Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The "Value" of Stay-at-Home Mom's Housework

Reuters just released this "news story."

Stay-at-home mother's work worth $138,095 a year

This is pure, unadulterated feminist propaganda, meant to appeal to the narcisstic, self-centered mentality of the typical American entitlement princess...and it's intent is to further the destruction of the nuclear family.

Where to begin....

The 10 jobs listed as comprising a mother's work were housekeeper, cook, day care center teacher, laundry machine operator, van driver, facilities manager, janitor, computer operator, chief executive officer and psychologist, it said.

First of all, this study makes it's most idiotic error based on the assumption that the average wage for a cook, a laundry machine operator, a van driver, a facilitis manager, a computer operator, psychologist etc. is a realistic basis to compute the jobs a stay-at-home mother does.

Of course, this doesn't even consider the following: the average wages for these jobs are what workers are paid to do those jobs for a complete shift of work! Stay at home moms at most cook 3 meals a day for 1-4+ people (depending on the size of her family, of course), while professional cooks will spend 8 hours in a restaurant kitchen cooking for up to hundreds of people a day. Same goes for "laundry machine operator."

In fact...who gets paid to operate a laundry machine the likes of which households have? The only "laundry machine operators" that do that sort of job full time are the folks that run machines for large hotels or something similar...and again, they are usually operating these machines for 8 hours at a time, doing laundry for hundreds of rooms to make that wage.

As for the other "jobs?" Computer Operator? Are you fucking kidding me? Surfing the Internet to find a recipe or read up on the latest celebrity gossip or carrying on an internet affair on MySpace is considered a job they should be paid for?

Psychologist? Psychologists go to school for years to attain a degree to work as a full time psychologist to build up a practice that involves seeing 8 or more patients a day to make the kind of average pay this so-called report undoubtedly used in this garbage of a "calculation."

As for "Chief Executive Officer," the claim to that job title for ANY housewife strains credulity. CEO's make executive decisions that direct an entire organization of people that affect every facet of the companies actions. Although it's true that a housewife can and does make such decisions that affect her own family, it is nowhere near the scope of what a CEO does on a daily basis.

The typical mother puts in a 92-hour work week, it said, working 40 hours at base pay and 52 hours overtime.

Such a ridiculously inflated estimate would only be accurate if you count watching Soap Operas and Oprah, gossiping with friends on the phone, shopping, carousing at Starbucks or supervising the illegal immigrant housekeeper...

A mother who holds full-time job outside the home would earn an additional $85,939 for the work she does at home,

IF she focused on attaining the degree and experience for ONE of those so-called "jobs" for a career profession for an extended period of being a professional psychologist or cook for a fancy restaurant. Other than that...can anyone name for me where they can make 85 thousand a year as a housekeeper, day care center teacher, laundry machine operator, van driver, facilities manager, or janitor? Because if such jobs exist, I'd quit my current white collar job for one of those in a heart beat! compiled the online responses of 26,000 stay-at-home mothers and 14,000 mothers who also work outside the home.

AHA! Now we KNOW why we get such superficial, artificially inflated crap like the so-called results we have in this "News Story" that is really nothing more than feminist propaganda. They asked women themselves what "job titles" they have for their work in the home - which is where we get such asinine and inflated job titles like "computer operator." Why not "Director of Human Resources" for giving their kids allowance and "Fashion Consultant" for dressing the kids for school? How about "Art Critic" and "Interior Designer?" Why then we could say stay at home mothers should be making 1 million dollars a year!

The true fact of the matter is really this: having a stay at home mother committed to raising her children and creating a happy environment for her family to raise the next generation of healthy, productive citizens is PRICELESS.

But the aims of the feminist-sympathizing Reuters in releasing this propaganda is further continuation of the subversion of traditional culture by disenchanting stay-at-home mothers to make them feel underapprecieated so that they divorce their "oppressive" and "exploitative" husbands, abandon their kids in day-care, and enter the workforce to get paid their "value."

It's purposeful and malicious lies promulgated to sow the seeds of dissatisfaction and disenchantment in the minds of women who are the greatest threat to the feminist movement: the example of fulfilled Mothers that enjoy the opportunity to stay at home and raise their children while being supported by bread-winning Fathers - the very structure of the "Patriarchal" nuclear family.

This "news story" is really just another piece of evidence that the mainstream media in the Western Society is really nothing more than liberal biased outlets meant to disseminate socialist-feminist propaganda and influence the masses of useful idiots to further their goal of re-shaping society by destroying it's foundation - the nuclear family.


julie said...

I am so suspiscious of this.

I have the (weird) feeling this is going to be used to push women out of the home and into the workforce. As if they will turn this onto families to say, "Look what you are missing out on in your family. This is what you could be earning. Imagine what you could do with this money." This is one of their major agendas. The wage gap is just another tool.

I don't think this is directed at laughing at men or making men pay out although..they may have some twisted idea to put it to men to pressure the women. The way I see things have worked, both sides are being manipulated. And at the moment with both sides fighting each other very little than the feminist agenda is going forward.

Horrible women with no children of their own make this shite up. OH, no, thats not true. I was recently challenged by one of them who commented in retaliation, "Haven't you raised you boys the right way?"

How nasty but then I am secure enough to not feed into that. I also meet other mothers that are old school feminists who had problems raising thier boys the feminist way. Come on. Be realistic. You can't make boys. The are just what they are.

In NZ it takes a whole wage to pay the mortgage. And Labour isn't doing anything to change this but encourage it to make it tougher. In the islands it takes one third of a man's wage to pay the mortgage. And that is an average wage.

Sad for them, feminism is moving in. NZ has a hold on Fiji, Nui and Samoa and are moving in as we speak with ideas that the girls are getting raped in their families. First step. Second and thrid and fourth step will be ... well you know.

Strange how America is so interested in how NZ is working with the Islands and how strange our feminist Prime Minister is spending so much time discussing this with Bush and Co.

Sorry to go on but just like you I am frustrated. Pulling a few people at a time out of the matrix isn't enough for me.

ChicagoMan said...

Why is it that women always have to have articles like this to make themselves feel better, I mean come on?

Well if this article is true, than a Stay at home Dad's salary has to be at LEAST 10 times this.

Fathers also work as the plumber, the roofer, the carpenter, the painter, the mechanic, the personal trainer for the children, engineer, architect, landscaper, banker, computer engineer and repair person, the janitor, garbage man etc.

I mean you could add those up as well and see what the amount would actually be.

Women just don't get it, they always need validation.

The people who wrote this article also don't get it that Stay at home Mom's seldom work even 5-6 hours a day, let alone the amount that they talk about.

My SO mom is a stay at home mom.

Her Husband, my father in law, leaves for work at 7 am. She watches bullshit on tv till about 9:30-10:00. She then exercises and has lunch. SHe does a good job cleaning, but since they live alone it really isn't that much to do on a daily basis, maybe an hour a day. She then goes shopping or surfs the web for a couple of hours, starts dinner at 4, maybe even 5 pm, he comes home at 6.

Laundry? When you have one washer and dryer it takes a whole 5 minutes to start and do each load, ditto on the folding of clothes unless you only have 1 arm. I do my own clothes.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, is that these women need to feel validated for "giving up their careers" and their partylives.

Oooh look at what a hard job you're doing! You deserve this much money, even though you don't get paid. How selfless of you!

The minute you put a price on motherhood is the minute you should have your ovaries ripped out, as you obviously don't understand what it really is about.