Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blue Collar Blues

As I mentioned previously, I've been working the blue collar trades again to make ends meet. Been meeting a whole bunch of new guys I work with, and like most men who labor together for hours, we start to share our life stories.

I literally work with an entire crew of men who are all forced to work under-the-table just to survive, because working above board and on the books would result in garnishment of their wages by the State of Hawaii child support enforcement bureaucracy.

These are guys in their mid-40's with ex-wives getting 60% of their unemployment checks garnished...and unemployment checks are only a fraction of what these guys used to make before joining the swelling ranks of laid off workers in our Great Depression 2.0.

One guy's story is especially maddening.

He came home one day because a job had gotten rained out, only to find the mother of his two children getting her ass nailed to the bed by their neighbor. He went nuts punching holes in the wall and breaking things (but never touched her) while the neighbor ran out of the house. The cops got called and he ended up getting arrested for domestic violence.

She ended up with the house and a child support settlement.

He drives an old beat up pickup truck, she drives a lexus.

He lives in a small apartment, she a three bedroom house in an upper middle class property in suburbia, and her never employed loser boyfriend lives with her and the two kids.

She hasn't had any kind of job in 20 years. He's essentially paying her to live a comfortable life for her and her live-in surf bum fuckbuddy.

She gets 60% of his unemployment check, forcing him to find under-the-table work just to pay his own rent, food and transportation bills.

She regularly denies him visitation. He's filed more petitions than he can count to force her to allow him time with the kids he's supposed to have under their court adjudicated divorce settlement. They never enforce her violations of his visitation rights. The only thing he ever gets told is to file another petition. He finally gave up in frustration.

His son is now in his late teens...and he, like so many other boys raised in the typical broken home of our brave new world order, has gone off the rails and gotten involved in petty crimes, drugs and is now in rehab.

And now the ex-wife is telling him that once the boy turns 18, she thinks it would be better for the boy to come live with him in his one bedroom apartment.

While he is like most guys, a blue pill dude all the way, he fully comprehended the injustice of it all. He noted that of course, as soon as the son was no longer going to bring her child support revenue, only then does she now want their son to spend quality time with him.

In my new-coworker's words "Unreal, yeah? I'm basically a slave to her! I'm barely making ends meet, and she's buying jewelry and a new car ever few years...all paid for with my sweat and hard work!"

That's when I quipped "Now you know the truth. They call it No-fault divorce, but they treat it like it's "his-fault."

He laughed when I said that. He said he could only laugh now, because he'd spent so many hours just driving around the island while crying.

I assured him that I indeed knew very well precisely what he was talking about. His story is all too common nowadays. But he is finally hopeful. Despite realizing his ex is playing the system to the hilt, he's still happy to finally have a chance to get to know his son again and try and help him regain a shot at a productive, non-criminal life. And his daughter is only 13, so he's only got 5 more years left of his unjust peonage to his cheating whore and parasite of an ex-wife.

The real travesty of it all is just how common this whole system is. The family court system is a vampire, sucking the life blood of civilized society, one broken family at a time. This is unsustainable in the long run. I've seen this story so many times now in friends, family and acquaintances. Most people never grok the big picture of it all, because they are so consumed with the personal details of their own personal tragedies the system mires them in.

My co-worker told me "the system is broken."

I disagreed. The system is doing precisely what it was designed to do. He asked me what I meant.

Time to hand out a red pill.

I told him that the Federal Government literally matches the funds for every dollar taken from his check in child support. He knew that...he just never considered the implications of it. I said "Think about it...the Federal Government is literally paying the State of Hawaii to break up families like yours. It's an industry unto itself. It's official government policy to break up families. All those social workers and courts...they make their entire living doing what they did to you, to men all over the country."

He was speechless for quite awhile, working while thinking about our conversation intently.

Despite becoming a commonplace experience, most people fail to realize the larger truth that the broken family subsidized by the garnished wages of the working man is the Government preferred family model of our Brave New World Order.


Simon Grey said...

In case I hadn't said it before, I'll say it now: I hate the federal government. It is simply evil, and has no redeeming value to it whatsoever, and has been complicit in the destruction of traditional morals and values. It's time to get rid of it.

Chad Daring said...

Stories like these needed to be handed out to all young men to show and remind them why marriage, and unfortunately, having kids is one of the worst decisions they can make.

I'm so thankful to have found the red pill and all the bloggers out there who spread the word at a young age so that this will NEVER happen to me.

The Private Man said...

Not New World Order... New Girl Order.

Take The Red Pill said...

The word is getting out over the Manosphere about what a travesty 'marriage' has become, and what a fool a man would have to be to marry in this misandric society.
And the over-thirty "can't find a good man" hit-with-baby-rabies corporate crones and cubicle spinsters actually wonder WHY men refuse to marry, in more and more cases refuse to date, or even (in some cases) refuse to have any contact with them whatsoever. When the simple truth is that wise men today don't marry, don't date, and above all, don't have children.

When Western Women go on and on about how marriage is so wonderful, men should be aware that it IS wonderful – for women.
For men, marriage is the perfect example of the saying, "No matter how much you gild a turd, it’s still just a piece of sh*t.”


ray said...

they destroy us one at a time, chief

perhaps a referral to one of your favorite mrm sites (not necessearily your own) so he can choke down the red pill at his own preferred rate?

the blue collar/lower class doods have been the hardest hit by fifty years of matriarchy -- the prisons and county jails in amerika are FULL of these guys, and few of them have the intellectual tools necessary to understand that their betrayal and criminalization was no accident

Jack Dublin said...

Two things:
1) This guy deserves to learn some Game. I want him to have a hot twenty something hanging on him.

2) Horrifying, but if a man find his wife cheating on him, it might be better for him and the kids if he kills them both on the spot. Thanks government!

MadBiker said...

Despite becoming a commonplace experience, most people fail to realize the larger truth that the broken family subsidized by the garnished wages of the working man is the Government preferred family model of our Brave New World Order.

This, over and over.

It's a time-tested tactic. If you want to win minds, you have to get them young. Native American children were sent to Christian schools to remove them from undue Native cultural influence and convince them to live life on the Res because it was best. *Godwin Alert* Hitler knew early public education was key to keeping his people toeing the political line. German mothers were given tax credits for having four or more kids, but had to send them all to public school for proper indoctrination. And I'm sure examples abound.

"For the children" is a crock. Kids are co-opted so programs can continue to get funding to keep destroying the networks that should really be helping them. Churches and families used to be the bedrock of our society. "Family" is now defined to mean almost anything, and I don't know what real church is anymore.

Sorry for your friend's troubles. Some people are starting to fight back. NJ recently started up a Reform Alimony group - in the nascent developmental stages but it's a topic on my local talker and in the papers. The fight has begun in earnest.

50fifty50 said...

The guy sounds like a great bloke.

@madbiker + chad, set the foundations for anything early and the rest follows. In this case, let us young guys know the shit the system can bring!

MarkyMark said...


This is a good post. Thanks for running it...


Carnivore said...

My co-worker told me "the system is broken."

I disagreed. The system is doing precisely what it was designed to do.

That's the key; that's the real red pill. A lot of even MRM blogs haven't got it.

Anonymous said...

Why don't guys like him move to Panama or Costa Rica or the Philippines? He has NOTHING to lose and everything to gain by pulling the plug on a broken system.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Dead on accurate.

I'm 55, but I had almost the identical story. I refused to pay the escalating monthly child support bill. It went from 5K to 205K, while I worked under the table.

Long story short, I wised up after years of frustration. I taped hours of conversations with the child support employees. They are very mediocre people and will spill their guts to you over the phone if you just chat with them.

Eventually, when my daughter reached the age of 18, the whole mess went to court and I won. The bitch got shit.

The dumbasses had implicated themselves in felonies by conspiring against me to withhold my evidence.

However rotten you think the system is, it's much worse.

The good news was, I ended up working lots of interesting short term jobs, having lots of adventures, and ended up doing quite well financially.

You guys, you need a plan.

Unknown said...

Stop wage attachment is very easy, if you have a decent relationship with the employer. Simply ask payroll to stop seizure, and tell collection agencies in the court order, to garnishments continue production. Collection companies may talk tough, but they may not, in fact, in all probability you will never hear them again.

Wage Garnishments

Anonymous said...

You deserve everything you permit.

Simon Rierdon said...

Great post Keoni, I've seen so much of this that it breaks my heart to see any more. I've spent the majority of my life blue collar and I feel that these are the men that we really need to reach. Think about it, they can measure, figure a square and can raise children. Sounds like the men I've surrounded myself with.

Shawna Smith said...

Seriously: this woman supports 2 adults and 4 children on 60% of a fixed income -- in a house, with a Lexus and jewelry... yet the remaining 40% of the same amount (plus illegal earnings) leaves this single, apartment dwelling (criminally violent) looser in poverty???

That's not any kind of sane math, buddy. 6 people share 60% of of the income and live the high life (10% per person), yet the one person living on 40% just for himself complains and cries himself to sleep in self-pity???

Adultery, violence, and idiocy broke up this man's marriage. It wasn't like they needed any gov't help!

And I'm thinking if he wants to raise a non-criminal, he's going to have to do a lot of 'do as I say, not as I do' parenting. What an idiot.

Keoni Galt said...

Dear Unknown,

Your reading comprehension ability is sorely lacking. You do not deserve a response.


Anonymous said...

So given that situation, if you could choose to be either guy, which guy would it be smarter to be? The guy that married the woman, or the guy she got booty call from?

Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux said...

Keoni Galt,
It is of an extreme importance that I talk to a libertarian from Hawaii ASAP. Please contact me by sending me an email at or giving me a call at 786 366 6954

db4805 said...

"Chad Daring said...

Stories like these needed to be handed out to all young men to show and remind them why marriage, and unfortunately, having kids is one of the worst decisions they can make.

I'm so thankful to have found the red pill and all the bloggers out there who spread the word at a young age so that this will NEVER happen to me.

December 17, 2011 12:34 PM"

It occurred to me with this post the they have us both ways. Are any of you familiar the the concept of a dialectic? Either they breakup weak families and make men slaves or they cause some young men to not breed. The only way I can see out of their game is to learn how to handle yourself as a man get married and raise strong independent children that aren't influenced by the state.

*** ******** said...

it's f'ing terrifying to hear stories like this. but i know more than one guy with a story like this. former friend of mine, his wife and he split. they started talking again. she predictably "accidentally" got pregnant. 2 months after the kid popped out, she left him.

now he pays for her whole apartment, plus child support, plus alimony. she lives in the same apartment complex as him. just 3 buildings down. not working. living and chilling on his money.

Anonymous said...

Unknown -
Here's how it works in the real world. She gets 60% of his post-tax income. Since most or all of that is child support, he gets to pay taxes on it. He "gets" to live on 40% of his income. Plus, he's paying for health insurance through his employer (if he is lucky). He may or may not get credit for the premiums on his child support.

In my state, a divorced dad making $50,000 takes home about $2500 after taxes and paying for benefits - and that's without paying into a 401K. His child support for 4 kids will be about $1100. He keeps $1,400 a month, or about 34%. That translates into cheap apartment, no car payment, no savings.

And this is someone making about the same as the US household average. If you're making $30-40K, you're struggling even more.