pr0n. In any and ever case of "Christian" corruption that you can use to denounce Christianity, you are denouncing the sins of the sinners...all of whom are most assuredly NOT following the teachings of The Man Himself.

I guess, rmax, the only thing I can really say to you is this - my last post was an honest testament of my understanding of the Truth of what Jesus taught, and his promise that the Truth will set us free. I have found that freedom, and I only seek to share it with others. It is all I have ever done on this blog. You can disagree with me (as many do), but your assurances that Christianity is a slave religion and responsible for many of the historical evils that have afflicted mankind are just wrong.

When you are done getting your 1,000th notch by hitting and quitting your latest slut, I will be taking my family to the beach and basking in warmth and joy of watching my progeny play in the surf and enjoying the beauty of the world through their innocent, wonder-filled eyes. I've lived a life of hedonistic debauchery in my fallen youth -- and while I was no PUA with double digit notch counts, I have had more than enough meaningless intimacies with ladies to understand the problems that come with a life obsessed with it's pursuit.

Speaking of PUA's, I got one last stream of thoughts regarding this whole 'Holier than thou' theme. I've been asked more than a few times by folks why it is that I would profess to be a believer in Christianity, but still link to, read, and comment on blogs and forums full of wretched PUAs, MGTOWs, sodomites, lechers, fornicators, adulterers, and all sorts of wicked characters.

That is because I am not a "Godly" man.

 I am a God-fearing man, and I recognize how debauched I am. I am a lowly sinner in need of much repentance, atonement and redemption. And many of these folks who others would denounce as not worthy of any time spent reading or commenting at their respective outposts in these fringes of teh Interwebz, are in the exact same boat as I.

Just because I have come to recognize the Truth of His message, does not mean I am any better than any other sinner. We all have to face up to our own sins, and I am not worried about the planks in other's eyes, for we all have our own planks we need to worry about.

What I do recognize, is that many of my fellow fallen sinners, also have their own perspectives, experiences and viewpoints that do contain value for me to read, contemplate and consider. For instance, after leaving a well thought out comment on my Messages for Millenials post, another poster denounced Black Poison Soul for his thoughts, which in turn inspired what turned out to be a pretty good post: Back to Basics: What is Marriage For?:

What is marriage for?

Possible answer: Because we love each other. No. We can love someone without marrying them. Without getting involved with them. Without anything formal being involved at all.

Possible answer: Because we're exclusive. No. We can be exclusive with someone without marrying them. That's just a "lets fuck exclusively" arrangement.

Accepted answer: To protect the family.

Black Poison Soul ended up putting on his Crap Colored Glasses™ and expanded on the thoughts I had put forth on my last post about It's For the Children!.

Yet again: Why was marriage developed?

It was developed to harness the power of Men and to yoke it to the development of civilization for the overall benefit of Men, Women, and Child(ren). When you give somebody skin in the game, then they will work hard at it. To give someone skin in the game, then there must be in their opinion something worthwhile in return.

Read the whole thing.

It's a great post from a fellow fallen sinner. He does not need me to call him to account for his sins, that's not my kuleana. That's between he and God. But I will take what good he has put forth here and say, this fruit that he has produced, why it is good! It stands in direct contrast to the arguments of that other fallen sinner I spent some time responding to earlier.

rmax calls monogamy slavery and unfair to men, that favors Women's sexual strategy at the expense of men's. I say monogamy puts a leash on both Men and Women's sexual strategy, for the express benefit of their offspring.

And until you have your own offspring and you see the benefits of a stable home your monogamous marriage provides them, you will not understand this when I say to you that truly, it is no slavery at all.


Rmaxgenactivepua said...

Hi keoni, Ive been Ill for the last couple of months,  I'll have to pop in for a longer rebuttal later today,  or tomorrow as I'm somewhat under the weather…

First of all congrats,  you are now the third major manospherian blogger to write a large rant filled whinefest bout yours truly…

Thanks, & I hope you enjoy some cheese & cracka's with that whine… lulz

You now join the company of Dalrock & Matt Forney,  expressing their inane outrage & drivel over my aplomb shivery & commentary

I shivved Matt Forney good,  he squealed like a ginger haired fattie

His tears were delicious,  albeit laced with lactating sugars from his manboob hairy nipples…

Keoni, just like Matt your tears will be delicious

My shiv hungers… I hope you shaved your butthole, & shaved your ewok filled chest hairs… the rebel base of endor in your butt's due for a kicking

Alert Incoming butt kicking …

To be continued,  when I stop upchucking my appendix,  bleh *hack cough*

Hearth said...


Anonymous said...

I love this blog and have been a reader since the beginning.
One little thing I must mention, with all due respect, is your usage of the words "then" and "than" in the wrong context. Constantly.

Keoni Galt said...

Hi keoni, Ive been Ill for the last couple of months, I'll have to pop in for a longer rebuttal later today, or tomorrow as I'm somewhat under the weather…

I hope you get well soon.

First of all congrats, you are now the third major manospherian blogger to write a large rant filled whinefest bout yours truly…

Thanks, & I hope you enjoy some cheese & cracka's with that whine… lulz

First off, I am not a "major" manospherian blogger. That would be the three R's, Forney, Dalrock and maybe a few others. I do not have near the hits, links, commentariat, references nor notoriety of the real major leaguers of the manosphere.

Also, that was not a rant...there is a distinct lack of invective or aggression in this post. I was shooting more for sardonic irony with a touch of smart assery. And it certainly wasn't whining either. I found your commentary nothing more than a useful spring board to express my own thoughts.

You now join the company of Dalrock & Matt Forney, expressing their inane outrage & drivel over my aplomb shivery & commentary

I expressed zero outrage in this post. Perhaps either you need to work on better reading comprehension or I need to work on crafting my prose better to reflect the tone I am trying to express.

Keoni, just like Matt your tears will be delicious

rmax, you are incapable of making me cry by typing mere words into the internet. I've shed plenty of tears in my time. Tears of grief from suffering real losses over people I have known and loved. There is NOTHING you nor anyone else could possibly write on teh Interwebz that would make me shed tears.

My shiv hungers… I hope you shaved your butthole, & shaved your ewok filled chest hairs… the rebel base of endor in your butt's due for a kicking

Your immersion in deviant sexual perversions is showing in your thought patterns. I'm sorry that I cannot help you with that. I wish you well, brother.

Keoni Galt said...

@ Heathie - Thanks!

@ Anonymous - Thanks for pointing that out. I rarely take much time to edit any of my posts here. Most of the prose is first run, stream of conscious writing, with minor corrections after a quick spell check. I spend most of my time on these blogposts working on the formatting and layout. The WYSISYG editor and the HTML editors for blogspot can be quite stubborn at times.

Ironic isn't it? I used to be paid writing tutor in college. If I cared to, I could carefully edit my blog posts and focus on fixing every single typo, grammatical error and especially focus on my worst habit of writing run-ons.

But then, I blog for fun and to flesh out my own thinking process. I'm not being paid for any of this, so I am not going to take the extra time it takes just to satisfy the grammarians who happen to read.

But hey, since you keep pointing it out every so often, I'll promise try and get better with my careless grammar and spelling in future posts.

Anonymous said...

You're probably not going to like me bringing up this issue again---but since Rmax mentioned Dalrock and Forney, it seems to me that he's actually brought Churchian Game to its logical conclusions.

I've never believed that Game and Christianity could ever be made compatible, although for different reasons from the ones Rmax gives. Christianity teaches that men and women are made to be complimentary and that women are Sisters in Christ. Game teaches that men and women are designed to be competitive and that women are the inferiors of men. In fact, it's just feminism with the genders reversed.

IOW, although I disagree with what Rmax says about either Game or Christianity---he's being logically consistent in that both can't coexist.

Robert What? said...

Sounds like this rmax is trying to perfect his trolling skills.

Congrats to you KG. We definitely see eye to eye on many things. Unfortunately because of many poor decisions in the past I missed the boat on the whole happy family thing. But in my defense, they were made long before the 'sphere came into existence and - well - I just didn't know any better. I too thought that having testosterone was a sin in itself and that my only justification in life was to acquiesce to what we now call the "female imperative".

Conan the Cimmerian said...
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Conan the Cimmerian said...
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Keoni Galt said...

I am removed from linky-hood?

No Cimmerian, you are blog roll default setting displays the 25 most recently updated blogs. If you click on "show all" at the bottom of the blogroll, you'll see you're still on the list, somewhere down there. You haven't posted anything new in a month, so that's why you don't see your linkage.

Anonymous said...

I share your view of the Bible and Jesus.

However, I find most 'Christians' to be a major pain in the middle of my chair.

Remember word associations? If I say up you think down. If I say black you think white.

Well, if you say, "Christian Male" I think pompous arrogant conceited jackass. That is because most "Christian Males" I have known are just that.

Anonymous age 72

Black Poison Soul said...

Well, that's a surprise. I now have a dim idea of why you added my poisonous blog to your roll long, long ago.

If my attempts to see through a glass dimly have use, that is good. Those Crap Colored Glasses™ seem to see some things of worth occasionally - or strike a chord in some people.

To add a little bleak humor. If I should end up standing in front of God, hopefully there will be enough spine in me too look Him in the eye and laugh and say: "Well. I am what I am. I done what I done. I tried to stick with what I could live with. Thanks for the opportunity. Put me where You think I belong."

Milan said...

Another stellar post. If I ever make it out to the Islands, I'd love to have coffee and pick your brain more.

Dr. Illusion said...

Rmax, you forgot 1 other blogger who called you out on your BS. Me.

And you ran away with your tail between your legs.

Binge reading your blog because I've been away for a while, Keoni. Glad you're still writing.