Friday, January 5, 2018

The Illusionary Rule of Law

 Artisanal Toad wrote a lengthy comment on my last post that was thought provoking enough for me to riff off of as a new post rather then responding to him in the combox.

I'm sure it's an unpopular opinion, but I see a real problem with the widespread civil disobedience encapsulated in your post because it demonstrates the public's contempt for the rule of law. Deeper than that, it likewise points to the fact that the public (at least subconsciously) understands we no longer have any rule of law.

I think you're largely correct AT, but not about the average person understanding consciously or subconsciously that we don't have any rule of law. I think the average person has been conditioned aka programmed to believe that all of the abrogations of our constitutional laws are in fact the rule of law in action.

Observably in every judicial district of the State the various judges routinely flout this section of the law through the use of a legal fiction, ordering men to pay an arbitrarily set amount of child support or alimony and then jailing them for contempt if the debt is not paid. The legal fiction is that the man isn't being jailed for non-payment, he's being jailed for violating the courts order.

Other state constitutions have similar provisions and if that weren't enough 13th Amendment to the US constitution prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude. The peonage statutes specifically prohibit what the US child-support and alimony system has become. Not only is jailing men who can't pay their child support or alimony unconstitutional, but the court's use of a legal fiction in doing so is the proof the judges understand exactly what they are doing. Even if the men can pay the arbitrary amounts awarded by the courts, the entire system is an unconstitutional system of involuntary servitude.

When judges routinely refuse to enforce the clear protections of the constitution, favoring one group against another, they violate the constitution. Yet there is a mechanism for removing judges who refuse to uphold and obey the constitution and the process devolves to the electorate. But, when (as is now the case) the population refuses to replace the judges who violate the constitution, the constitution is abrogated and we have no rule of law.

Observably, the feminist electorate has abrogated the rule of law at this point. 

All true, but the real point is that the vast majority of the citizenry still uphold and support the abrogation of the constitution due to the rest of the establishment working in lockstep to enforce the unconstitutional family law system, as well as a whole host of other abrogations of the Constitution like the war on drugs, mass surveillance, Kelo, etc. Mass media programming and the entire education system from Kindergarten to PhD level University education all promote constitutional violations by the system and it's agents by programming the citizenry into believing that the abrogation IS supporting the rule of law and the betterment of civil society.

And while some might say this is an academic point, it isn't. A Constitution, whether it be state or federal, is the agreed-upon rule of law between sovereigns that underpins the entire government and without that agreed-upon treaty between sovereigns, we have only a collection of sovereigns without law. Without the constitutions, we have no legitimate government and likewise no legitimate way to redress grievances.

When a people do not have a legitimate way to redress grievances, they will address them illegitimately...while ignoring the inherent cognitive dissonance that should result from participating in activities that are contra to the self-image the typical citizen has of his or her self as a law abiding citizen. 

Case in point, the openly defied fireworks prohibition in Hawaii on an annual basis. What was once a cherished cultural tradition has now become a publicly supported, highly formalized and periodically controlled expression of anarchy. But the vast majority of participants wouldn't ever conceivably consider themselves as anarchists.

Fireworks on New Years in Hawaii is widely considered in integral tradition of Hawaii's modern day culture as is surfing, luaus and hula dancing. Every New Years Eve we are reminded of the fact that some cultural practises will continue regardless of what the Government deems it licit or illicit. Of course, in this case, the factors behind the national experiment of alcohol prohibition are the same factors involved in the continued ban on one of Hawaii's most popular and continually practiced traditions.

* Since Statehood, Hawaii has been a staunchly Democrat voting, unionized liberal dystopia of over-regulation, over-taxation and Government enforced cartelization of the majority of the commercial markets. By keeping fireworks illegal despite the overwhelming annual evidence that the majority of the populace disagrees with this prohibition, the establishment allows the populace to "let off some steam" at the otherwise highly over--regulated existence we belabor under the other 364 days of the year. Basically creating the conditions for an annual "micro-revolution" helps stave off the potential for a real revolution.

* Just like alcohol prohibition, the prohibition on fireworks is VERY lucrative for all the participants in the black market....and the truth of the situation is this: the sheer volume of fireworks arrive in the Hawaiian marketplace via shipping containers. And that is controlled by the most powerful union in the State - the longshoremen. The Stevedores run this town. And it is a virtual certainty that many of them HAVE to be involved in the smuggling of black market of fireworks. For anyone to think otherwise is to be utterly naive.

*Thanks to prohibition, the black market markup of a highly demanded cultural product makes the off-the-books profiteering more lucrative than probably any other black market commodity in least in the two months leading up to New Years Eve.

* The excessively high demand during the holiday season makes all those involved in fireworks smuggling, dealing and using a once-a-year criminal endeavor, so the vast majority of participants are not otherwise involved in a year round lifestyle of criminal enterprise. As it is also seasonal, those who profit off of the market also no doubt use it to subsidize all the other expenditures of the typical holiday season. As for the typical Hawaii resident firework user, most consider themselves otherwise civic minded, law abiding citizens for the rest of the year.

*The majority of the fireworks black market operates through the workplace. Dealers create order lists and distribute them to co-workers in both blue and white collar workplaces. Of course this is not the only way, as people involved in other black markets like drugs and gambling rings also distribute the order lists to their clientele. But the vast majority of fireworks are ordered and sold via the workplace. In other words, while the fireworks is a black market, it is not sold and distributed through the typical black market venues of shady, crime infested environments like other black market endeavors.

With the Establishment banning aerial fireworks, the Government itself willingly and knowingly creates the conditions to criminalize a large subset of the population who are normally law abiding and otherwise active participants in propagating a civil society throughout the rest of the year...while also underwriting extreme profiteering by the people involved in the black market distribution who are also the one of the most influential labor unions in the State.

And while many would point to the (semi) functioning courts, public safety services and other current aspects of government as evidence that I'm wrong, they now have only the illusion of legitimacy.
In the end there must be justice and one way or another there will be justice. Very few in the population can comprehend the issues involved nowadays, but the one salient point that must be made is this.

In the absence of a rule of law, the only recourse for the redress of grievances or injury between sovereigns is war.

Every person who comes to this realization is then faced with a choice: will they go to war to seek justice, or will they submit to injustice and go along to get along? But that's the real rub here. Thanks to the establishment of our Brave New World Order's methods of regularly scheduled programming mind control, we have the illusion of freedom and democracy hiding the actual authoritarian tyranny in plain sight, and most never reconcile the cognitive dissonance of it all, but instead ignore it and "go back to sleep."

Or they only come to this realization when they've already been run through the grinder and only see the situation clearly when it's too late.

Those who rule our Brave New World Order use the illusion of "freedom" and "democracy" to hide the only legitimacy T.H.E.Y. recognize as the supreme law that they abide by and use to oppress and subjugate the rest of us: "Might makes right" and "Do as thou wilt."


Anonymous said...

When talking about Law, one must differentiate between Natural Law and Political Law. Natural Law is the basis of common law, and cannot be created, only discovered and applied. Political Law is made-up law based on force or the threat of force (coercion), and is essentially a system of privilege and abuse.

One can disrespect Political Law while at the same time adhering to and being completely honorable under Natural Law.

Black Poison Soul said...

Law and Order are a misnomer. These days they are authoritarian efforts to force (effectively out of the barrel of a gun, in the case of unconstitutional family system and etc) the populace to knuckle under and do as they're told. Like good little slave-sheep, here's a pat on the head.

Disobeying these idiot/forcible expressions of control is a people's way of saying "don't push your luck" back to their oppressors. For which I applaud you Hawaiians.

Artisanal Toad said...


"Every person who comes to this realization is then faced with a choice: will they go to war to seek justice, or will they submit to injustice and go along to get along?"

That is the question, isn't it?

Unmentioned in my comment to your last post was that the constitutions are *only* abrogated when the electorate refuses to support the constitution. The government and all its entities are merely representatives of the electorate and the final responsibility for their actions rests with the electorate. Thus, the only effective actions of war would be against the electorate, not the governmental representatives.

It doesn't matter why the people (electorate) are so dumbed down and easily led astray, the issue is they chose to abrogate the constitutions and in doing so they abandoned the rule of law. That action leads to the final issue, the recognition that the vast majority of the people are unfit to be part of the electorate and nothing can change that because of the underlying problem of the feminist religio-statist culture we now have.

As more men come to that conclusion, the inevitable result is a small group will band together and decide to burn it all to the ground and start over.

"It is necessary to destroy the nation in order to save the nation" is the logical, predictable response and doing so is far easier than most can possibly imagine. All it would take is 30-40 intelligent, dedicated men who can work independently, because that's all that are needed to take down the power grid. Turn off the lights everywhere and the supply chain breaks, so no food, water or fuel for the most heavily armed population on earth. Results are predictable.

That analysis raises the question of whether the security apparatus of the state could stop such an action. Given their recent performance it's doubtful under the best of circumstances, but there may be something else involved in this situation.

God takes a hand in the course of a nation and according to the Bible, He judges a nation for its actions through the course of its existence. According to the Bible, individuals will be resurrected and judged at the end of time but nations are judged in real-time. The Bible contains numerous prophesies detailing this sort of judgment and I wrote about one in particular in my post about Isaiah 3.

As stated in that post, I'm not claiming Isaiah 3 applies to the US but it certainly describes turning off the lights, which ends the supply and support for the food and water. If that prophesy does apply to the US it will be impossible for the government to stop it because when God wants something to happen, it happens.

When one considers Tainter's "The Collapse of Complex Societies" and Taleb's "The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable" the conclusion that the US is currently circling the drain is inevitable. The only question is when it happens and how, which has a lot to do with hope that things can get better.

Currently I think President Trump has provided people with the hope that things can change, so he is buying everyone time, but he can't fix the underlying problems. His is a holding action, an opportunity to prepare. How much more time? God only knows.

For reasons related to the Romans 1:18-32 prophesy, my bet is on the 2028-2030 timeframe, but this sort of thing could realistically happen at any time. I could go on, but that's the situation we're faced with right now as I see it.

Artisanal Toad said...

Check your spam folder. said...

People have these slight wake-up calls, see how horrible reality is, and they go right back to sleep.

Now some of us can't do that once we stumble upon "The Red Pill", but decades of programming ranging from public schools to media consumption ensure that the Matrix is preferable to a bitter reality.

Deprogramming will take many generations. Neil Postman in his book "Amusing Ourselves To Death" proposed that at some point people stop caring about "rebelling" or waking up because they are too busy in their quests for entertainment and amusement. Nothing else matters.

I daresay that's most of the population today.

Jed Mask said...

Hmmm... Well y'all I do believe and see in everyday life that *GOOD CHANGES ARE HAPPENING IN SOCIETY* concerning people being convicted to *TURN TO GOD* and *FACE REALITY* and at least *NOTICE THE VISIBLE PROBLEMS ALL AROUND US*.

It takes time and the Good Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ for us to see the outcomes in the end though.


~ Bro. Jed

Unknown said...

The state never has any "monopoly of force". They either have more or less. The question now is whether they have enough to keep it up. Uncle Sham is looking weak. He can't scare Iran or North Korea anymore. His military has been packed full of freaks, women and "minorities". None of these will fight for Trump. Most might turn on each other.
Marcus Aurelius took a "diverse" army of "Roman" Legions into the German forests against a monoracial group of Germanic Tribes. They were cut to pieces. They had no loyalty to each other, and were cut to pieces -- PIECEMEAL.
Amerikwa has all the downsides of Empire and NONE OF THE BENEFITS. It will come to WAR.
The SWAMP will LOSE...

Anonymous said...

it HAD to be a non-nuke payload, otherwise I'm quite sure we would have at least heard it get blown to smithereens

no, a nuke requires an extremely precise compression of the fissionables, coordinated with the impact of the plutonium wedge. timed down to the hundredth of a second.

if you look at nukes, there are numerous trigger sites all over the exterior of the uranium shell. these are the igniter sites for the various conventional explosive charges that create the shockwave which compresses the uranium as the wedge impacts.

failure to generate this shockwave, such as an anti-missile knockdown is just going to result in a bunch of enriched uranium shrapnel. whatever explosion there's going to be will be from the anti-missile itself.

however, for whatever reason, I've been unable to comment at Vox's for a few months now. My IP must have been spammed by one of the mods while I was sock puppeting for the LULz or Googliath doesn't like me anymore as an anonymous commenter, as whenever I try to comment now, it appears for a moment than disappears.

this has been happening to me as well.

perhaps 1/3 of my posts actually stay up. Markku and AutoMatt have both told me that it's Blogspot "expert systems" screwing this up.