Thursday, January 20, 2011

Women Aren't What They Used to Be

Eumaios commented over at The Solomon Group: "This post is easily in the top 5 best man-o-sphere writings ever."

While I wouldn't say "easily," it's certainly up there...the wisdom of the elders gained from life experiences makes compelling food for thought, and Solomon's sharing of "Old Man Philly's" diatribe on modern women versus a lady like his wife is certainly compelling.

Both of my boys are married to two of the biggest bitches and liars on the planet. Jim is an aeronautical engineer with Boeing, and Tony is a corporate lawyer for Apple. I raised both of them to have balls big enough to handle anything, but these harlots give them hell constantly. Women these days are spoiled and irreverent, and they’re not worth more than a fuck. One of my boys played College football in New York, and the other in Pennsylvania. I taught them to be men, not pussies. But I swear to God these two bitch daughters-in-law of mine have my whole family worked up. They threaten divorce, flirt with other men on the computer, and send those things that are like phone emails [text messages] to other men with words that are inappropriate for a married woman. My sons find them later, but they can’t say anything or they’ll end up in a screaming fight or divorce court.

I told both of my boys that I was disappointed in them for letting women get to them like that, but after I started talking more to those two cunts [yes, the old man really said “cunt”], I realized that even I couldn’t do a thing with them. I mean, it’s crazy. You can’t punch them, but that’s exactly what they need. They need a man to knock the shit out them and then see how independent and feisty they feel. Both of those bitches are worthless, and need to be put in their place. They’re both brats.

I’m glad you two boys are smart enough to see through that mess and deal with these girls they way they deserve. Keep treating them like the rubbish they are unless you want to end up like my two boys.

They're not worth more than a fuck, because that is precisely how the majority of women are raised in our Brave New World Order nowadays. There only value to men is the access they provide to their bodies, just as the only value men have to the women of today is access to their sperm and than their bank accounts.

Old man Philly points out that this is not beauty.

Listen to me. A good woman ages beautifully. When I look at my wife, I see the most gorgeous woman in the universe. Her wrinkled hands got that way by keeping up with my two boys and working hard for them while I was on the road. The lines under her eyes are from years of shedding tears for me when I was at war, and those wrinkles on her brow are from decades of worry for me and my two sons. It was her legs they held on to when they were learning to walk, her lap was where they learned to read, and her breasts were their first nourishment. The first kiss those boys ever received was from her lips, and God willing, my last kiss will be from her lips.

You two don’t know what you’re missing – or maybe you do. But all I know is that she’s as beautiful, desirable, and lovely today as the day I met her, and I wouldn’t trade one second with her for a lifetime of rowdiness with one of those harlots you guys have waiting for you back home.

You two don’t know what beauty is. In a way, I feel sorry for both of you. I’m not getting on your case, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my own sons, it’s that women aren’t what they used to be.

The whole thing is just goddamn pathetic if you ask me.

Oh, it's worse than pathetic, Old Man Philly. It's devious, malevolent and nefarious.

It's social engineering deliberately instigated on society at large to control the population.

It's the result of the institutions of Government used to take over the role of inter-generational cultural transmission.

How women used to be?

Women used to be raised in two parent households in which her Father was her authority figure, and her mother her guidance and vocation counselor...and that vocation was home-making.

Women used to be raised by their mothers and grand mothers and aunts to become the heart of their homes. Yes, they would depend on their husbands for their economic provisioning capabilities...but their husbands would depend on them for their familial nurturing capabilities. Both roles require some forms of sacrifice to benefit the singular entity - the family.

The way women (and men) were changed, was the intrusion of the State into the family unit, to replace the means of transmitting cultural values.

Instead of learning how to cook from Mom, they learn how to pick up takeout on the way home from work.

Instead of learning how to sew to make or repair clothing, they learn the joys of going to the shopping mall and whipping out the credit cards to remain relevant to the latest fashions.

Instead of learning how to nurture their husbands to appreciate the sacrifices he makes to provide for the family, she learned to get together with her girlfriends and complain about his personal habits and peculiarities.

Instead of learning about chastity from her mother to save her virginity for her husband so that they will create a strong bond upon consumation, she learns her sexual morality from the television, movies, and gossip magazines and the cult of celebrity and promiscuity that these mass media sources endlessly promote in a myriad of ways.

Instead of learning how to care for her children as they grow up, they learn how to drop them off at school, than daycare, while they go out and seek to take on the provider role for themselves as well.

None of these learned behaviors contribute to the growth of a family unit. Instead, they are merely culture constructs designed to outsource the role of the home-maker to corporations and businesses, so that both the husband and the wife are than free to become human resources for the labor market, to pay for all of the consumables and services that make it possible for two parents to work while other people raise the children...that is until of course the divorce.

Women used to be raised to create long lasting, happy families. Now they are raised to never form them in the first place, or to haphazardly make them and destroy them.

Solomon laments:

I wonder if my former #1 girl or Brooklyn’s wife will ever have a strong Alpha male talk about them the way Philly talked about his wife? I highly doubt it. But once again, a very simple principle is repeatedly ignored by women like this: They can choose to be sexually popular for a few short years in the eyes of every man, or opt for a lifetime of beauty in the eyes of the one man who loves them.

Ignored? More like brainwashed into believing that the lifetime of beauty is boring, unfulfilling and nothing more than oppressed slavery to Patriarchy. Besides, those "few short years" can be extended by plastic surgery, and botox injections.

Beauty isn’t skin deep, and it doesn’t fade. Beauty is not a physical attribute; it’s an aura that is admired by men and women, young and old alike. Beauty is a timeless gift given freely and without hesitation as a birth right to all young women, but very few of them recognize, protect, or cherish it.

Philly’s sermon about his wife is proof that women can age beautifully, but unfortunately, it takes a little grace, class and effort *gasp*, so the modern woman opts for being sexy in lieu of being beautiful. The world is crawling with sexy, ugly women who should not be valued for anything more than whats between their legs – it’s the only thing you can count on out of womankind these days.

NAWALT...there are still women who are raised in stable, two-parent homes with parents who provide the full spectrum of complementary nurturing and provisioning from Father and Mother...but enough of them are that the society at large is on the verge of collapse.

Some women may read this post and think that I'm being unfair or focusing solely on women to blame the entire gender for the current dystopia of our declining civilization.

The reason the focus is deservedly aimed at women-kind is simple: society and civilization can only exist when a cohesive social order is established...and the only way to establish that is to channel the primal force of human sexuality into productive channels. And since women are the gatekeepers of sex, it is female sexuality that needs repressing to create the conditions for civilized society.

You cannot control male sexuality unless you control female sexuality. As long as the social stigmas and economic penalties for irresponsible female sexual behavior are nullified by the State and the culture, civilization will decline.

Patriarchy didn't just control female controlled male sexuality as well. If Men wanted to have sex AND approval from the peers in his community, marriage was the only acceptable means of expressing his sexuality.

This is precisely why the cultural marxists behind feminism based their revolutionary tactics and strategies to attack the role of women in Patriarchal civilization.

Men are not the way they used to be...because feminism caused women to change from the way we used to be.

And we are all worse off for it.


Elspeth said...

Excellent post! The truth isn't always pretty, but that doesn't invalidate it.

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks Terry.

Ranjith said...

An apparent truth well said!!! Kudos & Thanks for speaking up...

IurnMan83 said...

One would almost want to print and post this article everywhere one could, but most don't have "eyes to see and ears to hear." An excellent post Keoni. I pray we all wake up as a society because if we don't we're going to be crushed.

*** ******** said...

"they are merely culture constructs designed to outsource the role of the home-maker to corporations and businesses, so that both the husband and the wife are than free to become human resources for the labor market, to pay for all of the consumables and services"

- Truth

Frost said...

Great post.

As a young man, it's frustrating knowing that things weren't always as they are now. Sure, it's easy for me to sleep with girls and not have to take on any of the traditional male responsibilities. But it sucks that there might be a form of romantic love deeper than I'll ever experience, i.e. what Old Philly found.

Ah well, what can ya do.


While I agree with some of the stuff in this post, dude, you've gotta wake up. It's the 21st century. Women aren't ever going to be going back to the role they used to hold. This is the way civilizations advance, technologically.

If we can survive with women that use machines to do the work so that they have enough time to pull more income, we will survive. It's cultural evolution.

Anonymous said...

Great post sir….
Hats off to you for jotting it all down so impeccably !!
Sadly, I have got the whole world to relate it to.

Anonymous said...


"There only value," however, needs to be fixed (Their*) for credibility's sake.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true.

GiantWaffle said...

Some think; "Hey, it is the way it is now and it isn't going back, so we have to learn to make it work with women as they are now."

But here's the problem they're not comprehending: Men are already trying to do that, acting the way women claim they want, by kowtowing to their selfish, demanding ways. Guess what? It isn't working. THAT is the point being made! There is no "dealing with it to make it work". Look around.

Furthermore, when you talk about doing it and having that second income, you're just helping the State sponsored Feminism further destroy women and society as a whole. You're not making it better, you're making it worse!

Feminism's goal was never "equality". It was about destroying the nuclear family to create a Marxist society. In fact, who do you think funded the homosexual movement before they had money and were hated by 99%? Feminists, who marched arm in arm with them as well! Who do you think started the "Family is whoever you care about" idea? Feminists.

Society is being destroyed by feminism and if there's no going back, that doesn't mean "adapt", because that can't work. It defies nature. It means that it's over for that nation. Historically speaking, every nation has gone through 4 stages, then fell. The stages are labeled as stages about the men, with the last being "weak men". But it's really, "Feminism that men kowtow to". We're there now.

Feminism is not new. Look at the Roman Empire. People talk about bad policies and division causing its fall. But did you know that society became very feminist? Women were given power and a voice, easy divorce, etc.. And when women shape policy through demands that men kowtow to, it's always a disaster (look around)!

Feminism ends only one way: with that society as rubble. Men build societies. Women loosed destroy them. Saying that angers women and manginas. But history repeatedly proves it and they're hypocrites when they ignore that history, yet warn against what Socialism does every time, calling on history as proof. And the Socialism here is from feminism! Every lefty nut will tell you they are feminists!

There is no "working with feminism". They are out for the total destruction of this non-Socialist society thru the total destruction of the nuclear family and the women of today are their creation! You think Socialism and Feminism are two leftist ideologies running at the same time. That's not true. Marxist Socialism was Feminism's goal from Day 1. You simply can't get there without destroying the nuclear family first, creating the false idea that women are equal to men and therefore men are not needed in the family. Plus make virginity an evil and you get the picture.

Read the following article, written by the sister of the most famous founder of "N.O.W.", the world's largest feminist organization. She was there for the first meetings. Wait 'til you read this!

GiantWaffle said...

P.S.: It can "go back". Women can only do what men allow. That's why they keep running to men to actually obtain what they're demanding. So if they're doing what hurts family and country, it's because too many men are manginas. It's that simple.