Friday, November 3, 2017

The Unreality Bubble

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."

I've had to learn the hard way in the past, that sharing the "red pill" with people not ready for it is the fastest path to alienation, disagreement and sometimes outright conflict. So I've learned how to hide it. In the world of the blue pill "normies," I go through life undercover. When the opportunity arises, I do attempt to wield some influence and try to push people in the right direction, but generally, I've made biting my tongue in most situations with cohorts, acquaintances, colleagues and strangers into a habitual practice.

We live in an epoch of what I like to think of as one big, gigantic Unreality bubble that continues to grow. It's eventually gonna blow and it will most likely be TEOTWAWKI when it finally pops...but until then, I wear the sheeple mask of blue pill normalcy, and just mostly try to just get along to go along.

For the most part it works, and most people I interact with have no idea of the madness that whirls through the brain of a whackaloon conspiritard going through life trying to cling to sanity in a world gone mad.

Eventually though, if I am around people long enough, it's only a matter of time before I am asked about my peculiarities.

"Why don't you ever drink bottled water?"

I bring my own hydroflask with reverse osmosis purified water in it to work everyday. If I forget my flask back at the truck and my crew and I are working far away from it, they will frequently offer me bottled water when we're sweating bullets under the sun. I'll always decline politely, and if I really have to, I'll take a break and walk the distance back to the truck to retrieve my bisphenol-A, flouride and dioxin free water. But when I get asked, all I say is that I avoid BPA. Most people have at least heard of that.

"Why won't you use sunscreen or put it on your kids?"

In Hawaii, we are naturally a beach and ocean-focused recreational culture. 95% of my fellow Hawaiians and local people slavishly slather on the vitamin-D blocking, health-destroying poison lotion onto their skins all day long at any and every outdoor event. Despite my lighter complexion (I have more PaleFace blood than Polynesian), I or my kids are never sun burned. Most folks simply don't believe me when I tell them that an anti-inflammatory diet (I don't use that actual term,) and a liberal use of coconut oil are why I haven't had a sunburn and the eventual peeling skin that comes with it, for years.

In any case, my response is basically that I don't believe sunscreen is good for you as it blocks vitamin D production from natural sun exposure. Besides, everything I say about this has already been proven by  SCIENCE!

"How come you won't eat with us... you're never hungry?" 

As of late, I've been working with a group of people who eat fast feed take out at every lunch break. There are times I am famished and their feed smells and looks very appetizing...yet I resist the temptation. Intermittent fasting FTW!

Because I know. I know how I feel now, and I know how I used to feel then, when I regularly ate the feed. I'd rather go hungry until I get home or can get to a grocery store for some real food, then give in and chow down on what I've come to view as literal poison.

"No thanks guys, I ate a really big breakfast, I'm not hungry right now."

"When are you going to get a real phone? That flip phone is ancient!"

Yes, I do own an iPhone. But I only use it as a mobile PDA/camera and iPod, just not for digitized communication. I still have an old flip phone for that. Part of me resists total iAssimilation, because I wish to avoid becoming another one of the zombie hoards perpetually and compulsively checking my palm every few seconds in public. The other part is my ever growing efforts to guard my privacy under the surveillance society of our 21st century Panopticon. Of course, to say such things would have most folks seeking to have me committed to the loony bin for paranoia. In this case, I play the cheap card.

Me: "I don't want to pay for data plans, I spend enough time on teh Interwebz as it is when I'm at home. I don't need to carry it with me everywhere I go."

Friend: "But what if you need to look something up, or use a GPS app or check for important emails when your not at home?"
Me: "No worries, I'll just borrow yours."

"How come you don't have a facebook page? What about Instagram? Snapchat?"

Life is too short to waste the time. I got too much shit to do and not enough time to do it...let alone spend hours updating and following everyone on social media.

"You heard about those white supremacist Nazis and KKK members that killed a lady at that riot in Charllotsville?"

This one got asked while I being shown various pics and vid clips on the guy's NSA data harvesting app Facebook newsfeed on his M.A.D.. When I say I have learned to bite my tongue, it is specifically politics for which I have to struggle the most to keep my real opinions from being known. Most folks in Hawaii are liberal Democrats (though mostly union blue collar "conservative" style liberals,) and almost all accept both the National and Local mainstream media's regularly scheduled programming as factual and accurate reportage of reality. To most, Trump is literally Hitler and Obama was the greatest President since Bill Clinton made oral sex great again.

Most have no idea about the likes of globalist scum like George Soros funding counter-revolutionary commie groups like Anti-Fa, let alone conceive of the notion that Nazi and KKK LARPers are most likely False Flag agent provocateurs and controlled opposition to promote anti-Nationalist propaganda psy ops.

And I certainly 'aint gonna go there when talking to the average acquaintance or colleague. Instead I'll re-frame the conversation and just make a general point that doesn't actually reveal my politically incorrect, alternate-media informed opinion:
"Yeah, I heard about that. Crazy. Our country is going to hell-in-a-hand basket and it sure looks like we got some race wars coming up in the near future on the mainland. Lucky we live Hawaii!"

"How's dat Colin Kaepernick fuckah? Fuckin' dumb ass disrespect da country and da flag...good ting nobody like sign him, dat fuckah can go flip burgahs or go work Wal Mart!" 

Speaking of politics and nationalism, the topic of Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem protests and all the kneeling by players in the NFL has been quite revealing in terms of the average Hawaiian's and local person's mindset in terms of patriotism, racism and nationalism. It's quite the dichotomy...nuanced cognitive dissonance at it's finest.

Most Hawaiians hate historical America for overthrowing the monarchy of the Independent and Sovereign Kingdom and turning Hawaii into an occupied territory of USA Inc., at the behest of the Haole sugar plantation barons. This manifests itself in a general anti-haole sentiment. Most local people (2nd, 3rd or 4th generation immigrants of non-Hawaiian blood) also share it. It's not cut and dried as it may seem, and it certainly is not anywhere near the racial animus we see amongst the boiling-over melting pot of helter skelter  going on all over the rest of the USA at the present. Nevertheless, most people in Hawaii agree that "Da haole stole da land from da Hawaiians." That will never be forgiven, nor forgotten.

But almost all of us have a certain amount of American pride as well. We all have either served ourselves or have family members who served in the military. We all have friends and family who fought, died or were maimed for life in this nation's fiat wars on foreign shores. Most adults in Hawaii today (Boomers and GenX) have all been raised in our Brave New World Order culture of regularly scheduled programming on tell-a-vision and movies, and a lifetime of institutional indoctrination in our public schools and universities. Most of us that were born and raised here have varying levels of American pride and national patriotism inculcated into us all.

We recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag from memory, we stand and sing along with the Star Spangled Banner at events, we celebrate the Fourth of July with all the red-white-and-blue accoutrements and paraphernalia, and we are crazy for National politics during the cyclical seasons of electoral madness. We are American, whether we like it or not, and most of us don't like to see the symbols of the nation disrespected.

Anyhow, my response to the topic is to once again to avoid conversations about politics with a reframe.

"Yeah, he sucks anyways. He can't throw accurately and he's always looking to run instead of pass. QBs like him do good in college, but never last in the NFL."

"No? You can't stop at Wal Mart real fast and grab that stuff for cheap?"

Fuck Wal Mart. I don't shop there as much as possible - although I must confess having to buy some anti-freeze once there a few weeks ago when my car was overheating and it was after midnight and everything else was closed. But still...Fuck Wal Mart.

"Why don't you just go get a new car? All it takes is a good down payment and you can get a good interest rate on an auto loan!"

One thing about having a commitment to avoiding participation in the usury-based ponzi schemes of the fiat currency cartel that enslaves us all into debt servitude, is that I have to drive older vehicles and do a lot of maintenance and repair work myself. This can get pretty stressful at times when the older vehicles break down at inopportune moments, and many friends and family members have sought to advise me that I just go and sign on the dotted line at the nearest car dealership and "not worry about car problems anymore."

That's what most everyone does nowadays. Finance a new car, drive it for a decade or so, then finance a new one before the inevitable breakdowns due to planned obsolescence manufacturing protocols of the Auto-Banking-Industrial Complex.

I may have moments of severe inconvenience when I have a blown headgasket or a boiled over radiator that requires a tow truck from the side of the road....but I think it more than balances out when such things happen only once or twice every three years or so - versus the stress of a large monthly payment due to servicing loans that generate lucrative interest for the banksters that do nothing more than create "money" out of thin air.

"You better ask the boss if you can do that first."

Of all the ones that gets to me the most, it is the men I am involved with who are simps and spineless sad sacks that put their women on a pedestal and treat her as the boss...and they assume that all other men are just like that too.

No, I don't need permission from the "boss" to go boating, hunting, fishing, drinking, surfing, diving, hiking, training, working overtime, picking up a second shift or anything else for that matter. Are you married to your mommy?

I've seen guys in a critical situation drop everything in the moment to answer "the boss" calling their Mobile Affirmation Devices, and beg and plead to let them call her back in ten minutes because we're in the middle of something that can't wait. I've literally stood their with a heavy load we are carrying together and watch incredulously as an otherwise masculine, tough and gritty man turns into a little kid afraid to upset "the boss" at home by not answering the phone whenever she feels like calling. He'll put his end of the load down and scramble to answer the phone before it goes to voicemail, which would then result in a Grand Inquisition of hellish interrogation as to why he is "ignoring her phone calls." It is absolutely sickening...and also potentially the most alienating aspect of "the red pill"  I have to keep to myself.

Manly men going all simp with their women is the most potentially alienating topic of them all. In those situations, I've become well practiced at chewing my tongue. It almost never ever works to try and get a man to see the light when it comes to relations with the female sex. In my experience, they have to hit rock bottom first before they are even close to accepting even the most mild red pill advice in terms of their dealings with women.

To address many of these topics individually with average people can be controversial and even explosively angry in their resistance to any of these counter-cultural ideas. But sometimes, I can make a general statement to someone about "THE SYSTEM" aka our current Unreality Bubble, and they will look at me with wide eyed wonderment at the insight they never before even came close to considering until I voiced it.

In a conversation I had with a colleague awhile back, who was complaining to me about how he and his wife had to work so much to pay all the bills, and that they both realized they don't spend enough time with their kids because of work and commuting that takes the majority of their time. When I told him that's exactly how it was planned, that what he is experiencing was deliberately scripted. He asked me what I meant by that. Here's what I said:

"All you need to understand about our current society and system is this: THEY want us overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, tired, sick, unhappy, uncomfortable, irreligous, superstitious and disconnected from each other. THEY want us all to have dysfunctional relationships and to have our children raised by institutions where they have greater influence on them then we do....cause we're all too busy just working to survive and pay the bills to maintain our place in the rat race instead of leading meaningful, healthy lives with fulfilling relationships with each other and our communities. THEY want all this, because such people disconnected from each other in any true and meaningful way, will then seek out happiness and fulfillment in consumerism and materialism. That is why things are they way they are in our world today."

His response? "Wait a minute, say that again?" I basically repeated it all one more time. Flabbergasted, he looked at me and did a double take. "That makes so much sense! How did you figure that out?" All I said was that sometimes I think too much about things and then I laughed out loud like a lunatic.

I thought I got through to him at that moment. In fact, I know I did. But by the next day, he got right back to the grind of his typically stressful existence in our Brave New World Order and forgot that conversation. I was further disheartened to learn that just a week later, he was ecstatically showing off the new vehicle he just took an exorbitant loan out to pay for...condemning him to double down on his already overworked lifestyle to primarily service his debt bondage to his bankster overlords.

He was slightly perplexed as to why I was not happy for him as he basked in the euphoria of an acquisition of a new vehicle. He probably wrote it off as jealousy since I drive a vehicle that is over twenty years old. I didn't have the heart to remind him that only a week ago he was complaining to me about never being able to spend time with his family cause he always had to work to pay the bills.

At least he'll look styling as he drops the kids off to daycare on his way to work.

Only people who are inspired to actively seek out and discover how much of our world has been shaped by deliberately propagated lies and illusions are capable of comprehending that the current paradigm of our Brave New World Order is an Unreality Bubble that is unsustainable and cannot last much longer.

The unreality bubble is growing, and it's all-encompassing influence cannot last forever.

For those of us who are WOKE, all we can do is get ready for the pop.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you write again. Hope all is well with you.

8 in the Gate

Anonymous said...

When people talk about how bad Americans and Europeans are, I talk about how our education system focuses on western history so obviously we'd think americans and europeans are uniquely prone to war, but in reality all people everywhere throughout history have been fighting wars constantly too. This helps to show people the way out of the current push to condemn western culture as uniquely dangerous.

'Reality' Doug said...

Even though I completely disagree with your religious beliefs, HL, I like knowing you're out there believing what you believe, still. It is precisely the cognitive blindness of colleague drone boy you described that makes me believe there will be no pop, which is essentially white man retribution. Eurabia is a done deal. Mainland US will simply take longer because of more land and population but fall no differently. Turnkey operations everywhere. History is a primary field to consult on the question of a pop. Sometimes the French peasants actually fought back, but they usually lost, and even if peasants win, new boss=old boss. Can't shine a turd. Peasants are not my people. I don't eat right and drink coffee to push myself, a calculated risk for now. You got some will power not eating and doing manual labor. What a dooch taking the call. Blending in and ZFG on politics, I feel that. I don't care about the details of the latest attack. I might start laughing at the predictable surprises, because I need to. If a definitive pop happens when I am able bodied, oh I'll be giddy alright. Best wishes to you. This post is occasion enough.

Deansdale said...

Welcome back :)

Raymond said...

Another good reason not to go buy a new car, is because the 2010 and later models were built in such a way that discourage people from maintaining it on their own.

Keoni G said...

@ 8 in the Gate - Thanks, all is well with me...very well. Just doing several different things in the real life has kept me from taking the amount of time it usually takes me to apply to blogging.

@ Anon - [i]This helps to show people the way out of the current push to condemn western culture as uniquely dangerous.[/i]

Agreed. The push to condemn western culture is a deliberate attack to destroy western civilization.

@ Doug - [i]"You got some will power not eating and doing manual labor."[/i]

You get used to it. Also helps that I drink coffee and coconut water throughout the day.

[i]"What a dooch taking the call."[/i]

He's a good guy and a good friend, and his wife is a nice, decent women to boot...he just doesn't know any other way then to be a simp in his relationship with her.

[i]"Blending in and ZFG on politics, I feel that."[/i]

I've gotten a much more positive attitude and outlook on life when I stopped taking politics seriously and started viewing it with nothing more than a bemused attitude of fascination with the theater of the absurd.

@ Deansdale - Mahalo! It's good to finally get another post out. I do miss blogging and thought about it often while I've been hectic busy this year. 2017 is undoubtedly the busiest and most productive I've been in my entire life!

@ Raymond - Exactly!

MichaelJMaier said...

The food one is really hard. My girl made fajitas with a pre-made seasoning mix and I vomited it out about a mile down the road after leaving. I hate pitch-ins and getting together with friends for the same reason.

Even eating a great steak dinner puts obstacles. If they put Crisco in anything and I don't know it, I'm screwed and will have diarrhea in less than an hour. Margarine in the veggies? Same deal.

MichaelJMaier said...

The other beliefs make me pause in conversations often.

I was struck the other day when I asked a friend about what guns he had and he looked around before answering, almost whispering.

We're normal folks. The fact he felt scared to talk about owning guns is absurd.

Worse, we work for THE WAR DEPARTMENT!

One Fat Oz Guy said...

You've planted the seed. Sometimes they sprout straight away, sometimes later, sometimes not at all.

As my father always said: we need people to do the wrong thing to know what the right thing is. Seeing how that guy lives would confirm he's making mistakes and is continuing to do so.

Talleyrand said...

The atomization and alienation of everyone.

Every year, Al and I mention how much we agree with you, how our views align with yours more as time passes.

You really can't say anything to most people without looking like Charleston Heston shouting "Soylent Green is People!"

There are ready social conventions to discount anyone red pill.

And you are correct, there is only one way this ends.

black said...

Hey Keoni! Nice to see an update, glad things are going well. Thanks again for uniquely and smoothly summarizing some poignant points. Take care and God bless.

kfg said...

Hey there! Good to see you again.

Keep your head down, your arse covered and keep on keeping on. said...

Glad to see you post again.

No matter what people say, you are living out your life without regret with the wisdom to endure after the bubble pops.

We know there's limits to what we can do. I now realize that we can only focus on what's directly in front of us and the people around us.

One bit at a time. Those who wake up will. All we can do is nudge them ever so slightly.

In the mean time we will live our lives in happiness rather then in the despondent anxiety that those uber lefty activists let rule their lives until they wake up and realize they've wasted 50 years and have no real family or friends because they neglected everything else.

Keoni G said...

@ Michael - "We're normal folks. The fact he felt scared to talk about owning guns is absurd.

Worse, we work for THE WAR DEPARTMENT!"

I know exactly what you mean!

@ Talleyrand - Glad to hear from you and Al! Hope all is well with you both in this season of tumult and discord...

@ Fat Oz, black and kfg and everyone else - thanks for dropping by! I was wondering if after taking such a long hiatus would anyone bother?


Black Poison Soul said...

Of course we bother. And it is good to see you again.

Regarding work:

I'm working in IT. We have had the ability to do remote work (work from home) for literally 20 years. This has been proven to have benefits for productivity, health, etc. Does anyone where I am work from home? We do not.

Stress has been proven to cause parts of the body to shut down, to cause inflammation, and inflammation is known to be a precursor or have a prelediction towards cancer. This has been known for 20 years. Businesses could reduce the stress on their staff, resulting in better productiveness and happier workplaces and staff. Do we do this? We do not.

With technology, we have had the ability to reduce our work-time to 15-20 hours a week. Again, for literally 20 years. There were studies where it was proven that giving someone a fixed quota of work - finish this stack then bugger off for the day - improved productivity and mood. Do we do this? We do not.

I am at my most productive work-wise before 11am, unless I'm constantly knocked out of "the zone". This was proven - again - literally 20 years ago. Do I ever get into "the zone"? No. We work in cube-farms these days. (A far cry from doing stuff in my old home-office, like I used to do.)

Management and business is still (deliberately) stuck in the 1950's mind-wise. "If you're not at a desk where we can see you, you're goofing off." As you say, they deliberately want to waste our time and energy. Because we might start to become mentally-alert and get ideas of our own.

Regarding society:

Yesterday at work, a woman was swearing about some guy who had his car tagged (reported in the press). "It makes me so mad!" I told her that that is where we should start carrying around large chunks of wood, catch that and beat them up.

Her response: "Oh, he'd just take it away and beat me up." Yes, because you're pathetic. I pointed out that fixing that tagging was going to be a minimum $3k - more, because it looks like a newer car. She agreed. Still, total mental disconnect, you are not allowed to protect what is yours - so these people get away with it.

Regarding cars:

Like you, I have never had a new car. They've always been second-hand. I'll admit that I no longer fix them up myself. Everything is a sealed electronic unit that you can only diagnose with special equipment that you pay a pretty penny for. The codes to "activate" the new/replaced electronic equipment only go to registered dealers, that they pay a pretty penny for.

Regular maintenance and fixing things should keep my 16yo car going for the next 10 years. As I say to people: I can spend $15k to buy another second-hand car, or I can spend $1k to fix this problem and wait for the next one in 2-3 years. It's been my observation that the newer cars just fall apart faster. Even with a newer car, I'm still on the hook for regular maintenance (just like brushing my teeth or working out or going out in the sun to get regular Vitamin-D sunshine input).

Black Poison Soul said...

Regarding social media:

I use Facebook to keep in touch with overseas people. Apart from that, I post occasional photographs of tramping trips - landscapes, star shots. Nothing else. (Looking to head up Cape Reinga in a couple of weeks, should be some good star photography up there. It's a nice dark skies zone, everything will be beautiful and clear - assuming that the weather is halfway decent LOL.)

Occasionally someone on Facebook will go septic. That's the point where I say "you know, I can't be bothered seeing your garbage output - and I don't like seeing you flip off the world and all and sundry - bye-bye!" Even so, I'm often strongly tempted to shut the thing down - if it wasn't for family and friends overseas.


We have the Left in power here in New Zealand. At work we make jokes: "Oh no, the teeth are in charge again!" That's a reference to Helen Clark, our prior notorious Labour, Leftist, Communist leader. We will sarcastically break into "Solidarity Forever" and the Russian national anthem, just to take the piss.

The IT team is pretty damn right-wing. Luckily, we don't give a damn about offending others. In fact, we laugh and just try harder. I like working with this bunch. We're all mad. It makes work semi-tolerable, despite being in a damn cube-farm. Despite when someone has a stinking day and erupts, making it hard for anyone to do their job.

Along with this, something I've realized: the retards are in charge. Politicians, antifa, academia, police, the courts, social sciences, psychology, society on the whole, even in upper management.

Management are the most blatant worst. The CEO has 2-3 mistresses in different cities. Comes to work driving a car which costs $3k per tyre. Way to rub our noses in it. Upper management goes to client functions, gets blind-stinking-puking drunk and has to be quietly led out the back door. The client sees it, upper management wonders why they get no business from that client. Who'd want to do business with that?

I've been thinking of doing a post about this type of thing, though I'm not sure I have enough to make a coherent one. Everything so damn crazy, so ready to implode. Something is going to pop eventually - though probably after I'm dead.

"The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent." Make that society, yup yup yup!

Boba O'Really said...

This is the type of well constructed post that keeps me coming back. No matter how long between postings, there is always the pleasure of re-reading older articles. One of my favs being the boar hunt. Kudos for gutting that one out.
Glad to hear everything is well.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

> "Da haole stole da land from da Hawaiians."

the Hawaiians got what they deserved.

Filipinos are second rate (zero Noble Prizes in any Exact Science, etc), but they have no trouble steamroller-ing over native Hawaiians, do they?

Anon 1 said...

Ahh yes, the life of "the awakened". I started my search for the truth sometime around 2004, wanting to know the truth about 9/11. With eyes opened to the lies and deceptions we were fed, it did not take long to realize everything we have been taught or told is either a lie or propaganda. All my misconceptions fell away like the leaves on the mighty oak tree in the late fall.
At first it was with great enthusiasm I aspired to share my new found knowledge, only to find myself ridiculed and laughed at, now known to be the wack-a-do conspiracy theorist. Over time I have chosen the same path as you. I have learned to be strong and carry on. People who are not seeking the truth will never find it, no matter how hard you try to enlighten them. The life of a man who has taken a squeegee to his third eye is destined to lead a lonely life, but it is still better than that of the "herd" who go through their existence on this planet with nary a clue. As for me, I will take the truth and the loneliness it brings over materialism and being one of the accepted in the crowd any day. Believe it or not, you are not alone my brother.

Frank Frivilous said...

Linked to your blog from Henry Makow's site. I appreciate your candid thoughts and relate to all of it. Working in Commercial construction most of my life, I find the work force has dumbed down considerably over the years. It makes it necessary to have multi-tiered relationships to protect ones privacy. We seem to have already traversed into a synthetic totalitarian society roughly described in 1984. I have tried on occasion to reach out to select family members only to be alienated and ridiculed. That's fine, I can be patient. It took twenty years for my own wife to come around and recognize that I was correct. Better late than never. Years ago, I opened a Facebook account under a pseudonym but found the discussions increasingly trite and circular. I suspect that the internet will gradually become restricted or choked out with commercial interests. Our future is definitely regressive and it will become important to prepare accordingly. We have abundant examples historically so there won't be any excuses. I believe that when the shoe finally drops, there will be plenty of opportunities to educate in the ensuing chaos. Leaderless resistance will be the order of the day.

Unknown said...

It amuses me that Hawaiians still resent being annexed by America. Islands are rarely ever independent. Unless they have strong militaries of their own. Most tourist traps only have the illusion of autonomy and are actually ruled by internationalists through easy credit loans and dependence on "investment" and the travel industry. Would a statue of King Kamehameha be standing there now if the Japanese or Chinese ruled over you? The White Man is TOO KIND. Others do not share his Christian Spirit. The Chinese roll tanks over their own people for protesting. Tibetans get little respect from them I imagine.

Zek said...

Good stuff...
The process that made Hawaii a state was illegal - it would be as if we deposed Castro, set up some guy to run Cuba and he then declared that Cuba would become a state. Completely illegal under International law but they pretend otherwise so now it's a US state instead of a country. Just like they pretend the 16th Amendment was passed (fraudulently) & is blatantly unconstitutional, and Congress can unconstitutionally delegate the power to print money to a group of (((bankers))).

Might Makes Right

(Go BOGS!)

Jonathan Manor said...


Jonathan Manor said...


Anonymous said...

Hi just stumbled across your page as I used duckduckgo (you should use in place of google if you're not already) to search "unreality bubble" to ensure I could use it intelligently in a sentence haha.

Love this post and the site at large, glad you are living your best life out in Hawaii! Mahalo!