Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Opiate of the Masses

If religion is "The Opiate of the Masses" as Karl Marx called it, I say it's high time Western Civilization tie off and start shooting up a badly needed fix...

While I'm not an actively religious person (I spend my Sundays hunting, fishing, surfing or watching Football in the Fall), I was raised in a strict, Christian household.

I do not attend any organized church, and my participation in familial religious observances are all done simply to participate in the various social functions within my extended family -- rather than my own search for spiritual fulfillment through ritual enactments in an organized religious environment.

However, I still adhere to the basic tenets of Christian faith - i.e. the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments, as the guiding principles for my own personal code of conduct. This is how I've lived my entire adult life - not always living up to those ideals, but always striving to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

My discovery of the existence of the MRA/Father's Rights/MGTOW movement and it's expose on the reality of our Feminist-dominated, hedonistic and morally disgusting culture that has promoted the destruction of the nuclear family, has also inspired me to seriously contemplate the ideas of monotheistic religious tradition and it's place in our mass-media propagated and contorted culture.

And the conclusion I've come to is this: whether you're a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim (the non-terrorist sympathizing sort anyhow), the overriding principle of the three major monotheistic faith traditions are really based on the Patriarchal family unit as the basic structure in ordering society, and creating and maintaining "Civilization."

I believe an objective look at the rigid codes and mores to govern sexual behavior that are common amongst Christian doctrine are one of the most effective ways to promote societal harmony and create an optimal environment for children to thrive.

When out-of-wedlock children, adultery and divorce where stigmatized by the influence of religion on society, less people engaged in the risky sexual behavior in the first place, knowing that the consequences of their behavior could very well ruin their lives and standings within their own communities.

Feminism, socialism, secular humanism...they are all ideas based on selfish hedonism designed to make individuals slaves to their base instincts. If it feels good, do it.

Consider the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Now consider the behavior as advocated by the feminist movement. Is it not apparent that feminism is the complete and utter rejection of this base Christian tenet?

Would not children of broken homes have it better if their mothers had followed that rule when it came to thinking of divorcing their husbands and chaining them into servitude with alimony and child support obligations while using false accusations of domestic violence and alienating her ex-husbands children from him to drive the Fathers from their lives?

Feminism preaches to women that her ultimate source of power is her sexuality, and that she should use it to "empower" herself and use it for her own selfish needs.

That sex is nothing more than a means of her own entertainment and selfish enjoyment of physical pleasure, and that no man can have any claim to her sexuality.

The monotheistic religious point of view considers the ultimate source of female power resides with her biologically designed ability to conceive, nourish and nurture new life within her body, and that this power should only be used in a responsible manner - by finding a mate that will take the power of procreation as seriously as she does and dedicate themselves to raising, caring and providing for their offspring. By following this model, all of society benefits.

Religious institutions also recognize just how powerful a motivating force that female sex appeal has on other males in society, and how it can be used to manipulate and destroy families and children's lives when women use their sexuality for their own selfish desires.

The core tenets of Christianity is without a doubt one of the strongest upholders of Patriarchal Family tradition in the world - but in the West, many of the churches of various denominations have buckled under the pressures of the modern, fallen world's acceptance of Feminist doctrine.

Secular/liberal/Democrat/feminists -- useful idiots for the communitarian conspiracy to rule the world -- always speak of religion as a force of great evil - a cause for bigotry and oppression of women and minorities, blah blah blah... all know the standard memes and shibboleths often used against people and institutions that are religious.

Yet, take a good look at the world around us today. The vulgarity, the obscenity, the filth that is now considered mainstream and acceptable in society.

Look at how anyone that dares to call for a return to traditional moral values instilled by our religious institutions are ridiculed and derided as deluded fundamentalists that believe in fairy tales or are nothing more than perverted fascists bent on enforcing their religion onto everyone whether they like it or not.

Are we really better off as a so-called "civilization" now that the sexual "oppression" brought about by religious moral codes has been unleashed from those traditional constraints?

If religion, especially Christianity, is really nothing more than a bunch of fairy tales and myths perpetuated to instill restraint on our behavior; the motivation to resist our base instincts; the impetus to strengthen the bonds of marriage and the creation of nuclear families; and to continue to inspire us to voluntarily place the needs of our families and communities before our own; I say this: let us all accept the fairy tale not as literal truth, but as an allegorical that would benefit us all if we adhered to it whether it is literally true or not.

Because what we can see in recent history of societal chaos and the continuing decline of Western Civilization, the Opiate of the Marxist/Feminist movement is far more toxic to families than the Opiate of Christianity.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. One would to be DELIBERATELY blind to not see that the waning influence of religion on society is directly responsible for the moral decline of this society.

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks TBA - that post came from almost an entire week of ruminations in my mind on all of the associated topics we in the MRA blogosphere contemplate and write about, as well as my own personal experiences and beliefs in religion and religious institutions.

I have a lot of time to think when I'm hunting in the mountains by myself, or when I'm riding public transport to work and back.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Talk about hitting the nail on the head, Fantastic post, spoken with great passion.

Chent said...

I was an atheist for twenty years but now I have faith in God. Both as an atheist and as a believer, I have always thought the same as you.

Once we had a society who runned moderately well, because it was a society who tamed the human instincts to produce something useful, that is, the patriarchal family, where good citizens and people are raised.

The patriarchal family is something ARTIFICIAL: one of the great inventions of humanity. Probably it was invented about ten thousand years ago. This is why these later thousand years have had a lot more progress than the previous millions of years of human existence (when progress consisted only of slight variations in stone tools).

The natural thing is for men to fuck and chuck and the family to be mother with children. So there is no progress, because fathers are not involved with their children so they are not motivated to work for them. With mothers busy raising kids and fathers taking it easy, who is going to work to make civilizations progress?

So how can you enforce an artificial construct like the patriarchal family against all the strong biological human instincts? With religion, of course. There is no other way. The law can only rule the external behaviour of people (so there is a lot of room for hidden bad behavior). Only religion can put a police inside anybody's brain.

So patriarchal religions have been the key of the success of the last thousand of years.

So now that religion is in decline, self-destructive human instinct rules untamed and patriarchal family is in decline. The result: the crappy society we are living in (and this is only the beginning). The long-term result: our society will be replaced by a saner, patriarchal one. The book "Sex and culture" by J.D. Unwin shows that, any time in history, that women have had unruled freedom to do what they want, promiscuity has ruled and society has declined until being conquered or replaced by other one.

I am living in Europe and it seems clear that in a century, Europe will be islamic. Muslim people have a patriarchal family so they have a higher birthrate and produce individuals who are proud of their faith and their religious heritage. We, Europeans, hate our religious past and we are too hedonists to have enough children.

You, Americans, are experiencing the same thing with patriarchal Latino people, who, according to the latest prediction, will be majority in United States by 2042.

So let's leave the feminist enjoy their ephemeral party. Their great-granddaughters will have to wear a hijab and will be submitted to their husband with no civil rights.

This has been a reasoning using pure reason so both atheists and believers can understand. As a believer (and now I am talking only for those who believe in God), I said that, if you reject your Creator, you reject everything good that He has for you (like the patriarchal family) and this is a recipe for disaster for a civilization (that is, rejecting good and embracing evil).

Chent said...

I forgot to say that both Muslim and Latino people are deeply religious. This is why they are able to have a patriarchal family and this is why they will replace the (now) matriarchal Western culture.

Too bad because Western culture had had amazing achievements when it was patriarchal and hence non-decadent. But everything ends.

Eras of disbelief and lack of religion have been historically short and replaced by long eras of belief, the same way the disbelief of the Roman people during the two first centuries was replaced by two millenia of Christianity.

In Europe, once we end up killing our own religion (which is an exercise of self-hate), centuries of Islam are waiting to unfold.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is so nice to read intellectually honest and faith-based truths in the same area!

I am a history professor that might be the only Christian in the whole department!

I gave up on feminism a long time ago. This crap with Sarah Palin only reinforces what I know about feminists: you cant be conservative and be part of the club.

Anonymous said...

I think that in addition to the doctrinal elements of religious faith there are experiential elements.

E.g.: doctrine holds that Jesus was born of Mary, and that Gabriel spoke to Mohammed, and that Krishna advised Arjuna to fire a bow.

Experience, on the other hand, is the actual knowledge of quieting the ego -- "and if thine eye be single, thine whole body shall be full of light" (Matthew 6:22)

See also:

The social aspect of religion is very different from the mystical aspect.

Mystics are not necessarily good people, and they are almost never socially acceptable people. One can have all kinds of mystical experiences and still end up damaging one's society. Therefore, societies necessarily encourage the ethical aspect over the mystical aspect of religion.

I could write about this for hours, but time is short right now... thanks for provoking my thoughts...