Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Dysfunctional Society was Deliberately Designed That Way

An apropos variation of this blog-posting's title would be: Complete Population Control (It's not just about the birth rate.)

I, like many fellow Man-o-sphere bloggers, often refer to the Matrix red pill vs. blue pill allegory to describe the awakening or moment of awareness we undergo when we put aside the premises, assumptions and pretty lies of our mass media indoctrination that influences most people's understanding of what we mistakenly refer to as "conventional wisdom."

For many, they take the "red pill" concerning one specific area -- i.e. gender relations; the true nature of female sexuality; game; Marriage 1.0 vs. Marriage 2.0 etc. -- and upon gaining insight into a new paradigm, we open a little window of doubt into our formerly indoctrinated mental construct of the world. For some, that is all they are ever satisfied with. Many study the topics into extensive details,, continually deconstructing the pretty lies, taking them apart piece-by-piece, until they gain a full and comprehensive overview of that specific topics truths versus the misconceptions, illusions, delusions, memes and shibboleths of our BraveNewWorldOrder's propaganda-driven world view.

For others, like myself, gaining insights into one area of just how mass delusions are promulgated and accepted as the mainstream conventional wisdom begins a domino effect of cynical skepticism, bordering on paranoia. My initial quest in seeking to gain an understanding of how feminism corrupted marriage in this country has eventually lead me onto a path of studying and analyzing almost every aspect of life under our Brave New World Order. I began to question ALL conventional wisdom. From marriage laws, gender relations, dietary nutrition, education, science, money and finance, and politics. All of these areas that encompass all of our lives are literally influenced, directed...or more appropriately; HERDED by lies, propaganda, half-truths and disinformation. Himmler could only dream of the level of control over We the Sheeple's minds that today's social engineers exercise on the masses.

As far as I'm concerned, the lynch pin to gaining my understanding of the big picture came from combining all of the knowledge gleaned from years of blog reading with the insights provided by several seminal books that became available for free online - works that I would have never before walked into a bookstore and bought for myself. Books like those I've linked on my blogroll: The Underground History of America, The Deliberated Dumbing Down of America, The Garbage Generation, and most recently, Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time.

I believe the evidence is overwhelming. I've put the pieces of the puzzle to together in my own mind, and I'm convinced that the conspiracy is indeed true. But in trying to impart this understanding to other people who haven't already done their own research into it, I've found is next to impossible. The inculcated programming to disbelieve all "conspiracy theory" is one of the strongest implanted ideas to overcome.

I've been rebuked, insulted, marginalized, ignored and castigated in many debates I've engaged in over the last couple of years; both online and in "real" life.* Once people find out that my basic premise involves pointing to the manipulation of every aspect of our reality by a powerful cabal of elites, working to bring the world under one world-communitarian governance...and that there primary weapon IS mass mind seems to me that there is a deeply instilled mechanism that seems to kick in and causes most people to simply reject the entire argument. A reference to "conspiracy" has now come to mean Reptilian Satanists in UFO's to the average blue pill addict.

"C'mon man, you really believe that bullshit?!"

Mis-information and Dis-information is their most powerful means of maintaining their mass mind control. By subverting our societies churches, our educational system, our food supply, and most importantly our mass media, the social engineers behind all of this are actually the grand architects of our modern world. Why do we have a Government that is out of control and never seems to "fix" any of the problems they say they intend to? Why do we have a Government that endorses dietary guidelines and subsidized processed FEED that lead to an epidemic of degerative diseases amongst the populace? Why do we have a Government who's policies deliberately destroy the nuclear family structure that this nation was initially built upon? Why do we have a massive educational system that churns out a dumbed-down populace of sheeple easily mislead by tell-a-vision, news reporters and pseudo-scientists? These are all areas of our lives that are deeply dysfunctional if you live your life and formulate your behaviors based on the attitudes you've been TOLD to adopt by our culture. In short, we are a dysfunctional society, because the powers that be WANT IT THIS WAY.

When you unplug yourself from the matrix completely, in ALL facets of your life, you will finally see just how unbalanced, unnatural and corrupted our modern rat race of life within the matrix really is.

Once you take the red pill, there is no going back.

*I put "real" in quotes, in reference to the fact that red pill takers have a much different view of "real" life than your average blue pill swallower.


Aaron said...

The only problem with calling it a conspiracy is that conspiracies are organized in secret. There's nothing secret about the indoctrination we're fed by the news media, entertainment, government, schools, and most other organizations.

It's not like they get together every month and plan out their strategy, because they don't have to: they can do it all right out in the open. Most of it they don't even have to discuss, because they all share the same assumptions, and automatically make the same choices, advance the same memes, ostracize the same dissenters.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen the movie 'There are no sun glasses'. Absolute classic, goes off at the end to ensure it doesn't offend Hollywood but pretty much sums up conspiracy.

ray said...

I've been following the same research path as Dave for a few years now, but I'm still not sure it is a conspiracy. Survival Plus author Charles Smith ( has influenced my thinking. He writes about plutocracies, and elite influence. A different writer at Occidental weekly writes almost the same exact article as
Smith but thinks everthing is the Jew's fault. Sailer writes about similar issues and blames immigration. We all want a scapegoat--somebody or someone resposible must be to blame. What if the real problem is human nature itself. People of extreme wealth and people with almost nothing acting in their own self interest will destroy civilization. We used to call this sin. Maybe it only seems to be a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

When 0.1 percent decides what 99.9 percent is going to do that is a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the movie "there are no sun glasses," but I did see "They Live" with Rowdy Roddy Piper. Were you thinking of that one?

Default User said...

"They Live" with Rowdy Roddy Piper

I came here to kick ass and chew gum...
And I am out of gum.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:56

Sorry your right that's the one, I had the image of the website
that had a picture of the movie.

Deansdale said...

Deek Jackson
I don't necessarily agree with everything he says but it's worth watching nevertheless:

Unrelated but also interesting from the same guy:

syme said...

Do you have examples of individuals who are part of the conspiracy? Who say to themselves 'I am part of a conspiracy with the goal of XXX'. Or have i got the wrong end of the stick.

pjanus said...


Thanks for the link. I have been looking to get my hands on Tragedy and Hope for some time.

ray said...

"Himmler could only dream of the level of control over We the Sheeple's minds that today's social engineers exercise on the masses."

well he did dream it, HI

the mass-psych techniques -- and technicians -- used by the nazi came to the US via Operation Paperclip (and others)

it's no coincidence that the western cryptocracy went hog-wild immediately following the post-war years .... what with all that new talent available! :O)

we see the effects of this influx most clearly in the installation of the matriarchy throughout the west, and in the mass caging of males in america for "crimes against the public conscience"

nice photo lead also


Anonymous said...

I can see through the matrix far more clearly than most people. What's obvious to me is a mystery to the masses. I would say my clarity of vision exceeds yours.

Now whatever I say next, no matter how sensible it may be, will probably not be taken seriously because of the way I started this comment.

That's why there are politicians. Convincing anyone of anything is much more difficult than stringing together a plausible argument with supporting facts.

But I won't continue. I'm not a politician, and my version of reality will not go easily into someone else's head.

Elusive Wapiti said...

"People of extreme wealth and people with almost nothing acting in their own self interest will destroy civilization"

Jared Diamond said something like this in his book "Guns, Germs, and Steel"...that the elites somehow get caught up in fads that eventually serve to upend the very hegemony they set up.

Conspiracy? Yes. But in the sense that "con" == 'with' or 'together' and "spire" == "breathe". Just a buncha likeminded useful idiots selling us all down the river.

Good to see you again, pjanus...

John Smith said...

i agree with extrapolating/applying the red pill/blue pill to more than just men/women relationships. consider working 50 weeks out of the year to maybe get a 2 week break? buying a house to pay off for 30 years. rack up massive student debt just to make enough to pay it off after 10-15 years.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why historically affluent people did not consider their children educated until they had lived in a different society for a year or two. Only when you live in a culture dramatically different from your own can you begin to understand your own culture.

I can tell you, living in Mexico taught me more about the nonsense in the US than living in the US all my life.

And, you are right about wasting time trying to change other's viewpoints. Which is why I recommend my Get The H*** Out program. I spent years of my life trying to get men to understand what was happening to them is not acceptable. It was and is a waste of time. So, here I am, in my Third World village in Mexico, happy as a Lord. Let them rot in their misery.

Anonymous age 67

ChicagoMan said...

Good post.

By the way HL, I'm back and blogging again, although now I will focus on all the frauds in our daily lives perpetrated by the NWO.


Keoni Galt said...

Anon 67 - Great hearing from you again! Glad everything is working out for you down in Mexico.

ChicagoMan - Welcome back to the blogosphere! I'm "re-adding" you to my blogroll! Cheers to the original Rebel Against the Feminazi Blitzkrieg!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

"HERDED by lies, propaganda, half-truths and disinformation. Himmler could only dream of the level of control over We the Sheeple's minds that today's social engineers exercise on the masses."

I feel the same way.

The deliberate building of a matriarchy through single-mommy-underwriting-welfare-programs and gender-quotas and taxpayer-funded-faux-jobs (in education, in non-profits, in bogus charities, etc) destroys the family.
Fathers are the conduit of culture, and removing the father from the home (or undermining him with bogus laws), removes the conduit of culture so that a new culture can be propagandized in his place through the entertainment media/educatrocray.

Its the deliberate de-culturalizing and dumbing down of human beings......both culling the populace and creating debt-slaves.

Kamal S. said...

Dave, you recommend some kick ass books. In particular the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America is a good read for skeptics, because it's mostly simple government documentation gathered by the author.

I dare anyone to honestly read "Tragedy and Hope", "Wall Street and the rise of the Bolsheviks", "Wall street and the Rise of Hitler", "The Anglo-American Establishment", "The Best Enemy That Money Can Buy", "By Means of Deception", "The Other Side of Deception" and not at least reconsider certain possibilities based on a reading of those books. Possibilities that geopolitics may run under slightly different rules than we are used to considering.

Then read The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, The Underground History of American Education, and Weapons of Mass Instruction

Honestly read them, if you honestly have a care about the direction your society is going in.

I know there are skeptical minds out there, and don't expect anyone to simply take something remarkable at face value, but it's a sign of intellectual weakness to reflexively dismiss certain lines of thought out of hand without at least thoroughly examining their truth claims. Out of the books above two authors were professional educators or dept. of education insiders, Two were academics, professors, one was extremely prestigious and in some ways a Washington DC insider (though he disliked the term insider being used for him) and one was a member of the Secret Services of one of America's closest allies.

Sometimes we have to define our terms carefully, popular culture defines certain words for us and this condition sour usage of them

Underneath what some people call the "NWO" there are ideas and concepts that should be looked at and examined, individually and in context, this is not to say that the world is run by Communist Reptiles who like to sacrifice little children on alters upholstered by the tanned skins of aborted fetuses. it is, however, to suggest that the world may run in somewhat different ways than we are accustomed to considering.

0. Leo Strauss the philosopher used to console some students to remain vigilant to the fact that the enlightenment era thinkers they were reading were writing on 2 or 3 different levels, at least, and using - in an informal way - a coded mode of speech. That there was a reception of the text by properly educated readers that would be considerably different from the way in which the general public received the text. This was done due to political concerns. There were also other levels on which the text could be read. T

his kind of thinking is anathema to many guys with a solid background in the hard sciences, it's also anathema to the run of the mill liberals. I have next to me "Training for Change Agents: A guide to the design of training programs in education and other fields" by R.G. Havelock and M.C. Havelock. Picked it up in a box of free books at my old university's psych department while the professors were cleaning shelves. Also grappled a number of books on classroom applications of operant conditioning. And a couple of goodies by James Bryant Conant.

All of these books presuppose certain assumptions and educational training on the part of the reader. Allusions that may seem dry and clinical actually can explicitly call to mind certain key bits of knowledge the reader would have obtained at a certain level in her education. Such books are part of a larger set of conversations, wider intellectual discourses that often take place against a background of academic Marxism. People from outside certain fields are liable either to make a Knee Jerk reaction against "academic socialist commie pinkos" or just simply keep walking and not be aware that there is anything of interest in the pages.

Kamal S. said...

1. The problem with calling it conspiracy is that while conspiracy is a valid criminal category, with a legal definition, many people have a conditioned in knee jerk reaction to the term itself. The more highly educated one is, often, the more prone to this knee jerk reaction one tends to be. This reaction is not without its utility. Extraordinary claims require substantial proof, however when it comes to matters of collusion and conspiracy, most practical minded individuals ratchet up their standards for proof considerably. This is, I think, linked to perceptions of intellectual and social respectability and perceptions of "common sense"

2."Its the deliberate de-culturalizing and dumbing down of human beings......both culling the populace and creating debt-slaves."

And the thing is that, not only are these rather old processes, but they have often been documented, in some cases broadly without detail and in a way opening the door for plausible deniability an debunking, but in some cases in considerable detail in the writing of certain intellectual cliques - certainly in terms of stated goals and ends desired, and to a lesser degree in biographies and memoirs of planners and other complicit individuals. In some cases such literature is written on multiple levels, to ensure a degree of deniability, but in some other cases intentions, goals, strategies, and proposed means may be written with surprising candor.

One problem is a lack of academic rigor on the part of discontents, folks seeking to expose the ostensible fallout of various deliberate actions taken in accordance with the agendas being discussed. There is a need to research and write on some things with greator rigor.

Another problem lies in self identity and, as someone mentioned above, the tendency to blame the other and find scapegoats.

Sensible minded people have a tendency to take people, perceived as being 'close' to them, at their words unless obvious signs of mendacity pop up. Folks also have a tendency to assume the worst of individuals outside their circles, in particular when historical grievances and resentments exist.

Blacks and Whites, Liberals and Conservatives, Right wingers and left wingers, Egalitarian diversity minded people and Elitists, all will display certain tendencies to discount some arguments and support others almost reflexively. One notices this from Progressive blogs to HBD blogs alike, tendencies to argue from authority, support and cheerlead those articulating the group party line, and shame those dissenting from the same.

Group think is death. It is comfortable, but it is dangerous and distorts reality.

There is a video recording of a KGB defector interviewed by the same guy who wrote "The Creature from Jackal Island" in which he discusses cultural and social subversion. It's quite good. It would be good, while watching it, to remember that this defector certainly may have his own agendas, or his sources may have.

Cultivating the ability to perceive broader contexts in which culture battles and wars, and political action, take place is a useful thing. Paranoia is a counterproductive thing. Trusting fellow partisans on the bases of assumed commonality of goals, shared history, and worldviews may be a mistake if the individuals you are trusting are somehow compromised.

The other fellow believes in his shit as much as, if not more than, you do. People yearn for certitude where none can possibly be obtained, and in the areas where certitude is possible many people have a tendency to simply fall back on conditioned bias.

I could throw out 50 other truisms, but won't.