Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hau'oli La Makuakane

A Toast for Fathers Everywhere

For the astute readers, no doubt you can intuit the meaning of the title of this post.

For the benefit of mentally challenged feminists, politically correct progressive liberals and neo-so-conned white knights of Churchianity and other deluded fools, that's Hawaiian for "Happy Father's Day."

This is my second Father's day since joining the club of Parenthood, and I write this post with my progeny on my lap, having to constantly correct the typos generated from rambunctious hands enthusiastically attempting to simulate Daddy's behavior as a keyboard warrior.

Blogging has been sparse, because I've been preparing for an upcoming excursion.

Or as we say here on our island in the middle of the sea..."My 'ohana  goin' holoholo!"

It shall be my first time visiting a third world country, and I shall be gone until after July 4th. Perhaps I may find an internet cafe on my travels and find a moment to log in and post from a far away locale.

Most likely not.

But before I go, on this day, I would like to tip my Glencairn glass filled with a dram of some of Scotland's finest single malts, Ardbeg Uigeadail, in honor of all the Father's out there, doing what has become one of the hardest jobs in today's Brave New World Order - being a real Father to your children as best as you can be.

I've done many things in my life, I've traveled a lot,  met many new and interesting folks wherever I've gone.

I've discovered that "I'm from Hawaii" is my gold standard opener to strangers in bars and pubs, and is good for at least one round of free drinks and interesting conversation everywhere I've been on the planet (we'll see how that works out on my first vacation to a non-english speaking country.)

I can honestly look back on my life and feel a sense of satisfaction and pride in my many personal accomplishments and experiences.

I can also say that it all pales in comparison to the joys of having and raising your own offspring. Everyday as a Father has been invaluable and rewarding experience. Money, career success, having lots of friends, international traveling. -- all the things for which our socially engineered society sells as "personal fulfilment" to get people to chase materialistic consumerism as the path to happiness --pales in comparison to having the experience of lots of meaningful time and developing a real human bond that comes from quality time spent raising your offspring.

To the Father's who have been alienated, kicked out of your children's lives or had them forcibly taken from you, I only offer this as hope: if you were truly treated with injustice by the mother of your kid(s) and the State, bide your time and do the best you can do to survive the pain. The truth eventually comes out, and your formerly alienated children will seek you out when they get older. I've got two friends who've gone through the fire...but have emerged in the end, exonerated and reunited with their adult children, while the ex-wives ended up reviled and despised once the kids gain a true understanding of just who it was that destroyed their family homes. Seeing the pain of their experiences up close has been one of the things that has kept me pounding away on my keyboard at this blog for all these years.

Disenfranchised Father's, keep your head up! You will have your day of redemption.

With the end of In Mala Fide, many of us in this fringe outpost of teh interwebz are gonna miss the weekly LIGFY readings Ferd used to provide. H/T to Donlak and Will S. for pointing out a newcomer to the 'sphere who decided to shamelessly rip off Mr. Bardamu.

Welcome to the manosphere, TheGentlemenPoet, and thanks for picking up Ferd's baton and running with it!

So to all my readers, thanks for sticking around. Hope you'll still be here when I get back from holoholo...

A hui hou!


Anonymous said...

Well sir I have read your blog for a couple of months now and my heart was broken because it has helped me see things as they really are. Being in the Army as a young man has shown me how fucked up our country is and how people don't care anymore about common decency. While I am not a father myself yet since I can't trust most women out there cause of how the powers that be want to manipulate and control our society to a 2nd world plantation, its just all fucked up. I was lucky to have a good father and mother that raised me but I fear many out there don't have that anymore. Sir after taking the red pill I cried myself to sleep in my barracks room knowing I am not defending a free society but a legalized criminal cartel. I just wanted you to know that there is some people out there that have woken up. Keep up the good work. God bless you and your family sir.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link love and the welcome. It's always a pleasure to read.

Amy said...

Happy (belated) Father's Day, KG. You echoed my husband's and brother's sentiments perfectly: everything they've done in life pales in comparison to being a father.

My husband is a blue collar man. He always comes home tired, but smiles the minute our girls run out of the house yelling "Daddddeeeee!" I wonder sometimes what kind of person could take that joy away from someone else, out of mere spite. Someone deeply unhappy and full of mistrust, I suppose.

In the small community of women with whom I associate, men are praised as good fathers and hard workers. We are not religious - our views are not informed by a religious worldview or obligation. Some are my family members, others good friends, but none of us would dare say a bad word about our fathers, brothers, or husbands. Be warmed by the knowledge that there are pockets of women out there just as fed up with divorce/single motherhood/misandric nonsense as you are.

The flywheel is beginning to spin.

*** ******** said...

we will keep posting until there is no one left to read or think or hate.

CarpeOro said...

Hey, if that part of the third world happens to be one of the barrios around Chicago or perhaps the warzone aka Detroit, let me know. North of Detroit I can offer some decent breweries and beer gardens (hey the people have to go somewhere when on of the top ten cities implodes. My family went north). Not sure about the beer around Chicago, but I do know a decent Thai restaurant or two.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm a huge fan of those Islay whiskeys that taste of peat smoke and the sea.