Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Script Has Flipped

About 4 years ago, a group of friends of mine all made "MySpace" pages and talked me into making one. As soon as I put one up, lo and behold, I had a whole ton of folks I was friends/acquaintances and classmates with as a teenager and young college student found me within a matter of months. Some of these folks I hadn't heard from in over 10 years.

It was really cool to connect and give each other updates on what we've all done with our lives. Some of them were actually really good friends that I had lost touch with. I really dug MySpace at first.

But after an initial flurry of old friends re-connected, my page pretty much started gathering dust. I never updated it, and I never used it to go and find other people I was curious about. I just stopped logging on to MySpace entirely.

Yet, in the past 2 weeks, I've suddenly gotten hits...and messages. From ladies I went to high school with.

All of them can plainly see that my MySpace profile lists me as married, as well as photos of my wife and I on vacation and at events.

Yet, these ladies, are pretty much all either "divorced" or never married, and "proud parents" -- i.e. single mothers.

One told me she was coming back to Hawaii and she wanted to meet up with me. She was basically asking me to go out with her without my wife finding knowing.

Another tried to draw me into an online sexual innuendo messaging exchange.

Another wrote me a "confession" that she always liked me since high school, and that she really wanted to come back to Hawaii to see me.

Good lord, now I REALLY understand the reality of how women in their youth have all the sexual powers of attraction and manipulation...and how once they've been used up and damaged goods saddled with another man's baggage, they start to get desperate and nostalgic!

One of these girls was one who I had previously tried to ask out in High School and she almost laughingly rejected me.

Back when she was a "9" in school, a lot of guys wanted her bad.

Looking at her MySpace page, she put on 75 pounds, pumped out two bastard kids from two different fathers, and a lifetime of partying and smoking have definitely aged her face dramatically...

...and NOW she wants to come back to Hawaii and get together with me without telling my wife!

Yeah, right.


Oekedulleke said...

Nice post. Another good reason to stay the hell away from those social-connection sites.

If you are a ghost you dont want to put yourself all over the internet. You're never 100% clear in this place, but you can avoid being out in the open with a bullseye on your forehead.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the depreciating asset that is American/Western women. :>)

djc said...

I have never been a member of one of those. But I'm not surprised at the number of female desperados coming out of the woodwork these days. More and more men are refusing to have relationships with them. Especially the ones with children. It's just become too dangerous.

Seeking Alpha said...

Is this the blog of 'Dave from Hawaii'?

Keoni Galt said...


Michelle Therese said...

Egads! Have they no shame???? Seriously! How insulting... and laughable.