Saturday, March 17, 2012

TellAVision Programming

Why the topic of "GAME" is Integral to the Manosphere

My wife discovered her new favorite sitcom a couple of months ago, The Big Bang Theory. All of the re-runs are aired on TBS in blocks of 4 shows at a time, several nights a week, so she programmed the DVR to record all episodes. Over the course of a couple of months, we've eventually watched every episode that has aired...well she has.

I've basically heard most of the episodes while I'm online and she's watching the tube.

Just listening to the show in the other room while I'm surfing teh interwebz, I found myself chuckling at some of the more clever dialogs, insults and endless nerdy-dungeons&dragons/Star Trek/Star Wars/Comic Book references. After hearing several episodes, my curiosity got the better of me I began to actually watch the show with her.

No doubt, the show is amusing.

But there is so many subtexts, themes and motifs that are subversive, social engineering.

Subliminal Programming.

A Social Engineering PROGRAM to emasculate masculinity and to masculinize femininity.

Modeled gender dysfunction that exerts it's insidious influence on the unsuspecting and unaware viewer.

Monkey see, monkey do.

For the "red pill" viewer, I found that I don't even have to think about it anymore, I instantaneously identify the subtexts, themes, and subversive dialogs designed to subtly influence the viewer as I watch it. Once you recognize the processes used to subconsciously influence the viewer's mind, it loses it's power to influence you.

Now, the idea for this post has been stewing in my mind for quite awhile now...after having viewed a few episodes, I already knew I'd eventually get to a point where a blog post would almost write itself....and today is that day. So the first thing I did was search for an image of the show's cast to use, which brought me to this blog post by some guy I've never heard of before, Jamey Stegmaier: Why I stopped Watching the Big Bang Theory, and Why You Should Too.

He makes some good points...on one level, he recognizes a few of the negative PROGRAMMING  aspects of the show - behaviors and dialogs that contribute to the continually declining state of our society -the wanton cruelty, narcissism, solipsism and general nastiness the characters abuse each other with for the viewers humor.

Stegmaier's main point focuses on the show's protagonist, Sheldon Cooper:

The problem is that Sheldon’s quirks–all of which are disruptive and unkind–are written for laughs. The writers are saying, “It’s okay to be rude and inconsiderate, because really it’s funny! Really!” If you watch Sheldon too much, you will find yourself (either outloud or in your inner monologue) correcting people for the most inane things. A friend will say, “Now that everyone’s here, let’s get started,” and you will mumble in response, “Well, technically, everyone’s not here, because ‘everyone’ infers that all humans are here, and not only are not all humans here, but if they were here, they couldn’t fit into this pitiful excuse for a living room.”

Cue laughtrack.

That’s my main point. Sheldon is a terrible example for a person, a friend, and an inner monologue. He makes the show, but he also makes it a terrible show.

I agree with Stegmaier that the character of Sheldon makes the show (in most scenes, Sheldon demonstrates the concept of maintaining a very strong frame), but his verbal cruelty is hardly the worst thing...after all, every character in the show engage in personal nastiness and cruelty in nearly every scene. That's par for the course in all network TV sitcoms since Married With Children became a smash hit in the 90's. From Seinfeld, to Friends, to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the sitcom genre of cruel humor at character's expense has become a staple of the genre for close to 20 years now.

Of course, while I agree with Stegmaier that immersing yourself into a Tell-A-Vision PROGRAM that normalizes interpersonal degradation and cruelty is corrosive to your personal attitude and can influence your real life relationships, the entertainment value cannot be the same way watching people die on TV can certainly be riveting entertainment.

Many of the putdowns, insults and double entendres  in the shows script are clever and funny, which is of course what makes it so subversive and corrosive...and contributes to the coarsening of the culture at large. But Stegmaier is clueless to the deeper subversion found in the PROGRAM....Brave New World Order gender and sexual morality programming.

And it can be summed up perfectly by the second picture and caption that Stegmaier posted regarding the character of Penny, the Female Protagonist of the show:

  "Okay, so there is ONE reason to watch The Big Bang Theory."

 Indeed, this is precisely the PROGRAMMING to which I am referring to. Despite all the negativity that Stegmaier recognizes in the show that has gotten him to "quit" watching it, the visual physical beauty of the female is a virtue that trumps all other considerations. Of course, Stegmaier is being facetious here...but he unwittingly points out precisely what is so subversive about this show.  

Observing Penny's role and how all the other male characters interact with her is the real programming process being imprinted into the subconsciousness of the viewer. The examples on the show are legion. You can go to the show's website, and pick out any episode at random, and if you know what to look for, you'll see it.

Penny is the Queen Bee of the show. She effortlessly manipulates all of the male characters in the show's cast.  All of the male characters unquestioningly are willing to do anything for her at the drop of a hat. Only Sheldon is partly immune to this - but that's more because of Sheldon's narcissism and OCD take precedence over his sex drive. Penny cannot manipulate him with her sexual attractiveness, she usually has to resort to bribery or extortion to manipulate Sheldon - but she still usually finds a way to get what she wants.

But above all else, the core substance of her character is this: she is entitled, because she is hot.

There are multiple episodes in which she castigates all of the males in the room with some variation of "YOU GUYS SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!" Her shaming always works to inspire repentance and grovelling for forgiveness. She is in fact the unquestioned moral arbiter of the show...yet her only truly redeeming virtue in the show is really nothing more than her function as eye candy. Her character is largely shallow, solipsistic and self-serving. She does many things in the show for which she herself should be ashamed of...but there are no guys on the show capable of exhibiting a spine and taking a stand and calling her on her behavior. She's on the Pedestal, and all males grovel for her approval.

The guys will do anything for her, because she is hot, even if the male characters know they have no chance to gain her sexual favor. She LJBF's all the male characters of the show except for the character of Leonard...and all of the guys still white knight and beta-orbit her in nearly every scene.

With Leonard, she alternates between LJBF-ing him and having a friends-with-benefits type of sexual relationship. The on-again-off again "romance" is the most sickening and disgusting aspect of the show.

Penny leads, Leonard follows.

The character of Leonard is passive aggressive, simpering, sackless and has a severe case of oneitis for her. He is only spurred to act bravely or assertively if Penny shames him into it or promises a sexual reward. He has no say in the status or direction of their relationship, it's completely at Penny's whim, and he just has to accept her choice and go with however she "feels" in any part of the show. When they are "together," he begs and pleads for sex. When they are apart, he feigns disinterest and approval for Penny's other boyfriends in her presence, than mopes, seethes and plots to disrupt her new relationship when she's not around.

In short, for the viewer who understands "the red pill" and how female hypergamy works, the relationship between Leonard and Penny is completely unrealistic and artificial. Leonard has almost zero alpha traits, he is the paradigm of the NICE GUY white knight. In fact, during many of the episodes in which they are "just friends" Penny often "dates" other guys- athletic, dumb jock alpha types...which of course is the only realistic representation of today's sexual marketplace. 

No matter how many other guys Penny sleeps with, Leonard is always ready and willing to take her back, and not judge her negatively for her steadily increasing partner count in anyway. When she is dating other men, he still is ready and willing to do anything for her at anytime.

In short, this show, with it's witty dialog, humorous banter, and clever SyFy pop-culture references, is a very well-crafted series of BNWO socially engineered programming.

It models precisely the sort of behaviors and attitudes that 'beta-ize" males and "empower" females with an entitlement mentality. It models to women how to use flirtations, their physical beauty, and verbal shaming to easily manipulate men rendered hapless by their male sex drive...while modelling to men the attitude that they have no control, and the only correct behavior is to do whatever SHE wants him to do.

My little excursion back into becoming a "regular" viewer of TellAVision Programming reminded me of one of the favorite sayings of Tom Leykis (the "Roissy" of talk radio in the late 90's/early 00's): "TV is one big, giant vagina."

There's a reason why Game has become one of the most discussed topics in the manosphere, and it has nothing to do with the claims of some anti-gamers who conflate PUA hucksters and their overpriced workshops and materials with Game the Theory.

The anti-Gamers fail to understand (some of them don't even try) the kind of Programming most of us Gen X and millennial males have grown up with. The Big Bang Theory is but one instance of the literally thousands of sources of similar programming we have been subjected to our entire lives. Many men grew up in homes without Fathers, and their only male role models to shape their attitudes and beliefs and how to interact with women are the emascualted, female-subservient role models on the TellAVision.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Most times, after getting scorned, LJBF'd, rejected, cheated on, divorced, stripped of their property and children...only then do men even begin to question their own attitudes, behavior and actions with regards to their relationships with the female gender. Then some of them find the red pill on teh interwebz, and for the first time in their lives, "GAME" gives them a framework for understanding how the subversive influences of our Matriarchal culture have shaped their behaviors and affected their life trajectories.

This is the real value of Game Theory (not the PUA lifestyle) to the discussions throughout the Manosphere.

It is counter-programming...reverse social engineering for both men and women alike.


Cul-De-Sac Hero said...

I am totallyin agreement with you about the Tell-A-Vision. When I was a teenager, I thought I was losing my mind (and I was half right). I couldn't watch a sit-com without seeing every single line on multiple levels, each directed at a different segment of society. I watched my friends in the room as they each seemed to absorb the subliminal messages without seeming to notice. All they noticed were the hot women and funny put-downs. I liken sit-coms to spiked strawberry milkshakes. You can't taste the drugs for all the sugar and ice cream.

I started watching the BBT when my work friends started teasing me that I sounded like Sheldon. What struck me was that they can possibly show these respected, published scientists who can't afford an appartment without taking a roomate or even still live at home. They have highly prestigious jobs, yet, this hot, dumb waitress is supposed to be the well adjusted one. She has the nice (rent-controlled) apartment and the fashion sense, so, they have to be the ones who don't get it.

Johnycomelately said...

Despite its flaws its the only show I know where a lead female character was called out as a slut with an actual calculation on her numbers. And then has her crying and running away at the realization that she actually is a slut.

Unknown said...

"The anti-Gamers fail to understand (some of them don't even try) the kind of Programming most of us Gen X and millennial males have grown up with."

Thank you! Well said. Game critics frequently claim that Game is some sort of artificial masculinity. It's not; it teaches men how to be GENUINELY masculine, something many young men have never had the opportunity to learn.

Anonymous said...

I saw half an episode and my bs detectot went off. No way that ned bangs that girl. Also she isnt that hot. She looks better in that photo than any scene in the show. Keoni you should contrast this with a masculine show, if you can find one?


Alte said...

The good side is that the feminists hate this show:

Sojourner said...

Yup...this show does have a perchance for slut shaming. And certainly I can't see anyone looking at Leonard and thinking what he does to TRY and get Penny is anything to emulate. It's quite obvious (or at least that's how it comes across to me) that he goes about it all wrong and the dudes who are jerks and such are indeed the ones that get the girl. Sure there's other subtext that I could do without but I laugh and I see through the BS (though now always being able to see the BS can get on my nerves).

Fidel said...


I noticed exactly the points you have mentioned about 2 years back with this show.

Something I would like to add, is that the four guys all have doctorates, ( except 1 with a master's ), and yet the (aspiring actress, barlady, waitress ? What does she do ?) holds all the value.

Sojourner ... it's seeing the BS clearly that keeps us sharp. and angry.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post... Having grown up back in the 60's so I could see all of this non-sense start, spread, and accelerate, it has never ceased to amaze me how prevalent it is, and how so many young men accept it. Of course in my day these Beta's would have been summed up by Alan Alda - the biggest pansy ever. I swore I would be everything that was the opposite of what he represented, and women have been mine to command ever since. I didn't understand it at first, I just knew it worked. Eventually it really was who I am. These days I see references to "Game" and see that some people do not have their eyes closed to reality. Of course TV and almost everything else wants you to think you're wrong - and if it didn't work, you might think you were. I think that is why no one believes the news any more - they all have an agenda and it is to your detriment to believe it.

Open your eyes and live - it is a lot more fun than drinking the pablum they want to feed you...

Retrenched said...

"No matter how many other guys Penny sleeps with, Leonard is always ready and willing to take her back, and not judge her negatively for her steadily increasing partner count in anyway. When she is dating other men, he still is ready and willing to do anything for her at anytime."

Reverse the genders and you've just described an alpha male and his harem.

You see a lot of this kind of thing on TV nowadays, writing female characters as men and male characters as women, as if the sexes are interchangeable.

David Collard said...

I like the Sheldon character because he sometimes reminds me of myself. When he started dilating on the taxonomy of the civet cat, I could hear myself as I must sometimes sound.

Interesting thing: take away Sheldon's huge intellect and one is left with a guy who mostly sounds and acts gay. As he is in real life.

There was an episode which explored Game, but it featured mainly Wolowitz and he did not succeed. In fact, Penny humiliated him after he tried a "neg".

Another strange thing was the episode, uncharacteristically nasty, in which Sheldon's hot sister is shown to abuse his testicles to keep him in his place. I wondered if the notorious Nicole Fabian-Weber, registered at RegisterHer for her nasty attitude to mutilating men, might have been involved with the writing of that episode. She used to work on Big Bang Theory.

David Collard said...

The actor who plays Leonard also played the weak boyfriend and husband of the Sara Gilbert character in Roseanne. Gilbert also has a role in BBT as a scientific nemesis of Sheldon. IRL, Gilbert was the only woman on the panel with Sharon Osbourne who did not think cutting off a man's penis was a good joke.

dana said...

These seem like highly neurotypical responses to the show.

sheldon's "cruelty" is inadvertent and amusing to the neurotypical because they don't understand him--he has no malice towards the victims of his comments, he can't understand why pointing out the truth bothers them at all. if anything (and this may be because im female), penny represents the extroverted, narcissitically defined, neurotypical "normal" ego shaming the introverted, autistically defined egos into being more like itself, thus mimicking the experience of most aspy nerd types in a society directed towards and run by extros.

if anything the guys seem representative to me of young men "going their own way" without women, though their sex drives still cause them to desire women. they have 10000 interests hobbies and pursuits, they can learn, invent, solve problems and entertain themselves forever outside the company of women. they are immature but learning and perfecting themselves all the time. sheldon constantly references evopsych in discussing male female relations. the red pills being taken all the time and penny is helping.

the show also clearly portrays the fact that these good looking women are the most shallow, least interesting people on earth and wholly lack value outside of their looks. penny has no discernible interests, skills, hobbies, attainments or actual goals, she was put on this earth to make and nurture good looking babies and shes squandering the opportunity for that.

penny and her boyfriend's are successful in YOUTH while people like leonard and wolowitz succeed MUCH later in life. id love to see a 20 year reunion of the show where wolowitz and leonard are successful middle aged grown up family men with 32 year old wives and kids and homes and penny is a washed up alcoholic cat lady who's looks are shot and who never amounted to anything at all--because that's the real life trajectory the show is portraying, its merely portraying a snapshot of the time when the pennys of the world's social capital is at their height and that of the leonards are at a low.

Rico said...

That would be nice dana, but if you ever watch the "cards" at the end of the show where the producers spew their two cents on whatever topic they fancy at the moment, they are hardcore leftists who would never allow such a thing.


The handful of episodes I watched prior to taking the red pill were kind of funny, and I appreciated all the geek references, but none of the characters have any redeeming qualities... they're amoral at best and just plain nasty most of the time.

BBsezmore had a good post about the character of Penny a couple of months ago... while she's ostensibly the sex symbol of the show, she's also hard and masculinized in both her appearance and behavior.

Anonymous said...

To Breeze

I'll nominate Magnum PI as a masculine show, but it goes without saying to take that with a grain of salt. That show was filled with well-played evil characters (one was even Sharon Stone). It's also amusing to see how Magnum white-knights some of them, but is quick to pull back and throw the verbal punches he needs to set the women straight.

This was an excellent discovery by me, as although I lived through the majority of the 80's, I never got to appreciate the show.

knepper said...

Of course in reality a betageek like Leonard would never get the girl, but Hollywood has been known to do such unrealistic love stories in the past. But back then, they would live happily ever after. In BBT, the writers cruelly play with Leonard's heart by having Penny dump him, then pick him up again, then dump him again. As you noted, all the initiative is with her--Leonard is the acted upon, rather than the actor.
Hollywood has not portrayed any normal families in a long time, but it seems like they are racheting up the destruction of the very concept of a masculine man.

David Collard said...

In fairness to Penny, she does have plans to be an actress and she is gainfully employed. She is also portrayed as a nice person, who might decide that a guy like Leonard is a good option.

I agree with the common view that the relationship between Sheldon and Penny is very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Based on the comments seen here, and the content in the main post, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that none of you have ever been in a room with geeks/nerds, much less spent any time been immersed in their culture.

I too began watching the show when TBS began airing it and was shocked at how accurately they portrayed geek culture. Yes, the characters are stereotypes; this implies a certain level exaggeration which takes the personality types displayed well into the realm of the impossible and dysfunctional, however, they are still very accurate portrayals. I find the show to be very two sided when it comes to the characters; with the female characters on the show being just as dysfunctional as the males. All around it is very even handed with its denigration and I am pleased to see that a large number of the commenters are noting that the women on the show are treated in the same light as the men.

As to the statements reposted from Stegmaier’s blog, if person can’t watch a show without their internal voice aping the characters it’s not the fault of show. This is blame shifting, it is the same tactic used by children and criminals in an attempt to avoid admitting to a wrong. It’s absolutely ludicrous that anyone would repost these statements in an attempt to justify their standing on an issue.

On the comment(s) about Leonard never getting the girl, again, obviously you know little about geek culture. The guy quite often gets the girl, who is usually not only attractive but quite capable of carrying on a conversation beyond “ooh, pretty shoes”.

I agree with the majority of the statements made on this blog and I think it’s magnificent that there are other men out there that see the insidious messages hidden in everything, yet I am often shocked at the knee jerk reactions I see here. I understand emotional reaction, what I don’t understand is an inability, or unwillingness to evaluate that response in an attempt to discern if it is in fact appropriate given the situation.

By posting, or commenting based on emotion alone with little to no knowledge on the subject you are doing no less than that which you are fighting against, indoctrinating. Without facts to back up what you are saying the color of the pill is pointless, you’re still administering a dose from the indoctrination fairy.

patrick kelly said...

Meh, I've never thought of these guys as anything other than examples of weak, naive, nerds, much less than "real" men. That anyone would be actually susceptible to any kind of programming from this baffles me.

They are entertaining and funny at times though. I think a "Sheldon's evil twin" would be dangerous with alpha "game on". What a spin-off that would be.

Hmmm... maybe Sheldon is the alpha nerd. Think about hit, who else displays such disinterest and negging?

Lovekraft said...

Soooo tired of the old "the guys need a sage female to set them right" meme.

IRL, the guys can sort it out for themselves, and actually do so quicker and better without a woman's interfering and distracting.

Anonymous said...

"Meh, I've never thought of these guys as anything other than examples of weak, naive, nerds, much less than "real" men. That anyone would be actually susceptible to any kind of programming from this baffles me."

Same here,but you'd be surprised. People are pretty stupid. A lot of people supported going into Iraq in order to get revenge against Saddam Hussein for being the 9/11 mastermind.Every single person I knew was fully convinced Saddam,and not Osama Bin Laden, was the mastermind. I saw how the media pulled that little trick off. Daily coverage of 9/11 stories,the war in Afghanistan,then one day out of the blue they're like "Ok, now we're gonna go kill some people in Iraq" and PRESTO,Saddam Hussein masterminded 9/11.

Anonymous said...

"That anyone would be actually susceptible to any kind of programming from this baffles me."

The key is the fact that the overall themes and sub-contexts pointed out here, are also reinforced and replayed over and over again in all kinds of shows, commercials, advertisements etc.

It is but one single facet of the mass media culture.

Anonymous said...

The one tv show I would say that doesn't display a lot of feminist grrl power is Supernatural (at least the first five seasons, I stopped watching after that).
Two guys who drive around America in a classic muscle car killing monsters and banging hot women. The overall story began about revenge and finding their lost father and evolved into a story about destiny, good vs evil, sacrifice and brotherly love. There were four strong female recurring characters. One was a theif, another a demon and the other two were a mother and daughter whose father died fighting monsters.

Anonymous said...

I am watching the new doctor who series and frankly I find it full of feminist bullshit. I started watching this series before I found game and I keep watching it despite the obvious flaws:

1. All the guys in the show (excpeting the doctor) are herbs, weak and follow their females around. Rory, the boyfriend (later husband) of the forth chick is quite likeable and occassionally has his brave moments though. The doctor continually AMOGS him in front of his wife though.

2. The women are all kick ass, go grrl and so forth.

3. Almost everyone in a position of leadership is a woman.

4. The show had gay writers and there is frequent gay subtexts and a bisexual character at one point

5. The tenth doctor could have been ripped from Greys Anatomy as the series went on. He started being all emotional and giving long heart warming speeches every five minutes. More technobabble and aliens needed.

Anonymous said...

To follow one from point 3 above, I think this a major trend in Tell-A-Vision brainwashing; all leadership roles are filled by women - men are subordinate. Tv getting men used to the idea of being a woman's lacky.

dannyfrom504 said...

i don't think i've watched anything on network television (besides football or hockey) in over 15 years.

and sit-coms....please. i'd rather get kicked in the balls for 30 minutes.

sharp said...

BBT had a laugh here and there but I got bored after one show. Can't do the "men are functionally retarded and/or borderline gay" theme anymore. Bores me to tears. And Kelly Cuoco isn't hot enough to keep me interested.

The only shows I watch on television are:

- Walking Dead: decent male characters exhibiting leadership. all have bad cases of female worship however, except for the "redneck". Not surprising my sister has the hots for the redneck. The first season had stupid and annoying racial themes (white men bad, everyone else good), that made me sick so I stopped watching. Started watching again when most of the racial stuff went away, except for an absurd relationship between an Asian kid and a White girl. They have zero chemistry, she would never like him in real life.

- Celebrity Apprentice: it's women against men and it's hilarious and embarrassing watching the women claw at each other with murderous hatred, while the men are comparatively calm and cool and don't have significant problems working together.

- Jeopardy: Alex Trebek is one cool cat.

- Tosh.0: the most politically incorrect man on television, or anywhere in public really. Jokes about everyone but particularly loves making fun of women. My sister likes him. An interesting pattern emerging with my sister.

- The River: a show made by the same guy who made the Paranormal Activity movies. Eh, the show is alright, kind of silly, but at least it's something different.

That's it. I can't watch sitcoms. They all suck. One stupid quip after the next, and male characters are terrible. I don't watch the News. "Something under your kitchen cabinet will kill you immediately, news at eleven."

Aurini said...

I feel the need to argue you, sharp. :)

The Asian kid in Walking Dead is the perfect example of a - once - Beta Male becoming a badass Provider Beta in an environment that can't afford feminism anymore. I really like him, and I totally buy the relationship between him and the redhead. In fact, part of the reason the relationship works is because she's the most Alpha Female - he's become so badass that most of the other women would be upset (compare to the black dude, who's more likely to stay and guard the farm).

As for the female worship - I think that's natural, especially in a group that was upper-class enough not to be destroyed by feminism. But even with this, the women are frequently shown to be irrational and incompetent. The men need to lay down the law and whip them into shape, socializing them into Frontier Girls.

Keep in mind that if you watch an older movie from the fifties, women weren't inherently incompetent - it's just this priviledged, entitled modern generation that's so awful. Bit by bit, the women on Walking Dead are coming to resemble dames from the old west.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon isn't intentionally cruel. He's a classic Asperger character, one who has an innate deficit of social intuition and therefore truly doesn't realize that things he says and does -- which seem reasonable and rational to him -- offend the hell out of everyone else.

Such people go through life being violently rejected by most of mankind, and basically have no idea why (until someone tells them about Asperger's). It's not a problem of intelligence, indeed some of them have very high IQs. It's a missing intuition that you can't learn.

papabear said...

Has anyone compared Magnum, P.I. with Tom Selleck's Blue Bloods? I suppose the latter isn't as bad as some of the girl power shows on CBS.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree because this show makes a lot of fun about Penny and other females often directly showing and revealing how they manipulate men, how they make themselves miserable by making wrong choices etc. I would say it makes fun about both male and female contemporary americans ridiculing all - slutty women, beta nerds and dumb alfa jocks. For those who have taken red pill and have the game as their first nature this show becomes even more funny. And this show actually serves as an example of reality.

If someone gets brainwashed buy this sho then well he is one of those who has eyes and still doesn't see - a moron in short

Jamey Stegmaier said...

This is brilliant.

I've wondered for about a week now why my blog entry about The Big Bang Theory has gotten so many hits lately (and comments--you'd be amazed at how angry some people are that I don't like the show). I'm glad I clicked over to see the source of all of those readers, because I really enjoyed your blog entry.

I didn't talk about it in my blog post, but one of the reasons that I found hard to watch is exactly how you describe it here--all of the men fawn over Penny, especially Leonard. As you point out, Leonard is a nice guy with a brilliant mind, and yet he has feelings for Penny, a petty woman of subpar intelligence and, as you say, a penchant for dating "athletic, dumb jock alpha types"--all characteristics that should make her less desirable, not moreso.

I think it is human nature to have blind spots when a very attractive person gives you the time of day. I applaud Leonard and his friends for inviting Penny into their lives--for those guys, it was certainly a big risk to do so. But as they've gotten to know her, there's absolutely no reason they should consider a potential romantic partner.

I sure hope that people don't try to emulate the behavior on this show, whether it's picking up Sheldon's "endearing" tendencies or blindly pursuing an attractive member of the opposite sex (or same sex, whichever floats your boat) simply because they're physically desirable.

Thanks for linking to my blog--as I said, I'm really glad I discovered the source of those readers. Fascinating stuff.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I never really saw the whole Leonard/Penny thing happening.

Now a Sheldon/Penny thing...that I would believe. He is the only one that Usually doesn't take her crap and the show makes it that there is something wrong with him.

I actually see him as the most alpha on the show LOL.

djc said...

Just about ALL of TV and movies is subtle social engineering now. I can't stand TV or modern movies.

Anonymous said...

I can watch television without basing my opinion of men of science or attractive waitresses on the presentation as easily as I can watch Peter Pan without plotting to kill my parents to gain the implied orphan's birthright, the power of flight.

raul776 said...

After all BBT has some Red Pill moments: even high IQ women raised in a liberal environement become slutty (Leslie Winkler or the red head doctor). Bernadette and Amy behave differently because coming of backgrounds with strong moral principles, at least Bernadette, who was raised in a strict catholic enviroment, whereas Amy (who don't come from such a background) is drifting more and more toward sluttiness in every season