Friday, September 27, 2013

Corporate Paedophilia & The Cancerous Empire

Due to the time spent reading news, sports, blogs and forums, I don't generally watch too much YouTube. But I kept seeing this particular film embedded all over the place and so many people talking about it, I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

PROPAGANDA | Full English Version (2012)

This film was supposedly a documentary that had been smuggled out of North Korea and translated and narrated in English, as well as a whole host of other different languages. When I first saw the length of it, I thought there was no way I'd sit in front of my PC and watch it for that long.

But as I began viewing, I couldn't tear myself away until I watched it in it's entirety. It was like watching a documentary based on most of the topics I've spent years writing about here on this blog. If you haven't seen it yet, I would urge you to watch the whole thing. Of course there are a lot of pro-North Korean propaganda messages involved, praising "Dear Leader" and other such pablum, but the most compelling aspect of this film is it's outsider's view of corrupt, corporatist Western Culture.

Sure, we've all seen and read our own Western propaganda about how the North Koreans are horribly oppressed, starving from famine, and how most of the citizenry are struggling to survive in a hard-scrabble, impoverished subsistence-farming lifestyle, while it's leaders are living it up like Rockefellers in opulent wealth and luxury. And we are inundated with reports that they are continually working to develop a nuclear arsenal so they can attack the US and kick off world war III. Who knows how much of such Western propaganda is based on truth?

But if this film is indeed the sort of propaganda the North Korean Government uses to tell it's citizens what to think of the West, it's a pretty damning indictment that they don't really need to exaggerate, or lie much to make their case that Western Civilization is a "Cancerous Empire of Corporate Collusion" and that most of us are really just consumer-debt slaves to the Corporatist leviathan that rules over us, and seeks to spread it's Empire of domination over the entire world. It may be anti-American propaganda used to prop up an oppressive, communist regime...but its damned effective propaganda, because so much of it is based on the truth.

Of particular interest was the part of the film where they discuss how we the sheeple are brainwashed since childhood by the Tell-A-Vision into becoming mindless consumer zombies.

The following excerpts are my on-the-fly transcription of the Documentary's narration, interspersed with imagery gleaned from Googliath, that I think makes for a chilling and insightful critique of the West.

Propagandists spend $12B per year specifically targeting children to form consumer habits early on. They can ingrain their brand by repeating it over and over until the child is indoctrinated and manipulated beyond control.

By 18 months, babies in the West can tell the difference between brands, and by 2, they're asking for brand products by name. By the age of 7, the average child has seen 20,000 TV commercials every year.

There is only one other group more coveted and groomed by advertisers than any other: pre-teen and teenage girls.

The propagandists call this "The Tween Market."

But in fact, it is Corporate Paedophilia

The aim of corporate pedophilia is to make young people feel inferior and defective, by using images that are unattainable, and these images are used against consumers for the rest of their lives, to keep them feeling inadequate, unless they buy there products and stick with their brands.

The fashion industry is the same. "Wear this, and you might fit in! Look like this, and you will be attractive and popular!" Just like the people in these gossip magazines.

These people are called "celebrities."

While it is natural for a person to become popular for being the best at what they do, today, in the West, you are a celebrity if you simply appear on screen...any screen.

Even if by mistake.

You gain credibility and praise for NOTHING, and the more you appear, the bigger a celebrity you become.

Many of the biggest celebrities have no talent at all.

If you become a big enough celebrity, then you become a brand, to be sold and traded, like any other product.

In surveys, 9 out of 10 women in the West are unhappy with their appearance, which drives them to spend enormous amounts of money buying cosmetics, clothes, and plastic surgery...despite the fact that they will never become celebrities or look like models in the advertisements.

There there are now more propaganda-filled screens and magazines than at any other time in history, and these are controlled by just five giant media companies.

This creates more opportunities to distract people from what really matters. 


More opportunities to Brainwash them.

More opportunities to sell them poisoned food...

...and drugs they don't need.


More opportunites to drip feed them meaningless, distorted reality...

But the real threat to Americans is not terrorism...their leaders focus only on the phantom dangers of terrorism, while allowing food and drug companies to make more poisonous food and drug companies to make more and more poisonous food that is killing its people like an internal, unspoken genocide.

...wars are not fought for flags and citizens, but for corporations. The "War on Terror" engineered by American propagandists to frighten and control their people, is impossible to win...but ENDLESSLY profitable.

 Globalization is just a code word for the Cancerous Empire of Corporate Collusion.



Sanne said...

Interesting. I have always said that television is for those who can't read:)

Anonymous said...

I agree that getting off the grid and being mobile in body mind and spirit is important. Corporatism is a choice.

Anonymous said...

Don't just read the articles, because the articles are tedious crap. We all know what propaganda is out there.

Ignore the MSM articles and read the comments. People know.

The MSM's power is an illusion, and it is breaking down.

realmatt said...

But WE have the choice. It's not news that when given this choice, most people will make the decision to stay in the Matrix, forcing upon the world 2 more terrible movies, destroying what little potential that derivative story held.

TPTB don't seem to realize they simply have to let the sheep make the choice for themselves. It appeared as though they understood, but now they're getting more pushy. Ruining things for themselves. They are human, after all and are subject to the same falls as the sheep. This is the nuclear age. Soft totalitarianism is the flavor of the month if you want to really 'control' the masses.

Master Dogen said...

That video is interesting. You're right that they get closer to the truth without needing to lie or exaggerate.

However, there's a lot of Cultural Marxist bullshit in there about racism, sexism, etc, and stupid myopic ignorance about how food aid to Africa actually causes those dramatic and horribly telegenic famines.

I noticed this among the educated in Philippines. They have a very smart critique about what's wrong with America (much better than most Americans), but the solutions they suggest are the same bullshit Cultural Marxist solutions that American university professors teach: destroy society even more by tearing apart the family, by calling every aspect of the traditional order (religion, patriarchy, racial solidarity) a form of oppression.

In other words, this video mixes up corporatocracy with all forms of authority. Not all forms of authority are brainwashing and enslavement. Society has to be ordered in some way. Painting every aspect of Western Culture with the same broad brush weakens the otherwise valid point they are trying to make about consumerism, propaganda, and oligarchy.

Aurini said...

"This talentless parasite..." in reference to Paris Hilton, or somebody like that.

This is a great propaganda piece; the sort of thing we never would have had access to before the interenet.

Anonymous said...

"In surveys, 9 out 10 women in the West are unhappy with their appearance, which drives them to spend enormous amounts of money on cosmetics, &c."

That statement is proof positive that the video came from outside of America. 9/10 of American women ought to be ashamed of their appearance: compared to foreign women, they all look like shit. However, diet and exercise (and better attitudes) would probably be better than cosmetics and surgery.

Anonymous said...

What's interesting too, is that you never hear from the paedocrites: who love fanning hysteria about 'child abuse' (i.e. a normal sexual attraction between so-called minors and so-called adults) about corporations preying financially on 'minors.' It's also interesting that they have no problem feeding 'minors' into the Prison-Industrial Complex or the Military Machine, either. It's only sex that they have a problem with...

Anonymous said...


The social relation between a person and his/her alienated self-powers, between people and the 'sum' of all alienated self-powers is never going to to be as qualitative as the 'whole of alienated self-powers' de-alientaed. Mediation by State, leaders, parties, ideology, reified 'beings' (ghosts, deities, monsters, aliens) stops not at some group decision but at self-repossession! The "THEY" is a reified and empowered inversion of us. IT does not exist in the real world, only in an inverted one, so that "righting" it in the terrain of surrender solves NOTHING. We need to create and affirm non-mediating social relations based in free association and mutual aid, not reified idiocies like "society" or other excuses for suppression. Swapping forms of alienation is complicity! Their is no "THE MIND". That is hive talk! We are not going anywhere if we act like proletarians. That is our uniform of loss. We need to de-proletarianize totality at the very least to be revolutionary. Be well!

dannyfrom504 said...

i can't WAIT to retire and head back to cajun country. one of the most resiliant, self contained communities in america.

the dollar could collapse tomorrow and it wouldn't matter to us cajuns.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this video with us. i watched it last night in its entirety.

while there is nothing in it i didnt already know, what i thought i knew were just words. the way the video was targeted at koreans in their language and culture but translated to english makes it very blunt and direct and i was incapable of having any defensive emotional response. even though i knew these things it opened my eyes to the true gravity of things.

the system is slavery, pure and simple. either we embrace it, become ruthless and throw away our humanity for a chance at becoming successful or we resign ourselves to a life of slavery to profit someone who fits the former definition. this is no way to live.

people believe that our comfortable way of life is due to some western virtue. this is not the case. all people can live a comfortable way of life once they realize that they dont need any of the shit. this is the biggest lie to me, a way to convince people of the virtue by way of seeing their own life as good due to it so as to keep them working and complacent.

Anonymous said...

You might enjoy this diet-related link:

"According to the NY Department of Health, the obesity rate among adults has increased by 25% during Mayor Bloomberg's term in office. Thus every 4th resident of the city suffers from obesity."

LOL---so much for Bloomberg's power-tripping being in the 'interests of public health.' Even more of a shame that Americans have to turn to foreign news services to hear the truth, because I'll bet the New York media (of which Bloomberg has a huge financial interest) didn't report it.