Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nutritional Deficien$$ies

Within the darkened confines of a Sheeple FEED Production Facility

There's a reason why the CAFO system warehouses chickens and pigs in an environment of complete darkness and feed them genetically modified grain feed that fattens them quickly for harvesting and processing. That reason is profiting from nutritional deficiencies.

Take the following excerpts from a transcript of the documentary Food Inc., the seminal expose of the Corporate Feed Production Industry:

The chicken industry has really set a model for the integration of production, processing and marketing of the products that other industries are now following because they see that we have achieved tremendous economies. In a way, we're not producing chickens; we're producing food.

Not're producing feed.

It's all highly mechanized. So all the birds coming off those farms have to be almost exactly the same size. What the system of intensive production accomplishes is to produce a lot of food on a small amount of land at a very affordable price. Now somebody explain to me what's wrong with that.
Because you're not producing food that nourishes and strengthens the human body. Your producing sheeple feed that leads to malnourishment and diseases that provide a continual source of revenues for the Healthcare-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.

But is it really worth it for the average, modern day chicken farmer to invest themselves in this occupation? Does manufacturing sheeple feed pay well enough to fund the American Dream of life, liberty the pursuit of happiness?

Here's what one chicken farmer told the documentary film maker:

The chicken industry came in here and it's helped this whole community out. Here's my chicken houses here. I have about 300,000 chickens. 
We have a contract with Tyson. They've been growing chickens for many many years. It's all a science. They got it figured out. If you can grow a chicken in 49 days, why would you want one you gotta grow in three months? More money in your pocket.

Sounds like a good deal for the chicken farmers, right? Except the chicken farmer also realizes something is intrinsically wrong with the science of producing chicken FEED in 49 days.
Farmer: "These chickens never see sunlight. They're pretty much in the dark all the time."

Interviewer: "So you think they just want to keep us out?"
Farmer: "I don't know. If I knew, I'd tell you. It would be nice if y'all could see what we really do, but as far as y'all going in, we can't let you do that. I understand why farmers don't want to talk -- because the company can do what it wants to do as far as pay goes since they control everything."

The interviewer and the farmer can only speculate as to why the Feed Production Corporation insists they have to have their chickens housed in total darkness. They even proffer a lame justification for it later on in the film:

Farmer: "When it's dark inside the houses, the chickens lay down. It's less resistance when they're being caught."

So that's why? But what about this?

It is nasty in here. There's dust flying everywhere. There's feces everywhere. This isn't farming. This is just mass production, like an assembly line in a factory. When they grow from a chick and in seven weeks you've got a five-and-a-half- pound chicken, their bones and their internal organs can't keep up with the rapid growth. A lot of these chickens here, they can take a few steps and then they plop down. It's because they can't keep up all the weight that they're carrying.

Oh, so they need to be raised in total darkness around the clock so as to make them easier for the undocumented migrant workers to capture them when it's harvest time...but these chickens can't even take a few steps because they've been genetically altered and bred to grow so quickly that their bones and organs can't even keep up? That doesn't add up.

I'll tell you what does, though.

You know the old saying, "you are what you eat?" Well, if the predominant source of animal based saturated fats you eat are the lean boneless/skinless chicken meat of factory farmed chickens who are raised for their entire lives in complete darkness, you're eating meat that almost completely void of vital fat soluble vitamins - most importantly, vitamin D.

Most animals, like humans, require sunlight exposure to manufacture Vitamin D, the keystone vitamin for nearly all life on the planet, and chickens are certainly no exception. The promotion of fear of red meat and saturated fat for decades by our corporate mass media and academic institutions, combined with the fear of sun exposure all play a role in the operation of promoting Vitamin D deficiency for profit.

Many of the chicken farmers know that animals raised in fresh air, sunshine, and uncrowded conditions  makes for nutritious, healthy food, fit for human consumption.

But they can't do anything about it, because they are indentured into their servitude by debt financing:

The companies keep the farmers under their thumb because of the debt that the farmers have. To build one poultry house is anywhere from $280,000 to $300,000 per house. And once you make your initial investment, the companies constantly come back with demands of upgrades for new equipment, and the grower has no choice. They have to do it or you're threatened with loss of a contract. This is how they keep the farmers under control. It's how they keep them spending money, going to the bank and borrowing more money. The debt just keeps building. To have no say in your business, it's degrading. It's like being a slave to the company.

What we see here is the intersection of corporate entities across various industries and 
how they work to provide continuous revenue streams -- renewable resources -- for each other. It is
 the vertical integration of markets to enable Corporate Oligopolies to 
harvest and consume the very life essence - our very health and vitality
 - of we the sheeple. 

It's the inhumane, systemic exploitation of life to feed the profits and stock value for the inhuman, corporate entity, and it works something like this:

Big Oil corporations provides the technology and energy capital that enables Big Agriculture to produce Federally Subsidized grain surplus, that is used by Big Food processing corporations  to create food products and for the production of grain feed for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, which in turn manufacture nutritionally deficient and environmentally destructive meat products for human consumption.

Big Government regulatory agencies enforce stringent regulations on smaller businesses and competitors, ensuring almost complete market control by the Big Feed producers. These corporate Oligopolies also fund studies done by Big Science entities who publish studies based on deliberate lies, distortions, data manipulations and outright falsehoods for Big Media broadcast propaganda that brainwashes the masses into making consumer choices that support the consuming of FEED produced by this infernal conglomerate of incorporated fiends.

Over a life time of eating processed grain products and nutritionally deficient meats from processed grocery, convenience and fast food industries (who are also in part, owned by Big Insurance), the average sheeple becomes critically malnourished and sick, so they go to their Big Healthcare provider to get their maintenance medications from Big Pharmaceutical corporations.

Oh, and let's not forget that it's Big Banking - TOO BIG TO FAIL - that debt finances the production, distribution and marketing of every aspect of this corporate leviathan that manages the concentrated sheeple feeding operations here in good 'ole USA Inc. But I digress...

What it really all comes down to, is this - the corporate leviathan that rules our Brave New World Order has a simple paradigm they follow to maintain their power:

If you control the feed, you control the sheeple.


Anonymous said...

"If you control the feed you control the sheeple."

Not to mention the fact that the present state of American livestock is very likely the future state certain elites envision for the sheeple themselves, specifically: "a system that houses them in complete darkness and fattens them for harvesting and processing."

Doktor Bill said...

Eric; To serve Man.
Tyson is evil, if you have acreage, they offer to build these "Plants" on credit. they are Everywhere! the runoff of the chicken 'litter' is killing rivers & streams, but Tyson can't be sued because these are all "Independant contracters". Now Tyson has expanded into hog factories & cattle. We. Are. Doomed.
BTW it's no accident that Tyson is based in Arkansas, and built their empire under the Clinton administration.

Will Best said...

Well Vitamin D would do two negative things
1) It would waste feed growing bones and ograns
2) It would enable the chickens to move around causing them to burn more energy moving and perhaps increasing the likelihood of disease transmission, or injury due to agitation in confined spaces

finndistan said...

Short summary:

Mexican kid comes up to me
"Man thank you thank you thank you. I have been doing the no-gluten thing you talked about that day. Wow. Just amazing. I did think you were crazy when you were talking about that to Mexican2, but I tried it. You changed my life"

Finnish friend, a specializing doctor, was with us, so he asked about the story.

I told him about gluten.

He said, can't be.

I told him about gluten's biochemical effect on the body.

He said, no-gluten cannot heal all.

I said not heal all, but cause many.

He said, there is medicine.

I said, yes and there is not causing the problem.

He said, he needs studies.

I said, the studies will never be done.

He said he needs studies.

I said there are thousands of testimonials, but the studies will not be done. you cannot patent going gluten free

He said he needs studies.

I said so where are the studies for HPV vaccine?

He said HPV vaccine is necessary.

I said where are the long term studies.

He said, my gluten-free argument is invalid because i bring up the vaccine issue and thus he cannot anymore believe me.

By the way,

go get your flu shot, because Vitamin D is poison. Yup yup.

Anonymous said...

Keoni --

Don't forget about iodine -- most Westerners (including Americans) might turn out to be extremely deficient.

Table salt manufacturers only add iodides to table salt in minimal quantities to prevent imbecility -- the powers that be can't have the worker drones be total morons, although they do appear to tolerate partial morons ...

Anonymous said...

The tools for food-based resistance are open-source and mostly Internet-connected.


Anonymous said...

And it's dark because it saves electricity. And really, what do they need to be looking at? Are they reading the Sunday paper? Or filling out their voter registration cards?

Anonymous said...


Somewhat OT, but did you see this?

"Russian MPs are worried that the US dollar may collapse in 2017, due to the growth of US government debt...building up debt is a strategy of the American elite; since this buildup has its ends, it's logical ends will be default or some other kind of economic turmoil. We need to convert our (Russia's) reserve into gold."

It sounds like Russia is already seeing on the wall that our elites won't mention...

Unknown said...


Great post. Really ties things together.

I'd like to ask your opinion on a related subject.

We have watched ads for expensive bodybuilding supplements for years, while beautiful, genetically gifted, steroid users flex and strut their stuff in the background.

We are told... 1) eat protein 2) eat very little fat
3) eat lots of carbs (except before a show to get ripped)

I'm curious how much damage these muscle heads are doing to themselves by depriving themselves of fats, and from eating so many wheat carbs.

I suspect the supplements make up some of the deficiencies.

Obviously, these freaks are getting paid to promote these supplements and are getting free supplements as well. So they are happy to pitch the product.

I eat a pretty balanced diet, high in protein, lots of veggies, no wheat, and plenty of healthy fats. I still lift heavy at age 57.

I see lots of younger guys just getting raped with the supplement sales pitch. And the amount of wheat carbs an sugar they consume is astronomical.

Anyway, I forgot what my question was. Oh yeah, what do you think about depriving yourself of healthy fats, and eating large quantities of pasta?

TempestTcup said...

Sometimes we will get a rotisserie chicken for a quick dinner, and rarely do they ever have rib cages. Freaky.

And we know we are putting crap in our systems, but it's less awful than some stuff.

CarpeOro said...

Are chickens advertised as Amish raised any safer? Probably not something you see in Hawaii but not uncommon in the Midwest. Just looking for what I can do health wise in an urban area like metro-Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Since you are a health enthusiast,I would like to introduce you to the works of Dr.Ray Peat. His views are rather radical.For example he says white table sugar is good for health and energy

Keoni Galt said...

@ Professor Hale - And it's dark because it saves electricity. And really, what do they need to be looking at? Are they reading the Sunday paper? Or filling out their voter registration cards?

I know you're being facetious, Professor, lozlzol, however you got it completely backwards! Because they keep them in completely dark sheds, they have to constantly run large fans to keep air flowing through the sheds...whereas, if they had open sheds with free range access to sunshine and fresh air, they wouldn't have to use any electricity!

@ Eric - "Somewhat OT, but did you see this?" Nope. Thanks for the link.

@ Ryan - "Anyway, I forgot what my question was. Oh yeah, what do you think about depriving yourself of healthy fats, and eating large quantities of pasta?"

I know plenty of guys that eat like crap and still have great physiques, because they work out alot. Thing is, most people eventually slow down and/or quit working out as they get older. That's when the bad diet WILL catch up to them.

But we also have a mitigating factor here...a lot of body building advice that preaches low fat diets also recommend fish oil supplements, which may certainly supply the nutrients they're not getting from the low fat diet.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Hey, love the post, however the mass farming has a 2nd larger problem: Vitamin K2 deficiency.

Here's a fantastic book about it:

Basically, our main source of Vitamin K2 is from meat, eggs or dairy provided that the animals from which you're taking were raised in grass fields (not grain fed).
The grass supposedly ferments in the animals' stomachs turning their fat yellow (yes, animal fat used to be yellow) but since farmers started grain feeding they noticed the fat turning white. Consumers loved it so more farmers started doing it to keep up with demand.
The result? Vitamin K2 deficiencies all through the population.
Vitamin K2 is the missing link in getting calcium into bones and teeth, so for all those people taking calcium supplements without also taking K2 you're actually harming yourself because the excess calcium ends up in your arteries. Excess calcium in the arteries leads to calcium build-up which leads to heart disease.
The lack of K2 is also attributed to the sad state of people's teeth in the Western world where people in 3rd world countries have full, healthy teeth, despite a lack of regular brushing.
Anyways, sorry for the long post, but definitely check out the book as it's a great read, at least the first half of it. It gets a bit weird in the 2nd half.