Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McBama vs. O'Cain

I decided not to participate in today's grand charade of American "Democracy."

It's not like my vote in Hawaii is going to count anyways, every single National election I can remember except for the 2000 election has ALWAYS been over before Hawaii's polls are even closed (and even in the case of 2000, Hawaii's electoral votes were inconsequential, regardless of how the Florida re-count went, and secondly, this State is about as "blue" as it gets.)

I contemplated driving to my nearest childhood indoctrination center and standing in line to cast a protest vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party...decided that even that was a waste of my time. I simply see no value in participating in the charade any longer. All of the issues I care about are not even up for debate amongst the "opposing" parties.

There REALLY is no difference who wins today.

Johnny Kramer from LewRockwell.com explains it perfectly:

Today, millions of Americans will validate their faith in the secular religion of democracy by going to the polls, as they do every four years, to choose between two basically interchangeable candidates, both of whom were, as always, hand-picked by the power elite because they can be trusted to dutifully perpetuate their system.

McBama...O'Cain, Republicrats or Democans, it matters not.

This year is no different; while there may be some fairly trivial differences between them, in the grand scheme of things, it makes no fundamental difference whether McCain or Obama is elected – the underlying system will continue under either of them.

For anyone who doubts this, let’s look at Obama’s and McCain’s stated positions, and see if we can figure out what everyone is so worked up about.

Here, Kramer offers us a table of issues in which Obama and McCain are both pawns of the power elite who differ not a whit in maintaining the status quo.

Maintain the Federal Reserve and its power to ruin the economy and erode citizens’ standard of living with inflation, making credit too easily available, and inflicting the boom-and-bust cycle?

Maintain the income tax and the commensurate level of federal spending?

Prolong the recession by trying to forcibly prevent normal market corrections, such as falling prices, failures of unsound businesses, and liquidation of bad debt?

Maintain the FDA and the government’s medical- and pharmaceutical-industrial complexes?

Maintain – and expand – the government’s ruinous healthcare policies and programs, which, along with the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, are the root causes of healthcare being so expensive?

Continue the Drug War, which has accomplished nothing in decades but wasting billions of dollars, fostering black markets and all of their inherent problems, and giving the U.S. the highest number of imprisoned people in the world – both in absolute terms and as a percentage of its population?

Maintain U.S. troop presence in Iraq indefinitely?

Perpetuate the rest of the military-industrial complex, including permanent U.S. troop presence and bases in more than half of the world’s countries and foreign "aid?"

Continue – if not expand – the bogus "War on Terror?"

Perpetuate – if not expand – post-9/11 agencies’ and programs’ assaults on civil liberties?

Continue untenable entitlement programs like Social Security?

Perpetuate government schools from the federal level?

Continue dismantling property rights (which are the only possible source of real environmental protection), eroding human living standards, decrying prosperity and plenty, and subsidizing "green" industries that can’t survive in the market, all under the guise of "protecting the environment" and battling the meaningless catch-all term, "climate change?"

Looking at this table, it’s easy to see why the mainstream media insists that this is "the most important election in our lifetimes!" Which they also said in 2004. And 2000. And 1996 . . .


MarkyMark said...


I didn't participate in the farce of an election, either. Both candidates will see that we get fucked; the only difference is that one will use a little more KY before stickin' it to us...


Elusive Wapiti said...

I participated...voted Baldwin even...but I realize same as you that it was largely a joke one way or the other.