Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Know Who You Are

Can't wait until our info will soon be easily cross checked with our medical records in the National database under Obama care.

Welcome to the 21st Century Panopticon.

This plenary will discuss an inter-networked communication infrastructure that could facilitate the creation of a modern surveillance society. The name given to the criminal justice/national security project is “information fusion centers.” Fusion centers are an amalgamation of commercial and public sector data for the purpose of optimizing the collection, analysis, and sharing of personal information. The Department of Homeland Security’s $380 million in funding has created over 40 information fusion centers in the United States.


Hughman said...

You realise the medical database will be shit if Europe is anything to go by.

The NHS has spent £13 billion on a database that isn't uniform across services, trusts and counties, doesn't include everyone's data, fails to be updated properly, is riddled with bugs and security problems and leaks said data like a bitch.

And now they are thinking of scrapping it.

Anonymous said...

That kind of thing was considered creepy and weird when Dubya suggested it.

Now that Bambi is suggesting it, though, it will be a Good Thing, and only racists, fascists, and other haters will oppose it.

Pizza First, My Taxes Later? said...

Well, as an honest tax-payer I don't want my money going to pay for some fat-ass meat-eater's medical bills.

I am willing to give them lessons in preparing healthy, tasty, economically sound, vegan meals. Lacto-veg even, if they can't go fully vegan.

Something has to be done to prevent these junk-food addicts and healthy-lifestyle slackers from stealing my hard earned money in the form of taxes to pay for their medical expenses.