Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happiness in Slavery

Hey strong, independant, educated & empowered Womyn...'s that career thing working out for ya? Thank god you were able to go to college, get that degree and fulfill yourself with a career, rather than saddle yourself to a man, bear his children and become a domestic slave!

Looks like plenty of the sisterhood doesn't share your enthusiasm for self-fulfillment through the college/career track though...

A survey of nearly 4,000 women, conducted by Woman's Day and AOL Living, found that 67% of American women would change what they do "in a heartbeat."

Another 79% said "no way" would they want their kids to follow in their footsteps.

But at the same time, nearly two of three women are worried about getting laid off - and just as many would work longer hours just to keep their paychecks.

Welcome to the world of Male Privilege, ladies! Aren't you glad you're self-actualized and empowered to realize the full promise of a career and education? And to think...we men have conspired for centuries to keep you from all of that fulfillment! Thank god for Women's Lib!

You now have the equal rights to become a wage slave financially independent, just like us men! Lucky you!

"I can relate," said Janis Luciano, 40, a Bronx mom of a 17-year-old daughter who works in banking.

"No, I don't like it, but I have to make ends meet," she said, adding that her costs are about to skyrocket as her daughter begins college next year.

Yes...gotta send her to college to study liberal arts and Womyn's studies or god forbid she gets married, has kids and becomes a full-time housewife domestic slave to Patriarchy!

The poll, which will be released today, also found that 57% of women dream of quitting altogether to stay at home with their kids...

Why do so many womyn pine away for the life of a housewife domestic slave? Look at all of the federal subsidies for education, day care, extended family leave, affirmative action laws, gender quotas, sex harassment laws...the feminist movement has worked SO HARD to ensure that you ladies would have the assistance and help to escape the comfortable concentration camps of domestic slavery! You ungrateful bitches!


Talleyrand said...

If a woman is never happy, should anyone care?

Keoni Galt said...

Heh. Reminds me of a joke my Father used to always tell. I used to laugh at it...but not anymore!

Here it is:

If a man says something out in the middle of the forest, where there are no women around to hear it... he still wrong?

Now that's the kind of attitude I was raised with...the "Put Women on the Christian Chivalry Pedestal."

Glad I've broken free of that insidious mindset.

Tarl said...

Of course, you realize the feminist "solution" to the problems you have identified will not be an agonizing reappraisal of what they've been doing for the past 40+ years. No, the "solution" will be... (drum roll)... more government! We're not enough like France and Sweden yet, so we need more laws and regulations, more maternity and paternity leave, more education subsidies, more subsidized day care, wealth transfers to women to make up for unjust wage imbalances, more, more, faster, faster! The government will be a mighty sword and shield in the womyn's crusade for individual fulfillment and personal autonomy!

Default User said...

Women wanted to get out of the home. They got that. Result = unhappiness.

Women wanted sexual freedom. They got that. Result = unhappiness.

Women wanted feminized men. They got that. Result = unhappiness.

Women wanted equalist marriage. They got that. Result = unhappiness.

There may be a trend here.

Keoni Galt said...

Exactly Tarl! I was JUST reading an article from called Did Small Government Cause Our Current Problems?

The author makes the same point!

Somehow, no matter how many regulations are created and how many regulators are put on the government payroll, when these rules and enforcement agents fail to prevent a disaster, many people's response is to propose that the government write more regulations and hire more regulators.

Different topic...same game plan.

Makes ya think they do this almost on purpose, no?

Keoni Galt said...

There may be a trend here.

Ya think?

Good point, default.

Anonymous said...

One problem I see is feminists obsession with alpha "masters of the universe".

The envy for power and prestige is a powerful emotion for them. As we know though, most men are not powerful CEOs and bigshot lawyers.

Most jobs suck or are barely tolerable. Feminists glorified career and sold women a bill of goods.

Hows that cube farm job workin out for ya? Enjoy life, bustin your hump as a workin stiff.

It's hard for women to be happy or content, because of hypergamy. Always wanting the very best can be torture in the consumer oriented society in which we live. Hard for a woman to become satisfied. The herd mentality of most women doesn't help any either.

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech said...

If a woman is never happy, should anyone care?

No, of course not. In general, women are never happy no matter what.

Women being housewives = unhappy
Women in the workforce = unhappy

Women want feminized men = unhappy
Women want manly men = unhappy

etc., etc.

All this time and effort over the last several decades trying to make women happy has been a total waste. Only a radical solution such as genetic engineering will solve the "problem" of female unhappiness.

Anonymous said...

Ever see how masculine the women who get interviewed on CNBC look? They don't even deserve to be called women. Their mannerisms are totally masculine. The USA is a socially engineered freak show.

djc said...

"Women wanted to get out of the home. They got that. Result = unhappiness.

Women wanted sexual freedom. They got that. Result = unhappiness.

Women wanted feminized men. They got that. Result = unhappiness.

Women wanted equalist marriage. They got that. Result = unhappiness."

My ex-wife and I got a divorce two years ago.
Her result=Who cares.
My result=Loving it.

Jesse said...

Excellent, this is the best news I've read in a while. Good to see that they're reaping the benefits of decades of clawing at everything good about our society, and are realizing their supposed gains ain't all that they expected. Nobody should be spared the privilege of reaping what they sow. Heck, this sort of thing actually gives me some hope for future generations.

I wonder if our cultural mindset, brought about feminists and their droves of women followers, doesn't effectively prevent women from being happy. It pampers them and lets them become depraved slaves to their own hedonism and never-ending jealousy, such that they grow into the me-centered shrews we're used to seeing. As they get older they think they should have it "better" and are envious of those who do (or at least appear to). If she's a worker bee, she'll be upset at those who get to stay home and raise families. If she's a housewife, she's jealous of those who get out and do their own thing. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.