Saturday, April 1, 2017

FEED Inc. & The Corporate Campaign Dialectic

The Genetically Modified Origins of the Sheeple Species

Seems to me like the "Paleo Diet" bubble on teh Interwebz has popped. Or jumped the shark...or run its course or whatever other cute term you want to use to refer to a fad that has passed and now generally viewed with condescending amusement by those who "now know better."

Of course you still have a contingent of hardcore cultists carrying on the practice. As I like to say when I talk to people in teh real life, "I don't do diets. I only eat Food, and I avoid Feed."

Food nourishes and strengthens the human body, Feed malnourishes, devitalizes, sickens and decays the human body over a long period of time if one makes up a significant part of their diet with it.

When asked why I call it "Feed" I say how else do you get the modern plague of shambling mounds of obesity one sees everywhere nowadays? Sheeple are raised from childhood eating all this Feed for a lifetime.

Soda, chips, candy, cookies, crackers, cakes, pastries, frozen meals, microwavable fare and most fast food and chain restaurant gross national products all qualify as FEED to the well trained eyes of the conspiritard food magic whackaloon's who received our invaluable indoctrination during the "paleo" fad diet bubble.

We who are illuminated with the esoteric knowledge of food magic understand the key to empowerment is simply receiving revelation to gain the power of discernment between "food" and "feed." Once you truly gain this knowledge, there's no going back.

Food is grown, raised, harvested and processed -- and if not consumed while fresh -- preserved in as natural and organic a state as possible to keep most of it's nutritious and nourishing qualities intact.

Feed is mass produced by a few large multinational corporations using bio-technological innovations to quickly and efficiently manufacture product units ready for global distribution and a near infinite shelf life. Its primary traits are using genetically modified grain products to create a marketable product that is usually adulterated with preservatives and flavor enhancements designed in a laboratory to stimulate the taste buds to fool the human body into thinking it's something good for you.

But above all, the primary difference between Food and Feed can be discerned by this: most real food requires little (if any) corporate mass media marketing campaigns to sell product and expand market shares and waistlines alike.

Most Feed products are trademarked brand names as a part of a Big Ag corporation's product "portfolio."  And they spend more money on test marketing, focus group testing, branding, creating and airing commercials and paying shills to viral market their products on teh Interwebz and social media, then they do on producing the actual Feed product for sale.

In what sane world does a company spend millions of dollars to air a thirty second commercial hawking  corn tortilla chips fried in rancid oils extracted from GMO-grains by boiling them in industrial solvents like hexane, and then loaded with devitalized salt and artificial flavors designed to hyperstimulate the human taste buds during the greatest American holiday celebration of the 21st century? Or is it precisely because it is a highly engineered product with no nutritional value and artificially flavored to incite uncontrollable snacking compulsions, that it requires millions of dollars to pitch it to we the sheeple during a StuporBowl Sunday commercial break?

Must be the same sort of sane world that considers a "part of a heart healthy breakfast" a bowlful of milk and sugar coated-cardboard-textured bits of grains sold in a cardboard box adorned with cute cartoon characters as just the kind of meal we need to start the day off with.

The questions of sanity in a world gone mad becomes even clearer when you take a closer look at one of these popular breakfast cereal brands and examine a recent marketing campaign gimmick they ran with to give the appearance of "Caring" and "Making a Difference" in "raising awareness." This is what Big Ag Feed producer, General Mills offers us as an example of a "corporate culture of environmental responsibility."

Us crazy conspiritard whackaloon practitioners of food magic see this as nothing more than the classic use of the social engineer's favorite tactic from their ancient playbook, the good 'ole thesis+anti-thesis=synthesis...also known as problem/reaction/solution aka the Hegelian dialectic.

First, have a look at a listing of many of the brands of Feed that General Mills sells. While the oats touted as the primary ingredient for Honey Nut Cheerios may not be from genetically modified oats, the rest of Genetically Modified Mills product portfolio is filled with GMO derived Feed crop ingredients.

Of course the dopes at the likes of snopes deny the connection between collapsing bee populations and GMO crop pesticides. They make their pro-GMO case by blaming the neonicotinoid pesticides sprayed on corn crops for a mass die off of bees in Ontario Canada.

But that's the entire point about GMO's to begin with...genetically modifying crop plants to withstand inundation with pesticides and weed killing herbicides IS the primary purpose for GMO in the first place... and pesticide-herbicide laden GM corn is the primary source for most Feed ingredients in the processed food industry:

Most of the American corn crop is “field corn,” a starchy grain highly valued worldwide for its versatility. This year, American farmers are projected to produce about 14 billion bushels of corn, or 980 billion pounds, according to the USDA, vastly more than any other grain (USDA 2014). 
Corn is a component of a wide variety of goods on the American marketplace.  The USDA estimates that 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop is processed into ethanol for use as engine fuel, 37 percent goes for livestock feed and 11 percent is made into processed food ingredients like corn flour, corn syrup, corn starch and cooking oil (USDA 2012a). As of 2011, cornfields covered 92 million acres in all 50 states, with the most intense concentration in the Midwest.

Today’s cornfields are particularly vulnerable to pest infestations because corn is typically grown in huge monocultures, with little or no crop rotation.  Historically, farmers rotated crops to disrupt the life cycle of insects and diseases (Altieri 2000). They diversified their crops. Modern farmers often resort to chemical herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

Based on figures from the USDA and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EWG calculates that every year, American farmers apply around 300 million pounds of the active ingredients in pesticides to their cornfields (USDA 2012b).

Perish the thought! What whackaloon would even consider the possible effects 300 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides dumped yearly on the fruited plains of the USA Inc., would have anything to do with bee colonies dying off?  Oh, wait, we know what the REAL culprit's CLIMATE CHANGE! No wait, the bee colonies need more vibrant diversity! The real problem is that bee colonies in the US are too homogeneous...they need lesbian gay bi-sexual and transgendered bees to increase the diversity! We also need to import millions of African, Central and South American bees to produce the honey and pollinate the crops that American bees just won't do....but I digress.

So let's go back to the use of the Hegelian dialectic again by the likes of General Mills. Much of the product portfolio of this company relies on the GM crops that require massive use of pesticides and herbicides that are undoubtedly playing a major role in killing off bee colonies nationwide. Instead of looking for ways to change production that doesn't involve the wholesale use of these life destroying chemicals on GM crops year round, they show us how to REALLY effect change by removing their cartoon character depiction on the boxes of their Honey Nut Cheerios product line. Now that's how you MAKE A DIFFERENCE and support the bees!

Of course, if you check out General Mill's statement on GMO's in their product lines, you'll discover their number one pro-GMO argument is the same shibboleth cited for the 90's great leftist cause due jour, Global Warming: consensus!

As genetically-modified (GM) ingredients become more common in the global food supply, particularly in the U.S., we know that consumers may have questions about this technology.

On safety – our number one priority – we find broad global consensus among food and safety regulatory bodies that approved GM ingredients are safe.

That's it?! And here we were, getting all worked up over nothing!? Broad global consensus has given GMO it's stamp of approval!

Nothing to see here sheeple, you may now resume your regularly programmed Feeding schedule.


David The Good said...

Very good. It is an insane system. That's why we grow our own. You almost have to at this point.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Here in Australia there's a celebrity chef named Pete Evans who released a paleo cookbook​.
The way the WHOLE MEDIA jumped on him for his 'extreme diet' (there was silence at the juice diet) was, for me, very telling.
The man has supposedly controlled his Type 2 diabetes, yet the media takes every pot shot at any little thing he says.
I'm not paleo, but when the whole media gang up on someone (akin to attacking Trump) then there must be something to it.
The media here is also pushing for anti vaccination groups to be made illegal.

tweell said...

I was a fool who ate Feed until II diabetes reared it's ugly head. Not wanting to go the way of my father and his brother (in a wheelchair for Dad, blind for Uncle) I shifted to paleo. My A1C dropped from 10.4 to 5, I lost 90lbs and don't require any medicine to partially counteract the ill effects of eating garbage. A diet consisting of meat, cheese, nuts and green leafy vegetables may seem restrictive, but it really works.

Jace said...

@ one oz fat guy...Pete Evans hosts the most popular show on tv. Its not a coincidence the media "jumped" on him for a paleo book. They did it for the ratings.

Paleo is little different to atkins and other low carb diets, they essentially cut out refined foods, they arent much different to what fitness models, body builders and athletes have been eating for years and years. The only difference is now there is a bigger market for it and everyone is so hooked on sugar, that it doesnt hurt nestle' as much.

George AboutLifting said...

Meanwhile, GM companies enjoy their earnings from marketing feeds - now they can enjoy the freedom of eating real food and away from the chains of western lifestyle which many people are trapped.

Ironic isn't it?

Deansdale said...

Hey, you've been gone for way too long now, we miss you :)

Media Online Dunia Remaja said...

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Keoni Galt said...

Hey, you've been gone for way too long now, we miss you :)

Thanks Deansdale...I have been busy with trying to do two different business ventures that I've been working on for the past year or so, and they are both going well - but I am at a stage where I've been working 16 hour days for the past six weeks. The startup phase I'm in requires it...but that will soon be finished, and I will return to a more normal schedule that will also give me time to resume blogging again.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your post, but I noticed this..

This is a list of crop plants pollinated by bees. ... Other bees tend to favor one species at a time, therefore do most of the actual pollination.
The most essential staple food crops on the planet,

like corn, wheat, rice, soybeans and sorghum, need no insect help at all; they are wind-pollinated or self-pollinating

bw said...

Look forward to future posts, bro.
Come back when you can.