Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Food Delusions

Excellent blogger Delusion Damage commented on my last post regarding my "special diet" and my n=1 experience in noting that my skin's tolerance to sun exposure has improved dramatically since I quit eating the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).

I don't consider my diet a "special diet" but rather learning to recognize and differentiate between real food and food products. I eat real food and avoid or limit the food products of corporate agriculture and industrialized mass production as much as possible.

My response to DD was the following: "I'm surprised that a guy like you who's blogged extensively about recognizing the lies of society designed to mislead us all hasn't taken note with regards to food"

Delusion Damage responded with the following:

I travel light. I can't cart around much real (that is, perishable) food. I have to eat at whatever fast food joint is open at 1 a.m. at the airport. I can't cook a healthy meal in a hotel room where the equipment consists of two plastic cups and a single-serving packet of instant coffee (which I don't drink). I can't even peel a fruit because the TSA takes away all my knives.

I don't write about food because I don't know much about food. I don't know much about food because I focus on learning about things I can do something about.

I hope I can help Delusion Damage here and focus on one of the things he most certainly can do something about.

It's true that no individual can change the big picture of our current unnatural food production system...but you can certainly control what you ingest and understand the differences and how they affect you. The issues surrounding food is the primary delusion damage inflicted on the citizenry of our Brave New World Order.

Delusion Damage recently wrote a great post that hit on a similar theme to the blog posting I've written about in the past: Farming People

People are farm animals. They are being farmed. From breeding to raising to milking to slaughter and packaging for consumption, every step of the human-farming process is streamlined to yield maximum profits to the farm.

Oh yes, DD. And one of the primary ways in which our current farm operates, is to ensure that the Sheeple are ON FEED. As I commented over at Richard Nikoley's:

The State’s primary tactic in mind control is FEAR. And the worst fear they’ve instilled in we the sheeple, is the fear of not having the State around to protect us.

This fear leaves most utterly incapable of recognizing that the greatest threat to their health and well being is in fact the very same State they are so afraid of even contemplating the idea of living without.

FEAR of saturated fat. FEAR of red meat. FEAR of salt. FEAR of the sun. FEAR of not getting enough “fiber” in your diet.

Is this not what this entire “primal/paleo” living is all about? Discovering that the fears of these things are nothing more than lies promulgated by the financial interests in the government, media, establishment and corporations who want everyone to buy and eat PRODUCTS, not PRODUCE. And after a lifetime of eating PRODUCTS, your sickness will than turn you into a revenue stream for the medical-pharmaceutical-insurance complex to keep you drugged up and unhealthy until your money runs out and you die.

Primal living is about emulating the wild animals who live free. The State is all about herding us and domesticating us into collective herds and keeping us ON FEED so that we can be harvested of as much value as possible before we die.

Our current society is a metaphorical feedlot, with the managers of this lot giving us feed, medication and keeping us confined so as to fatten us all for slaughter. There primary means of confinement is not literal barbed wire or fencing…but fear in our minds, inculcated by a culture shaped through mass media propaganda and educational indoctrination curriculum.

The fear of anarchy, is the fear of feedlot cattle afraid of life on the open range.

Like many folks who start to gain weight and get out of shape as we get older, I came across the low-carb movement on teh interwebz, and discovered that yes, indeed, low carb dieting resolved my expanding waistline issues quite nicely.

But it was the "paleo" blogosphere and the Weston A. Price foundation who really got me to change my personal dietary paradigm and begin to change my focus on the foods I eat and the foods I try my hardest to avoid. In short, I learned the truth about our industrial mono-crop agriculture system and the endless array of products they produce that are designed to appeal to our tastebuds and have near indefinite shelf life so as to extract maximum profitability and realize economies of scale through mass production manufacturing.

These feed products are not real food. They do not nourish and strengthen the body. They merely delude the body into thinking you're eating real food, when in fact it just damages your body. To learn the difference, you're first step is to learn to differentiate between PRODUCTS and PRODUCE.

My next post (when I can get to a lot on my plate at the present,) will cover strategies to specifically address DD's dilemma - how to avoid Feed Products while on the road.


Unknown said...


Your observation about increasing your sun tolerance on a non-SAD diet mirrors my own experience as well. I'm a red-headed Irishman (with the natural melanin production to match) living in Florida. I can't stay out in this tropical sun all day (let's face it - I'm a long way south of Ireland), but since getting off SAD my tolerance has increased remarkably. I spent two hours at the pool the other day from Noon to 2 PM without any sunblock, and the worst I suffered was a bit of reddening on the face and top of my shoulders. Three years ago I'd have have burned to a crisp doing that.

Three hours would cause me a problem though. Even with a whole foods diet and natural fats, there are limits to what my poor, white skin can handle. :)

James said...

Michael Pollan uses the phrase "edible food-like substances" to describe what you call feed / products. Here's a brief segment of a radio interview where he discusses very similar points!

mnl said...

Regarding eating well when too busy or on the road... i'd love to see yours AND reader's suggestions. I've got a few things that work for me. I'm certain other readers have more. Good topic idea!

Delusion Damage said...

I look forward to it.

I recall that I did write about food once, but it wasn't much:

Aside from that general principle, I have a few guidelines when I travel:

- when it's 2am and fast food is the only option, choose Subway above any other fast food place

- when I have to carry food with me and survive on it (ex. overnight flight where food isn't served for 8 hours but I'm awake and hungry because I'm coming from a different time zone)
choice #1 is hard rye bread
if that's not available,
choice #2 is trail mix
if that's not available,
choice #3 is granola/protein bars

I'm sure you can teach me a few more things that I'll get to put to good use.

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