Friday, September 13, 2013

The Bargain of the Millenium

We the Sheeple, the inhabitants of Feedlot USA Inc. (FUSA Inc.), must always remember our place in this Brave New World Order. Never forget that we are mindless schlemiels to be dealt with as THEY see fit.

Remember, the Majority Shareholders of FUSA Inc. have had the operations manual for managing human cattle for centuries (The Protocols of the Banksters of Rothschild), and they've perfected the science of Goyim Feedlot Management.

The general apathy, ignorance and gullibility of the Ameri-Goy breed of sheeple that inhabits FUSA Inc., emboldens the Majority Shareholders of FUSA Inc. to dispose of our health and our wealth as they see fit, and to not even try to hide what they are doing any longer.

They have grown confident as we have grown fat, lazy and indolent from feeding at the trough of entitlement and usurious-debt financed materialistic consumerism. They have occupied our minds with the endless variety of bread and circuses to keep us distracted and ignorant to their machinations.

Is it really all one, big, grand, global conspiracy?

How can it be otherwise?

If you take a step back and look at the big picture, what exactly is going on here?

Consider: so far we've "given" a conservatively-estimated $114,000,000,000 in "direct" foreign aid to our "allies" in the Middle East.

That's $114,000,000,000+ "borrowed" from the Federal Reserve Usury Cartel to "aid" them with the gifts of the latest and greatest product lines from our Military-Industrial Complex Division of FUSA Inc.

Since we've been in perpetual budget deficits for decades, and the Jackyderms in Congress never fail to rubber stamp the annual proposal to raise the debt ceiling, we the Sheeple of FUSA Inc. are basically having the future servitude of our children, and their children...and their children's children, issued as a promissory note in perpetuity, to in part provide this "direct aid" to keep the global war machine turning.

To demonstrate their gratitude for the generosity of the Ameri-Goy's gift of future indentured servitude tax revenues to fund the arming of a foreign military all the way on the other side of the globe (despite being mired in inescapable debt and inevitable economic collapse), they've graciously  decided to keep watch over us all! We didn't even ask 'em for this service, they gave it to us voluntarily! Doesn't it warm your heart, knowing we're giving direct aid to such a group of Menschen?

$114,000,000,000 for the services of our Global Neighborhood Watch Provider!

Oh, and let's not forget, they're also offering us the privilege of donning the Red, Whiteknight & Blue armor and riding off to battle for them in Syria, too.

You gotta admire their chutzpah.

As Dread Ilk VP commenter, Jack Amok points out:

"No, they're defined as a "frenemy" so I guess this is just "freason." The penalty for freason is apparently a paycheck, a fat pension, and the opportunity to preview everyone's private sex tapes."
How about it, my fellow Ameri-Goy?! $114,000,000,000+ in exchange for the knowledge that THEY are keeping an eye on us all!

Aren't you happy with the ROI here?

Freasonous Frenemies, indeed.


Anonymous said...

I've believed for some time now, we're headed towards something more like Huxley's 'Brave New World' than Orwell's '1984'. The Ameroboob will think he's living in a earthly paradise with free TV, welfare, and plenty of dope to keep him happy.

I think even in the near future, we'll see 'work' abolished and replaced with 'community service' to keep all those welfare checks flowing. And we'll even get rid of police and prisons---social workers and re-education camps will take of the 'socially maladjusted' (what used to be called criminals) lol.

Eastside School said...

Thanks for this, Keoni. I believe I can make an additional connection: the surveillance allows key players to be "influenced" at crucial points. I've always thought that sometime in May 2012, someone from the administration visited John Roberts and said "Mr Chief Justice, this is a list of all the websites you've visited in the last 60 days, and these are printed copies of all the emails between you and the new Supreme Court clerk".