Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Pretense of the Profit Motive

The problem with the average citizen's conception of economics as a career, a praxeology or as a scientific discipline, is the basic assumption that the profit motive is the primary force in all of mankind's endeavors. In free, semi-free and even semi-controlled market economies, the profit motive is certainly the dominant paradigm, and a useful means of measuring primary motivations for actions of both individuals and disembodied, abstract entities and organizations engaged in all of the economic activities of our society.

In other words, for any John Doe citizen who is a small business owner whom spends years honing his craft and providing his commercial services to his fellow citizens to make a profit to afford the lifestyle he wants to accustom himself to, the profit motive is pure. He knows that in the world of small business and intimate communities, reputation and word-of-mouth is everything, and doing his best to create symbiotic relationships that profits both himself and his community of customers and fellow citizens at the same time are the ultimate expression of mutual benefaction that is the supposed hallmark of "free market capitalism."

But the days of small businesses and individual entrepreneurship serving as the primary engine of the nations economic activities are no longer relevant to the current state of USA Inc. Here in "The Land of the Free," in 2017, while we the sheeple operate on the basic premise of the Profit Motive as the engine of productivity, wealth and health of our communities, the large Corporations, Non-Profits, Tax-Haven Foundations, Government departments and branches and PAC loobyist groups that make up the concentric rings of our cartel-controlled markets at the local, national and international levels, care not one whit for "making a profit."

Profit$ are chump change.

The people who control our Brave New World Order are the shareholders of the multi-national corporations that control almost everything bought and sold in the world today. These are they that call all the shots. And one of the primary corporations that they control is the Central Usury Cartel that controls the central banking systems in most of the world.

In other words, all the fabulously wealthy elites that own the shares in all the corporations (only 147 entities control nearly 40 percent of all of monetary value of transnational corporations in the world,) could give a shit about making "Profits." Profits is an idea for the proles to consume themselves with so that we don't notice the ever increasing and burdensome controls being implemented in a gradual but escalating pace.

They have usurped and deceived we the sheeple into accepting the take over of our economies, governments and institutions through their fiat usury schemes aka "money creation" power. In other words, do you really think T.H.E.Y. give a shit about profit, when these are they who have the power to create as much "money" as they need at any time? Profit$ are for pikers. The real prize is control...total population control. With their power to "print" as much money as they'd like, they use it quite liberally to achieve this goal of total population control.

Wonder no more at the propaganda studio lots seeking to Poz the world with Californication and Celebridolatry, churning out infotainment programming with social justice themes and narratives that consistently lose money hand over fist.

The producers in charge of a never ending stream of box office bombs, tell-a-vision series cancellations, print media circulation drops and downsized publishing houses haven't made genuine profits in a decade or more.. They don't need to nor do they seem to really even want to. Their primary function is not to make profits, but to manufacture consensus, control the narrative and pacify the populace to get we the sheeple to fall in line and to think and behave how they want us to.

One of the more obvious examples we can point to to make the case that profits is not their primary (or even secondary) motive, is teh Pr0n industry in USA Inc. If you look into the economics of the industry, you'll find it almost impossible to find real, concrete statistics on revenues and profits of the industry in recent years. After clicking through a few of the Infogalactic pages footnotes, I still couldn't find any references to hard numbers on the financial state of teh Pr0n industry since at least 2004. Twelve years ago, the investigative journalists at ABC published this estimate in their report, Porn Profits: Corporate America's Secret -

It is hard to estimate how much money these corporations derive from porn because they do not publicize it in their portfolios or anywhere else. Their financial statements do not mention profits from adult movies. However, one industry analyst estimated that the combination of cable and satellite outlets makes about $1 billion a year from the adult-movie market.

Four years ago, Sam Spencer at the Covenant Eyes blog tried to find more recent information on the industry:

So what about now, in 2012? Very little research has been done recently into the size of the pornography industry. For instance, a 2012 Time article quoted an estimate by the Adult Video Network done several years ago for the U.S. online adult entertainment industry at $2.8 billion. Note that this does not indicate what exactly was included in the study, only noting that it was the “online” adult entertainment industry.

Keeping these studies in mind and the massive amount of free internet pornography available, let’s conservatively estimate the U.S. pornography industry at around $8 billion.

While 2012 no doubt had massive amounts of free pornography available on teh Interwebz, it's nowhere near like it is now in 2016. Now that teh Pr0n is abundant, ubiquitous and free for all, how is it still generating $800 of profit a year, let alone $8 billion?

At least with the music industry, we saw the market for album sales disappear and royalty payments for artists dry up in a few short years in the face of file sharing/P2P piracy, but the music acts were able to reconfigure their business models and resume making money by touring -- and charging crazy high concert ticket prices -- at ages when they should be consigned to retirement homes or in-house hospice care.

 Where is the parallel reconfiguration of teh Pr0n industry's business model to stay afloat and maximize their profit motive?

A Canadian Business article from 2012 noted:

As big of a headache as freely distributed content is for the music and movie businesses, it’s even worse for adult entertainment because Web surfers have no compulsions about getting the stuff without paying for it. The traditional-sector profiteers are hurting too thanks to the Internet, smartphones and iPads—with people bringing their own porn, hotel chains are pulling x-rated movies from their in-room entertainment options.

So four years later, with hotel chains and satellite and cable tell-a-vision content no longer realizing profits from teh Pr0n, how is it still being mass produced and distributed for free consumption? It's quite obvious to this whackaloon conspiritard, that teh Pr0n is a mindweapon of mass distraction and social engineering to emasculate and spread sexual dysfunction amongst we the sheeple.

While teh Pr0n "industry" is one of the more obvious examples, another one that needs to seriously be considered is social media - especially the NSA prime data harvesting app, FaceBorg. Are we really supposed to believe that ad revenues are the primary purpose for the existence of this company and the "services" they provide? Oh wait, they're supposed to be collecting and collating user info to sell to international marketing companies, right? Right?!?!?

Or YouTube? Or even AdSense on blogger? We are supposed to believe clickbait ads or quick vids that everyone clicks through as soon as it allows you to, covers the costs of the truly massive storage space requirements for YouTube, let alone make a profit?

I'm not buying it.


MichaelJMaier said...

I'm not buying it either. I doubt my Facebook activity has generated more than a few bucks for them, and I really doubt anything directly.

The jacked-up part is they extort content providers (usually musicians) to pay or else they block local information. I have had more than one music act come and go and FB blocked their local concert info, even though the act's FB page is followed on my feed.

I can't even pay to overcome that. So I miss shows because the artist doesn't want to pay extra and I never knew they were here.

evilwhitemalempire said...

"We are supposed to believe clickbait ads or quick vids that everyone clicks through as soon as it allows you to, covers the costs of the truly massive storage space requirements for YouTube, let alone make a profit?"
But the thing is

a: the mandatory 'wait time' on a lot of those YouTube ads has been creeping steadily upward.

b: there's now a RedTube where you pay to access vids without commercials.

evilwhitemalempire said...

Leftists win against rightists because the right is only interested in profit while the left invests in hearts and minds instead.

That is more likely the reason for this discrepancy you observe between investment and profit.

If you have money to burn why not use that money to 'buy' social changes that you want to see?

Lucas Temple said...

I've been wondering about this as well. We know there is very literal profit in most leftist media outlets and that ones such as the Guardian are deeply in debt.

Still they keep going and get more radical in the mean time.

Who is funding them? We know Soros has his hands in a few pots, but it's got to be much deeper than that. While a previous commenter mentions they are doing everything they can to get something out of you - for instance YouTube Red, we know they aren't making as much of a profit.

I would point out though that both Google and Facebook own a lot of platforms as well as companies in other industries. They've "diversified" enough to keep the money coming flowing and thus fund their profitless leftist evangelizing.

MichaelJMaier said...

a: the mandatory 'wait time' on a lot of those YouTube ads has been creeping steadily upward.

And when I listen to the audio of obscure song videos all night and don't give a single advertiser a penny, they're still getting the same amount of profit.

Keoni Galt said...

If YouTube was truly concerned with profits, they would have certainly not censored and taken down the videos of the BLMKidnapping and the many PizzaGate videos that have all gone viral.

If click generated revenue were their primary motive, controversial and anti-establishment viral videos would be one of their biggest $$$ makers.

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