Friday, December 28, 2012

There's No Going Back

There are times where I imbibe a bit more alcohol then I should, and the conversations get serious, and I start dropping knowledge on my family and friends. It usually doesn't turn out well. I've learned this lesson the hard way.

You can't force feed the red pill.

Once you see something for what it truly is, you cannot "un-see" it.

You can ignore it and play along with the oblivious ignorance of those you care about, to preserve social graces and superficial functionality of your cherished relationships.

But it still enrages me when I see those I care most about, who are firmly plugged into the matrix of our Brave New World Order, and not even aware of it.

I am infuriated...

...every time I see a man, emasculated by the social engineering of our cultural programming, incapable of understanding why his relationships failed or are failing...

...every time I see a woman masculinized by the social engineering of our cultural programming, mistaking her simulation of male drive and aggression as "strength" and her innate femininity and submissive nature as a weakness...

...every time I see a dysfunctional couple and I can immediately discern the dynamic between them and where they are getting it all so wrong...

...and every time I encounter a person that excuses and rationalizes bad decision making on their part, in the hopes that you will sympathize with them and make themselves feel better about lying to themselves.

There's only person you can change. Yourself.

You can give another the tools to analyze and introspectively determine where they've gone wrong, how they've been mislead, and how to correct it. But if they cannot face the ugly truth about themselves, there's nothing you can do but wait and hope they eventually get to that point.

For that is each person's personal "rock bottom." When the ugly truths of their behavior and thought patterns becomes unavoidable. When the rationalizations and cognitive dissonance no longer can convince you to keep doing what you've been doing, expecting different results.

Interpersonal relationship dysfunction and the corruption of familial bonding is one of the primary effects of the blue pill. Once you take the red pill and recognize the truth of so many dynamics, you develop a quick eye in discerning all these things we talk about in this fringe of teh interwebz. Once you have the framework, you quickly recognize the various facets....sometimes instantaneously.

Hypergamy, solipsism, the feminine imperative, AMOG-power plays; male hierarchy status jockeying; serial polygamy; frame and re-framing; choice addiction; wall denial; involuntary celibacy; social ineptitude; the maddonna-whore complex; Churchianity; "let's you and him fight," NAWALT, "don't hit me, I'm a girl," attraction is not a choice; "let's just be friends," carousel riders looking to settle down; abusive relationships founded on addiction to the dark triad traits; IOI's; kino escalation; cuckoldry; the SMP; the MMP; the average frustrated chump; the ladder theory; shaming language; social dominance and projection....

...once you're well versed in all these concepts and memes, your direct and indirect social interactions with the world, as well as your observations of those in your sphere of influence, come into sharp focus.

You are equipped with a schema to interpret people's words and behavior, and you have developed a self awareness the average sheeple in the herd of civilization is utterly oblivious to.

You now see things with clarity. Then you realize just how ugly most truths are, and you sometimes wish you could go back to believing the beautiful lies of the mainstream consciousness. Unless you experience brain damage that inflicts amnesia, you will find that you can't.

Once you know the truth, you cannot hide from it, even if you want to.

We love to talk about the red pill - blue pill concept in the MAndrosphere. Many claim to have taken "THE" red pill with regards to some aspect of gender relations or sexuality. Others will relate it to the Fiat Usury Cartel. Others, to the charade of 2 party politics, and yet others to diet and lifestyle. All of these red pills are all the same thing. There is no difference between the variations discussed.

There is only one red pill. 


The first red pill I ever choked down, was the truth about diet.

I often refer to the "paleo" diet to people...yet according to the foremost practitioners and guru's of the 'paleo' diet movement, I am certainly not "paleo."

There's a reason for this. When most people are inquiring about the way I eat, why I choose to eschew certain foods, and why I heartily engorge myself on others, I simply tell them I "loosely" follow the paleo diet. It's a term that's easy to remember. It's planting a seed, and anyone who may become motivated to learn more, can find numerous references to the "paleo" sub culture at bookstores, in magazines and on teh interwebz. If anyone asks further than that, I'll usually just say, "check out"

In my estimation, a person who is overweight, suffering from degenerative conditions, depression and other maladies from a lifetime of eating in the CSFO - (Concentrated Sheeple Feed Operations - Paleo puts them on the right path to getting back on track and learning the difference between real, naturally raised food versus CSFO feed.

Just like all of the gender and relationship dynamics notated in the previous section of this blog post, understanding the truth about food and what is optimal for the human body and what is literally destructive and slow motion poisoning gives you an awareness that will forever change your relationship with food and the way you view it.

Even though I essentially follow the Paleo/Primal version of the Pareto principle, i.e. eat pure 80% of the time, 20% indulgence in junk food, I can no longer simply enjoy the worst of the junk feed that was designed solely to stimulate your taste buds.

When I eat some cake (if someone bakes me a cake for my birthday, or I am at a special occasion, I will put my principles aside, and have a bit of the poison for the sake of social cohesion.) I still choke it down while thinking about all of the toxic crap found in it's ingredients.

I can't help it, because I know the truth.

Most folks will look at a picture of a meal like this, and think to themselves that it looks like a mighty tasty meal, and even though it may be bad for them, it's okay to indulge in it once in awhile, because it tastes so damn good. Others will think "that's too much calories for a single meal!"

I look at a picture like this, and this is what I think in a matter of seconds:

- Hot dog and hamburger buns, made with enriched, bleached and brominated white flour, high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated soybean oil (typically baked with margarine);

- French fries and onion rings are deep fried in rancid, oxidized "vegetable" oil like soybean or canola, than slated with processed, de-vitalized and iodized "salt" adulterated with silicone dioxide (anti-caking agent);

- The drink is just liquid corn syrup (GMO corn), artificial coloring and carbonated water with citric acid and caramel coloring;

- the mayo in the burger and atop the fries is made from egg whites emulsified with GMO produced soybean oil. But it's not just any old egg comes from factory farmed, battery-caged hens with their beaks burned off, confined for life and fed a diet solely made of GMO soy feed, never even allowed direct exposure to the sun, so as to maximize the production of nutritionally inferior eggs;

- the hot dog is most likely full of filler material, usually corn-based derivatives like dextrose, maltodextrin, ...perhaps some "textured vegetable protein," and almost certain to have Monosodium Glutamate added to it.

- Same goes for the meat in the burger. MSG is the ultimate meat additive that promotes taste bud addiction. Both the meat in the hot dog and the burger also come from CAFO operations and may contain meat sourced from literally hundreds of different cows, slaughtered, processed and blended at a central processing facility where it is exposed to e coli, salmonella and other virulent bacteria.

These are all the facts about such FEED. I can't unlearn all that I've learned in studying up on the source of the substances I consume to nourish my body. This is how I SEE food choices offered me at any given moment.

Thanks....but no thanks. I'd rather "Intermittent Fast" and wait until I can get to some real FOOD. 

I don't eat FEED.

It's been 4 years since I last ate a so-called "value meal" like the one pictured above. I distinctly remember that it simply did not taste good to me at all anymore. The meat tasted corrupt. The rancid vegetable oils and the mayo-sauce tasted vile. And the soda? I can't believe I used to drink that shit on a daily basis for years and years of my life.

Once you see these things, and you recognize that the FEED of corporate Agriculture is literal poison, it's hard to resist becoming the blowhard preacher again, when you see your loved ones poisoning themselves - often times gratuitously and with great gusto.

It's even more difficult when you serve as a living manifestation of the difference in health and well being avoiding such poisons has. It's now been over 5 years ago since I studied up on the topic of food vs. feed and changed my eating habits, and "devolved" from the last stage in the above picture to resembling the fit, healthy and vibrant man walking behind the shambling Wal Martian with a big cup of liquid corn sugar in his hand.

Many refuse to believe their lying eyes when I tell them how I eat. The blue pill of mainstream conventional wisdom is a powerful drug. 

"All that red meat and saturated fat? You're gonna die of a heart attack or colon cancer! And what about all the vitamins and nutrients found in the heart-healthy whole grains?!?!?! You think white rice is better for you than brown rice?!?!? WTF? What do  you mean you regularly deep fry your food in coconut oil? Bacon, every day? Butter and salt on all your vegetables?!?!" 

Dear incredulous, fat and sickly person....yes, it's all true. I really do eat like that. Every single day. For years on end now. Do I look fat and sickly to you? You just told me I look better than ever...that I look like I'm about to turn 30 instead of think it's just "good genes?" Don't you remember when I had a double chin and a big beer belly and perpetual dark circles under my eyes? 

I remember. I see and feel the difference every single day. 

Once you see the truth, there's no going back. I am not on a "diet." I simply eat real food. The difference is, I have the knowledge and truth that enable me to discern the difference between real food and FEED.

Sometimes I may in fact indulge in junk foods for some reason or another. Even in those instances, I'll do my best to avoid the worst of the modern industrialized feed products. If I feel like the occasion calls for dessert, I'll get some natural ice cream made with real sugar or dark chocolate truffles or I'll eat some pie (but not the crust - most usually made with hydrogenated oils). When I do so, I get incredulous looks from those who know how strict I normally am with my food choices. I smile and say "the taste of this treat is certainly worth the rare indulgence! I'm going to enjoy every bite of this."

And I do. Sugar is one helluva drug. It's the addiction and daily consumption of it that will kill you.

In all this time, I've come to realize something else when it concerns eating food. It's not just the ingredients that I'm vigilant about.

I've also become really conscious of the habitual behaviors and social rituals around food.

Where I once considered cooking a laborious and time consuming chore (hence the rationalization for eating fast food 5 or more times a week), I now take great pride in procuring fresh, pure and natural ingredients, and taking great care to cook meals with said ingredients.

I despise the culture of the microwave. 

Wrapped in plastic and nuked, destroying the texture and full flavors of the ingredients.

I loathe the mentality behind driving and eating.

Or doing anything else BUT savoring well made food at a sit down meal. 

I hate eating off of paper plates, paper napkins, styrofoam cups and bowls, and with plastic utensils. I strive to make every meal I eat, a REAL MEAL, made with real food, eaten at table with real silverware and porcelain and glass flatware, with good company to commiserate and savor the meal with. It is one of the finest pleasures in this life.

Life is too short to waste it on fast meals eaten simply because you're trying to maintain your unstable blood sugar because you're eating FEED for the majority of your waking life.

Thanks to not being on the blood glucose roller coaster of inconsistent energy crashes, I can regularly "fast" for hours on end. 

No, I don't need to slam this junk food, or snacks or candy down, because I'm starving. I can wait til I get home or some real food is available. 

"No thanks, I'll pass on the complimentary airline meal on this 10 hour flight. I'll just have a scotch on the rocks, thanks!"

No problem.

 One final note: along with the outsourcing of feed to Big Agrictulture corporations and their feed products, I've seen a generalized loss of cooking skills and knowledge. 

When I was a child, 'potluck' meant everyone COOKED or PREPARED food to bring to the event.

Nowadays, every potluck I go to  is literally 80-90% take out and/or fast food.  I've been to several for which the ONLY home cooked dish, was the one I brought. 

That sucks.

People used to take great pride in preparing a dish to be shared amongst a group gathering. Such a dish could serve as an interesting topic of conversation, and recognition of the artistry and cleverness of the cook. People would regularly invite well known cooks to such events with specific requests "Please bring your Beef Stew! Or your Chili!" Husbands would take pride in bragging about their wife's specialty dish that has everyone raving. People would beg for recipes and cooking tips. Real food, made by hand and from the hearth of a's one of the best parts of belonging to a group or organization that does have regular pot luck festivities.

Not anymore.

For the past several years, I've gone out of my way to always hand prepare a real dish for any potlucks I'm invited to. And when I attend, I will usually only eat the food that I made, and any other food that someone else made from scratch. Even if I know the food may have the kind of ingredients I recognized as "poisonous," I actively encourage everyone to COOK A REAL DISH rather than bring take out. As I'm the guy who's now become well known for these exhortations, I put my dietary discipline aside to support the continuation of the lost art of cooking AT HOME.

I don't eat pasta. But if I'm at a potluck and someone brought some home made lasagna, I'll have a piece, and I'll profusely praise the cook. Amongst my peer groups and acquaintances, I seek to inspire a revival in the traditional practice of the potluck. For this higher goal, I gladly put aside my usual strict dietary discipline.

Good food and good cooking, shared amongst family and good friends. These things are essential to living a good life.

Once you realize the truth of this, there's no going back.


Solemn Sentinel said...

Great post. I'll be the first to admit, I eat crap. Is there any advise here or on the webz for someone who has very little time for cooking? I work up to 70 hours a week, so food has turned almost into a nuisance...

PortlandAllan said...

Wow, epic.

I too get infuriated, infuriated on behalf of people I care about; disgusted at all the rest.

I too agree there is only one Red Pill. There was a PaleoHacks question about the libertarian politics/attitudes among those in the Paleo-sphere a couple years back. I answered that once you realize you're being lied to about something as fundamental as the food you eat, you realize what else could they be lying about. The same can be said of the relationship with your wife and kids. Or the theft of your life's labor and wealth. No matter how you come to the Red Pill: health, wealth, relationships, they are all so fundamental the questions don't stop with that subject, they begin.

I too get nauseous just looking at sheeple feed. I really do prefer to eat nothing and be hungry, than have the mild flu-like symptoms that I get after a worthless meal of frozen crap from a box.

And while I don't do any cooking, my wife does and every one of our friends and acquaintances knows that's how we roll. It's funny after delivering them a meal following a new baby or whatever hearing them gush over the best roast they've ever had in their entire life -- that they didn't know it was possible meat could taste like that. Um, yeah, it's a $5/lb chuck, slow-cooked at 225F for a few hours with a smattering of root veg's & a leafy green of soe sort on the side. We eat some variation of that nearly everyday. Our kids are the healthiest, most vigorous and robust children we know. It's sad looking at what passes for normal kids these days, it's like we've gone back in time to the rampant malnourishment of the pre-industrial revolution. WTF?

If I may, I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts sometime on how to raise children in this society, and what your plans are for preparing them to become adults finding their own way in the world. Like Adam experienced, eating from the Tree of Knowledge isn't a bed of roses.

Anonymous said...

Check out the couple in the picture.

Not only is the guy averting his gaze for fear of offending his girlfriend ... look at their arms.

She is leading him!

Rich said...

Get a crock pot. Very little prep work, just toss the stuff in and forget about it.

There are a number of paleo/ low carb slow cooker cookbooks out there now.

RedPillWifey said...

We're slowly changing our diet, tons more veggies and healthy meats than before... But I must ask, because I guess I missed a previous post, why white rice instead of brown?

Keoni Galt said...

@ Solemn: Rich has got great advice there...crock pot. My wife and I cook with one at least once a week.

@ Portland Allan: once you realize you're being lied to about something as fundamental as the food you eat, you realize what else could they be lying about. The same can be said of the relationship with your wife and kids. Or the theft of your life's labor and wealth. No matter how you come to the Red Pill: health, wealth, relationships, they are all so fundamental the questions don't stop with that subject, they begin.

You just described the impetus for this blog for the past 5 years!

@ RedPillWifey - The bran in brown rice contains phytic acid, which blocks nutrient absorption in your gut. White rice tastes better to boot. Just make sure you always eat it with some protein and fat so as to slow down the digestion and blood glucose response.

RedPillWifey said...

@Keoni Aah, fascinating. Thank you, I guess I need to think about switching back to white.

Anonymous said...

@ Solemn:

Get started

There's a library of paleo & semi-paleo info, but the above is enough for most. If you want to start on the library, on the left under "Navigation" are "Recommended Blogs", "Resource Links" and "Recommended Books".

Slow cookers rock!

Keoni Galt said...

While everyone knows about marksdailyapple:

if you want more in depth detail, check out "Archevore" (formerly PaNu). His latest talks about "safe starches" including white rice.

taterearl said...

It was diet and dancing that I started down the path of red pill. I started to eat better which made my mind sharper. Dancing was the one place I saw where the man taking the lead was acceptable and the women loved it. When I found the manosphere I did go through a denial phase but then I thought...well what I was doing wasn't working, let's test this out to see if it's true. Sure enough once you see the truth and have it work in real's bitter but eventually it becomes comforting and your best friend in a screwed up world.

I can't and won't ever look at women the same again. I can never go back...and I wouldn't want to.

ryan said...

Great post.

Many of us are waking up.

It's amazing how conditioned we are by such phrases as "essential" and "healthy" , when put before "whole grains".

Once you figure out how bad you've been lied to, you stop...

a) opening doors for women
b) eating processed food
c) voting
d) putting yer money in banks
e) putting value on the opinion of women


Yes, it makes sense to eat like a caveman. Lift weights. Don't take the news or anything on tv too serious.

Assume everyone has a motive, or is just repeating what they've heard a million times.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:15 AM here. The link goes to Archevore (formerly PaNu). Further info under "Navigation" is on the RIGHT, not left. D'oh! First learned about paleo via Hawaiian Libertarian. Thank you, Keoni!

PortlandAllan said...

vast majority of manosphere blogs suck donkey balls

The vast majority are callow 30+/-4 y.o.'s either complaining or gloating about their results with women. There's a place for that, but it takes a bit more life experience (ie. wisdom) to be able to see and write about the bigger picture.

You just described the impetus for this blog for the past 5 years!

Thank you. What can I say, I've been paying attention. ;-)

rycamor said...

Totally agreed--confluence in these areas is a natural result of serious truth-seeking.

When it really comes right down to it, the New World Order *is* the industrial food chain, and it is debt-oriented personal finance, and pharmaceutical solutions to all health issues. And, of course, it is the redefinition of male-female relationships.

rycamor said...

SolemnSentinel said...

Is there any advise here or on the webz for someone who has very little time for cooking?

When I was a young, busy man in the 90s, my habit was to spend 2-3 hours on a weekend cooking up my food for the week and freezing it. I figured out a few types of food that can contain just about everything at once, for example:

- Meat loaf with veggies -- 2 lbs ground beef or turkey, add 2 whole eggs, maybe a half cup of oats to provide texture, couple teaspoons of salt, then rather than add the usual ketchup or tomato sauce, dice up a whole tomato, half an onion, add some crushed garlic, and experiment with other vegetables, such as diced bell pepper, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, kale (Ethiopian kale works really well with meat). Cook for 45 min at 400-450, and then slice it up and freeze individually. Amazing taste, and a complete meal in one piece.

- Rice and beans -- I would cook up and freeze rice, and then simmer a big pot of black bean sauce with ham, sausage, onions, peppers, and various other veggies. Same basic principal as the meat loaf--experiment and enjoy.

I'm sure you can find a few other foods like this to experiment with. Another thing I did was to eat fresh meals that didn't require cooking. I might just take half a head of broccoli with some some good quality cheese, and maybe some cold chicken or turkey. Add some sauce to dip it all in and life is good.

The real key, though, is to identify your sources, even of the "healthy" stuff. Much better to buy fresh vegetables from an organic farmers' market than week-old veggies that have been sprayed with pesticides at the supermarket. With meat this is especially important these days (much more than in the 80s-90s of my youth).

Ideally, you should be eating food that would have been normal fare for a human being from the early 1900s to as far back as human history goes. This means grass-fed beef, and unpasteurized milk from clean, grass-fed and pastured cows. Ditto for butter, cheeses and yogurts. Good-quality fat is GOOD FOR YOU. Chicken and eggs should come from true free-range chickens that have been allowed to eat a natural chicken diet (insects, non-GMO grains, vegetables, etc...). And it means fresh and fermented (canned) vegetables that have been grown organically with traditional farming techniques.

Unfortunately, this part of the red pill can get expensive, although I think it is becoming less so in America except for big cities. Your best bet is to find and form relationships with people who grow and raise food in this manner, and try to buy as close to the source as possible. If this means taking a trip to some rural community once a month to get grass-fed beef for your freezer, it's a small price to pay.

Anonymous said...

Magnum opus! Piercing!

What we have here, for the first time ever, is an attempt at describing the Red Pill as an integrated whole. During my sojourn throughout my very extensive RSS blogroll, there is not one person that has produced such an incisive article. recently profiled the so-called "LRC lifestyle" -- a fine descriptive attempt at an all-round definition of Red Pill living. Lew's (and his related podcast site's) focus has traditionally been the Red Pill of the political economy (a la, Doug Casey etc.), but recently, realizing that truth pervades, he started collecting from other Red Pill sources on topics like diet (, health (, food freedom (raw milk debate), vaccination danger (Dr. Bill Miller) and numerous others. But even then he hasn't reached the border of the psycho-sexual Red Pill of the Mandrosphere (yet). Other blogs in the Sphere are attempting to integrate their Red Pill perspectives in the reverse direction. Krauser (PUA), Freedom Twenty-Five, Apocalypse Now and ReturnOfKings have all made gallant attempts at all-rounded "Red Pillness" beyond mere "Game".

But for sheer clarity about the universality of the Red Pill way of thinking and life, I've got to hand it to Keoni. I honestly believe his is the first brave (and brilliant) effort in the Sphere to tie it all together.

One of the best descriptions I have come across thus far of the full Red Pill life is titled 'A Man's Continent Way'. Google it.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I find the majority of people who advocate pure paleo to border almost on religious zealotry on their denunciation of everything else. And that always sets off my bs detector.

Whilst I won't disagree with anyone who says too much fast food and junk is bad for you, the simple factor controlling how fat people get is how much of it they are eating.

One of the main problems with processed food is that it tends to be high GI, and so doesn't fill you up for long, encouraging people to overeat.

I find it hard to demonise things like bread and diet sodas. I regularly consume huge quantities of both, and I am strong, lean (<8% body fat) and I never get ill. It's just important to eat a variety of things, including some high quality meats, but most of all, to keep your calorie intake under control.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I hate to take issue with you, but the infatuation with organic food (and I assume, correct me if wrong) homeopathic this and that is great as a personal choice, and as a boutique sort of thing for certain folks, but as a sort of social movement it falls flat if considered dispassionately. I will fail to convince because it seems most adherents of same grow very emotional about it when challenged because they assign me an assumed persona and argue against that, rather than what I say.

First, I am NOT anti-anything that is a good personal choice. You are 100% correct nutritionally. Taste comes in when you go into textures and flavors and such, those are sort of add on features and benefits that are not germane to the core argument.

While all these things poison us in some way, I will state one unequivocal truth, well, maybe a couple.

1. If suddenly the entire planet adopted the non poisonous eating preferences and the supportive "corporate food production" of the organic foodies, within 50 years there would have been mass starvation while a few may be thriving with a healthy glow. Add to this the usual rejection of medicine and double the resultant deaths. No amount of techniques employed at the fresh market growers coop would stave this off.

2. The advent of corporate food and chemical medicine pushed the life expectancy of man to double.

3. The usual argument comes that the quality of life is bad, that yea, life is longer but oh so disease ridden. That is true with regard to obesity. Add reasonable exercise and that is overcome EVEN while feasting at the corporate trough.

Please do not read some hostile rebuke here, just some thoughtful comments I often make when the bandana wearing hippie girl wannabe approaches me at a neighborhood party and wants to evangelize my diet.

As Christians some of the claims of the organohomeo crowd are particularly specious though Biblical diets do have a case.

All intended with utmost respect.

rycamor said...

Empathological, you're barking up the wrong tree. This isn't some group of vegans in a drum circle at a peace rally.

Anyway, your "unequivocal truths" have been successfully challenged many times in the past few years. Really, you are parroting the company line of the ruling elite.

1. Recent meta-studies of organic farming have found there is no significant decrease in production for most organic techniques. In fact, some organic farming techniques well outproduce traditional industrial farming techniques. Check out Joel Salatin, whose farm produces something on the order of 8X per acre than his monoculture industrial farming neighbors.

2. The life expectancy of those with access to decent quantities of good fresh whole food has never been that low. History is replete with stories of the wealthy living to their 90s and beyond. It's really more a problem of access to resources and bad social conditions than anything else. The benefits of modern science and technology are of course numerous, and they can be greatly advantageous to making good fresh whole food available to everyone. Or we could keep on doing what we are doing and create a class of people who begin dying in their 40s and are kept alive by pharmaceuticals for the rest of their sickly time on earth.

3. Reasonable exercise is of course a critical component, but it is not enough. I can testify to that. In fact I had trouble getting up the energy to exercise frequently until I gave up the grains and HFCS. If you eat McDonald's and prepackaged food every day of your life, your body simply will not have access to enough nutrition. I suspect the obesity epidemic is caused by nutritional starvation: people keep eating calories they don't need because each mouthful contains only a fraction of the nutrition of a good meal. Of course, I also suspect a good part of the obesity epidemic can be attributed to corporations hiring scientists to make their prepackaged foods as addictive as possible.

Listen, this whole thing is a continuum, not a hard and fast rule. I still have to eat grocery store food these days, but I try to choose wisely. Even so, the more I find out about how my food is handled, the more disgusted I become. We can do so much better by scaling things down and decentralizing. It is amazing what can be accomplished. There are families living on a quarter of an acre that not only produce more food than they can eat, but actually sell food. Don't believe me? Check it out.

Anonymous said...

You made some valid points, but there are some open issues:

Point 1: A lot of organic foods have actually already been co-opted by the Agribusiness---thanks to Bill and Hillary Clinton back during the 90s. The 'orgainic' label doesn't real mean very much anymore. If you buy locally from a farmer's market the difference between organic/nonorganic is very slight, but the food is healthier because it's fresher.

Point 2: Most of this really has to do with enforcement of health and safety standards. Corporate America has been trying to reduce those, pretending they are 'government intrusion.'

Point 3: The media pushes this to divert attention away from the fact that stress---along with the 'soft' lifestyles most Americans lead is really the cause of most disease and decline. BigPharma profits off selling both the cause and the cure!

A lot of the 'bandanna-wearing' types you mention also want to force their dietary lifestyles on the rest of us via legislation. 99% of the time, these people are totally bankrolled by Corporate Interest groups. The same BTW is true of so-called 'Biblical Diets' which are really Jewish ritual and not Christian at all.

IOW, it's not only a matter of personal choice, but 'let the buyer beware'. Like Keoni says, the tentacles of the elites reach deeply. In fact, so deeply you have to be informed even before taking dinner!

*** ******** said...

i think about that with women often. i can forget all the things i've seen them do, they've done with me, and what i know they'll let me do and get away with.

Anonymous said...

One thing I really enjoyed reading was that if someone went to the trouble of making something especially for you, or if there is a homemade food at a potluck, that you eat some. There is nothing more annoying that someone making a big issue at a gathering about their dietary issues. I think we've all encountered the sanctimonious know-it-all who wants to lecture you about food - so irritating. No one listens to people like that. There is something to be said for being gracious and leading by good example, as you appear to do.

Happy New Year all!


Warped said...

Hypergamy, solipsism, the feminine imperative, AMOG-power plays; male hierarchy status jockeying; serial polygamy; frame and re-framing; choice addiction; wall denial; involuntary celibacy; social ineptitude; the maddonna-whore complex; Churchianity; "let's you and him fight," NAWALT, "don't hit me, I'm a girl," attraction is not a choice; "let's just be friends," carousel riders looking to settle down; abusive relationships founded on addiction to the dark triad traits; IOI's; kino escalation; cuckoldry; the SMP; the MMP; the average frustrated chump; the ladder theory; shaming language; social dominance and projection....

New to the MRM.

Anywhere I can find a quick summary of the above terms?


Anonymous said...

thanks for this post (and your others of course)

Anonymous said...

Would you please explain why white rice is better than brown rice? Not that I eat much grain anyway, just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Well I just now read all the comments, so now I know 'bout the rice...

That Damn Libertarian said...

Excellent post, Thank You.
but, You've reminded me of a female, former co-worker who refused to cook anything in rebellion to "the idea that a women should learn to cook".

Anonymous said...

Keoni, what are dark circles under the eyes from? I am in good shape, but I still have those dark circles.

Keoni Galt said...

I don't know specifically, Apparently a lot of folks have variable reasons for their dark circles, and the paleo diet doesn't always cure it for all who try it. But based on what I've read, it could be related to several different things -

Iron Deficiency -

For one thing, people can have a problem with iron absorption....they could eat all the iron rich foods they can, but their gut is screwed up and they are unable to absorb it.

For me, since I used to buy into the whole "red meat is bad" meme, I rarely ate red meat, and only ate lean chicken or turkey, and I ate lots of grain based foods rich in phytic acid (brown rice, whole grain bread and whole grain pasta etc.), I could very well have been iron deficient.

Now, I eat grass fed red meat regularly, as well as a lot more fish. I also cook with cast iron cookware, which is supposedly another good source of increasing iron in my diet.

Still others say upping their vitamin D levels made there dark circles go away.

Now, I get plenty of iron, I sunbathe frequently for the Vitamin D, and I no longer eat much allergenic foods like gluten etc.

Maybe it's a combo of all of that...but I used to have the dark black circles from the time I was a small kid until I changed my diet.

Peacemaker said...

Though truth sometimes projects a harsh, bright light, it's preferable to the darkness of willful ignorance.