Friday, July 17, 2009

BIH Walter Cronkite

The Chief Disseminator of the Brave New World Order's Indoctrination and Cultural Subversion Propaganda for over 3 decades, Walter Cronkite, has just died.

BIH Cronkite.

Why do I say BIH?

Watch this clip, at around 7:00 minutes in...

Burn In Hell, Walter, for surely you now most certainly do sit at the right hand of satan.


MarkyMark said...


Ole Walter took in MILLIONS of people; he deceived them well. As for me, I never really liked him that much, because something about him just didn't seem right...


Amateur Strategist said...

"Most Trusted"? Was that self-proclaimed and then ridden out by the rest of the media?

I certainly never trusted him, and I have a severe dislike of anyone involved in the lies about the Vietnam War causing the hippies, and the protests, and the worst treatment of a country's Soldiers by its own people in the history of humanity.

I won't miss him, and I hope few will.