Monday, December 10, 2012

The Planned Obsolescence of Privacy

We are entering the end times.

No, this is not some post declaring an impending apocalypse, nor am I affirming the accuracy of the Mayan calendar prediction that the end of the world is little over a week away.

I'm referring to the end times of this epoch....a transition of Dystopian Ages.

All the pieces are in place. The Age of Big Brother is nigh.

Think I exaggerate?

Have a look-see, right here.

In a radio interview, Wall Street Journal reporter Julia Angwin (who’s been one of the best at covering the surveillance state in the US) made a simple observation that puts much of this into context: the US surveillance regime has more data on the average American than the Stasi ever did on East Germans.And, of course, as we've already seen, much of that data seems to be collected illegally with little oversight... and with absolutely no security benefit.

To be fair, part of the reason for why this is happening is purely technical/practical. While the Stasi likely wanted more info and would have loved to have been able to tap into a digitally connected world like we have today, that just wasn't possible. The fact that we have so much data about us in connected computers makes it an entirely different world. So, from a practical level, there's a big difference.

That said, it still should be terrifying. Even if there are legitimate technical reasons for why the government has so much more data on us, it doesn't change the simple fact (true both then and now) that such data is wide open to abuse, which inevitably happens.
The ability of government officials to abuse access to information about you for questionable purposes is something that we should all be worried about. Even those who sometimes have the best of intentions seem to fall prey to the temptation to use such access in ways that strip away civil liberties and basic expectations of privacy.

Our freedom has been traded for the security of Big Brother's watchful eye.

Oh, and while we're at it, make sure that whenever you're out in public anywhere in today's Brave New World Order, be sure and SMILE!

We are all the stars of the new, global 24/7 REALITY show....our 21st century candid camera!

So: those spooky new "circular" dark globe cameras installed in your neighborhood park, town, or city—they aren't just passively monitoring. They're plugged into Trapwire and they are potentially monitoring every single person via facial recognition.

In related news, the Obama administration is fighting in federal court this week for the ability to imprison American citizens under NDAA's indefinite detention provisions—and anyone else—without charge or trial, on suspicion alone.

So we have a widespread network of surveillance cameras across America monitoring us and reporting suspicious activity back to a centralized analysis center, mixed in with the ability to imprison people via military force on the basis of suspicious activity alone. I don't see how that could possibly go wrong. Nope, not at all.

Yes, I've noticed these cameras put up all over the place here in the 50th occupied State of USSA well. Right now most public places are under their watchful gaze.

The last phase will be getting the eyes and ears of our 21st century, Globalized Stasi into our homes.

The company has filed a patent, published last week, for a system designed to be used in the home to target advertisements at people. Using a combination of image and audio sensors, it would detect actions in your living room while you were watching TV. These sensors, deploying facial and profile recognition, would pick up “physical attributes” like skin color, facial features, and even hair length, and also detect “voice attributes” to help determine the tone of your voice, your accent, and the language you speak. Inanimate objects aren’t off-limits—the technology could also spot beer cans and wall art.

Combined, this would mean that your TV or set-top box would effectively be watching and listening to you while you snuggle up on the couch with your partner to watch the latest episode of Homeland.

Have no fear, Sheeple. Afterall, you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide, right?

There is a common meme I see all over the comment threads of teh MAndrosphere.

Many people breathlessly await the inevitable collapse of society, so that those of us who understand the truth of our situation can begin to rebuild teh Paayttreearrky and put teh Womynz back in their rightful place, bare foot and pregnant, cooking food in teh kitchenz!

Others predict the take over by extreme Patriarchal cultures like the Mooozzzlums.

Many say they CAN'T WAIT!!!!! The modern, progressive Womynz who are strong and independent and don't need the Menz will finally be shown the errors of their ways!

Ya'all are missing something pretty big as you await the collapse. This "collapse" is deliberate, planned, and in the process of gradual implementation.

As a society, we've been slowly and inexorably sliding towards the metaphorical cliff's edge for quite some time.

There will not be some massive realization and re-discovery by teh womynz that they need the menz to protect them from the savagery of a post-apocalyptic landscape.

No, when the "collapse" reaches a catastrophic climax, what will arise from the ashes, will be a technocratic and totalitarian world government that no longer hides behind the illusion of freedom for the masses. Their rule will be Authoritarian, and their power over we the Sheeple, near-complete. Orwell warned us. Huxley warned us. Wells warned us. Quigley too. This is not some dystopian fantasy...


At this point, to deny this is willful ignorance. Oh wait, I forgot. Ignorance is Strength.

Pay no mind. Carry on. Nothing to see here but the rantings of crazy conspiracy theory.

We are in the last days of disappearing freedom.

Enjoy the decline, because at least during this phase, we still have some amount of personal freedom and rapidly diminishing privacy. Once we reach the collapse stage, you won't be allowed to enjoy anything not officially approved and controlled.

But for now, they wait. And of course, they watch.


Anonymous said...

Not every country has the same police situation as the USA.

Look at Greece. They have rioting.

Look at Spain. They have secessionism.

Singapore is authoritarian in the old-fashioned way, with no need for expensive face-recognition and drones.

Indonesia is focused on growth.

If the USA becomes a prison camp tomorrow, Indonesians won't notice.

Bigboss said...

Well Mr. Galt you are right yet again. As a former member of the US Army I can assure you that what you write about on this blog is very true and you have always hit the nail on the head. These people that think that they will take control i.e. the men that will reclaim their status as patriarchs are wrong! Look at how the Jews in World War II had a general lack of violent resistance toward the very people that were exterminating them! Here is a link that can better shed some light to that subject! And these men in the manosphere think they have a shot at reclaiming their titles and dignity? Ha! I laugh at their blue pill taking ways! Here is the deal Mr. Galt We lost the republic long ago. Within my Grandfather's lifetime, loyal constitutionalist patriots have gone from the majority to a tolerated minority to a designated hate group and now, presumed terrorists. Meanwhile, the collectivists—the Democrat Republican Progressive establishment—are openly consolidating their power, strutting on the national stage like Mussolini in front of a mirror, their witless minions shouting down deviations from DC's two party one-party line.

DC has taken on the classic structure of totalitarianism: feuding official fiefdoms with fuzzy and overlapping authorities, all burrowing into the formerly private lives of the populace, legal cover provided by a Byzantine tangle of laws and impenetrable codes, a form of lawlessness in itself, as it's meant to be. In this pervasive fog and fear they needn't be lawful other than by their own calculations.

Socialists cannot be and never have been bound by law, or said another way, under socialism the legality of an act is determined by its compliance with collectivist theory, retroactively where convenient, and not by a body of law that can be known in advance. The citizen is quantified, society is qualified, i.e., the citizen's actions are measured against the putative good of the "masses". In the republic now gone, society was measured in terms of the good of the citizen. The republic's sole purpose was to guarantee the citizen's liberty against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This was the Constitutional basis of the legal system, the reason for equality under the law, and the only justification for war.

But this is in the past, we are well into the collectivist 'personality cult' phase. There's no longer a question of retrieving the republic, it must be rebuilt. What lies between now and then can't be known. What is known is this: collectivists can mount an insurgency like no other, ruthless, patient and unwavering, but once successful they remain insurgents and without exception descend into a Darwinian orgy of power lust, visiting excesses on each other and the populace until the nightmare consumes the realm.

And that Mr. Galt is what I see and have experienced first hand being in the military. Its a sad state of affairs but ultimately the "Brave New World Order" that you have so passionately said on multiple occasions will come to be next state of affairs! Mr. Galt I wish you Godspeed because you at least care about people and if I could you would warrant the Presidential Medal of Freedom which in a true Republic would be quite an honor to have.

Anonymous said...

Considering that 99% of commercials are derogatory for masculine men, and 1% are tongue in cheek masculinity: it pretty much means that men are going to get shaming messages beamed at them.

But i really can see this working: deliver men a constant stream of commercials for beer, guns, knives, mma, and adult videos. I can see that happening (eye roll)

Anonymous said...

You and the Army guy above are exactly correct. The elites maybe criminally insane, but they aren't suicidal. In fact, they purposely fan a lot of this apocalyptic hysteria to condition the Sheeple psycholgically for furthering their own schemes.

You're also correct about their openness. I remember in March 2008 getting kicked off some 'conservative' blog for being a 'conspiracy kook' and suggesting that within six months Bernancke and his Wall Street gangsters would use government power to take over financial institutions and seize the economy via a 'bailout' (which happened six months later). My source for that kooky theory BTW was Bernancke himself, who gave an interview in the Wall Street Journal where he said he was planning to do exactly that.

None of these Executive Orders are done in secret; they are posted on the White House's website.

As for the Stasi: their predecessors, the Nazi Gestapo compensated for its lack of technological abilities by building up a vast network of informants that gave them the illusion of having eyes and ears everywhere. And it's no accident that American culture encourages vigilante groups like the SPLC and others willing to denounce politically incorrect views and opinions to the State.

It's time many of us stopped talking about post-apocalyptic futures and started making some beelines for the nearest border because what's coming down the pike is going to make the Nazis and Communists look benign by comparison.

American said...

There's no doubt about the plotting, but the feasibility of the plan is questionable. Sure, they have a lot of resources, influence and dumb support, but they still have to fight against reality. The problem with that is any kind of global governance is an impossibility to maintain due to the laws of economics. I'm sure the Anglosphere is going to turn into a deserved hell-hole, but it's extremely doubtful that they will really gain 100% global control.

Really, I think a lot of this is the image they want to project. The fusion centers that are supposed to be our downfall are nothing more than massive file cabinets that the incompetents there use as a pretext for throwing government-sponsored binge parties. The elite surveillance technology is really a fragile thing, and given the motivation, certain groups of people are going to have fun hacking them to uselessness. Just look at the flagrant corruption in other bloated, third-world countries, because that's the future here.

The future is going to be terrible, there's no doubt about that. But a competent, all-knowing global government? Yeah, right. More like a bumbling bunchs of idiots scraping at Godhood and who will be cast down hard.

Gunner451 said...

I've been saying for a long time that these people looking at the coming collapse as an opportunity to rebuild the America of the past are not seeing reality. The reality is that the majority of people, and especially women, want government to take care of them and are willing to sell themselves into a life of slavery for the empty promise.

Given that the collapse will result in the vast majority screaming for a freebee, it will be an incredible opportunity for those in power to push things toward the next step which may not be out-right global government but at the least will be a global currency and an elimination of cash. What better way to totally control you than to have absolute control of your economic activity? Once they have that it really is a very short step to a global dictatorship.

But the problem with that last short step is that someone will have to step on a lot of other guys vying for the very same slot. Which means that there's a good chance that we'll see some pretty nasty wars before that is finally settled. After that you'll really see the SHTF.

MarkyMark said...

I got nailed by a local, red light camera recently. The camera shot my car, license plate, everything. The ticket was mailed to me in the form of a computer printout, along with the ticket number and login code; I logged in, and they had both photos and video footage of me inadvertently running the red light! The light changed 0.3 seconds before I crossed the stop line, so I was nailed. Anyway, I thought it was quite Orwellian...

Anonymous said...

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