Friday, November 4, 2011

Quiplinks IV: The Evil Patriarchy Edition


"The Vikings had shit figured out. Basically they got wrecked on mead, fought everybody, raped and pillaged, and when they died, they got to do it all again in Valhalla. Now that’s the sort of party religion I can get behind."


"Some may ask why I so confidently assert that the female rationalization hamster is stronger and speedier than the male rationalization hamster. The answer is simple."




"When your eyes are opened to certain truths– that all interactions are value transactions, that our relative status is embedded into every conversation, that every woman’s subconscious is constantly analyzing relative value, status, and social position– you learn to operate from a place of greater influence."


"I think the core problem is that modern Christians are so incredibly bereft of wisdom when it comes to issues of love and marriage."

Danger & Play

"I’ve long noted that the biggest haters of game are not women."


"If you don’t understand one of the fundamentals of keeping women happy, that is keeping mystery, than you’re doomed to getting dumped or cheated on. If you aren’t creating some mystery, she’ll get it from somewhere else."


"It really is pretty amazing how much different all of your social interactions become once you lose this imagined need to conform to shaming dynamics and social pressure to behave in approved ways."


"Women’s sexual liberation has turned the sexual marketplace into a winner-take-all jungle, and we have been dropped into this quagmire dick-first."

G.L. Piggy (Chuck):

"In past decades the U.S. borrowed from its future prosperity. The future is now."


"Men should strive to become better men through self-improvement and self-discovery… not with a $2,000 mortgage, 2.5 kids, a cubicle 9-to-5 job, and a miserable marriage."


"The only thing more pathetic than white knighting for a woman who won’t sleep with you is white knighting for a plutocrat you don’t work for, who actively holds you in contempt."

Johnny Milfquest:

"Common criminals, after all, are not bailed out in the way that corporate criminals are."


"Man is being turned into obsessive-compulsive victims who are nothing more than glorified pushers of smartphone buttons, unable to live without the constant distraction of beeps, noises, and moving images."

Simon Rierdon:

"In order not to get swallowed up by the system, you have to learn to Game it."

Chad Daring

"The 1% do not make six-figures a year, they dont make seven-figures a year. The 1% is a group so far past us that they do not measure their wealth the way we do."


"Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get away from people for a few minutes."

The Private Man:

"The unintended consequence of independence is loneliness."

Rollo Tomassi

The great and powerful Oz that was feminization is finally having the curtain pulled back on it.

Virgle Kent:

"Every man does it his own way through trial and error and in his own time."


Captain No Marriage said...

Loving the Quiplinks, keep em coming!!

Simon Rierdon said...

Damn, Keoni that was awesome. I think you've set the template for all of us.

Bronan the Barbarian! said...

Thanks for the linkage, my man. Much appreciated!