Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Tea Parties Are a Waste of Time

My favorite anti-communitarian Alaskan outdoors-woman, Niki Raapana, wrote a post that made a great point regarding what We the Sheeple can do to protest our out of control fascist, emerging Brave-New-World-Order-Global- Government....and public protests and demonstrations 'aint it.

Watched Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism last night. It was the best explanation of the Tax Honesty movement I've ever seen, but then it's the only one I've ever seen. While I don't trust several of the "our side" experts he interviewed (Ruppert, Fitts, etc) it didn't detract one bit from his presentation of the story. How the bankers seized covert control over the United States is essential knowledge for Americans who choose to resist the emerging harmonization of norms. I did not like his recommendations for action at the end, but I never like the suggestions that we get organized and march on Washington DC. I don't believe we can restore constitutional govt using Marxist street actions.

I agree wholeheartedly....have the Tea Parties made one iota of a difference? Nah...Sarah Palin and the neo-con faux conservatives hijacked it to serve as the right wing of dialectic propaganda events.

Demonstrations and rallies and such are nothing more than literal manifestations of the farce known as DEMOCRACY. Mob rules. Claiming authority not by what is righteous or just, but based solely on the appearance of massive support.

The original Tea Party wasn't a public rally with attendant placards and assorted people dressed in costumes with the presumed leaders haranguing them into an emotional frenzy with bullhorns chanting trite slogans.

No, it was a bunch of saboteurs that disguised themselves as Indians, snuck aboard the British merchant ships and threw the merchant's wares into the harbor water.

Nowadays, the Media/Government Corpratocracy would have labeled them as terrorists and than instituted a whole new Federal bureaucracy to deal with the danger of the Homeland tea supply, and will henceforth require strip searches and questioning before allowing the average citizen to buy a permit for the privilege of purchasing the carefully measured, taxed and dispensed teabags.

But I digress.

Niki makes another great point:

If we really are the masters here, then why would we stand outside our servants' offices and protest their erroneous policies and laws?

Great point. Isn't it obvious? Our media and educational institutions all have brainwashed generations of We the Sheeple into believing the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" fairy tale that we live in a country with a Government by the people, for the people. That hasn't been true since at least Abe Lincoln's time.

Why wouldn't we draft a resolution and vote/pass a people's initiative? If protecting our property and prosperity is the only legitimate purpose for govt and we have the power to fire them and restore the rule of law, then why would we need to protest in the streets? To me it's the sign of our corrupted nation.

Yes, it's also a sign of just how far the idea of "Democracy" has now been inculcated into the mainstream consciousness. When the masses think a mob demonstration is the only way to "be heard" and "raise awareness," it's a sure sign that the Representative Republic is dead.

Long live our new Communitarian Democracy!

I wish Russo would have ended the film with a contact address to help instigate a statewide national referendum to put a cap on the feds... revoke executive order privileges, end the federal reserve, nullify the IRS, abolish Agenda 21 and sustainable development, and fire every Czar and office created to outmaneuver the US Constitutional requirements for separation of powers. We are the law here, that is our only power... and that is the only way we can restore our power.

I agree....but also don't believe it's going to happen.

This whole thing is gonna crash and burn.

The only thing left to do is get ready for it and enjoy the show.


L.G. Robins said...

Good stuff here. It started out interesting, but yeah its just kinda give it up already. I went to a meeting once of these people and I was turned off by the woman organizer/leader and just an overall unexplainable feeling.

People just think if you are holding a sign, that you are 'making a difference'. It strokes their egos, especially the women, who have been loathing their SAHM life and want something to make them feel special, like the 'career' women.

There may have been a time and place for signs long ago, but now it is just exercises in futility.

Keoni Galt said...

...just an overall unexplainable feeling.

Hah! It's good to trust your gut. I once took part in an organized protest. Back in 1999, the Governor of Hawaii had to cut the budget for the University, and one of the classes I was taking got cancelled, messing up my entire work/school schedule. So I attended the "Death to Education" march the students organized on campus. We marched from the campus all the way to the State Capitol. In the moment, it felt good...but it resulted in nothing. It was image over substance.

Exercise in democracy...very easily subverted and used for the propaganda controllers own purposes. At the rally at the State Capitol, the various speakers got up and made their points about how "Education is our future" blah blah blah...

...than the Governor took the stage, rebuked the crowd and stormed off the stage.

The resulting TV coverage and press reports all highlighted the Governor's points, and showed only the most radical, unreasonable and fanatical protesters, marginalizing the entire thing in the eyes of the public. I felt like a sucker for having wasted an entire day.

I have never attended another protest or rally, or march or any such nonsense since than.

Anonymous said...
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