Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Highly Engineered Society

Just about everything that is wrong in our society today, and everything that is a manifestation of the decline of Western Civilization, can be traced to the machinations of the power elite playing the part of the Wizard of Oz, pulling the various levers that control society.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Always remember that the Government DOES NOT work for "We the People."

Our empowered Federal Government has been THE primary lever for which the "Wizard" has pulled to effect the changes to create our highly engineered society.

The Federal Government, and all of it's permutations and manifestations of the bureaucratic behemoth, has become the leviathan that reaches into EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES.


Someone please show me how and where the Constitution called for the Federal Funding for these entities that are attached to the teat of the Federal Government pork barrel?

It's amazing if one takes a step back and looks at the big picture here.

Via the power AND facade of legitimacy provided by this entity of the Federal Government, the power elite - the super-rich owners and benefactors of the think tanks, tax-exempt foundations, and owners of the large, multi-national corporations and central bankers have covertly and overtly engineered society to suit their own agenda.

Feminism, public schooling, and the infiltration of academia have all colluded into brainwashing the masses to turn out a population of Sheeple, easily herded into any direction the power elite wish to shepherd them. Let's look at the results as they now exist...

Thanks to the feminist movement, women are now a significant portion of the tax-paying, wage and/or debt slaves to the corporate machine.

Children are now wards of minimum wage workers or wards of the welfare state...or the proverbial chains of peonage on "Deadbeat Dads" enslaved by the divorce court industry.

Abortion, birth control and the current cultural zeitgeist that urges young girls consider career track instead of forming families and raising children are all an integral part of the population control agenda. We can't have the masses breed without permission, overpopulating the world and using up the resources that our betters should have all to themselves, now can we?

All you MRA minded folks that actually read my blog and all the others found in the MRA/MGTOW/Father's Rights blogosphere need to wake up to the reality that Feminism is but ONE manifestation of how our society has been engineered by the power elite to the detriment of the masses.

The feminist agenda of infanticide and recreational sex, disassociated with procreation, are but one facet of the power elite's de-population agenda. Another facet is just as significant and far-reaching as feminism has been implemented to further their de-population agenda: the food and drug business as sanctioned and promoted by the Federal Government under the title of the Food & Drug Administration.

Our food supply in America is completely tainted with all kinds of chemicals and additives that are designed to create "food" that can be manufactured at a central location, stored and shipped all over the world without visible "spoilage."

Yet, this "food" is spoiled the moment it is processed and packaged. It tastes good, and many of the additives are addictive, so your taste buds tells your body you are eating food that is nutritionally fueling your body up...but the reality is that mass malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies and ill health are all the DIRECT RESULT of this tainting of the food supply.

And yet We The Sheeple blindly pay no attention to this current affairs because "the FDA and the DEA and the AHA and all the other alphabet soup agencies funded by the Federal Government tell us "Don't worry, we've made sure these things are alright for you to eat! Trust us! We're the Federal Government after all!"

The end result is to maximize their profits, with the rubber stamp of approval at the expense of our health and well-being.

Ever wonder why the "Atkins Diet" was such a popular "fad diet" that many people found worked in their efforts to lose weight? It's because the Atkins diet is THE COMPLETE opposite of the FDA's Food Pyramid guide to proper diet! The FDA is nothing more than the stooges for Big Agriculture and Big Pharma -- who are of course all the multi-national corporations owned and run by the power elite - the Wizard behind the curtain...the same wizard that pulled the levers of feminism, is also pulling the levers of food and drug control of the population).

The more people follow this "guide" the more sickly people get, the bigger the market of people who need Big Pharma's products that alleviate symptoms but NEVER CURE what is at the root, years of malnutrition and it's resulting physical degeneration.

See, processed and enriched grains, and the sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup, and mass-produced vegetable oils are the primary culprits of ill-health and degenerative conditions...but through mass propaganda to a dumbed-down populace, most people believe that meat, and saturated fats like butter, are bad for you, and that products such as margarine, canola oil and anything with Soy in it are all "good for you" because they are all based on "vegetables."

Go into any grocery store in this country and look at almost any packaged/processed "food." Notice the marketing slogans (corporate/agriculture/FDA approved propaganda). Look at how everything is "low-fat" or "non-fat." Understand that this has been the conventional wisdom (deliberately propagated falsehood!) for over a decade...yet the obesity rate of Americans is at an all-time high!

Do these following statements cause you to scratch your head in puzzlement?

"Eating fat does NOT make you fat."
"Eating cholesterol does not cause you to have high cholesterol."

If that sounds ludicrous to you, that is because the power elite has ingrained these LIES into our consciousness, so as to further the profitability of the Agricultural and Pharmaceutical industries!

Read and learn.

Most of you reading this understand that making our selves aware of the social engineering involved in the feminist movement is the key to understanding why society is in the state that it is in understand that it is all connected, and that the food most of us eat and the health problems most of us experience are directly related to the same folks that gave us the wonders of feminism.

If you want to unplug COMPLETELY from the Matrix, educate yourself on how our national health problems are all directly tied into the EXACT same de-population agenda of the power elite who control our food and drug supply and deliberately corrupt our health care to further their own elitist agenda.

Think my rantings on a de-population agenda are in the realm of conspiracy theory that only George Noori from Coast to Coast AM radio would contemplate?

Think again:


Anonymous said...

Regarding ...

I've always thought, why would the Govt. allow a populace that they deliberately dumb down to vote?

The answer is: they don't!

A deliberately dumbed down populace deciding what to do with the largest, most lethal nuclear arsenal in the world. Come on!

Just more proof that the entire "left vs. right" voting BS in the USA is a total illusion. We have no say. WE ARE PRESENTED WITH A WONDERFUL ILLUSION THAT WE'RE ACTUALLY GOVERNING OURSELVES OR THAT WE'RE PARTICIPATING IN GOVERNANCE. Nothing is further from the truth!

Why would they let a populace they've deliberately dumbed down decide anything?

Again, the answer is: they don't!

What a great illusion they've pulled off. You can rule the people with an iron fist (might = right) and there will always be enmity between the rulers and the governed. However, if you give the serfs the illusion they're governing themselves, then the enmity disappears, you continue to rule the same way doing whatever you want (might = right), but the one great thing you gain is a relatively peaceful society that is always divided and fighting amongst itself (right vs. left). Their attention isn't focused on overthrowing their true rulers.

The rulers sit back, enjoy the show, and rule mankind the way it's been ruled for time immemorial. And the serfs have no clue.

They're creative and smart, I'll give them that.


Anonymous said...

Atropine, digitalis, ricin and other things all come from plants too, does that mean I can eat those as well and be healthy?

This is what people think today.

Want to be truly healthy and eat the way your body was designed to eat? Just ask yourself before putting something into your mouth, would a caveman eat this and could he eat this.

If it requires manufacturing, acid treatments etc, then you are not meant to eat it.

If it takes more than fire, water and fermentation to eat, then you shouldn't be eating it and it is not healthy for you.