Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Hui Hou Citizen Renegade

In Hawaii, we never say goodbye. We say "A hui hou" which means until we meet again.

A hui hou, Roissy.

Your blog played a key role in creating the "manosphere" as it exists today.

UPDATE - Well, that's one reason why we Hawaiians never say never know when we will meet again after all.


Anonymous said...

An unfortunate development, most especially because of the loss of the archives... I was just getting my little brother hooked on the back posts. I hope they'll reconstitute somewhere down the line.

heartiste-broken said...

R/CR had been going downhill for over a year, but this is still a huge loss to the manosphere. Jim needs to put out the best posts as a booki.

Roissy really saved my life during an awful divorce, and he helped many thousands of brothers.

Godspeed, CR!

OhioStater said...

He changed the website address:

Anonymous said...

OMG my heart is lighter again, i thought roissy had gone.
Thanks for the link to his new blog.