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Social Engineering through the Dialectical Process

This post is a brief departure from my review and fisking of "Patriarchy Reasserted." I will be covering the rest of the paper the rest of this week, but I do want to point out that an anonymous commenter wrote on Part I:

Here is the danger in this nonsense. Other 'researchers' will get on the band wagon, and they will quote her as an expert in their own papers.
Then, more.
And, each will also be quoted as an expert.
Soon, there will be a mountain of so-called evidence, all showing that...

BINGO! That's EXACTLY how Informational Cascades are started and built up to create a false sense of crisis to implement another step in the dialectical process of re-engineering society.

And the re-engineering of society is EXACTLY what is going on.

When I first began to delve extensively into the history of the feminist movement and trying to ascertain it's true purpose, I came across several sources that analyze how the social engineers that sought to change society to suit their agenda and implement their machinations.

The primary means was using the dialectical process, first described by German political philosopher, Hegel. Hegel's writings served as one of the primary sources and influences on Engels and Marx as they developed their communist ideology.

The dialectical process can be illustrated by a simple equation: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis

Translated into layman's terms, the social engineers use a variety of means to build and/or support opposing movements with stated goals in opposition to each other to give the illusion of conflict when the synthesis or compromise is the actual desired result.

The desired result produces another problem in which their are once again a thesis and antithesis used to address the "new" problem until the next synthesis generates the next problem. Through this process, the Hegelian Dialectical process is able to slowly but inexorably change the fundamental nature of society, foment the gender wars and create the social havoc and dysfunction that characterize our modern age -- all with the ultimate goal of creating a one world, collectivist government of corporatist power brokers ruling the rest of us...the "Proletariat" as prophesied by Orwell.

Captain Zarmband's latest entry at his blog perfectly illustrates the dialectical process in action.

The Labour government blames world economic factors for our country's woes and claims there's nothing they can do except weather the storm. This is complete tosh of course and much of the damage is a direct result of Labour's policies. When they first came to power their main agenda was to ensure that they did not again experience eighteen years in opposition. With this in mind, Labour indulged in a massive campaign of social engineering with the intention of making more Britons dependent on big government.

They did this mainly in two ways;

1. By creating a government dependent underclass who rely on state benefits for their income. This group will always vote Labour because it's in their interests to vote for a government that increases state benefits. The main targeted group was and still is single mothers. Labour has done all it can to destroy the traditional family and encourage women to live on their own, dependent on social security. At the same time fathers are milked of cash by way of CSA payments and increased taxes. The result has been an explosion in the numbers of single mothers on benefit with all the attended social problems this causes.

2. The creation of huge amounts of government bureaucracy. This means that more people now work for the government than at any time in history. Indeed, more than half of Britons rely on the government for most of their income. I've said before that this is Marxism by the back door. Again, this means more Labour voters as people who work for the government tend to vote Labour, the very party that created their worthless jobs in the first place. Most of these jobs are unproductive and many involve countless numbers of camera watchers, litter monitors and people counting lamp posts.

The result of all this is simple. More voters for Labour paid for by the taxpayer and by massive public borrowing - Britain has the highest public sector borrowing rate in the Western world. All this took place while the economy boomed which meant lots of tax revenue for the government. But instead of saving this bonanza of cash for a rainy day, Labour's spent the lot and more in the ways listed above and borrowed massively into the bargain. Unfortunately, the economy is now slipping into recession which means that the tax bonanza has stopped and the Treasury now has fewer tax pounds landing in its lap. Government spending on the other hand is increasing as more people sign on the dole and all those single mothers and government bureacrates still need paying. So it's a double whammy for the Treasury - more money going out and less tax money coming in.

See, The Labour party used the process to perfection (just as it has been used in the US and most other "first world" nations).

Thesis = Single Mothers Need Tax Payer Help to Raise Their Children.

Anti-thesis = The Father Should be the Main Supporter of his Offspring, not the Tax Payer.

Synthesis = Father's become wage slaves in the Tax Payer funded system or they become criminal "deadbeats."

See how that works?

And of course, the ultimate reality of this "synthesis?" All of the attendant pathologies and familial and social dysfunction that is the hallmark of the fatherless household lends itself to all sorts of new 'thesis' and 'anti-thesis.' It is the primary mechanism to such un-constitutional actions like the "war on drugs." And the "war on poverty." And a whole other host of ills that plague our modern world...many of which could be ameliorated if the role of the Father were restored to it's proper social and legal standing, and a universal code of conduct backed up by a strong social stigma of shame where re-instituted in mainstream consciousness. But that goes against the desire for the government to further it's own power and continue to breed dependence amongst the masses. Thus, the process continues to keep addressing the supposed "problems" manifest in each new synthesis, while the root causes are ignored so that the end-goal moves ever closer to reality.

Once you understand exactly how the Hegelian Dialectical process has been and continues to be implemented, you will have your eyes opened to just how far the social engineers of the power elite have come in re-shaping society into their version of Utopia...which happens to be We the People's version of dystopia.

Needless to say, by observing just how far along society has been engineered by this process, I am not optimistic about Western Civilization's future.

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Fidelbogen said...

A truly CLASSIC example of an informational cascade, would be Susan Brownmiller's "only 2% of rape accusations are false" -- a "fact" pulled out of thin air, or more likely pulled out of some place more nasty! :(

This immortal feminist lie has had more lives than a barrel of wildcats!