Saturday, May 21, 2011

Are you a Conspiracy Realist, Theorist or Skeptic?

Inspired by boredom, bad weather keeping me indoors, and the Are You A Sheeple? quiz, I created:

The Conspiracy Quiz


Anonymous said...

That was a very annoying quiz.

I got that I was a member of the Illuminati, even though in three of the questions I chose the "conspiracy" option.

I suppose it's tongue in cheek. the positions are too polarized. As an example the conspiracy answers all have one group of people controlling things for one purpose, meanwhile no "minor" conspiracies are allowed under any of the other answers. It's all or nothing. Take schools: whatever the intentions of the founders of the modern system, I don't believe most teachers want their students to leave school dumb and brainwashed, but I think the structure and incentives to the "system" often (but not always) lead to that happening.

There's no nuance in other words.

Still, it was a amusing.


Twenty said...

I stopped after 3 questions when I realized that I didn't really agree with any of the answers I'd seen so far.

For instance, question 3:

A.) Necessary to ... [While most of this answer is correct-ish, the underlying assumption that men and women should be treated as interchangeable by the law is flawed. "Women's lib" did put more women in the professions, but this wasn't a good or necessary thing.]

B.) A milestone ... [Basically the same as (A.), but stupider.]

C.) ... gender war ... [No. I don't believe the central planning of feminism -> gender war -> socialism theory. The commies seemed to go in for feminism in their own countries, which would suggest that they didn't recognize its corrosive effects.]

D.) ... simply because ... [No, I think it's more complicated than that. I think feminism had a lot of support from the owners of capital, who saw it as a way to increase (roughly double) the labor force, thereby increasing the marginal product of their capital (or decreasing wages, take your pick). Contribution isn't causality, though.]

So, there you go. I have no home!

Anonymous said...

I must also state that I do not belong to any political party and hate the Democrats and Republicans. I hang out here, In Mala Fide, The Spearhead, Roissy, Pro Male Anti Feminist tech's blogs among others. I sometimes consider myself an MRA.

But I'm STILL Illuminati?

Maybe skeptical or nuanced people don't do well on your test. Heck, while I don't believe most mainstream conspiracy theories, I do think that there was one where Kennedy was concerned.


Deansdale said...

Anon, you take this waaaay too seriously :)

dienw said...

I got the red pill.

Anonymous said...

Red pill as well. Slightly disappointing. Always seemed to me that every pill was bad for you. As in the red/blue question that is posed in the Matrix is the same as the one that is posed in question 10(hilarious, btw). Superficial changes in how a pill looks does not change its ingredients - so it's right to walk away. Superficial changes in a party's rhetoric does does not change its policies either - so it's right to walk away.

Tom Pain said...

You are not a member of any partisan political party or movement- red pill

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others who said they didn't like any of the choices.

Oftentimes it was because I believe in a different conspiracy theory than the one the answers want to force on you. =)

Anonymous said...

Apparently I didn't vote in the last election. That's news to me. Better ready the time machine to prevent myself from filling out that ballot!

I appreciate that this quiz was more nuanced than the last one, but it jumps from right-wing to conspiracy!!1 with no wiggle room.

Simon Rierdon said...

Bravo Keoni, excellent quiz. I could tell where you were going with this and it was kind of disappointing that the first commentors didn't get it. Even readers of the enlightened still don't get it from time to time. Just shows we've still got a lot of work to do. By the way, don't feel bad, weather here in Germany is crappy today, completely ruined my plans.

Keoni Galt said...

lol - It wasn't meant to be serious for the most part. I had a bunch of plans contingent on the weather, and I was stuck with nothing to do. I typically do not blog on the weekend, so I decided to try something I've never done before and make one of these quizzes. I fully expected people to have the exact reactions to it as all you Anon'

And let me just say, my perspective comes from having spent my early to mid 20's as the Republican kool aid drinker, FOXNews and rightwing talk radio fanatic. I also wasted many an hour debating with the leftwingers all over the internet, so I do believe I have represented a popular consensus of partisan political viewpoints in constructing the quiz questions...exagerrated with hyperbole in an attempt to be humorous, of course.

And if you were offended by this...

...good, maybe you needed to be offended!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Twenty. For instance, question number 1.

You know what made 9/11 possible?

Terrorist training,funding and weapons given to the mujahideen by the CIA in the 1980's when we were concerned about a Soviet encroachment into Afghanistan. Whether or not you believe the government ASKED them to fly planes into the world trade center, ultimately, the CIA were the ones who made it possible. Before we gave them weapons and training they were using flintlock rifles from world war 1.Our intelligence experts were the ones who told them about flying planes into buildings and making suicide vests.

Google "Charlie Wilson".He was the guy who got them the training and the funding.

That isn't a conspiracy, or imagination, it's a matter of public record and anyone with two brain cells could have found out about it during the giant foaming frothing at the mouth session we collectively had as a nation about muslim terrorists. I tried to tell people, and they called me crazy.

Daegus said...

I got the red pill too. Yay!

Elspeth said...

I got the red pill even though I am a registered voter. I am not a member of any poliictal party. I don't trust either one. party. I voted in the last election, too, although I have seriously considered not voting for either of the two major party candidates in the next election.

I really didn't know that the warfare policies would continue with Obama in office. In fact, it was the one thing he did that took me completely by surprise and, dare I say it...disappointed me.

But I still got the red pill.


Anonymous said...

Red Pill...but since its really a matrix inside a matrix we're all fucked.

- Breeze

Anonymous said...

"I really didn't know that the warfare policies would continue with Obama in office. In fact, it was the one thing he did that took me completely by surprise and, dare I say it...disappointed me."


Oh my dear baby jesus, hang on...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Because he's black, you thought...BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

God,people are gullible. If there really is a shadowy elite controlling everything, bully for them. Can't say I wouldn't go in for shooting fish in a barrel,too.

Fuck,the guy's BLACK, he's not MOTHER TERESA.Listen, it doesn't matter WHO they put in the White House, the policies are NEVER,I repeat NEVER, going to change.


Put a black guy in there. Put a black woman in there. Put HAL-9000 in there. It doesn't matter who's "running" things, things will still be run exactly the same way until the Chinese finally ask us to pay up.

End of story.