Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Glossary of Terms


Abortion - The legally sanctioned practice of prenatal infanticide. Integral program for the Population Control Agenda. A fully protected and vested right for female citizenry to exercise at their sole discretion. Pregnant female citizens who are hesitant to exercise this right are also provided free counseling to support the exercise of this inviolable right.

Anti-Semitism - Any manifestation of criticism or commentary regarding the influence of lobbyists, advisers and/or Political Action Committees from the State of Zion, on the US Federal Government. Also includes any mention or reference regarding the fact that the majority of the corporate mainstream media and entertainment moguls and executives in charge of producing and distributing culturally degrading media like pornography, gangsta rap, satanic rock music, deviant and subversive pop music and most degrading and violent television and movie shows, belongs to a certain cultural/ethnic group.

Big Business -  Short hand reference applied to any Industry in which Corporations gain either Oligopoly positioning or Monopolistic control of any market through the power of Government influence, regulation and enforcement.

Bill of Rights - The amended section of the antiquated and anachronistic document that has outlived it's usefulness in administering the governance of the country. Most of it's amendments have been rendered irrelevant by the application of administrative law and the infiltration of the Supreme Court with ideologically progressive provocateurs effecting The Frankfurt Schools long march through Western legal and cultural institutions.

Boy Scouts of America - An institution of heteronormative bigotry that trains young boys to develop homophobic attitudes and beliefs, as well as brainwashing them into becoming future arsonists and extremists who cling bitterly to their guns. Also promotes independence, self-reliance and positive development of  masculinity in an-all male environment, concepts that are no longer appropriate for the citizenry to develop, as they hinder dependence on entitlement programs and the continued deconstruction of Patriarchy.

Cis-Gender - Terminology of the population control program to promote the elimination of the traditional culture's hetero-normative paradigm. Implies perfect cultural equality and moral status between homosexual and heterosexual orientation and behavior. 

College Education - The system of attaining credentialed certifications from University Indoctrination Cartel establishments via massive debt funding through Federal Government-Enforced Usury Loan Cartels. Certified credentials may or may not be useful for the citizen upon graduation and attempting to enter the Corporate Human Resources labor pool. Whether they are useful or not has no bearing on the citizens obligation to service the debt for his or her working life.

Community Organizer - Change Agent; Town hall meeting facilitator, trained in using the Delphi Technique and other methods to manufacture consensus amongst the citizenry. Serves as an excellent training vocation to prepare candidates for the Imperial office of the Presidency to facilitate the Progressive transformation of society towards the progressive utopian ideal of the Brave New World Order.

Corporations -  Legal entities whose rights and privileges supersede those of the individual citizens. Primary impetus is garnering profits for shareholders by any means necessary.

Democracy - A variation of the Delphi Technique, applied society wide to manufacture consensus and divide and conquer the citizenry using social engineering tools like the Hegelian Dialectic. Works through the creation of election events with tightly controlled choices between candidates from two parties that appear to be opposing factions, but are in reality working towards the same goals in perpetuating the Corporate-Fascist State. Citizen participation is the key to gaining assent to their enslavement.

Department of Education -  The centralized authority that administers the nationwide Public Schooling System for Indoctrination. Determines the standardized curriculum for programming attitudes and beliefs as well as the inculcation of obedience to State Authority to properly prepare the citizenry for their societal roles as human resources and debt-slave consumers.

Department of Homeland Security - Bureaucratic Arm of the Executive Branch of the Imperial Office of the Presidency. Primary purpose is to curtail, limit, ban, censor and/or eliminate freedoms of the citizenry to ensure the security of the State.

Diversity -  Social engineering concept designed to promote the deconstruction of Western European - ancestral identity and cultural traditions.

Domestic Violence -  A legal category of the penal code specifically designated to empower the Family Destruction Court system to use specific enforcement actions to arrest, detain and remand Fathers, Husbands and/or Domestic Partners to the Privatized Prison system; to seize their property, garnish their wages and only allow infrequent, supervised visitation with their children.

Equality - Social engineering concept designed to perpetuate favoritism and discrimination against selected demographics the State has arbitrarily deemed as the collective benefactors of a legacy of historic oppression of other demographic group collectives.

Family Court System, The -  The extra-Constitutional apparatus constructed to preside over and promote the deconstruction of the Patriarchy-based Family as the basic unit of society. One of the primary mechanisms for turning free people into slaves.

Federal Reserve, The - Privately-owned Banking corporation and the head quarters of the USA Inc. branch of the Fiat Currency Usury Cartel. Primary agency for effecting debt enslavement of the populace through debt-based money creation, and fractional reserve - fiat currency creation operations.

Food and Drug Administration - Regulatory Agency in charge of approving chemicals, substances and additives to maximize the profitability of the food processing industry. Also works in conjunction with the USDA to ensure the populace is malnourished and prone to illnesses so as to provide a steady supply of customers for the Health Care Industrial Complex.   Also in charge of approving pharmaceutical product lines while preventing competing natural products from becoming available to the consumer markets. This agency is usually administered by appointees from the Imperial office of the Presidency, who typically selects candidates for appointment from the executive boards of the multi-national, Agricultural, Bio-Tech and Pharmaceutical Corporations (who are all connected in some form or another).

Foreign Aid - The annual practice of the Federal Government awarding contracts to corporations to provide goods and services at premium prices to the rulers and wealthy elite of foreign countries while foisting the general populace of those countries with debt they can never hope to repay...but are nevertheless taxed to service that debt. Typically involves military weapons, vehicles and hardware, or civic infrastructure projects. Although the US budget is in perpetual deficit, and continuing foreign aid programs requires continually borrowing more and more debt-based fiat money from the Federal Reserve system to finance it, the practice continues unabated and is a primary feature in the continual and exponential growth of the National Debt.

Globalization - Formerly known as Mercantilism. A systemic approach to spreading of multi-national corporate control and influence to all nations around the globe. Involves the exploitation of human resources and natural resources of poorer nations to produce the consumer goods and services for the wealthier nations to consume via debt spending.

Internal Revenue Service - Agency in charge of extracting money from American Debt Serfs to service the National debt created by the Federal Reserve Usury Cartel to fund Congressional Consumerism, entitlement disbursements and earmarked, pork barrel graft and nepotism operations.

Joint Custody - In which a divorcing parties parenting decisions regarding their children are adjudicated by the Family Destruction Court system.

Mainstream Media - The primary organ of propaganda dissemination and social engineering of the populace. Uninterrupted, continual broadcasts of regularly scheduled programming and corporate consumerist advertisements influence, shape and control the thoughts and behaviors of the masses for the various agendas and goals of the Corporate-Government Complex.

National Security Agency - Administrative agency in charge of Total Information Awareness. Operates and expands the size and scope of the American Panopticon. Carries out perpetual surveillance of the citizenry and is in charge of the capture, compilation, collation, and data warehousing of all electronic data transmissions made on the internet and other communication infrastructures.

National Debt - The means of debt enslavement of the entire populace to the Fiat Currency Usury Cartel. The progressive taxation system is primarily used to service the debt by making interest payments and never paying off the principle.

No-Fault Divorce -  His-Fault Divorce.

Patriarchy -  The out-dated model of organizing familial relationships and creating the base unit of society. Based on the division of labor by sex, and focused on providing two parent households for children. Formerly the primary institution for transmitting cultural values and mores to succeeding generations of citizenry. Currently in the process of deconstruction.

Philanthropy - Common practice to shelter inter-generational wealth from the progressive tax system while using the guise of charitable giving as a cover for insatiable greed and corporate exploitation.

Planned Parenthood - Eugenics program and integral Agency for the implementation of the Population Control Agenda. Originally instituted to reduce the population of Sub-Saharan Afro racial stocks with subsidized infanticide and birth control services; have now become an equal opportunity provider of infanticide and birth control services for all races, creed and sexual orientation.

Political Action Committees -  A collective entity created to buy influence from politicians and political parties in the Government. Designed to promote a legitimate presentation for the commonplace practices of bribery, graft, nepotism and political favoritism; in integral feature of Democracy.

Population Control -  The Primary edict engraved in stone, to maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature, and to guide the citizenry's reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity of the species. Includes a wide variety of programs and agencies to effect it's implementation, including Feminism, Women's Studies, No-Fault Divorce, the Family Destruction Court System, Big Pharma's birth control markets, Abortion, College Education, Mass Media Normalization and the War on Poverty.

Privatized Prison Industry - Human Warehousing Corporations paid by Government debt-financing and taxation. These corporations maximize shareholder profits with market growth gained through tougher sentencing laws, increased criminalization of citizen's daily behaviors, and the continued sanctioning and subsidization of the dissolution of the Patriarchal heterosexual family unit as the primary means of raising the citizenry.

Public Service Announcements - Officially funded and sanctioned propaganda broadcasts and publishing, disseminated via mainstream mass media to influence thoughts and behaviors of the citizenry.

Social Media - Integral part of the Total Information Awareness program. Consists of various intelligence gathering applications designed to get citizenry to profile themselves in great, personal detail for the development of files for every citizens permanent records.

Smart Phones - Part of the Total Information Awareness program. Primary vector in the spread of the Palm Zombie Apocalypse virus. Afflicts long term users with a condition known as M.A.D. from M.A.D: Mutually Assured Delusions from Mobile Affirmation Devices. Symptoms of this affliction are compulsive addiction and uncontrolled cravings for virtual affirmations to bolster burgeoning narcissism and solipsism. Involves the citizenry engaging in incessant and compulsive solicitations for other users to LIKE their posts, tweets, pics, vids, profiles and status updates on their social media profiles.

Safe Sex - Socially engineered programming to separate sexual intercourse from procreation so as to advance the population control agenda. One of the more effective measures for eliminating social stigma amongst society for promiscuous and deviant sexual behaviors.

Same Sex Marriage - Social engineering program used to promote population control by normalizing and mainstreaming human mating behavioral preferences that are inimical to heterosexual marriage and traditional family formation. An incremental step in the process of the deconstruction of the Patriarchy-based Nuclear Family as the basic unit of society.

Separation of Church and State - A Trojan horse meme designed to undermine and expunge the influence of Judeo-Christian morality and ethos from the cultural traditions of Patriarchal-family based society.

Student Loans - A Federally supported usury enslavement cartel system. Primary purpose is for students to finance their credentialed certifications from the University Indoctrination Cartel and enslave themselves in debt for the majority of their working lives. Designated Usury Cartel Members are allowed to offer their usurious loan services to University students. May not be discharged in Bankruptcy and may require future wage garnishments to service the debt.

Social Justice -A nebulous concept used to promote class warfare rhetoric to garner popular support for redistribution of wealth throughout the lower castes of society, as well as promote the further expansion of the size and scope of Government involvement in the private lives of the citizenry.

Social Security Act, Title IV-D - Legislation integral to the creation of the Family Destruction Court System in all 50 states of USA Inc. Provides matching funds to all 50 State Governments to construct and operate child support enforcement programs, creating incentives for State Bureaucracies to escalate the deconstruction of the Patriarchy-based Nuclear Family as the base unit of society.

Temporary Restraining Order - A legal device designed to enable any female the ability to invoke the power of the State and it's armed enforcement legionnaires to evict males from their homes and separate them from their children.

Title IX - Legally encoded act to officially sanction discrimination against male citizenry within the University Indoctrination Cartel system.

Too Big To Fail - The official designation for Government sanctioned Fiat Currency Usury Cartel Members. Most are corporations granted the privilege to privatize profits and socialize risk.

Transportation Security Agency - Unionized Government Employees paid living wages and benefits to perform the invaluable job of accosting citizens at various checkpoints in the Nation's airport terminals to subject them to radioactive scanning or a careful manual examination of genitalia to ensure public safety.

United States Department of Agriculture - Regulatory Agency in charge of enforcing Oligopoly control of Agricultural and Bio-Tech Corporations over the mass production of genetically modified and/or processed food products. Also promotes general malnutrition and ill health amongst the populace with it's nutritional guidelines propaganda.

Universal Suffrage -  Integral feature of Democracy. Promotes mob rule mentality amongst the populace, and the initial impetus for starting the Gender War Program.

U.S. Constitution - An antiquated and anachronistic document that has outlived it's usefulness in administering the governance of the country.

War on Drugs - Social engineering program to increase the scope and power of State regulation and enforcement agencies. Utilized to convince the citizenry to surrender their formally recognized Rights in the US Constitution without protest. Enables Government agents to engage in surveillance, search and seizure operations, and the forfeiture of citizenry's property without due process. Also the primary impetus for the militarization of local law enforcement agencies at the community level. Also an important aspect of protecting the Oligopoly cartel control of the pharmaceutical markets, as well as an integral part of supplying a constant stream of make work projects for the Privatized Prison Industry.

War on Poverty - Social engineering program to increase the scope and power of the State regulation, enforcement and social services agencies and Family Destruction Court System. Primary impetus for administration of wealth redistribution programs, and fostering increased citizenry's dependence on the State for subsistence. Integral in replacing the institution of Patriarchal marriage with Bureaugamy. Successfully implemented over several generations to promote the proliferation of Single Mother Households as the primary structure of Western households. Serves as the primary building block of progressive society, as well as the primary source of make work projects for the Privatized Prison Industry.

War on Terror - Social engineering program to increase the scope and power of State regulation and enforcement agencies. Most successful program to date in convincing the citizenry to surrender their formally recognized Rights in the US Constitution without protest, as well as justify the increased spending on foreign aid, International Police Action, and the development of Total Information Awareness. Xenophobic components of this program promotes enthusiastic domestic support for Drone Warfare on goat herder's wedding ceremonies in Third World hinterlands; invasion and occupation of Middle Eastern locales to ensure corporate control of opium crop production and oil and natural gas field developments; and furthering the institution of Central Bank Usury Cartel establishments in Islamic countries that resist and forbid the Usury industry on religious and cultural principles.

Women's Studies - Social Engineering and Indoctrination program, administered in the University system nationwide. Integral part of Population Control Agenda. Funded nationwide by Philanthropist Foundations. Trains female students to hate, fear and compete with males at all levels of society. Promotes female homosexuality, abortion and supports the Family Court Destruction System. Does not actually study the real history of women in Western society.


Aboutlifting said...

Bro, just added this one in the newest Testosterone linkfest

finndistan said...

With all the reports coming in that cannabis oil cures cancer (and high dises ov vit c, and high doses of vit d, and high doses vit b, and silver, and ozone, and cottage cheese with flaxseed oil, all independently), there is no excuse that cannabis's (and the mentioned others) role in curing cancer is not openly studied, and if studied than not openly published, and even the controlled growth of cannabis for oil production is not allowed, tells us the war on drugs is a joke, the pharma industry is not interested in curring cancer, the food industry opens the way for the pharma industry to make money, etc.

On twitter I saw Private Man retweeting John Durant. There is no red pill for every single aspect. there is one, and the scope is all our lives. Some people take it for only on symptom, but the effect spills into other areas.

with all the changes in thought I have undergone, and all the lies I have seen, every day, new red pill clarities come out.

The last one to come is Graham Hancock. First he seems crazy, but then remembering that I was told I am crazy when I mentioned years ago that i am going off grains, one gives a second thought.

the biggest factor is that the ones opposing him do not give proof or fact, they just call him crazy.

Just like what is done to anti feminists, anti communists, anti grains, pro sunshiners etc.

how deep the rabbit hole goes I really wonder.

It might make you seem crazy, and insane even to yourself.

I caught myself thinking, the obsession of the swmall number of people that control most of the finances of the world, and thus the world... what if, like me, I need air to breathe, these people's life energy comes from the money/power they accumulate.

Sounds crazy. But one cannot refute my claim, one can only call me crazy. No proof can be given against, or for my claim.

The only thing is, the behavior of the controllers of world finance point t a way more stronger drive than greed.

Amy said...

finndistan, if you don't read Vault-Co yet, go there and read everything Tex writes about Melonheads, Cro-Mags, Sapiens, and Neanderthals. You might find his explanation of the pathological drive for power and control on the part of some humanoids interesting.

I sometimes think I'm crazy for agreeing with him, but then I remember that I've found more truth and more reasonable people around these parts than in any other aspect of life.

Keoni, your insight and explanations are keen, as ever. I would forward this to people but I think it would be in one ear, out the other for most. Then I wonder: how many others out there are frightened enough to believe it? I feel like I'm in a masquerade, just pretending to get along in a world of sleepers. Then I wonder how many others are looking for kindred spirits but fear being called a nutter, and so keep it all inside.

Last night my husband told me a story of a young guy, a co-worker, who lost his townhouse to debt (bought it for too much), lost his motorcycle, etc. Guy has no college debt but he lived too fast and free with his money. He got a huge reality check early on, which is lucky I suppose. Husband said Guy's reality check is coming fast and hard for America. This is nothing we don't already know, but my husband, while a very smart guy, just doesn't make these matters central to his daily thinking. But if he's starting to see it, others will start to see soon, too.

Zero Hedge, The Economic Collapse, and of course the venerable Vox report daily on the increase in bellwethers of downfall. I wonder if we will see politicians hung in the streets after all. A great truth is going to be revealed that's going to piss people off something grand. Coupled with the ATMs being shut down and we'll have riots of righteously angry people on one hand and desperate starving masses on the other. Of course, that's the perfect situation to exploit for a takeover operation. Oh, what a world.

finndistan said...

Amy wrote

"I sometimes think I'm crazy for agreeing with him, but then I remember that I've found more truth and more reasonable people around these parts than in any other aspect of life."

That is where I am at.

It all started with game. After being lied to for decades, and having my soul almost destroyed (it was, bu I rebuilt it) by the stud slut double standard's social unacceptance, and the thou shall not judge attitude, game and evo sexuality came.

Then it was grains. Heart healthy grains. Had my best time in my life the first time I was off them for a month.

Then it was killer sat fat. Sexuality soared.

Then it moved to politics, religion sociology, humans and all other stuff.

More truth I found in places that were called lunatics that I found in the conventional textbooks.

Need a knee operation? do three months of knee destroying full range bodyweight squats.

Flu is coming, take the flu shot.. Or few day of heavy dose Vitamin D with heavy Vitamin K.

Ah, brush you teeth with fluoride. No, brush it without fuoride, eat no grains, and voila, no gum blood, no tooth ache.

So it was,

The road that took me to the place that would make me give a chance to vault co to explain to me,

Because conventional knowledge has failed me on so many aspects;... not only failed, but almost destroyed me more than a few times.

Anonymous said...

Five years ago, I would have reported you myself to the Ministry of Truth for being so far out there it's impossible to bring you back.

Now I nod at pretty much at the entire list.

Anonymous said...

@ ironthumb - thanks for the linkage.

@ Finn & Amy - "I sometimes think I'm crazy for agreeing with him, but then I remember that I've found more truth and more reasonable people around these parts than in any other aspect of life."

Oh yeah. Like Anon wrote: "Five years ago, I would have reported you myself to the Ministry of Truth for being so far out there it's impossible to bring you back."

That was myself...6 years ago.

Keoni Galt said...

Ooops...that last Anon was me. lozlzol

Unknown said...

More wisdom than high school social studies or college political science courses!

Anonymous said...

"My Dad's are better Than Yours!"

I absolutely love the "F-wit English" un-grammar and sloppy capitalisation in your "Newspeak" magazine cover.

But naming the kid after a dog, that was the best part.


Haw haw haw.

Jones said...

Nobody noticed that the initials of the new Ministry of Fairness meant anything because by then, the 17th edition of the Newspeak dictionary had removed the word "motherfucker" as a pejorative.

A related edit by the Ministry of Normalised Art, Reference, Culture & Heritage (Monarch), the organisation responsible for maintaining the Newspeak dictionary, replaced the phrase "single mother" with "mother" by itself, removing the link to an older, more civilised time.

Similarly, the word "marriage" and its related forms had been struck from the Newspeak dictionary as irrelevancies. Oceania had long ago shifted to a model under which all its citizens would be wedded for life to the state through a process it called "civil union".

In other news, the New Government has agreed to extend the "Two Minutes Hate" by five seconds on national holidays and weekends, keeping in mind that austerity programmes prevent making this change universal.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have copious quantities of Victory Vodka to consume, once of course I enjoy my extra five seconds of hate ...

Lilana said...

Did you hear about this? A guy basically ran away from child support, was declared dead by his ex-wife, and now has 'come back' to get his driver's license and they won't re-judge him as 'alive' because SHE can't repay the SS benefits she received! So basically he 'dies' because of her and the family courts, yet instead of her having any consequences when SHE can't pay back what she drew from HIS benefits, she gets off scot free and he stays dead!

Anonymous said...

couldn't find your contact info, but here's a good msm interview that leans toward the proper nutritional opinions you hold.

Conan the Cimmerian said...

Kinked and copied.

Excellent as usual

TGR White said...

Hi Keoni I have a new website, to replace in your blog roll. I also have a free ebook out (available as a pdf) on my new website that I'd be honored if you took a look at.


- TGR White

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for the linkage, O mighty Cimmerian.

TGR - blogroll linkage updated. As for your ebook, I'll download it for later...been burning the candle at both ends as of late, I'll check it out when I get some spare time.