Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Overturning the Pedestal

Winston Wiki defines it thus:
Noun misogyny (usually uncountable; plural misogynies) hatred or contempt for women

Once you take the red pill, there is no going back. This is a frequent lament we see all over the manosphere. The most profound effect I've experienced from taking the red pill, is the acceptance that a certain level of misogyny is GOOD for men to develop. It is the only true anti-dote to the mental pedestalization of the female gender we men have been inculcated with over a lifetime in our socially engineered culture.

Misogyny is the key to male liberation from blue pill delusions. Only by embracing it, can men adopt a new paradigm in which the female of the human species has forever been knocked off of the pedestal that had been erected in our minds by institutionalized brainwashing and mass media programming.

No, I don't "hate" women as a whole. Contempt? Most certainly.

Back in the blue pill days, I was enchanted and mesmerized by the female gender as a whole. Tell-a-Vision and a childhood steeped in Churchianity had me forever looking at the female gender as the only bright light in a world of shit. I was indoctrinated into becoming a worshiper at the feet of the pedestal of the "sacred feminine."

The last thing I ever wanted to become, was a misogynist. No, I bought into the delusion that the key to being accepted and gain the approval of the female herd was to become the vaunted WhiteKnight-EmotionalTampon- InTouchWithMyFeelings- LJBF-NICE GUY.

All a woman...ANY woman (not just young, attractive ones)...had to do when I was younger, was smile at me or give me a pathetic pleading look, or a nice sounding request and I was ready to do her bidding. The bat of an eyelash or a supplicating sound of her voice had me ready to ask her "how high would you like me to jump?"

I helped ladies move, "lent" them money (never asked for it back, mostly never got paid back either), given them rides, helped them with homework, built them things, fixed their cars, bought them drinks and/or meals...anything any female in my life requested, I did. "NO" was not a part of my vocabulary when it came to dealing with the opposite gender. I've had girlfriends become furious with me for doing such favors for other girls, even when it was obvious that I was "just friends" and simply being a nice guy. I once had a girlfriend tell me "why did you help her install that car stereo? She should get HER OWN BOYFRIEND instead of asking MINE for help!" At that time, I had no idea why she was angry. I was just being a 'nice guy' helping a lady in need.

I also spent many a time with groups of female friends, joining in on the "all men are pigs" type of conversations. I've been that "one of the girls" guy on many an occasion. ("You're so COOL! Why can't more guys be like YOU?!"  Easy enough, since for most of my young adult life, I've had a steady girlfriend, so other girls in my social/work/student circles viewed me as non-threatening or having ulterior motives in "hanging out."

Note - I'm not talking about being the "nice guy" here in hopes of getting a romantic response from a particular female. These are women for whom I knew as friends, acquaintances, co-workers, colleagues etc. In other words, if it had a vagina, I said "yes dear" to any and every request, simply to live up to the expectations inculcated in my mind on how a "good man" is one who serves the feminine imperative.

My indoctrination and upbringing had trained me to seek feminine approval above anything else. I was not even aware that in 99% of these cases of doing favors or acceding to the wishes of women, I got almost nothing in return (except a brief expression of approval...which, while under the influence of the blue pill was all I really wanted in the first place...ugh, oh how I retch at the memories.)

Those days are long gone.

I've come to the realization that misogyny is the inevitable antidote one must accept, after gaining an understanding of the ugly truth of the female imperative and how it works to enslave men for it's own purpose.

Most women nowadays really are beneath contempt. Manipulative, conniving, self-centered and solipsistic...especially beautiful ones. I now understand that this is the result of the programming most females are inculcated with from the same mass media culture that programmed me to be a pedestal worshiper.

Actually, ALL women are solipsistic and manipulative to a certain degree (AWALT). It is their very nature. The real problem is that our mass media culture encourages women to embrace it, revel in it, and use their power of attraction to manipulate for their own selfish ends. It has always been like this, I just never recognized it until the hindsight as seen through the clarity of understanding that came with taking the red pill.

But one thing this misogynist will admit: Not all women are like that. Really. I know a few. These are women who understand that the true path to happiness is creating a sphere of nurturing and contentment amongst her friends and family. Such women are a literal joy to be around. There contentment is infectious.
Such women are to be treasured and appreciated as the rarity of delightful femininity that has been all but erased by the Brave New World Order's programming.

Oh, and there is one common denominator I note about all these women who are "not like that." They're all happily married to men they respect (and submit to, though most would never verbally admit that - some blue pill programming runs DEEP...), have children, and are content with their families and strive to make their homes happy places for them.

But for most women I meet, my baseline assumption is that they are contemptuous creatures not worthy of anything other than basic human consideration...unless and until they prove otherwise.


Anonymous said...

"they are contemptuous creatures"

Contemptuous = they hold you in contempt.

Contemptible = you hold them in contempt.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those few good women who are already married were always like that. Or did their strong male companions put them in their place, enabling them to become the lovely, nurturing types you refer to.

El Bastardo said...

I use to live in Hawaii. I was out with friends there, and they brought this tall, crazy feminist super cunt with them. My aquaitance was out with her trying to get in that; she had huge tits, so he was hooked. So me, super cunt, dude wanting to nail her, and our other friends who knew her four years came with.

At the club she politiely informed me that women ruled, and men were somewhere under her feet. I politely, read sarcastically, told her the opposite, and did not put up with her crap..

Well, after five minutes, and a quick drink, I went back to the bar for another; and she was gone? I noticed all of my "friends" were gone too? I guess she had gone outside, was crying, saying that I said terrible things to her? They screened her and told me they knew she was full of it. But they had been friends forever, did not want her to go home drunk alone, and asked me if I could understand? Blah, Blah, Blah, they even told me it was not my fault, but were leaving me anyways because she did not like me? The one guy basically told me he just wanted ass, don't be a douche. Keep in mind, I did not say anything this whole fie minutes they were pleading with me to understand, I just observed what whipped feminist cunt suckers looked like; and vowed to never allow that to be me! Found another feminist cunt later, and turned her into my whipping girl, what can I say, I was angry; she did not mind ;) The whole time they are begging me for forgiveness for leaving me at the club to go "console" the girl over the phone, before I left, you get the picture; pathetic. The following day at the beach where we all hung out they were telling me and everyone how sorry they were.

I was in Hawaii for two years after that, never hung out with them, or called again.

They told me it was not my fault. Fortunately for me I had taken the Red Pill before then. I had great pleasure in her uncomfortable silences toward me afterwards! The others asked me out, but quit after I declined on several occasions.

I am a red pill man, blue pill manginas who support that sort of crazy need not apply!

You cn't just be selective about the girls you meet, but your friends too. These were great people, so I thought, turned out they were just as worthless.

To whoever reads that, hope it helps. I was not expecting that from people I hung out with, showed me how crazy feminism really is.

*** ******** said...

that quote is awesome. i've never heard that before even though i'm familiar with mencken.


*** ******** said...

and yeah, the women who are not like the average, are amazing, refreshing, and simply mindblowing to be around.

Keoni Galt said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"they are contemptuous creatures"

Contemptuous = they hold you in contempt.

Contemptible = you hold them in contempt.

2 points - 1) for the most part, even though you are correct and I mistakenly used contemptuous for contemptible, the concept still works, no? lol 2) Since I'm not paid to blog (no blog ads here...now or ever), I really do appreciate the free editor work you provide!

Anonymous said...

I don't hate women, but I don't love or supplicate to all of them as I used to. I don't see them in the same way I used to.


Anonymous said...

Keoni can give you me your opinion on this piece?


Keoni Galt said...

Interesting theories (conspiratorial, of course) juxtaposed with some observable truths.

Truths like:

"America's tyrants need enemies to preserve their war-based rule and national security dictatorship. And Iran's Islamic tyrants need the Great Satan and Zionist Serpent as enemies in order to legitimize their harsh rule over Iran."

Anonymous said...

Opposing female demands, and presumptuous expectations, will soon put a Man in a world of shit. He must reject her absurd demands, however; even if Abandoned to Alba.

Orion said...

@El Bastardo

Yeah, I've never hung with guys like that but I know they are out there. Another key difference for most men versus the majority of women is quality versus quantity of friendships. We all make mistakes over the years, but the people I designate as my friends are guys who are the type to come through for you when stuff happens. My wife? She actually dismissed a bridesmaid a few months before the wedding. My grooms men were all solid and I'd never had a thought of dismissing any of them.

Rmaxd said...


In the 1920s, the US government found that animals fed a diet of white flour developed serious neurological diseases and died.
Instead of banning this deadly product like they should have, the FDA declared that most white flour products must be "enriched" with iron and a few vitamins to "correct" the problem. Unfortunately, this decision has helped create an even more insidious situation that results in diabetes, heart disease and cancer for millions of people.

Stingray said...


Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I am honored.

papabear said...

"You cn't just be selective about the girls you meet, but your friends too. These were great people, so I thought, turned out they were just as worthless."

Men need to whip other men into shape, but wasn't there anything worth salvaging if you could put them on notice for bad behavior? I suppose you thought they wouldn't change.

The Social Pathologist said...

It's not about hating women. It's about recognising what they are and what they need.

Ecclesiastes said...

Re: blog post

Then I left a comment you'd understand on another blog.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and there is one common denominator I note about all these women who are "not like that." They're all happily married to men they respect (and submit to, though most would never verbally admit that - some blue pill programming runs DEEP...), have children, and are content with their families and strive to make their homes happy places for them.

I think that is such an important point. One of the big problems with feminism is that it leads women to value the kinds of things that men are good at and to strive to do those things; unfortunately, because women aren't as good at these things, we do them rather shabbily. The things that we could be good at, such as managing a home and nurturing children, are not valued by women so much now. The result is a lot of frustration, dissatisfaction, and general crabbiness. We want what we want, except when we get it; then we don't like it anymore and it must be someone's fault.

And if you are one of those happy women, other women hate you. I got called a "golden retriever" by a woman on a blog yesterday just because I wrote that I don't mind submitting to my husband!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it built into the capitalist system of requiring new markets and to feed new customers, but the appeal to youth and flippant dismissal of wisdom seems endemic to the West.

Which explains the disillusionment many men have. Where shallow and childish receive undue attention.

But when their wrath turns to those who expose their many faults, their claws are sharp and varied.


Anonymous said...


RedPillers have many tools to inoculate against feminist/Tell-A-Vision.

One is to put the tv volume on mute, or to even block out voices and study mannerisms, facial expressions etc. This helps one see the true nature of others.

Also, one can imagine people behind close doors and visualize them at their lowest. This helps bring them down many notches.

L.G. Robins said...

What a great quote. While I hate to say I hate women, the majority of the time I have an intense disgust. I try not to hold it against all women, but time and time again women let me down and men hold true. Recently, I had some bad news at the doctor (all is well now), but that coupled with other life stresses caused a female emotional breakdown. The male doctor comforted me and reassured me for a good 30 mins where the three female nurses involved just stared at me like I was a crazy woman. None of them offered a tissue, offered a caring word, offered help or advice, etc., etc. This just made me more upset as I thought, "so where is this great sisterhood" when you need it?

Roy said...

I took the Red Pill many years ago, saw the writing on the wall, and this was Singapore (where I'm from) in the late 90s. Everyone thought I was stark staring crazy!

The evolution from mere disgust, to contempt, to full on hatred has only intensified in the last two years. Now I have come out swinging and declared that I really, really detest women - no quarter asked and none given in return.

Keoni, I fully appreciate where you are coming from.

Anonymous said...

lgr wrote:"so where is this great sisterhood" when you need it?"

I agree with this. I too cannot say I hate women. It's just that I do not trust most of them any farther than I could throw their not-so-petite selves.


Anonymous said...

Everyone at Man Boobz appears to be having lots of fun with this post.

Keoni Galt said...

As you quickly found out sunshine by your attempts to debate and by their response to my comments there, they are not interested in debate or discussion -- only denunciations. 2 minutes of hate, indeed.

It's a virtual stockade in the politically correct town square. Futrelle picks someone to target, and they all proceed to throw garbage, spit and bile on them.


Tom Martin said...

I am now editing a short film asking passers by in London, which sex they think is more sexist, then asking further passers by what they actually have to say about men and women - I won't give away the results of the experiment just yet. Subscribe to my sexismbusters channel on youtube to see the film.

Anonymous said...

The Woman and the Dragon
It is a common misconception. All the SAHMs that I know screwed up their children, as did the female teachers and care takers.

My brain is not typical doesn't act as a typical woman I actually thoroughly enjoyed feeding and entertaining men, until I was told it was a domestic chore and it was my duty. You can make me hate my own children but please don't take my favorite pasttime from me.

Unknown said...

Awesome post! I was expecting something very...impolite...due to the title, but you are spot on. The very reasons that you list above are precisely why I've only had male friends since 8th grade. It was during this time that I realized I could never be like others of my sex, and saw them for the bad influences they were turning into right before my eyes.

Unlike the other women posters on here, I went in the exact opposite direction; I truly am "one of the guys". Who do my friends call when they need some extra cash, an extra set of hands doing home repair, to drive them to the airport, to play D&D with, or to have a movie night/dinner with? That's right...me. They know that they'll never see me in a dress, but if their car breaks down at 2am, I will come get them and let them crash at my place.

So, I'm not feminine in the least. I don't wear makeup, I don't wear heels, I don't wear dresses, and I usually end up paying for dinner everytime we go out. Instead of submitting to a husband (which is 100% fine if you're like that!) I became stronger. My own apartment, a business and philosophy degree, my own car, a 50+ hour a week job, 2 promotions at work, and a great "friend with benefits" relationship with a wonderful guy...All this in the 6 years since I left my mother's house.

In my opinion, I may not be "womanly", but I am a good type of woman. Let me ask you though, good sir...in your opinion, am I still a woman worth knowing even without femininity? Your blog left me confused on that part. Sometimes in the MRM, it seems there is no room for us true "tomboys".

Anonymous said...

All anyone really needs to do is listen to American women talking; watch their actions towards men, read their literature and watch films and television shows directed at them. Listen to what is being taught to them in schools and universities, (and even churches); and how many of them grew up with 'heroic single moms'.

How can anything but misandry be produced in this miasmic atmosphere? Any man should avoid them like the plague, but few, if any, have given men reason to suspect anything but the worst about their characters.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. This post explains what my eyes have been opened to this past year. You are correct, once the red pill is taken there is no way to go back, the only way to move is forward.

Anonymous ( July 17, 2012 8:48 PM) asked:

“I wonder if those few good women who are already married were always like that. Or did their strong male companions put them in their place, enabling them to become lovely nurturing types you refer to.”

I can only speak from my own experience, but perhaps there are others who could confirm or deny their own—the potential was there and my husband tells me he always saw it. The problem was, as this post points out well, the institutionalized brainwashing and mass media programming I received growing up led me to believe wrongly how I should conduct myself and treat those around me. During most of our marriage my husband responded much the same way Keoni Galt relates of himself before the red pill. My husband has very much enabled me to pull away from the indoctrinated attitude and natural tendencies I am prone to. Not only has he helped give him the kind of woman he wants by his side, but it is a gift of freedom to me. I didn’t realize how oppressed and weighed down I was by what I’d been taught until I wasn’t pressured to live it. I believe for me that it was a portion of both what was always part of me cultivated by my husband post red pill understanding.

You say you are without femininity, but how is it you are defining it? By the icing on a cake only or by what the cake is made of, the ingredients that make a good cake? I am in the process of posting a series at my site defining femininity from a perspective that is different than what you’re thinking of it that you may find interesting.

Jacquie said...

Something happened in my comment above and my name and link did not appear. This time it should work correctly.

Anonymous said...

Stasi - It is EXACTLY women like yourself, the great "tomboys", who DESTROYED the Patriarchy. "Exceptional women" such as yourself entered all male-spaces, demand quotas, want to break the glass ceiling, fuck like men, be like men, etc.

It is androgynous creatures such as yourself that despite reality and are the catty ones.

The femme girls stay in their places and don't try to disrupt male comradie nor male friendships nor all-male spaces nor male-dominated spaces.

Its always women such as yourself that do that.

NO TOMBOYS. They are the soul of the feminazi movement.

It is women such as yourself that believe that the evil patriarchy is out to get you yet imitate those macho men you despise.

Fuck you.

Unknown said...

the home-repair books you can buy at the DIY story. Pages 5-6 of "Building a New Road" strike me as such an amazing depiction of a complex sequence of steps that I have to remind myself that it's not animation walnut plumber

Anonymous said...

@Keoni Galt
"a certain level of misogyny is GOOD for men to develop"

It seems that a great part of the problem lies with men. Why do men crumble so with women, and allow women to get away with manipulation, lies, disloyalty, spite and mind-blowing selfishness, laughing about it with their equally shameless "friends"? We're idiots.

I agree there are (very few) exceptions but most Western women honestly are a scummy waste of a decent body. Even those women (mostly married) who pose as "friends" of men on blogs like this (and who even have their own blogs) are doing it purely for selfish ends (learning about men's feelings in order to better manipulate men and/or hang onto their alpha boyfriend/husband; whoring for male attention/flirting; whiling away their boredom online; etc.). They're pretty much the same as the everyday sluts (just less open about their goals). ...And yet stupid men hover round them all day like a bunch of flies around a dog-turd.

You cannot trust most women with anything more than an apron and a sink full of dishes. The states shouldn't waste tax dollars subsidizing female education (the West reached its peak at a time when women largely stayed at home, rather than going to college): even leaving them barefoot and pregnant would be far better than schooling them and having them go out and lay waste to the wider world.

...Still, when the collapse comes (be it the next real war, hyperinflation, NWO-engineered mayhem or whatever), what about the women who've grown accustomed to such privilege and treat men like dirt? How will they cope with the new landscape? When TSHTF and hoodlum alphas are rampaging in the streets and raping whomever takes their fancy? (Real raping, not post-hookup regret, etc..) Will these women have guns? So what? The gangs will have far more guns, and greater numbers. In their solipsism and selfishness, Western bitches have wrecked a stable, functioning society and replaced it with a lawless unstable one, and in so doing have set themselves up for the most horrible end --- and unfortunately one in which so many others will share. Female pedestalization has destroyed civilization: misogyny these days (at least as regards Western women) is sanity.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna take a guess here. You've all probably been burned by women, because god forbid they didn't want you. Or perhaps there's some mommy issues bubbling beneath the surface. None of you are better than anyone else. No one's better than anyone else. Yet you most likely bitter and alone. Eating soggy ramen, wondering why a wonderfully submissive lass isn't making you a sandwich.

You believe women are weak and exist only for the purpose of birthing. Women bring life into this world and you all came from a woman. What the hell do any of you do compared to that?

Subjugation always reflects poorly on the one who subjugates. Subjugation comes from fear, not strength. The fear that the other will take your power and you will be the weak one. This shit is on the same level as racism.