Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Conspiracy Theory is True

I haven't logged in to post or read other blogs this past week-and-a-half or so for a number of reasons (some of which involves a case of the flu and a high fever for a few days...but that's over with), but the biggest of which I've been spending my free online time reading yet another excellent book I discovered recently.

The book in question is The Underground History of American Education, and I must say, it has been illuminating reading. In summary, EVERYONE KNOWS public education in this country is broken, and politicians will always talk about how we need more funding for education to fix the problems...but what no one is willing to say is that there are no problems with public education, because it is working exactly as it was planned to! Public education as a federally administered system, was designed specifically to dumb down the masses to further the elitist, globalist, New World Order agenda -- just as the feminist movement was started by communist agents with the specific agenda of destroying the nuclear family as the foundation of Western Civilization in conjunction with promoting mass depopulation.

There are simply too many dots I've connected to in my mind to discount the sheer number of coincidences that would explain our current state of affairs.

Just about every single societal problem we face in Western Civilization is one that was caused by the very people that claim to have the solutions to the very problems they created in the first place!

We live in the age of mind control, and the only people that see the truth and try to alert everyone else to it can all be conveniently ignored as "conspiracy theorists."

So pass me my tinfoil hat, and cover the windows...the black helicopters are coming!


Anonymous said...

HL, after reading that book I found myself thinking if they are manipulating the education system (i.e., purposely dumbing us down) then why would they allow us (fools) to elect our leader? The answer, IMO, is they don't! It's all a sham, an illusion that we get to vote for our leader. Our leader is chosen for us and we're presented with the illusion that we're really choosing the direction of the country. Just another way to control the masses, or satiate the masses.

Nice to see another man understand that there's something bigger going on and Feminism is just one aspect of it. If you were one of the few elite wouldn't your main priority be to control the masses? And of course one of the most effective means of doing so is social engineering. I think they keep us all divided into various factions (left vs. right, feminism, race, etc) in order to keep us arguing amongst ourselves which prevents us from uniting and focusing on them. The old divide and conquer. Of course, explaining this to modern women is useless. They'll listen to anybody or anything but they won't listen to Men!


Anonymous said...

HL, one more thing, this may or may not change for me in the future, but many roads are leading to Zionism & The Talmud as the perpetrators of this mess.

Time will tell as it's a never ending effort to try and understand why things are the way they are.

Anonymous said...

I too have read Mr Gatto's work and he does a good job of outlining the dumbing down of the western educational systems. Being through the University in different departments on two occaisions, in the UK, I have noticed a trend toward a socialist/feministic theory being pushed down the throats of students in the last fifteen years. This is not a US only scenario. Kudos for bringing up this facet in the brainwashing/socialisation/feminisation of the future generations in the west. The goal, easier to control economic slave units.